Saturday, July 30, 2011

CFL Gets Embarassed By Bad Officiating Again

I don't know if Andre Proulx would make a good WWE ref. I do know though that watching him do CFL games provides me with complete entertainment as he just takes it a comedic level with his performance. Can someone please tell me why virtually every time this man is in charge of a CFL game something wacky happens.

You know that Jim Barker was pissed after last week's game against Winnipeg, but would one blame him if he went absolutely ballistic on Proulx and his staff for the way they botched last nite's Edmonton-Toronto game. It wasn't just the half-time controversy either. How many calls were overturned? There were at least two including a Fred Stamps TD that was shockingly called a TD when everyone could see he didn't have possession of the ball with the exception of the striped shirt standing 5 feet away.

What does Tom Higgins think when he sees these displays. The CFL's director of officiating isn't going to throw any of his guys under the bus, but he must want to rip his hair out (if he had any) and wonder just what is going on. What is commissioner Marc Cohon thinking? What are people watching the game in the US on the NFL network thinking. I often wonder if NFL refs like Ed Hochuli watch the CFL and see what goes on and wonder how these guys get jobs.

I could understand if the referee was a rookie or had limited experience, but Proulx has been at this dance for a while. Its time to clean house and its time to start with Andre. Yes, it would mean the comedy would be saved for something else, but at least we could talk about the game and not the work of the guys in the striped shirts.
It is gameday in Regina with the Riders playing the Stamps at 730 tonight. Remember though that the Regina Red Sox start playoffs this weekend. They are home this afternoon to Weyburn at 205 at Currie Field and are home to the Beavers again tomorrow at 705. Good luck to Rob Cherepuschak and crew. I know it might be tough to have a good crowd this afternoon considering the Rider game and the fact it is a Saturday afternoon. but if the weather nice, get out there tomorrow and cheer the Red Sox on. I would be there tomorrow, but I have to go pick up by munchkin from a week at the farm with the grandparents. I'm guessing the grandparents will need two weeks off after a week off with the energetic Annika J.
Haven't seen a storm that hit Regina early this morning quite like that for a while? Is your street fine this morning because by the sounds of it, there are many that aren't. I've lived at Casa de Blair for eight years and I haven't seen anything that vicious come rollin through. I was starting to wonder if my backyard might have some unwanted foliage in it this morning, but our block seems to have survived. I've heard one report say the winds were around 115 km an hour. WOW!!
I am very happy to see that Dan O'Connor is moving from the SJHL to the WHL. The voice of the Battlefords Stars and the host of "The SJHL This Week" audio and video version is moving on to become the voice of the Prince George Cougars. Dan has worked hard for this opportunity and I'm ecstatic that he is getting one step closer to his ultimate dream. Best of luck Danno. The league won't be the same without you...then again how will I know?
Saw some pictures of the Moose Jaw multiplex last night. The building is just about ready. The red seats in there make it look like the Brandt Centre in some shots. They also had some thing that looked like a scoreclock that was sitting on the ground at center ice. A scoreclock at center ice??? Who dares to think such a thing? Sorry Brent, sorry Cliff, I had to take that shot. Who's kidding who, the people of Moose Jaw have never seen a center ice clock at one of their WHL games over the year much less the other side of the arena. It will be great to walk in there for some Warriors games this year.


Anonymous said...

Be careful, rather than deal with it the CFL will just fine you for talking about Mr. Proulx.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy. FYI the lack of a Scoreboard in the middle of the ice was a decision by the Brandt Center to allow more events. It was definitely NOT supported by the Pats!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you can blame Proulx for a call a linesman made 40 yards away. Sure the halftime clock controversy is on him but he's not the one who calls pass interference, he just announces it to the people watching.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous regarding scoreboard. I KNOW!! I'm taking a good natured jab at both Cliff Mapes and Brent Parker. Relax!!!!