Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

A lot of things are whirling through the old mind these days so here are those thoughts in no particular order

--The death of Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive line coach Richard Harris is one that has shaken the entire CFL. In a league with eight teams, its not hard to find common ground and Harris seemed to have that with virtually every team including the Riders where he worked with and was more importantly a friend to people like Greg Marshall, Brendan Taman and Doug Berry. To hear Marshall break down when talking about Harris on Wednesday shows you the effect the man had. I don't know if the CFL asked the Bombers if they would like to postpone tonight's game against BC for a couple of days considering the freshness of the death, but would it have hurt anyone if the game was moved to Sunday. Perhaps I'm going too far in asking that question, and perhaps I am making too big a deal of this, but I don't think its fair for the Bombers to have to play this game just over 48 hours after the death of a coach who was loved in the locker room.

--Another reason as to why the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a class organization. Rider prez and CEO Jim Hopson has said the Riders will wear "RH" stickers to remember Harris at Saturday's game against the Stamps. It would behoove the entire CFL to wear those stickers this week and for the rest of the season.

--Rod and I spoke to QR77's Dave Rowe about the Calgary Stampeders on the Sportscage Wednesday afternoon. Rowe said the only way Michael Bishop would get into the game to take some meaningful snaps is if Henry Burris got carted off the field due to injury. Rod suggested many Rider fans would like to see that. I don't want to see Hank suffer a serious injury, but I would love to see Bishop come in to take some meaningful snaps because I'm guessing that would mean a few INTS for guys like Frazier, McKenzie and Patrick. I don't know about you, but when it comes to recent quarterbacks the Riders have had, I would rather hate Bishop more than Henry Burris because of that disastrous semi-final loss to BC in 2008. That's the only move made in the Ken Miller era when it comes to players that I don't back him or Eric Tillman on. There was no need to bring that guy here and the way Miller handled the QB's with the merry go round that he did was dumb--but then again when you think of the word dumb in these parts, the Rider Nation thinks Michael Bishop do they not?

--For those who hate Burris, I give you this Tweet that he had Wednesday night.  @AndyFantuz Good luck buddy! You're great, so just be you. Classy move if you ask me. I understand the hatred for Burris, but I do wonder why it remains so intense. This organization is in a much better spot and if Hank was still here, Kerry Joseph wouldn't have done what he did and Darian Durant probably isn't wearing a Rider uniform. As I asked on the Sportscage Wednesday, if Henry got traded to another team would the hatred still be there.

--The best line from Regina Pats coach Pat Conacher upon his hiring was that its going to be one, two or maybe three years before the team gets to where it wants to be. Conacher is at least putting his cards on the table and is telling the I think impatient Regina hockey fan that he or she is going to have wait a little bit longer for this team to make a long playoff run. I know some have run out of patience, but anyone expecting this team to make a serious run at things next year is sadly mistaken. Chad Lang will likely deal a player like Jordan Weal at some point this season to acquire some more youth that will hopefully develop the way the team thinks it will so that they come together as 18 and 19 year olds. I know a lot of people who aren't happy over the recent struggles of the Pats and those struggles will continue for at least another year. Hopefully that Regina hockey fan will be patient enough to see this team turn it around without giving up on them.  We'll see.

--The Jays took a chance on shortstop Yunel Escobar when he came from Atlanta and that worked out. If the same can be said for Colby Rasmus, the Jays found themselves a player. However, re-acquiring Brian Tallet does nothing to help a bullpen that is terrible. He just adds to the legend that is Frank Francisco if you ask me.

--There is word that baseball is going to expand its playoffs to allow more wildcard teams. If this is the case, I think playoff baseball returns to Toronto as early as next season.

--The Cubs wanted the Yankees to take Carlos Zambrano and his massive salary off their hands, but the Yankees have said no. I guess the Bronx Bombers realize they already have one overpaid doofus on their staff in A.J Burnett so why add a 2nd.

--Jerry Meals' bizarre safe call at the end of the Pirates-Braves game on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning is just another reason as to why baseball will have instant replay very, very soon. That call was worse than the Jim Joyce call that took a perfect game away from Armando Gallarraga.

--The Mike Richards "dry island" story is a little baffling. Word is Richards and Jeff Carter were traded by the Flyers because they refused to take part in a program Head Coach Peter Laviolette had organized asking players to abstain from alcohol for a month. Laviolette has no right to ask his players to do that or to go eat at this establishment or dress a certain way. They are professionals. The last time I looked neither Mike Richards or Jeff Carter had their play suffer because of what they allegedly do off the ice. Perhaps Laviolette should be asking his goalies to stop a puck instead of not have a beer. Several NHL'ers have really criticized Laviolette since this story came out and I can't blame them.

--Viking fans should be celebrating because the team got six years younger at quarterback with the addition of Donovan McNabb.

--Seahawk fans, how do you feel about Tavaris Jackson as the new quarterback? At least he has Sidney Rice to throw for. This Seahawk fan would rather have Darian Durant than Tavaris Jackson. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse---it could have been Matt Leinart.

--It would seem Vince Young has run out of suitors in the NFL. Is it just me or would Young make a great CFL quarterback. Of course, at one time he was on the neg list of your Saskatchewan Roughriders. I don't know if he is still on the neg list of a team or not.

--You can be what you choose to be. But you can never be an elephant.


Mike from Vita, MB said...


We may not be an elephant, but we can look like one, LOL!!

Craig Stein said...

I BET Hank wants Andy to stay down south! Haha

Anonymous said...

Vince Young would make a great CFL quarterback. I don't know if he would be like Flutie, but he would give defences nightmares.

Anonymous said...

You and Pedersen together are GOLD. That Shivers bit had me howling and then you pulled out the actual sound bite. How can you not love Shiv?? HA HA

Anonymous said...

I understand Conacher's statement, but Regina hockey fans have been starved of playoff hockey and now this comment. Do I have to wait maybe three more years to see a playoff game at the Brandt Centre. This organization is swirling around the bowl and if it doesn't right itself soon, they will just get flushed away. Just my two cents.


Anonymous said...

Do we know if the Bombers approached the Lions or the league about postponing the game?

Anonymous said...

This Vikings fan would rather have TJack than McNabb. He is washed up.


Anonymous said...

Umpires keep screwing things up to the point that instant replay is going to be needed in bsaeball. Its just a matter of time. If that call had been made in a playoff game, we would hgave had it ready to roll for next season.

Anonymous said...

Has Tad signed with BC? I heard he had but can't find confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the man and it's a sad thing for his family. He probably had so much love for football that I'm sure he would have wanted the game to go on.

Anonymous said...

Canadian North 9080 flying empty from EDM to CGY right now to Charter Stamps to Regina. Leaves CGY @ 1:10 and arrives REG @ 2:06. That is how a serious organization does it with chartering their players.

Hammer said...

Saw the Frank Francisco comment. No pumping your own tires, Mitch! And lay off my man Tallet. He's gold!