Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 5 Camp Report

The following is the Day 5 report from the 2014 Roughrider Training Camp.
NImp   WR      Alex Anthony – hamstring (day to day)
NImp   DL       Ricky Foley – hamstring (day to day)
NImp   WR      Chris Getzlaf – quad (day to day)
NImp   FB       Neal Hughes – foot (day to day)
Imp      LB       Mortty Ivy – hamstring (day to day)
NImp   FB       Scott McHenry – knee (day to day)
Imp      DL       Carlton Powell – hamstring (day to day)
Imp      WR      Eron Riley – back (day to day)
Imp      WR      Demarco Sampson – hamstring (day to day) 
Imp      DL       Markus White – illness (day to day)
NImp   LB       Shomari Williams – knee (day to day)       
Head Coach Corey Chamblin vocally encouraged the players to improve their effort and focus on a cold, blustery and wet morning. During the teams period, veteran defensive back Terrell Maze followed a double deflection and cut back for his second interception of training camp.  
Head Coach Corey Chamblin, “At this point right now, we are a very average football team. What I mean by that has nothing to do with the guys leaving or the guys coming back, we are average in the way we do things and the way we practice. There are a lot of things we need to get better at, regardless if the starters are in or out, we just need to be a better football team.”

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