Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stamps 22 Riders 18

They aren't back at square one, but after beating Montreal last week in Montreal, the Riders took a step backwards on Saturday night losing at home for the 3rd time in three tries this season as they were on the short end of a 22-18 score at the hands of the Calgary Stampeders. Here are the thoughts of some Riders at the end of the game.

ShologanJuly30 by mitchellblair

Darian Durant July 30 by mitchellblair

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Here are the thoughts of a random blogger.

--Can someone please tell me how Romby Bryant didn't fumble after this hit????!!!
--Darian Durant is not a pocket passer! Why isn't Darian Durant running the football!!
--The acquisition of Tristan Jackson by GM Brendan Taman was gold. The guy is showing us he is more than a return specialist
--Did the offence miss Wes Cates in there?
--The Riders deserved a better fate on this night, but they didn't get it and they didn't deserve to because they didn't make the big play at the big time.
--The way the first half ended was terrible, but the botched time management is not the reason they lost the football game.
--Eddie Johnson should be punting in the NFL. Why isn't he?
--Why didn't the fans on the west side get on Michael Bishop's case. The hell with Henry Burris, I would deliver my wrath on the man that cost us the 2008 West semi. Then again, Bishop might be too dumb to realize what abuse he is taking.
--I may have zero points in this week's Leader-Post football pool.
--There's nothing wrong with a girl with long legs and jean shorts wearing Rider gear and there was a lot of that on the West side.
--Jim Hopson looked at me in my bright yellow CKRM shirt and referred to me as "Sunflower". Thanks Jim!! Actually, that was the most creative line of the night and was better than some of the ones delivered by luminaries such as Larry Mueller, Chris Cuthbert, Trent Fraser and Twitter followers. Did I just call Larry Mueller a luminary?
--Andy Fantuz, I wish you success in the NFL, but this team in green really needs you!
--At least the Regina Red Sox won Saturday as they scored two in the ninth to beat Weyburn 6-5. Game 2 is Sunday night at Currie Field at 705.

One other thing. It looks like TSN's Jay Onrait didn't enjoy his Mosaic experience. Why?

Perhaps one reason is that Dan O'Toole wasn't with him, but Cabbie was. Why on earth would the Riders allow Cabbie into Mosaic. Allowing Art Mann into the stadium for a Rider game is one thing, but Cabbie??!!! Did he think Darian Durant was Kevin Durant? I'll pass on whatever tripe he filmed tonight. 


Anonymous said...

The current regime had no problem throwing Gary Etchevery under the bus so what's wrong with running Doug Berry out of town?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they missed Wes Cates big time. Hugh Charles says he's been patient. The reason he's been waiting 4 years is because he doesn't bring as much to the table as Wes does. Once he's healthy I'm thinking Wes and Brandon West might make a nice combo.

Clansman2112 said...

Cabbie aparently said the reason he left the Score was to do different things but it looks to me that he is doing at TSN what he was doing there.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think they missed Cates, but they missed creativity. Why won't Berry realize DD is not a pocket passer. Did he not see game film last week as to what makes him the quarterback he is.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

That yellow shirt is a fashion faux pas Scruffy. You blend in with security. HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of talent all over that park last night if you know what I mean. The only place where the talent was lacking was on the Rider bench when it came to the offensive performance. Thank you Doug Berry!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Doug Berry has to make sure that the receivers make the catches they are paid to make and to make sure that Durant's passes are a bit more accurate. Once he accomplishes that feat, we will be back on track.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really know what Doug Berry is trying to do? Does he actually have a plan or is he just that incompident? God I wish he was in Timbucktoo.

Anonymous said...

Why were defensive linemen sending tweets to former Def Coordinator Etch last night after the loss ? Is the locker room lost ?

Anonymous said...

Highlight of the night was Gainer with Onrait. Too funny!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Durant couldn't get outside last night was because the O-line did a putrid job. Darian was sacked 4 or maybe 5 times. This team simply doesn't have the required talent on both sides of the ball. With Taman who has never produced a winner and Miller who has no scouting or management experience running this team, we are destined for failure.

Anonymous said...

No messing around with Tillman, he wants the 2011 Grey Cup!!! Whitlock kept fumbling and he's toast : "Eskimos release RB Whitlock "

Anonymous said...

Esks cut Arkee Whitlock. Can't catch. Fumbles. Too much depth around him. Message sent to others. Turnovers not tolerated by Tillman, Kavis or Crandell.

Anonymous said...

They can't cut Fantuz or Chick fast enough!!!


Anonymous said...

It's awesome when some anonymous mouth-breather tries to criticize the coaching by misspelling incompetent.

That's some sweet irony right there kids!