Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Frustrating Afternoon of Football

There are some Sundays that leave me smiling at days end because of what I've seen on the football field but today was not one of them. It seemed like I was switching back and forth between the Rider game and the Seahawk debacle in Oakland and I was left constantly screaming at the TV. What a hideous effort by both. You don't care about the Seahawks thrashing, but here are my thoughts on the Riders latest loss.

--Its true they didn't have anything to play for, but that isn't the case anymore. They are making it very hard to stay positive.

--Memo to Doug Berry and Darian Durant. THROW THAT DAMN SHOVEL PASS PLAY AWAY---IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!

--Teams tell you they want to better every week and fix the mistakes that were made the previous week. I don't know about you, but I would rather have this team regress to the way they were playing when Calgary made their first visit of the season.

--I am sick of losing to bottom-feeders in this league. I can take defeats to the good teams, but these ones are getting really tough to swallow.

--Congrats to Wes Cates for breaking the one thousand yard barrier.

--What has happened to Joel Bell?

--Cary Koch is a keeper.

--I knew B.C would win the game when Yonus Davis took that punt back for a TD. ARRGGHHHHHHH!!!!

--Have we figured out why Ryan Grice-Mullen didn't make the Dolphins and why B.C. didn't want him back.

--I don't care what you say, the Riders got screwed on the short kick. James Patrick touched that ball before it went out of bounds. The sad thing is had the refs said the Riders had recovered, the play wouldn't have been overturned either. Its maddening and frustrating, but the right call was made because the wrong call was made originally.

--Despite this, this team believe it or not can still win the Grey Cup. Then again so could B.C or Edmonton and that is downright scary.

Just some other thoughts on the day

--Message to TSN. Take a page from FOX Sports and do something to ease the anger of CFL fans who think their team is jobbed because of a bad call. The decision to hire former NFL director of officiating Mike Pereira to decipher calls that go to instant replay is outstanding. While the referee is under the curtain, Pereira is telling you why this call is going to be overturned or why it won't be. The CFL needs to do something similar. I wouldn't mind having a camera in the command centre and then having whoever explain why the call was or wasn't made.

--Randy Moss is one level above a first class jerk. What an act

--Brett Favre reminds me of "The Black Knight" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". He shouldn't have played against the Patriots, but he did and he got knocked cold. He was carted off, but said after the game he'd be ready to go next week. I guess it was just a flesh wound that he sustained. JUST RETIRE ALREADY!!! The act is starting to get comical.

--Brad Childress and Wade Phillips should really start working on their resumes.

--Why is it NFL officials always award Pittsburgh touchdowns at the goal-line when most times its clear that they are not?

--Mike Shanahan benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman? Really!!!

--The Rangers will win Game 5 of the World Series, but that will be it. The Giants really should push Tim Lincecum back for Game 6, but whatever.

--There was talk on Hockey Night in Canada this week that the Atlanta Thrashers are signing as many black players as they can and then using them to market the team. If this is the case, (and I'm not sure what to think of it) what will they offer the Flames for Jarome Iginla? His time in Calgary is running out!

--My time is done too. Later!

What A Weekend! Yeah Right!

Just to recap what has happened this weekend. The Rams get beat, the Thunder get beat, the Pats get demolished on home ice and the Riders lose yet another one. Oh well, at least some University teams got a "W" this weekend. All in all, its just a great big kick in the beans for Regina sports team. On a personal level, the Seahawks got crushed too. YIP with an E!

Thoughts on the Rider game later, and an idea for TSN (as if they read this!)

Thunder Are Done

PFC Final

Saskatoon Hilltops 32 Regina Thunder 24


The Pats came out wearing their pink and blue jerseys to support breast cancer. The jerseys were auctioned off at the end of the game. Those that got jerseys should have been given some kind of discount from the team for having to endure the whole 60 minutes that they saw. The Pats were embarassed on home ice by a count of 11-1. I don't care who you are, when you get beat by 10 goals in your own rink, that is not good and yes, its very embarassing. I wonder how long it took for the braintrust to get some shut-eye after that one.
The Melfort Mustangs said they could compete with the Humboldt Broncos and it looks as if they can. The two teams split a home and home this weekend with each team winning in the other teams barn. Humboldt is the number 1 one ranked team in Canada and I'm sure they may stay there or at least stay in the top 5 after Friday's defeat at the hands of a Mustang squad that I'm sure will crack the top 20 as well. The Broncos are in Weyburn next Friday night. If you want to see a good hockey team, make the trip.
I had no rhyme or reason in taking the Texas Rangers to beat the San Francisco Giants. I thought the American League champs would rebound in their own ballpark and they did. That being said, I'm taking the Giants to win the 4th game.
Watching the Edmonton Eskimos last night only made me ask again just how the h-e double hockeysticks did the Riders lose twice to them at Commonwealth. That was one of the uglier CFL games we've seen in recent memory with Edmonton winning in overtime by a score of 17-13. The win means a Rider win today elimnates the Lions from playoff contention. It means B.C. will have more to play for. The Riders have to get their act together. I'm hoping this means we will have a good game. If the Riders do win today, it means next week's game will be a nothing game for the two teams. If that is the case, it will be like an exhibition game because I can't see many regulars from both teams playing.
The Bombers have now lost 8 games this year by a margin of seven or less points. That is a CFL record by the way. I hope those in Winnipeg realize how close they are to being a very good football team. Paul LaPolice has this team on the right track and he has the nucleus of players to have them in a position to challenge Montreal for Eastern dominance. Hamilton is getting close too. Edmonton is going to be better. The heat is on Calgary and the Riders to keep themselves from getting pushed aside in the off-season.
I had 12 of 14 NHL games right on my "POOLS" ticket last night. I was hoping that might snag me some extra iron for my pocket, but alas 10 people picked all 14 games right and will be getting nearly 2-grand from the WCLC in upcoming days. One of the games I had wrong was the Habs-Panthers game and that screwed up my Saturday night pro-line ticket of 285. GRRRRR!!!!!
A lot of good teams are off in the NFL today, but there is still some intrigue. Will Randy Moss hurt his old team in New England? Can the Lions beat a quality opponent in the Redskins at home? Will Aaron Rodgers and the high powered Packers offence be too much for the stingy Jets defence and of course, can Seattle walk into Oakland and beat the Raiders. Regardless of the result in that one, there will be some words exchanged next week between myself and Raider fans that I know.
Its Hallowe'en so be careful if you are out on the road tonight. Yes, I'm talking to those of you who will go out to places like the Press Box and Four Seasons to watch the football game. Well OK, I'm talking to everyone. We don't want anything stupid to happen out there tonight. If for some reason, a child comes to your door dressed up as Jim Daley, don't throw him or her into the nearest snowbank.
Why do I fear that Christmas displays will start going up at many stores now that Hallowe'en is over.
Have a good one! GO RIDERS!!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!! GO CUBS!! (oh wait!!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only In The CFL

