Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Waiting Game Continues

As you have seen in the post below, Sportsnet is reporting Eric Tillman is done as Rider GM. TSN is also suggesting this. I'm guessing where there's smoke, there's fire. Communications man extraordinaire Ryan Whippler says a meeting has been held and a decision has not been made. I would probably go with that story for now. I get the feeling though this won't last much longer and then the debate will begin---one that may not end until the 2010 season is over.
BTW: Yes, I did see the Leader-Post editorial (thanks to the few that sent me the link), and I do agree with many of you and what you said. However, those comments are not going to be published because some of them aren't fair and while an author was not on that editorial, it was not the work of Rob Vanstone. Of that I am 100 percent certain, so taking potshots at him is the wrong thing to do.

I said last night that the Brandt Centre should be full on Friday night when the Pats play the Moose Jaw Warriors. Its a chance for Regina hockey fans to salute Jordan Eberle for his performance at the World Juniors. The same goes for Colten Teubert. With all apologies to Teubert, Eberle is a hometown boy and like I have said before, he is the best player to have played for this team for a long time. Another player of his skill and calibre won't be here for years. Regina hockey fans should be flocking to the Brandt Centre to see Eberle play live because he won't be here next year. Those going to the BC on Friday could go home with a Jordan Eberle bobblehead(pictured above). 500 of these will be given away when the Warriors come to town in what will be Jordan's first game since last nite's heartbreaking overtime loss to the U-S in the gold medal game at the World Juniors. A game in which he cemented his legacy as perhaps the greatest Canadian to ever play at the WJ's. If for some reason, the team decides to trade him before Sunday's deadline, it means Friday could be his last game in a Pats uniform. Regina hockey fans need to push their feelings towards Brent Parker away for one night and get to the rink to give this guy the salute he deserves.
Speaking of trading for Eberle, (something that I selfishly hopes does not happen) the voice of the Swift Current Broncos brings up a very interesting thought on his blog. Jon Keen asks what the Pats could get for him if they decide to deal for him at a time when his stock has never been higher. Keen asks "Is he worth two first round picks in consecutive years plus a 16 year-old top prospect already playing in the WHL? Perhaps it's a 1st round pick in 2010, a 3rd round in 2011, a 16 year-old prospect and an 18 year-old depth forward/defenseman?" What will teams be willing to offer and will Parker listen? We'll know by Sunday night. I have stated that I would not like to see Eberle go to Brandon because I'm not a huge fan of the Wheat Kings and I don't want to see him come in here this year and play against the Pats the way Josh Harding did a few years ago. I would rather see him go to a team in the Western Conference---someplace like a Tri-Cities, a Portland or a Vancouver. How about this?
Eberle goes to Portland for Weyburn defenceman Derrick Pouliot (taken by Portland with the first overall pick in this year's bantam draft), Portland's 1st round pick in this year's draft and maybe a player like 17 year old Brad Ross(Nick's little brother). A deal like that would give Portland a good shot at winning it all this year and would definitely improve the Pats.
In the wake of Tuesday's loss in the WJ final, I wonder if the pressure is greater on Canada now to win Olympic gold? That pressure is already high, but with Canada losing its grip as kings of junior hockey, can Hockey Canada afford to not have Canada win gold in Vancouver?
Back to the CFL and the Ti-Cats have signed quarterbacks Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter to new contracts. Does this mean another year of a QB controversy in Hamilton or does this signify that one of the two will be traded. I might lean towards the latter at this time. I'm guessing they would welcome Glenn back with open arms in Winnipeg.
NBA commissioner David Stern has suspended Washington Wizard player Gilbert Arenas after he allegedly brought guns into his team's locker-room. What were you waiting for Dave? This move was long overdue. Is this what the NBA has come to. Its no wonder many have suggested the NBA is nothing but a league for thugs.
I've seen sanders and graders on the road this winter(although not on my street), but I have to ask what is up with Regina roads. Even though I have seen equipment on the roads, I think they have been terrible this winter. I could understand this if I wasn't seeing equipment doing their thing, but I have been. Is it just me or do you think Regina roads have been a little less than adequate this winter?
A good friend of mine is outraged over the fact Robbie Alomar was not selected to baseball's hall of fame yesterday. He says Alomar was the best middle infielder of his lifetime---a lifetime that includes former Cub Ryne Sandberg. To steal Bret Hart's catch phrase, there is no better 2nd baseman than Sandberg, there was no better 2nd baseman than Sandberg and there never will be a better 2nd baseman than Sandberg as far as I'm concerned. While Alomar, who arguably might be the greatest player to ever don a Blue Jays uniform (sorry to all of you Garth Iorg fans)did not get the call this year, he will. As for the only player who is going to the Hall, congratulations to "The Hawk" Andre Dawson. He was one of many stars on the Expos when they came oh-so-close to beating the Dodgers (thank you again Rick Monday), but his best years were with the Cubs. He became the first, and I think only, player to win an MVP on a last place team. He did that in 1987, In 20 years, he clubbed over 400 homers and nearly 16oo RBI's. He did that while clean. He is one of the greats!
Reports say the UFC will be in Vancouver this summer. The story says UFC 115 will go in June at GM Place. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Could a UFC bout go at Credit Union Centre or the Brandt Centre? MMA is legal in Saskatchewan isn't it? There is no doubt in my mind that it would sell out. Who needs to be on board to make that happen?
That's it for now. Its time for my nightly snack of rice cakes and vodka and then off to bed! Later!


