Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Pro-Dressler Report From KC

Former CFL star Weston Dressler is currently living one of Disney’s ‘based on a true story’ underdog-sports films. Unfortunately, his battle is far from over. Unlike Invincible, The Rookie, or Million Dollar Arm, Dressler’s story does not have its happy ending yet.

The former University of North Dakota standout set 19 school records from 2004 and 2007, but several factors (most notably his 5-foot-8 stature) left him undrafted in 2008. Dressler fought his way onto the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL that year, and went on to be selected to four All-Star teams in six seasons.

That was enough to intrigue GM John Dorsey and Coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs. Dressler now has a shot at the NFL, but he still has a big uphill climb ahead of him to make the team. He is on a league-minimum contract that the Chiefs can terminate at any time without any financial consequences.

On top of that, shortly after being signed by Kansas City, the team drafted De’Anthony Thomas, who could now be in line ahead of Dressler at both slot receiver and punt returner. Both players are in the middle of a crowded competition at slot receiver with Junior Hemingway and A.J. Jenkins in the mix as well. And as one of the best punt return prospects in the draft, Thomas’ selection dealt a devastating blow to Dressler’s hopes of earning playing time on special teams.

He still has a ton of obstacles ahead of him, but Reid will give him a legitimate shot to prove what he can do. If Dressler is good enough, he will see playing time for the Chiefs. He won’t even need to do that much to create the happy ending for a Disney sports film. They typically end with the subject of the movie playing just a couple of somewhat productive years in the pros. As long as Dressler makes the team and puts together a few big plays that can be romanticized with slow motion and inspiring music, Disney will be ready to go.

If he is able to complete this underdog story, Will Ferrell should play Dorsey in his occasional dramatic role, a mustached John Goodman should portray Reid, and Daniel Radcliffe (a surprisingly big American football fan) would be great as our undersized underdog.



Anonymous said...

He's not a Disney story to us!

Anonymous said...

Thought he was mighty mouse !