We have had some pretty dramatic finishes in the CFL, but this is one of those that is really just beyond bizarre. If you haven't seen it, check it out.
Let it be known, this special teams gaffe hasn't happened to Jim Daley. If it had, I shudder to think what might go down.
I was out last night and was unable to find out what the score was in the Rams-Huskies game. Thus I went to the world of Twitter to find out what was happening. Within moments, my request was being answered from all over the place and it was not good for the Rams. They got spanked 52-29 by the Huskies in Saskatoon. It means the Rams are off to Calgary for a playoff game next weekend. Marc Mueller threw for 437 yards in the loss.
Many Reginans were in Saskatoon for that game last night. I'm guessing many more will be in Saskatoon tomorrow as the Hilltops and Thunder meet in the PFC final. After last night's result, they will be a braggin in ToonTown (and for good reason) if the Toppers win today.
The young Oilers dominate the Hawks in Chicago. LIKE IT!!! LIKE IT A LOT!!! Eberle gets his 4th and it was another thing of beauty.
Scott Schultz needs his own radio show. That's all there is to it. The old 96'er is pure gold when he appears on CKRM's Sportscage.
The Riders are off to Vancouver and there is optimism that problems of the past have been worked out and this team is ready to go. I'm taking the Riders, but I'm not so certain the problems have been ironed out. We'll see.
While at Mosaic yesterday, it would appear as if those in charge of the stadium have adopted that Mother Nature will clear the snow mentality. Lets just say I'm glad the Rams or Thunder weren't at home this weekend.
I think Texas crawls back into the World Series with a win against the Giants. I have no rhyme or reason for thinking that. I just do.
There is nothing more therapeutic than an evening of High Impact Wrestling. With fellow culture-lovers Pete Paczko, Rob Vanstone and Tony Playter by my side, we enjoyed the action in and out of the ring again last evening. Seeing that crowd as mentioned by one of the group is the reason why Regina doesn't have a zoo. Its because the zoo is on display once a month.
Separated at birth---High Impact wrestler Jeff Tyler and CTV's Lee Jones. The resemblance is uncanny. Also separated at birth is Sask Party Northeast MLA Kevin Doherty and CTV's Chris Hodges. If you are at the corner of Dewdney and Park going west today, look at the billboard of Doherty and then tell me he and Hodges don't look alike. While at it, CJME's Jamie Nye could be confused with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.
Going out for Hallowe'en tonight. Don't want to spend money on an outlandish costume. Here's an idea. Go to Walmart or wherever and buy a box of Coke cans. Come home and take the cans out---put them wherever. Open up the sides of the box and place it over your head and voila----you're a "Cokehead". In the words of former L-P sportswriter Bob Hughes "Yer welcome"!
I thought the temperature was supposed to hit double digits this weekend. Why do I think this snow isn't going away. SIGGHHHHH!!!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

CBC Celebrates 100 Years of Rider Football

In the week leading up to the last Rider home game of the season, CBC Saskatchewan is celebrating the anniversary of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. From November 1 to 5, watch CBC News: Saskatchewan at 5, 5:30 and 6 and tune in to CBC Radio One as we highlight features, stories and contests tied to the province’s fabled football team. There will also be chances to win Rider-autographed prizes.

Rider Week on CBC Television and CBC Radio One will feature stories about the team and the fans you won't see or hear anywhere else. "We hope people will tune in and enjoy our tribute to the Roughriders as much as we enjoyed putting it together!” says Paul Dederick, Executive Producer of News at CBC Saskatchewan.

A one-hour documentary will broadcast on CBC Radio One’s The Morning Edition, Thursday, November 4 at 7:05 a.m. The week culminates with a one-hour special Rider Century: A Saskatchewan Story on CBC Television on Friday, November 5 at 5:00 p.m.

Rider Century: A Saskatchewan Story chronicles the story of a football team and its fans who together have faced more than their share of adversity over the last 100 years. It covers the highs and the lows, the Grey Cup victories and the heartbreaking losses. And off field it covers the tragedy of the 1956 plane crash, and the scandals that rocked the team and its fans. Through it all the team and the people who support it have shown extraordinary resilience. Year after year they keep coming back for more because there's always that hope next year will be better.

Rider fans can tune in all week to CBC News: Saskatchewan and take part in the “Gene the CBC Rider Gnome” contest for a chance to win signed Rider gear and iPod touches. To enter watch CBC News: Saskatchewan at 5, 5:30 and 6. Each night during the weather forecast, Dan Reynish will reveal a photo of “Gene the Gnome” and you’ll be asked to identify his location. The first person to call the prize line at 1-800-563-2221 and correctly identify the Gnome’s location will win one of the following prizes:

• “Saskatchewan Roughriders First 100 Years” book signed by Marcus Adams

• Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey signed by Marcus Adams

• Saskatchewan Roughriders football signed by Kitwana Jones

• Gene the CBC Rider Gnome signed by Chris Getzlaf and Weston Dressler

• One of 3 iPod Touches

On CBC Radio One's The Morning Edition, sportscaster Glenn Reid devotes an hour of the program to the Rider Century. We’ll hear from ten top voices in Rider Nation, including George Reed, Roger Aldag, Darian Durant and others as they talk about the centennial celebration and their time on the team. Listeners will have a chance to win a Rider Game Survival Kit that includes a Saskatchewan Roughrider flag signed by Kitwana Jones and Rider winter weather gear to wear to the last home game. Tune in on Tuesday, November 2 between 6:00 and 8:30 a.m. for contest details.

In addition to special programming on CBC Radio and CBC Television be sure to check out Rider Century, a special on-line feature at featuring 25 vignettes profiling players from over the past 100 years.

CBC Television is now available on Bell TV satellite on channel 247 and continues to be available in Regina via cable on Access channel 4, SaskTel Max channel 3, or off-line on channel 9 and in Saskatoon on Shaw Cable channel 12, SaskTel Max channel 3 and off-line on channel 11. Across the country, Star Direct channel 298 on the "Classic" line-up or channel 28 on the "Advanced” line-up.

CBC Radio One is heard throughout the province on 540 AM, in Regina on 102.5 FM and in Saskatoon on 94.1 FM.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do The Oilers Really Need Cheerleaders?

Cheerleaders are eye candy. We all know that. Cheerleaders are common on the sidelines, but until a few years ago, they weren't even thought of in the hockey rink. However, one team got the idea going and it mushroomed to the point that many teams south of the 49th parallel are now doing it. Soon, the Edmonton Oilers will be doing it too. Why?

Don't get me wrong. As a red-blooded male, I will take a look at the cheerleaders, but I really don't think they are needed in a place like Edmonton. In fact, I don't think any of the six Canadian teams need cheerleaders. Will Edmonton be the first? Do they have them in Vancouver? Are they in Toronto? Montreal?

