Thursday, June 26, 2014

CFL Top 50

If you missed it last night, here are the top 50 players in the CFL as compiled by a panel and shown on TSN.

1. Ricky Ray (QB) Tor
2. Jon Cornish (RB) Cal
3. Darian Durant (QB) Sask
4. Chip Cox (LB) Mtl
5. Fred Stamps (WR) Edmonton
6. SJ Green (WR) Montreal
7. Charleston Hughes (DL) Calgary
8. Brendan Labatte (OL) Sask
9. Chad Owens (WR) Toronto
10. Henry Burris (QB) Ottawa
11. Adam Bighill (LB) BC
12. Travis Lulay (QB) BC
13. Andrew Harris (RB) BC
14. Jovan Olafioye (OL) BC
15. Patrick Watkins (DB) Edmonton
16. Tyron Brackenridge (DB) Sask
17. Solomon Eliminian (LB) BC
18. Mike Reilly (QB) Edmonton
19. CJ Gable (RB) Hamilton
20. Stanley Bryant (OL) Calgary
21. Andre Durie (RB) Toronto
22. Chris Getzlaf (WR) Sask
23. Josh Bourke (OL) Montreal
24. Marquay McDaniel (WR) Calgary
25. Cord Parks (DB) BC
26. Kyries Hebert (LB) Montreal
27. JC Sherritt (LB) Edmonton
28. Dwight Anderson (DB) Sask
29. Kevin Glenn (QB) BC
30. Khalif Mitchell (DL) BC
31. Almondo Sewell (DL) Edmonton
32. Andy Fantuz (WR) Hamilton
33. Nick Moore (WR) Winnipeg
34. Xavier Fulton (OL) Saskatchewan
35. Duron Carter (WR) Montreal
36. Marcus Howard (DL) Edmonton
37. Jerald Brown (LB) Montreal
38. Bryant Turner (DL) Winnipeg
39. Geoff Tisdale (DB) Montreal
40. Rene Paredes (K) Calgary
41.Shea Emry (LB)Tor
42-Jeff Van Zeyl (OL) Tor
43-Dante Marsh (DB) BC
44-John Bowman (DL) Mtl
45-Juwan Simpson (LB) Calggary
46-Jeff Keeping (OL) Tor
47-Brett Jones (OL) Calgary
48-Stefan Logan (RB) BC
49-Rennie Curran (LB) Edmonton
50-John Chick (DL) Sask


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, I love the pic you have on Facebook of you with the Rider and Seahawk rings.

As far as the top 50 go, I am biased to green so I was surprised Milo wasn't on there. I also thought a 1000 yard season would get Smith on there.

Ray ahead of Durant and being #1 is an eyebrow-raiser as well.

Where would Dressler and Sheets have fit in there? I'm guessing top 10.

Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Huh??? Is this the top 50 for this year or last. If its last, which I assume it is, how can Cornish not be #1 seeing he was league MVP and how can Dressler and Sheets not be there?

Anonymous said...

Lulay at 12??? Uh no!! How can a guy who won't play for a while be top 15.

Where is Taj Smith?

Anonymous said...

So who are the so called experts??