mongo said...

the hawk shud have always been an expo and porter isn't ready to start full time without insurance like glenn...

Anonymous said...

I'm still having a tough time wrapping my head around this whole Tillman thing. When I went to the U of S, I worked at a Saskatoon bar that had some gorgeous waitresses working for us. If what Tillman did is classified as a sexual assault, there are many people walking down Saskatoon streets or wherever who were guilty of sexual assault that are now walking the streets after what they did to some of those girls. What I'm saying is I don't find his "crime" to be that outrageous.

Eric Tillman has done wonders for this organization and losing him over something as trivial as this would be disastrous. I realize some will take my comments and turn them around to make me look like a cold monster, who is only looking at the future of the football team and nothing else, but that's fine.


Anonymous said...

It would appear is if the moral values of some have been compromised. Those supporting Tillman are more concerned with the day to day operations of a football team than the day to day life of a 16 year old girl and her family. The decision is crystal-clear and appears to have been made. Eric was a wonderful GM, but his time is up and his CFL career might be over as well.

Anonymous said...

To Mark:
I agree with what you say. Hell, I slapped a girl that I thought was a friend of mine on the ass after one of the World Jr games in that Worldfest only to find out it wasn't. I guess technically I sexually assaulted her. The only difference is I am just an ordinary 9 to 5'er and don't have the high profile job of Saskatchewan Roughriders GM. If an MLA, a premier, a mayor, a CEO did this, its a heinous act. If nine to fivers like me do it, people turn their heads and they laugh about it. Is that right? I think we both know the answer to that.

Anonymous said...

Regina roads are bad this year. They are much
more slippery for some reason. I have seen graders out too, but perhaps more sand is needed. ????


Anonymous said...

Can you send copies of your trade proposal to both the Pats and Winterhawks! I actually would go for that if it came to fruition.

Anonymous said...

the roads in my area of regina (whitmore park) are brutal. I haven't seen a grader this year with the exception of grant road, and it isn't even that great in my opinion.

Regina is not well known for having good roads in the wintertime. This is just further proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Alomar over Sandberg every day of the week. Alomar has 2 World Series rings that he was a major contributor in offensively and defensively. Sandberg played for the Cubs, so obviously no Championships.
Alomar had the better career batting average, more hits, RBI's, Stolen Bases and On Base he is arguably the best fielding 2nd Basemen of All Time. Not even a debate. Take off your Harey Carey goggles Mitch!