In announcing this move, Oilers president Patrick Laforge says it will enhance the in-game experience. In Canada, I would think NHL fans are already loving the in-game experience. I have no qualms with looking at attractive women on my TV screen, but in Canadian hockey rinks it makes me wonder why. I would think Laforge should be excited enough in seeing his young Oilers compete, but it seems as if he wants Oilerettes too. Who's kidding who, this might give Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall the chance to make some post-game plans while battling it out in a one-goal hockey game.
Methinks the Giants are going to win the World Series. Texas has to beat them four out of 5 to win it all and I don't think they have the arms. Matt Cain was outstanding in Game 2 with the Giants breaking it open late to win 9-0. The big hit came from Edgar Renteria. His homerun gave San Fran a lead they wouldn't give up. Hard to believe Renteria has been in the game 14 years.
Did anyone else get a call in the YQR last nite from someone doing an independent radio survey. Depending on who they were working for, they either got what they wanted or they didn't.
I don't like what Environment Canada's chief climatologist David Phillips is saying. Phillips says what we have just gone through is a "Saskatchewan slasher". I thought that was Tiger Williams?
Early reports from someone who has seen him play says new Rider quarterback Noah Shepard is a player. This person doesn't know if Shepard has the arm strength that is needed, but he says he's a real good quarterback.
There's a Girls Gone Wild TV show? Where was this 20 years ago? I can only imagine the stories (and the film) that the cameramen for this show has. I wonder what they pay them?
Its culture night in Regina. Its another performance of High Impact Wrestling! Do I have to say more!
Who went to Reba last night? I'm guessing it was an outstanding show.
Children in the backseat cause accidents, Accidents in the backseat cause children.
Have a good Friday!

The Rider Nation Is Alive At The World Series

Sportsnet's Arash Madani has twittered this picture.

He wants to know where the melonheads are. Can you imagine what people in San Francisco would say about that?

I Don't Have A Problem With This

Do you?

By B.J. Rains
Oct. 28, 2010

ST. LOUIS – After being out since suffering a concussion in the season opener on Oct. 9, Blues forward Cam Janssen is ready to make up for lost time.

And that means raising as much money as possible for The Fisher House, a charity that supports America’s military and their families. Janssen announced before the season that he will donate $25 for every hit he issues on an opposing player.

But after playing in just part of the season opener, Janssen knows he has extra hits to give once he returns.

“Trust me,” Janssen said Wednesday. “I’m going to give plenty of money to that charity once I get back in action here. I’m going to give that charity a lot of money, maybe too much to where I have to check my bank account. But if that’s the case, that’s great.

“I want to hit. I want some contact. I haven’t had contact in like two and a half weeks so I’m craving it.”

The enforcer Janssen chose to donate money for hits because if he did it for his goals, “the charity would probably go into debt.” Janssen, who issued 73 hits in 43 games last year, has just two goals in 207 NHL games.

Janssen became familiar with The Fisher House during a recent visit to Jefferson Barracks. He toured the house and got more information and decided he wanted to do something to help give back. The plan to donate for each hit was his idea.

“I have a lot of friends and family who were in the military or are in the military,” Janssen said. “I saw the Fisher House and kind of found out what it was and I just thought it would be a great thing to do. Being from Eureka, it’s kind of a military town and I’ve lose a couple friends overseas and I just think it’s the best thing I can do.

“They support families when their loved ones get injured in combat. They support this house to when they are in the hospital, they have these houses near hospitals to where their family and friends can live there for free and be close to their loved ones that are injured. It’s awesome. It’s a really nice house, it looks over the river…And people get excited about me hitting.”

Janssen hoped to record 150 hits this year, an average of just under two per game. But after missing six games with the concussion, Janssen is eager to return to the ice and catch up.

Janssen skated on his own over the weekend before joining his teammates on the ice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He was activated from injured reserve and traveled with the team to Nashville for tonight’s game against the Predators, but likely will be a healthy scratch.

But Janssen made it clear Wednesday that he was feeling 100 percent and ready to contribute whenever called upon.

“It’s tough to change the lineup up because the boys are playing great,” Janssen said. “But whenever they need me, I’ll be ready.

“I feel great. I feel just like I did in training camp. I’ve been working hard. It’s kind of like I just took a week off because I wasn’t really injured but it was a protocol for my head injury. I wasn’t injured. I basically took a week off to rest and I started back up again and now I’m back to normal and back in shape and back into game shape.”

Janssen said the concussion, “might have been a blessing in disguise because I was a little sore. Training camp was tough. I had a couple rough battles and maybe it was for the best to take a week off. I did and now I’m back at it and skating with the guys and back 100 percent and feeling great.”

But when he does finally crack the lineup, opposing players may want to look out. He’s playing for charity.

Got Yours Yet?

Have You Had Yours Yet??

It's been on sale for less than two weeks in Canada, but KFC Canada has already proclaimed the controversial Double Down its most successful new menu item ever with sales expected to top 350,000 bunless sandwiches by the end of October.

The Double Down, introduced in Canada last week, involves two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheese and sauce stuck between two fried chicken breasts. The hefty package comes in at an artery-clogging 540 calories, 30 grams of fat and 1,740 milligrams of sodium, KFC said.

Dan Howe, chief marketing officer for KFC franchisor Yum! Restaurants Canada, said the sandwich has been especially popular in Alberta and Manitoba.

"It's just been phenomenal for KFC, our customers and our franchise partners across the country," he said in a release.

Priszm Income Fund, which is the franchisee of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in Canada, needs all the help it can get after reporting another loss in its third quarter last week.

The company missed financial performance covenants on its loans in the most recent quarter, and has also run into trouble renewing franchise licences for 75 of its restaurants.

To scrounge up liquidity, Priszm is considering selling off some of its restaurants.

The Double Down was first introduced in the United States in April and sold more than 10 million sandwiches in a month.

(National Post)

A 4th QB In Town

The Saskatchewan Roughrider announced today they have signed import quarterback Noah Shepard and non-import defensive back Ludovic Kashindi to the practice roster. Financial details of the signings were not released.

Shepard (6’2 – 223 lbs) spent a portion of the 2010 season with the Green Bay Packers after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent. The 23-year-old was a four-year starter at South Dakota where he finished his career as the most decorated passer in Coyotes history with school records in passing yards (8,936), passing touchdowns (77) and total offense (11,133). His 36 rushing touchdowns ranks second in school history.

Kashindi (5’10 – 176 lbs) was most recently released from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after signing with the team as a free agent earlier this year. Despite being highly ranked heading into the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft, the Sherbrooke product went undrafted due to an achilles injury sustained while training in the off-season. In his senior season at Sherbrooke, he tallied 19 defensive tackles and was an East-West Bowl selection.

Great News For UFC

Come next year, World Extreme Cagefighting will be no more.

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White on Thursday announced that the WEC will merge with the UFC in 2011.

"It's time," White said during a UFC conference call. "As we continue to grow globally, we're doing enough fights to fold [the WEC] into the UFC. It's always been in the cards to grow this sport and add every weight class."

All WEC talent will be retained, White said, including the 135- and 145-pound champions. WEC featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo will be recognized as the new UFC champion, and the same will go for the winner of Dominick Cruz's title defense against Scott Jorgensen at the promotion's final event, WEC 53, in December. White also confirmed that Aldo will defend his new UFC title on Jan. 1 at UFC 125 "Resolution," though his opponent was still not set in stone.

In regard to the lighter weight classes headlining future UFC events, White was optimistic.

"[The lighter champions will be] main and co-main events. As we grow and go into new countries, you're going to see a lot of talent coming into those divisions," White said. "A lot of people haven't seen how exciting these guys are. I'd like to [eventually] have a 125-pound championship, too."

But what about the WEC lightweights? The UFC already has its own 155-pound title and a deep stable of fighters to go with it. White said he intends to fold all the WEC lightweights into the UFC talent pool, unifying the two belts with a miniature tournament of sorts.

