Friday, February 2, 2018

Duron Carter Facing a Drug Charge in Saskatoon

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Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duron Carter has been arrested in Saskatoon and charged with marijuana possession.

Court records show Carter was arrested February 1 at the Saskatoon airport.  He was released from custoday and is scheduled to make an appearance in a Saskatoon courtroom March 27.

The Riders have released a statement on the matter.

It confirms an incident took place where Carter was charged and that they are monitoring the situation and are working to gather more information.

Carter signed a contract extension with the team last month after a season in Saskatchewan where he was named the team's outstanding player after a 73 catch, eight TD season


Anonymous said...

Although pot possession will soon be legal, it is a very dumb move by Duron not to dump his stash before going through customs. Shows how ones thinking is not sharp when high. Live and learn young man!

Anonymous said...

Can u say "High" maintenance!! I agree weed is no big deal, however if your not bright enough to avoid getting caught twice, do you really deserve to be here? Send the selfish punk home. No need to babysit any player!