Thursday, June 19, 2014

This And That

--The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind in no particular order

   --Riders receiver Ryan Smith not only looks like Weston Dressler, but he sounds like him too. Does anyone have tape of Weston when he came here as a wet behind the ears rookie because that's what Smith sounds like. Hopefully Smith has a Dressler-like career in Saskatchewan.

   --Has it really been 20 years since the OJ Simpson chase? The ESPN 30 for 30 on that night and how it intersected with the NBA finals and other sporting events might be the best one ever done.

   --The Kansas City Royals lead the American League Central and the Toronto Blue Jays lead the American League East. Its like I've entered a time warp. Are George Brett and George Bell playing for their respective teams.

   --A story in Edmonton suggests the Oilers and Jets are talking about an Evander Kane-Nail Yakupov trade. There is NO WAY the Jets front office is that dumb. Kane for Gagner maybe, but Kane for Yakupov. This Oilers fan would be dancing in the street if that happened.

  --What did Jonas Hiller do the Ducks? How did the goalie fall so far out of favour with the team.

  --Who is Fake Gainer? Who is Bitter Gainer?

  --Damn this is one shiny piece of bling

--There can't be many happy English soccer fans these days. Then again, I'm guessing a few sheepish Spaniards are out there too.

--On June 19, 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes hoisted the Stanley Cup having beat the Edmonton Oilers. 2920 days later, the Oilers have not had another playoff game. SIGHHHHH!!!

--Any WHL team wanting to bid for the Memorial Cup in 2016 must do so by July 15.  Who's throwing their hat into the ring? My guess is Vancouver or Victoria might be putting one together.

--The pic of Seth Doege going head over heels and the reaction of Darian Durant and Taj Smith on the sidelines that was in Monday's LP and has gone viral is one of the sports pics of the year if you ask me. Well done!

--Have a good weekend. Go Riders!



Anonymous said...

Yakupov's only 20. Give him time.

Don Mitchell said...

Beautiful ring, glad for Jon Ryan winning it.
But I wish the US would quit that "WORLD CHAMPION!" schtick. The NFL only plays in the lower 48 states for crying out loud. Same for MLB and NBA.

Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks, NFL Super Bowl Champions.

Anonymous said...

That Yankee tendency to name every winner they have a 'World Champion' is pure BS. The Seattle Seahawks are NFL champions. Nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

While I agree the NFL is a little high and mighty with their "world champions" talk, there is no way the Grey Cup champs would beat the Super Bowl champs. It wouldn't even be close and that includes playing 3 down or 4 down football.

Anonymous said...

Would the new Pats owners take a chance on bringing an MC to Regina?

Anonymous said...

That's very Impressive Bling-bling NFL Seattle Seahawks, while not being too gaudy, unlike the the roughriders undiscernable busy cup rings.

Anonymous said...

so if the seahawks and the riders played.... the riders might win??? get a grip on reality pal seahawks are world champions of pro football.

Anonymous said...

Is Jon Ryan considered a International in the NFL?

Anonymous said...

I'm a big CFL fan, but CMON people. Anyone out there thinking the Grey Cup team could beat the Super Bowl team is being a little irrational. It would NEVER happen!


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, why is Rider Grey Cup Champ Prince Miller selling his ring ? you're an insider, you must know.

Don Mitchell said...

To all you clowns who who inferred that I want the Riders play the Seahawks. That was not my intention.

I am just annoyed that a US team wins a US championship and they (US and obviously several Canadians) automatically assume that they are WORLD CHAMPIONS! Give me a freakn break!