"The winner of Ben Henderson's [Dec. 16 title defense against Anthony Pettis] will automatically face the winner of Frankie Edgar versus Gray Maynard," said White.

Maynard and Edgar will fight at UFC 125 on New Year's Day. Soon, the speculation as to how the 155-pounders from the WEC will fare in the big show will finally become reality.

"The way it works is you win fights, and you stick around. Or if you're incredibly exciting, you stick around for a while," White said. "We're looking for great fighters and exciting fighters. If you're one of those, you're going to stick around."

Also of note was White's assertion that the UFC's Octagon would not decrease in size to accommodate the smaller fighters. Additionally, White announced that the UFC just penned a new contract with Versus to air four events on the network in 2011. While technically that doubles the UFC's exposure from 2010, the loss of several WEC events on Versus actually decreases the total number of Zuffa-owned shows airing on the network.

"It's a positive. We got [more] UFC on Versus," White said. "We're not looking at it like we lost two fights [per year]. If you ask Versus, they were happy with the WEC's ratings, but the UFC is going to pull bigger ratings."

Job security is not exclusive to the WEC's fighters, White said, as the employees behind the scenes will also have their services retained. This includes WEC general manager Reed Harris and matchmaker Sean Shelby.

"Every employee from the WEC is staying with the UFC," White said. "We have so much work to do that nobody is going to be sitting around."

If you need more, here's UFC president Dana White talking about the merger....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etcheverry Drops The Gloves

Riders defensive co-ordinator Gary Etcheverry seems to be a little po'ed at some Rider alumni. He doesn't like the way TSN and CJME's Glen Suitor and CKRM's Scott Schultz have criticized his defence over the past few weeks. He let his anger be known today when talking to Rob Vanstone. Here is a snippet of that interview courtesy of Rob and his Rider Rumblings blog...

Does it filter in? You’re somewhat in a bubble as a coach, because you spend a lot of time immersed in film rooms in this cocoon, I would think. Does it trickle down and do you hear some of the things that are said? Does it get under your skin at times?
“The only thing that consistently gets under my skin — and this is a personal thing — tends to be our so-called partners at TSN, because they are supposed to be our partners. In fact, I sat in on a thing in 2008 with one of their broadcasters and I think it was a producer, and the broadcaster did all the talking. They talked about how we’re in partnership and said ‘trust us.’ Those are some of the last people in the world I would trust, because they have no idea about coaching, again. The interesting thing about all of this, to me, and something I find amusing more than anything else is that people who scrutinize don’t like to be scrutinized themselves. If you’re in the print media, it’s like misspellings and absolute inaccuracies and so on and so forth. If people wanted to buy just flat, erroneous reporting, we could start a website and have a hell of a time. We’d make all kinds of money with all the errors that are made, just commonly. To be quite frank, generally I don’t tend to read during the season. I don’t really read newspapers maybe as often as I should. With TSN, I watch it for reasons that I think can assist us — I’ll just leave it that way — not from what the broadcasters are saying, but from other sound bites that are coming, and sometimes in interviews that are being done of potential opponents. I have to suffer through what I find is said. Again, they’re all scrutinizers. There’s one exception — a glaring exception for one that has coached, and he was an abject failure as a coach. When they scrutinize, in some cases just absolutely erroneously, it’s funny. In the past, I’ve probably made the mistake of pointing out errors to them. Sometimes I think our players pay for it in the future. I probably will elect not to say that again.’

Is that Matt Dunigan you’re referring to (when you mention the coach)?
“In the national media, there’s no competition in Canada. TSN does it, period. There used to be CBC, not that they were any better. Here, there’s no competition. In the NFL, I don’t know of a coach who is on there as a coach . . . I think every one of them has been involved in at least one Super Bowl. Mike Ditka was involved in one Super Bowl as a head coach, and I think he was involved in multiple Super Bowls as an assistant coach.’’

Then there’s Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson and Tony Dungy.
“There’s multiple Super Bowls that they’ve been involved with, either as head coaches or assistant coaches. It’s really easy to scrutinize. We got some Rider alums who do the same thing, I’ve been told. I really haven’t heard them, but I’ve been told they do the same thing. Again, they’ve never coached where it counts. They might consider coaching their son in youth football. That doesn’t count. It’s when you can get fired for results that it starts to count. Then you maybe should really evaluate your scrutiny.’’

Some of the people who have said things about the defence lately include Glen Suitor. He hasn’t been taking a machine gun to you, but there are things he has pointed out. Scott Schultz went on the radio the other day and was quite critical. These guys did play the game.

“Never coached.’’

(Schultz) did play in your system. How much credibility do they have in critiquing the defence?

Scott Schultz played for . . . I forget at what game number he retired, so he really hasn’t been in the system prior. He came to the team the year after I was here in 2000, so he really didn’t play in the system the whole year . . . Again, there are people who have opinions. There’s a difference between coaching and . . . (To) all the people who have opinions, I say, ‘If you walk in front a team, it’s your team, it’s your unit. The people may be respectful, but inside they’re all laughing because they don’t know what they’re talking about.’ There’s a difference when you walk in front of 30 men and you have to give them a plan and you have to detail that plan and you have to adjust that plan as you move forward. There’s a big difference between that and being behind a microphone or behind a pen and throwing opinions out there.’’

I'm guessing Schultzie will be chomping at the bit to be with Rod on the Sportscage Friday---and yes football fans, you won't have to deal with me hosting Friday as Rod won't be leaving Vancouver until Saturday morning. I'm guessing he'll have some sort of retort to this and I'm guessing Suitor will too. Both men have their opinions and they have stated them publicly and are willing to stand by their comments. Etcheverry has done the same thing. Game On!!

That baseball is about to be crushed by Jose Uribe and Game 1 of the World Series is about to go to the San Francisco Giants. I said the Giants had to get at least 4 runs a game if they hoped to win the Fall Classic and the team that struggles to get runs got that and a lot more. They hammered Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers to take Game 1 11-7 in a game that not many thought would have that many runs considering Lee and Tim Lincecum were the pitchers.

Did you see Tony Bennett sing "God Bless America". The man can still belt it out in his late 80's.

I would have loved to have seen Bleeding Gums Murphy sing the "Star Spangled Banner" seeing the World Series is on FOX and they love to cross-promote. A Twitter follower of mine informed me BGM died years ago to which I replied if the Flyers can put Kate Smith on the big board to sing "God Bless America" than FOX could get BGM on the big screen. Alas, it will be another unfulfilled dream.

I still think AT and T park is the prettiest park out there. Should I put that place on my bucket list?


Barry Bonds says he wants to come back to baseball as a hitting coach. If Mark McGwire can do it, Bonds can too. However, he's gotta come clean.


I didn't think it was possible, but Chris Bosh may have supplanted Vince Carter as the biggest douchebag to ever wear a Toronto Raptors uniform. Bosh made it no secret that he was OK with the fact he was leaving Toronto. Yesterday, he said one of the reasons he did that was because he didn't get enough TV time in the US. OOOOOOOOOOOK! Hey Chris, judging from your performance opening night, you should be glad that act isn't on TV all the time and one other thing---you were the number one guy in Toronto, but you aren't in Miami. You are just a tag-along and soon everyone will see that.


