Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Riders At The Draft

The CFL draft went Tuesday night and there were many trades. The Riders, who were supposed to pick 8th, made a deal with Hamilton and ended up picking 11th. At 11, they got Western Ontario defensive lineman Dylan Ainsworth. With the last pick of the 2nd round, they nabbed REC Alex Pierzchalski from the University of Toronto.

Round 3 saw them take kicker John Mark from Calgary with the 20th pick and receiver Kristopher Bastien from Concordia with the 26th pick. The team did not have a 4th round pick, but in the 5th round they selected DB Matt Webster from Queens with the 39th pick and then stayed close to home and took Regina Rams offensive lineman Kyle Paterson with the 45th pick.

In the 6th round, they looked Concordia's way again and took LB Travis Bent and with their last pick in the 7th round, they grabbed OL Terry Hart from St. Francis Xavier.

The complete draft can be seen by clicking here

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