Thursday, June 12, 2014

This And That

--The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind in no particular order

   --An interview with Brendan Labatte done by reporters in Saskatoon on Monday was very interesting. Labatte was talking about the CBA and the fact players don't like it. He said he would need help in convincing the players the deal was a good one and told reporters he would not tell them what way he would vote. If you read between the lines, you might suggest Labatte doesn't want to sell the players on a deal he doesn't believe in.

  --While I thought the players were asking for way too much in the salary cap, I think the CFL could have been a little bit more accommodating. An incremental raise of very little in the cap over the next few years is what has players mad.  I don't think it would have killed the league to raise the cap by 100-150 thousand each year.

  --Is it safe to say we have seen the last of the Regina Rage?

  --While interviewing Jon Ryan for the Sportscage on Tuesday, the Regina-born punter of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks says his ring will be with him when he is here for his 2nd annual golf tournament and first ever business luncheon. Besides getting a picture of myself with that what I know will be impressive rock, I don't know how I'll react when I see that baby. No offence to the Riders, but I'm guessing the Seattle bling will be a little more impressive than what the Riders have on their finger.  I need a pic with one ring on one hand and one on the other. I don't think I'll have a problem.

  --Oh Chad Johnson, you may regret what you wish for. Why would you want to poke a sharp stick at Tyron Brackenridge? Why?

  -- I love the way Henry Burris is promoting and approaching Saturday's game at Mosaic. Say what you will about Henry, but the league needs more guys like him when it comes to marketing.

   --The funeral for the three Mounties in Moncton was a very emotional affair for obvious reasons. It was heartbreaking for me to see the police dog of one of the officers crying at the foot of his masters casket.

   --Sorry Hockey Canada, you are coming off as a bully in your little spat with Mosaic Place. If the rink told you what the rent was going to be two years ago, don't come crying about it now. To "blacklist" the building and the city makes you come off as real petty as well. Real petty!

  --Someone please tell me its a joke when I hear there could be a "Mighty Ducks 4"

  --The Florida Panthers could decide between either Ron Wilson or Dan Bylsma. If Wilson gets this job, the entire Panthers front office should walk the plank.

  --A new phonebook was delivered the other day. How many people still use the phonebook on a day-to-day basis.

  --Despicable Me 2 is a movie that can be watched at any time.

  --WWE has released the likes of Brodus Clay (Funkasaurus), 3MB and Curt Hawkins. However will the WWE nation survive. There are guys in High Impact Wrestling that I'd rather watch than those schmos. Speaking of which, the stars of HIW are in action tonight at the Hungarian Club. If you don't count that football game, it is the social/sports event of the weekend.

  --If the L-A Kings let Mike Richards go, there are three teams in Western Canada that should be vying for his services. He could add a lot when it comes to leadership to the Oilers, Flames or Jets.

  --Yahoo's Andrew Bucholtz asks how it is that Canada can develop great hockey players, great baseball players, great football players, great golfers etc. etc, etc, why can't we develop great soccer players.

  --If you can, remember to do something with Dad this weekend. Taking him to the Riders game would be an excellent idea. I can't imagine where I'd be today or the things I wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for my dad. I think a lot of you can say the same thing.

--If I could get a firm grip on reality, I'd choke it.


Anonymous said...

Great post today Scruffy, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the Mosaic thing and correct you on a couple of things. The agreed amount by both parties was for 90,000 on ice rentals.....the local committee agreed to hold the concerts and cabaret as a way to increase revenues...when these events flopped and flopped hard, the committee decided to bill Hockey Canada for these costs which were always to have been covered by the local host committees operation/revenue fund.

I think the big question here is why is the Mosaic rental fees nearly double of the cost of the last four previous venues that were used? Rather than calling out Hockey Canada (who runs 5-10 major events throughout Canada on a yearly basis and knows how facility rentals work) why not put the heat on Clark and the local organizing committee who did a terrible job at promoting this event and making it a money generating tournament?

This is the first Telus Cup in the last 5 years to have such poor attendance and not turn a profit for the communities local minor hockey program. I say good on Hockey Canada for blacklisting Mosaic and bringing this to the Public's attention because many of us know that that building is being run with some questionable business practice/planning occurring.

Love the blog Scruffy, have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Because soccer is a boring crappy game that nobody wants to play.

Anonymous said...

Mitch. I understand you think hockey canada is a bully but this isn't the first time I've heard of "issues" with that building. Didn't they walk away from curl sask and the tankard to bid for the Canada cup? There are very few organizations out there that put on events like this. Word gets around and it might be hard to win any bids if this isn't rectified.

Anonymous said...

Good question on the phonebook!

Re: Mosaic Place

Scott Clark has been quoted in the media as saying Hockey Canada looked over everything months in advance and signed off on it. Did Hockey Canada not see something that should have been considered as high? It would seem to me HC didn't do their homework here. How many events have gone through Mosaic and gone off without a hitch. Two of the biggest names in country music are coming to the facility and one of the biggest has already been there. That's no accident. HC screwed up and they are trying to cover their tracks.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Labatte thinks. We are playing football and that is what matters. Looks like "the greatest fans in the world" are going to take another hit because of low attendance. They're too blinded by the fact its an "Ottawa home game" to see their beloved green and white an extra time this year albeit an exhibition game. See ya in Sec 104!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2

Soccer is a game no one wants to play? I suggest you look at the numbers and you might find there are more and more kids playing soccer in this country and that the gap between soccer and hockey is shrinking. Think before you write jackass!

Anonymous said...

Canada has problems developing good players in all sports other than hockey because it seems hockey is the only sport where it is acceptable to be involved year round from the age of 5.

Other sports sabotage themselves by restricting themselves to “season’s of play”

Anonymous said...

2012 started the trend of more kids in soccer and dance than Hockey in Canada. There's no surprise as to why Nicholson and Pascall stepped away from Hockey Canada this summer, they know what's coming. The US, Sweeden, Fins and Russians will all surpass Canada in development of young hockey talent with in the next 10 years. Hockey is simply way to expensive and the political game that's played with in it is turning people away.

As for Mosaic, the one poster has it wrong, Clark was called out on his statement saying Hockey Canada signed off on it, Hockey Canada signed off on everything at 90K then when ticket sales plumeted Clark and his cronies pulled a fast one trying to make Hockey Canada pay for the losses since they knew otherwise the building ie. taxpayers would have to cover the shortfall.

Why is it that in SK hockey committees can't make a go of these tournaments? First, the memorial cup didn't make its guarantee and needed provincial dollars to bail them out, now Mosaic figures they'll try to pull a fast one on Hockey Canada who has an entire department that is dedicated to tournament management?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Hockey is in trouble

Anonymous said...


There's no need to call anyone a jackass. "Think before you write" your opinion was valid until you decided to be the "jackass"

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Spain/Germany for the win, World Cup Soccer.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone asked the organizing committee at Telus Cup about the over-runs? It would seem to me as if they are to blame and not Mosaic Place. I also find Hockey Canada to be a little strong-handed here for what its worth.


Anonymous said...

Henry knows how to touch those raw Rider nerves.

Anonymous said...

My phone book went straight into the recycling bin. Seems like that is where Florida is looking for a head coach.

Anonymous said...

the whole idea of a kid being in a sport year round is insane. hockey will sabotage its self in the long run too expensive parents think if they put their kid in hockey year round they'll have a better shot at playing pro, not true its just way to soak parents for more money for a sport that is overpriced.