Now that John Farrell has become the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, there is talk that the former Boston pitching coach and former Red Sox Manny Ramirez might be re-united. I can't see that being a good thing for the Jays.


Had enough of winter yet? Nothing like easing us in is there. YIKES!


Graham James has been arrested. This is a great thing! Can David Frost be next? Those two should be placed in the same cell with one another as far as I'm concerned. In fact, they can rent a condo in hell together.


TSN's decision to split up "Around The Horn" and "Pardon The Interruption" was just dumb. Why is "Around The Horn" on TSN2. I would rather put Rome's show there. I know there are a lot of Jim Rome fans out there. I can only take him in limited doses.

WARNING: Being too open minded can lead to brains falling out

New DT In Town

The Saskatchewan Roughrider announced today they have signed import defensive tackle Rodrique Wright to the practice roster. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Wright (6’5 – 300 lbs) was recently released by the New York Jets after signing as a free agent in March, 2010. The Texas product was originally drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the seventh round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He missed his rookie season with a shoulder injury, but went on to play 13 games with the Dolphins in 2007 where he had 38 defensive tackles and 1.5 quarterback sacks. He was released by the team in late 2009. The 26-year-old played four seasons at Texas and had 227 defensive tackles, 42 tackles for a loss and 17.5 quarterback sacks.
As for what happened at Rider practice today, this is what the Leader-Post's Craig Slater is reporting on "Rider Rumblings"
* The snow and gusting wind forced the Riders to practise indoors at the Credit Union Event Plex, much to the delight of the players, coaches and media. The team is planning to return outdoors to Mosaic Stadium for Thursday’s practice.
* Slotback Weston Dressler participated in practice and said his groin was feeling a lot better than it was last week. He was running routes at full speed and anticipates playing in Sunday’s game against the B.C. Lions.
* Cornerback Omarr Morgan missed practice due to a family issue. He is expected back this week.
* Defensive end Brent Hawkins wasn’t operating at full speed during Wednesday’s workout and is considered to be day-to-day.

I'll Never Get Used To This

They say the three R's in education are writing, reading and "r"ithmetic. In Saskatchewan today, people are doing the three "S"'s of winter. Shovelling, scraping and swearing. I'm sorry, but we shouldn't be doing this until at least after Hallowe'en if not Remembrance Day. Who's kidding who, after the summer we had, we don't deserve this until New Years Day. Its days like this that I'm glad I work out of home, but I did have to take Annika to school this morning and that was a chore. It took 20 minutes just to clean the car off and more importantly get inside the car. OK, 19 minutes because my seven year old had to help Daddy clear off the car. My street is a mess (surprise, surprise) and the other roads aren't that great either. It was so bad out there that thankfully there was a huge lineup of traffic on my school's street so parents were just stopping their car in the middle of the road and letting their kids out because they couldn't pull over for fear of A) losing their spot in line or B) getting stuck in the snow that was on the side of the road. It is ridiculous, but we do have to endure this from time to time and we should get used to it, but I'm not and I never will. At least I didn't have to get up at 330 AM to do morning radio. You have no idea how much I hated those days of getting up early knowing there was piles of snow on uncleared streets or it was 40 below or whatever. It makes me wonder why people like Willy Cole (who has done it for years), Bill Toffan, Michael Ball, CC and Lorie, etc. etc) want to keep doing it---especially in the winter.

The city of Regina is telling people to stay off the streets today. I can't see that request being made seeing it is a workday. It is days like this that I'm glad I work out of home. I can just pour another cup of coffee and look out the window saying I don't have to go out in this. However, I may have to meander the streets and go to Rider practice today. Thank goodness, they are indoors. Hopefully conditions have improved by the noon hour.

The question now is where the hell is my shovel. I had this opinion last night that I'm not shovelling the driveway because it will warm up, but it appears it may not be until next week. What happened to plus 12 on Hallowe'en. That's now been downgraded to plus 2. Its going to be a cold night for the kiddies and it could be a rough one too---especially if the Riders lose in BC. I can just see kids knocking on the door and being greeted by some grumpy Rider fan. I hope no one decides to go out dressed up as Jim Daley!!
What better way to sit back on a night where its crappy outside by watching Game 1 of the World Series from beautiful San Francisco. Tim Lincecum will face Cliff Lee in what will be an outstanding pitching matchup. I have heard some people say this will be a boring World Series because its Texas and San Francisco. I think that's a load of crap. I like seeing different teams get in or at least one different team getting in. A Phillies-Yankees rematch would have been a waste of time. We endured a season of baseball to get the same two teams in the final. No thanks! Dallas and San Fran are good TV markets so I don't think there will be a big drop in TV ratings. It would be nice though if FOX and MLB would start this game at 7 Eastern instead of 8 because it will be a late night for many on the East Coast and that never translates well. I guess you can't have it all.

When I look at this World Series, I see an intriguing matchup between two very good baseball teams that don't have the "big" superstar. Here's what you should watch for courtesy of the Sporting News....

The slow vs. the sleek. Giants manager Bruce Bochy calls his club a collection of "castoffs and misfits." While he means it affectionately, he has a point. Pat Burrell was dumped by Tampa Bay. Cody Ross was claimed off waivers, possibly to keep him from the rival Padres. Journeyman Aubrey Huff was San Francisco's big offseason acquisition. Juan Uribe resembles an aging linebacker -- and moves like one, too. In the other dugout, the Rangers have a lineup full of athletes who live up to the antlers on the back of those T-shirts. Josh Hamilton, Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler all have shown their ability to run like deer this postseason. The Rangers won Game 5 against the Rays with their baserunning, and a double steal in the first inning of Game 2 against the Yankees might have been the biggest play in the ALCS.

The bearded wonder. Only Brian Wilson knows for sure how much of his bizarre behavior is an act. We see the Mohawk haircut, the blackening beard, the wild shoes and the unusual postgame interviews. But if the Giants' closer really is a wild man, he is an effective wild man. Wilson has dominated not only this postseason (0.00 ERA in nine innings) but the past three regular seasons (a major league-best 127 saves). He is an old-school reliever, too, as Bochy rarely hesitates to call on him for saves of more than one inning. Considering how many tight games the Giants play, we should see plenty of Wilson in this series. That could mean trouble for the Rangers, who are a combined 0-for-19 with one walk against Wilson.

The home-field non-advantage. For the first time since 2001, the NL will have home-field advantage in the World Series. But Texas is 5-1 on the road this postseason. While AT&T Park could neutralize the Rangers' power -- they have at least one homer in every postseason game -- Texas can win with speed and defense. The Rangers used their DH, Vladimir Guerrero, in the outfield for 18 games this season to prepare him in case they reached the World Series. When the Series switches to Texas, the Giants can call on Pat Burrell to DH. Burrell struggled as the Rays' DH but is familiar with the role.

The Rangers have the better hitting, but the Giants have the better pitching. If Texas can find a way to get four runs or more, they will win this series because San Francisco struggles to score runs. Lincecum could throw a masterpiece tonight and lose 2-1. Because of that, I take Texas to win it all in 6.
What did England ever do to the NFL? The NFL's latest London game is a matchup between Denver and San Francisco. Bring John Elway, Karl Mecklenburg, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott back! I would not be excited over that game.
How about the Pats? I was thinking about checking that game out last night but stayed home because of the weather. By all accounts, they played very well in beating Saskatoon 5-2 for their 3rd straight "W". Have their fortunes charged?
Jordan Eberle gets his 3rd for the Oilers and while it was a nice goal, it looked rather routine compared to his first two. What was nice is that Ebs burned Calgary's Ian White on his marker last night and you may remember it was White that he beat on his spectacular first goal on opening night against the Flames. White grumbled after that Eberle was lucky on that play. Whaddaya sayin now Ian???
That's all I got. I gotta try and find the snow shovel. SIGGHHHHHH!!!! At least its not 40 below.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The SJHL This Week

The Humboldt Broncos are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they are getting better and better. The Broncos, who are the Canadian Junior “A” Hockey League’s number one ranked team for the third straight week continue to pile up the wins as they recorded three over the past week giving them a record of 12-1-0-1.
Look no further than the line of Justin Buzzeo, Jeremy Boyer and Nick Keller as to why this team is rolling. Buzzeo, a 20 year old forward from Windsor, Ontario, is tearing the league apart. Buzzeo had 14 points (3g, 11a) in the three victories giving him 32 points on the season which is nine better than his nearest competitor—Flin Flon’s Ryan Fox.
While Buzzeo had 14 points on the week, Boyer had 10 points while Keller had 9. Anyone who had questions at the start of the season about what Dean Brockman’s game plan was at the start of the season have been answered. The message has been sent that the Broncos would love nothing more to host the 2012 RBC going in as defending champs. Time will tell.
While the Broncos are doing their thing, the Melfort Mustangs are still in the Broncos rear-view mirror. Melfort won all three of its games this week and are within striking distance of Humboldt in the Bauer Conference as they are five points back. They are looking forward to a big home and home series with the Broncos that starts Friday in Humboldt. One reason for the fine play of the Mustangs is that of Adam Wihak. The 1991 born forward from Regina had four goals this week. Head Coach Darrell Mann says Wihak has been their most outstanding forward this season when you take everything into account.
While Mann is happy with the results of his team, he’s not happy with having to pay up a bet. Mann made a bet with Mustang radio voice Gino De Paoli. De Paoli is a big Calgary Stampeders fan, so the two made a friendly bet on the outcome of the CFL game between the two teams in Regina on September 17. With Calgary winning, it meant Mann had to take to the ice for practice this week wearing a Nik Lewis Stampeders jersey.
The Battleford Stars looked like they were starting to get their act together after a pair of wins this week, but they were brought back to earth with a thud on Saturday when they were embarrassed 11-1 in Humboldt. The Stars had a comeback this week that isn’t seen too often. Ken Pearson’s crew trailed the La Ronge Ice Wolves in La Ronge by a score of 5-2 with four minutes to play, but the team roared back with four goals in three minutes to win the game 6-5.

In the Sherwood Conference, the Yorkton Terriers lead the way with 19 points, but they are in the midst of a nine game road trip. The Terriers are 1-1 so far on that trip.
The Kindersley Klippers and Estevan Bruins are nipping at Yorkton’s heels. The Klippers hired an assistant coach this week as local product Rocky Zinger joins Larry Wintoneak on staff. Zinger had been most recently an assistant coach with the Alberta Junior League’s Okotoks Oilers. Wintoneak also had some moves to make this week as goalie Scott Hellyer informed the team he had lost his desire to play while Brett Penner asked for a trade. Hellyer was sent to Cowichan Valley of the BCHL for goalie Alexandre Peck. Peck had not arrived in time for games this weekend, so Patrick Johnson from the Saskatchewan Midget Triple A Saskatoon Contacts stepped in. The 1993 born goalie from Saskatoon got the start in Nipawin Saturday night and stopped 36 shots to record the victory.
Three SJHL’ers will be off to Penticton, BC for the World Junior “A “challenge. Yorkton’s Clarke Breitkreuz, Weyburn’s Drew George and Kindersley’s Sean Flanagan will all play for Canada West. The tournament starts November 8.
84 games have been played in the SJHL this season. 43 of them have been decided by one goal. That is over half and means that the chances of SJHL fans seeing an exciting, entertaining game is very high.

SHERWOOD PLAYER OF THE WEEK – Justin Buzzeo (Humboldt)
The 1991 born forward from Windsor, ON was unstoppable. He scored in overtime to give the Broncos a 5-4 win in Estevan while adding two assists. The next night he had two goals and four assists in an 8-2 over Weyburn and then had five assists in an 11-1 pounding of the Battlefords at the Elgar Peterson Arena Saturday.
The Hounds have the best defensive group in the SJHL. One of the leaders of the Hounds blueline is James Howden. The 1991 born defenceman from Edgeley, SK had a goal and four assists in three games as the Hounds went 2-1 over the past seven days to crawl out of the Sherwood Conference basement.
SHERWOOD GOALTENDER OF THE WEEK – Andrew Bodnarchuk (Humboldt)
The 1990 born goalie from Saskatoon was in goal for all three of Humboldt’s three victories this week. He stopped 63 of 68 shots and posted a goals against average of 2.42 this week.

1. HUMBOLDT BRONCOS – Can this really be argued right now?
2. MELFORT MUSTANGS – Darrell Mann believes his team can compete with the Broncos. We will find out when the two teams play a home and home this weekend.
3. KINDERSLEY KLIPPERS – The Klippers are already a good team, and they will get better when Andrew Dommett returns.
4. YORKTON TERRIERS – The Terriers are atop the Sherwood Conference right now. Will they be once their nine game road trip is over.
5. FLIN FLON BOMBERS – Ryan Fox is having a great season and will gain some more notoriety if the Bombers can make the Bauer Conference a three-way race.
6. LA RONGE ICE WOLVES – They were four minutes away from having a perfect 3-0 week, but their meltdown against the Battlefords prevented that from happening
7. ESTEVAN BRUINS - With a little puck luck, the Bruins would have had a better fate this past week after losing in overtime to Humboldt, losing in a shootout to Weyburn and dropping a one goal decision to Melville.
8. BATTLEFORDS STARS – The Battlefords may have been destroyed in Humboldt this past Saturday, but Ken Pearson’s moves finally appear to be paying off. The Stars won’t be in the bottom half of the rankings for long if their recent play continues.
9. NOTRE DAME HOUNDS – Kevin White’s team has had a problem scoring goals. They got six in La Ronge which was great. The problem was the team that makes the opposition work for goals most night gave up eight in the same game.
10. WEYBURN RED WINGS – Once the Wings settle their goaltending problems and find someone they can rely on, they will be a formidable foe. The question is when will they settle their goaltending problems.
11. MELVILLE MILLIONAIRES – The Millionaires are in a stretch where they play four of five at home including a pair against Flin Flon. Positive results are needed and things started well with a victory over Estevan
12. NIPAWIN HAWKS - The Hawks have lost four in a row all at home. OUCH!

Who To Choose

From Al Maki-Globe Sports

Let's knuckle down and be brutally honest: There hasn't been a clear-cut most outstanding player in the CFL this season - not one guy you'd give it up for without hearing an argument.

There are top players having really good years just as there have been some remarkable one-game performances. But a definitive, that's the man? From the start of the season till now? Pick one and you'll get an earful from someone else claiming his pick is the obvious choice. Try it.

Cory Boyd, the Toronto Argonauts' sensational running back, is the league leader with 1,291 yards. There's no doubt the Argonauts wouldn't be the same 8- 8 team without him, which makes him both outstanding and valuable and all-East, all-CFL, all ...

Arland Bruce, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' equally sensational pass catcher, is the league leader in receiving yards with 1,303. There's little doubt the Ticats wouldn't be the same 9-7 team without him, which makes him ...

Anthony Calvillo, the Montreal Alouettes' quarterback, is always in the pick mix. He may have missed two games with a bruised sternum but he has thrown for 4,427 yards, 29 touchdowns, just seven interceptions and holds the highest quarterback efficiency rating in the CFL.

It's the same I say-you say debate in the West, where you have to believe the MOP nominee comes from the 11-5 Calgary Stampeders. But which player? Slotback Nik Lewis thinks it should be quarterback Henry Burris. Burris likes Lewis because, "He's our leader."

Burris has thrown 34 touchdowns (also 20 interceptions). Lewis has 81 receptions for 1,151 yards, almost half of which have come after he's made the catch. He has nine touchdowns, too. Plus a thing for Twitter.

So who gets it? Right.

Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Darian Durant.

The most outstanding player award, like all the other individual player honours presented during Grey Cup week, is voted on by the Football Reporters of Canada (motto: "What was the final score again?"). But to help clarify things, we contacted a handful of CFL team officials and asked them to name the top player, East and West.

Naturally, this led to a spirited discussion, beginning with a GM who said his top choice in the West was, "Durant. I just like him, dynamically, better than Burris. Poised [but] he has been inconsistent."

Overall, the consensus was the 2010 MOP nominee from the West would be Burris.

Here are some reasons why, with names withheld so everyone could speak freely:

"So what if Burris has thrown all those interceptions [and fumbled six times]? Calgary is in first place with him," a general manager said.

"If it doesn't go to the quarterback then who has been more outstanding?" a coach asked. "Has there been a receiver with more than 2,000 yards or a running back with more than 1,700? No. And you know it's not going to a defensive player. The MOP award is like the Heisman Trophy? It goes to quarterbacks, then running backs, then receivers."

Burris has never won the MOP title. The last Stampeders to win individual awards were kicker Sandro DeAngelis (2006 outstanding special teams player) and Lewis (2004 outstanding rookie). The last Stampeders player to claim the top prize as outstanding player was Dave Dickenson 10 years ago.

"We get nominated," Lewis said. "We just don't win."

In the East, Boyd versus Bruce versus Calvillo had one coach remarking, "[Hamilton quarterback] Kevin Glenn has had a quietly good year. He's been real effective."

But from the start of the season until now, the overall nod went to Calvillo as the East's MOP because, as one GM noted, "He's too consistent, always in command. [Boyd and Bruce] are good but I like Calvillo."

The same GM also liked middle linebacker Juwan Simpson as Calgary's top player, which pretty much says it all about this season. Just when you think you're comfortable with how a team is performing, it makes a mess of itself.

Just when you think you know who the best player is, he falters - even a little - and another guy grabs your attention.

Burris and Calvillo are the experts' choices. The rest of us want to know, what was the final score again?

Monday, October 25, 2010

This Surely Must Be The End

I probably wouldn't be writing this if Percy Harvin had kept both feet in bounds. In fact, if he had done that, everyone would be talking about how Brett Favre led the Vikings to a win at Lambeau Field on a broken ankle.
Favre's chances at being a hero one last time at Lambeau came to an end Sunday night and I have to think that perhaps his career may be over as well.
I said that Favre had that look on his face when it was over. One that suggested he had played his last down on the field where he became an icon. Word is now that Favre has two fractures in his ankle. His consecutive starts streak looks like it will end at 291 games--315 if you include playoffs.
While Brett has flashes of brilliance as was indicated Sunday night, his body is sending him a message. He can't do it anymore on a consistent basis. The Vikings can't afford to have Brett be good one series and not the next. If he should play for some reason, why? He will be a sitting duck in the pocket and he will be hurting his team. He knows this. He has to. There's nothing more he can do. Even if Brett should come back this year, the Vikings need to win the Super Bowl and I don't see that happening.
With all the talk around Brett being negative right now because of his play and the situation involving Jennifer Sterger, it is time to get back on the tractor in Mississippi and wait for the call to Canton.
Speaking of Sterger, this story is getting ridiculous. At what point is someone going to come out and call this woman out for the little gold-digging whore that she is. Did Brett call her. Yeah, he probably did. Sterger's lawyers say they are trying to find who gave Favre her cell-phone number. Here's a start----ask Sterger. I'm guessing she got herself into a situation that escalated out of control. She is just as guilty as Favre and she knows it and that is why she is not talking to the NFL. She is probably afraid that her career at Versus and wherever might go down the toilet if she is seen to be a fraud. Right now, she is playing the victim, but as is the case in many of these cases, she is probably the one to blame. If some do some proper digging and not just take words, they will likely find the truth.
Still with Favre, FOX's Michael Strahan was on "The Dan Patrick Show" Monday morning to talk about a variety of things. Patrick asked Favre if the situation for him is worse on the field or off of it. Strahan's reply was "That's easy. Off the field. On the field, Brett can get battered around, but he is still loving what he is doing. Off the field, Brett has to go home to an angry woman and that isn't good at all. I can't disagree with that statement. How about you fellas?
Still with Dan Patrick, I just about drove my car off the road when former Colts coach and NBC football analyst Tony Dungy said the Seahawks were the best team in the NFC. What? Really! ESPN's Mark Schlereth then said it in the afternoon. You know I'm a huge Seahawks fan, but I don't think they are the best team in the NFC. All I know is they are proving a lot of people who thought they might be the worst team in the league wrong. I had them finishing 9-7 at the end of the year and winning the division. I stand by that. My best friend is off to Vegas this week. Do I give him $20 to put on the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Damn right I will.
If you listened to "The Sportscage" Friday, you heard me play props and pools with a contestant. The rules were we pick 7 games--a combo of both. Whoever gets more wins. If I do, I get nothing. If the contestant wins, he gets a prize pack from the WCLC. Imagine my surprise when I heard RP say today during the show that I selected all six games right. I had asked who would throw for more yards--Ray or Durant on Saturday but that became void when Ricky didn't start. I picked all six right. I should have bought a damn ticket with those selections---alas I didn't.
Tony Romo is done for the season after the Cowboys quarterback suffered a broken clavicle in the Giants Monday night win. Poor Jerry Jones. He has a 1.8 billion dollar stadium and a team that is now being led by Jon Kitna. Maybe Jerr-ah can take tickets on Super Bowl Sunday. I can't stand the guy and I just want to see someone smack that smug smile right off his mug with a pillowcase full of crap.
Sign him if you want, but I don't see Kerry Joseph playing a down for the Eskimos. They still have Jared Zabransky, they still have Jason Maas.
There's a lot of talk about what the Riders should do with the lineup over the next two weeks and whether or not regulars should be rested. What about the Stamps? Do you rest Burris, Reynolds, Lewis, Browner, etc. etc to make sure they are fine for the Western final. Is Montreal going to rest their top players down the stretch. The worst thing for the Riders is knowing they have a home playoff game sewn up. Montreal always struggles at this time of year when they know where they are going to finish and Calgary isn't lights out right now knowing they have finished first. Its not over yet.
A lot of cars had their tires slashed on Dewdney Avenue near the RCMP barracks on the weekend. Dewdney is a pretty well travelled area at all times of the day. No one saw what was going on? C'mon! Seeing it and making a quick call to police might have stopped a lot of this. Hell, if you got caught on your cellphone while driving, you could tell them face-to-face. You probably wouldn't get that ticket either.
The Raiders take on the Seahawks this Sunday. I may have to get hold of my good Raiders friend Brad. You might know that person as Premier Wall. I will know if its time for the SaskParty to start looking for a new leader or that the NDP is about to take power if I see the Premier come out for a scrum looking like Al Davis complete with the windsuit. He must be pretty happy after his team rolled up 59 on the weekend. I wonder if he got a hold of Vanstone. I would have.
As I write this, my driveway is wet. When I wake up, will it be white?
We are now less than two months until Christmas. Started shopping yet?
Part of me wants to buy Smackdown vs Raw 2011 that comes out today for the PS3. Another part of me says NO! What to do, what to do?
A picture speaks a thousand words, but with photo-shop, it tells a thousand lies.

3 SJHL'ers Crack Canada West Roster

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is proud to announce that three of its players will represent Canada West at the upcoming World Junior “A” challenge in Penticton, B.C.
Carrying the SJHL banner into the event will be Yorkton Terriers forward Clarke Breitkreuz( 1991- Springside, SK), Weyburn Red Wings forward Drew George (1991-Regina, SK) and Kindersley Klippers defenceman Sean Flanagan (1992-Kindersley, SK)
Breitkreuz is currently tied for his team lead in scoring as he has 21 pts (9g, 12a) in 16 games. Breitkreuz is no stranger to this tournament as he played in it last year registering one assist in 5 games.
George leads the Red Wings in scoring as he has 18 points (6g, 12a) in 13 games. This will be his first World Junior “A” challenge.
Flanagan is part of a talented defensive group in Kindersley. He has 9 points (1g, 8a) in 13 games.
Klippers coach Larry Wintoneak is on the Canada West coaching staff.
Canada West has appeared in the gold medal game at all four previous World Junior A Challenges, winning gold in Yorkton, Sask. in 2006, and Trail, B.C. in 2007, before settling for silver at the last two events, in Camrose, Alta. in 2008 and Summerside, P.E.I. in 2009.
The Canada West roster is comprised of players from the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL), Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL), Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL), Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) and Superior International Junior Hockey League (SIJHL).
The event will run November 8-14. For a complete look at the Canada West roster, please check out the following link…

Jays Have Their New Manager

The Toronto Blue Jays named John Farrell their new manager Monday, handing over a young team to a man with a strong and wide-ranging resume that lacks any previous managerial experience.

The 48-year-old's hiring brings to a close a thorough and exhaustive search that began in August with GM Alex Anthopoulos and his staff combing through all 30 organizations to examine prospective candidates.

They ended up settling on Farrell, the Red Sox's pitching coach since 2007 who was very well thought of in Boston and had been widely viewed as the heir apparent to manager Terry Francona.

“You spend any time around him, he can be good at whatever he wants,” Francona told the Boston Herald during the season. “Manager, GM, pitching coach, running a minor league system, you name it. He's just a special talent.”

The Blue Jays made the announcement in a release Monday and will introduce Farrell at an afternoon news conference.

Farrell replaces the retired Cito Gaston, who survived a clubhouse uprising at the end of the 2009 season but regrouped to help a youthful group overachieve in 2010.

Much of that was accomplished on the back on a young pitching staff led by Shaun Marcum, Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow and Brett Cecil.

Farrell is no doubt well positioned to help them continue their growth, and incorporate other top young arms like Kyle Drabek and Zach Stewart, but how he handles the rest of the team is less clear.

Farrell spent eight seasons pitching in the majors — he won 14 games for the Indians in 1988 — before retiring after the 1996 season. He took over as assistant coach/pitching and recruiting co-ordinator at Oklahoma State University, spending five years in the role.

In 2001 he joined the Cleveland Indians as director of player development, and spent 2002 working with Tony LaCava, now the Blue Jays assistant GM.

Farrell remained in that role — helping mould young talent and overseeing the team's Latin America programs, two points of emphasis for the Blue Jays — until joining the Red Sox.

Other teams have previously sought him out for managerial openings, but the Blue Jays got him.

“He will be an effective, excellent manager,” Red Sox owner John Henry wrote in an e-mail to the Boston Globe. “I expect him to manage in MLB for as long as he wants to. He's going to an excellent young team with a strong and smart hierarchy. The Blue Jays are going to be a force in the AL East for some time to come.”

(Canadian Press)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thunder Come Through

After the Rams and Riders both lost, the pressure was on the Thunder to make it a good weekend for at least one Regina team. They did! They beat the Calgary Colts 17-6 to advance to the PFC final against the Hilltops next weekend. That means Rams-Huskies on Saturday and Hilltops-Thunder on Sunday. I'm thinking a few people will be headed up the highway next weekend. Hopefully they stay for both. Saskatchewan football will be on display.
No magic for Brett Favre at Lambeau on Sunday. Just about though. He still shows some flashes, but there isn't much left in that body. I really think that was his last game appearance at Lambeau. If you saw the end of the game, I think he knew it too.
Is Paul Lapolice going to have to put a want ad in the paper to find a quarterback. Joey Elliott is his guy after both Steven Jyles and Alex Brink went down on Saturday, but no one else wants to play (Kerry Joseph, Cody Pickett). Can't blame them seeing it would be just for two weeks.
I am not going to give a cheezy Joey Elliott-Def Leppard joke even though it is there.
To those that don't like Jim Daley's special teams, did you see the disaster that was the Arizona Cardinals special teams against the Seahawks yesterday. WOW!!!! New Orleans' wasn't much better. How exactly do you let a punter run up the middle on you from deep in their own end and go for 66 yards!
The Seahawks are 4-2 and are tied for the 2nd best record in the NFC. Some out there suggested Seattle would win just two games this year. HA HA!!! That team barring disaster will win their division. Yes, I know its a bad division and no, I am not making Super Bowl reservations.
Why do I hate the Steelers? Just look at how their game ended in Miami. Yes, NFL officials have successfully found another way to screw a team playing Pittsburgh. (I told you that scar from Super Bowl 40 won't heal for a long time) You can't tell me that no official saw Miami had recovered the ball in the endzone thus taking away a Pittsburgh game winning field goal that followed. CFL fans complain about the officiating in this league, but even Andre Proulx would have gotten that one right. (He would have right? Right?)
Cleveland beat New Orleans? The Raiders put up 59 on Denver?
Seeing Jay Cutler throw interceptions makes me smile. Hey Jay, do you wish you wouldn't have been so petulant and stayed in Denver. Suck it up big boy!!
I wonder if CFL players laugh when they hear NFL'ers talk about an 18 game season and how detrimental that might be.
Are we going to see white stuff on the ground before Hallowe'en?
Wade Barrett did not win the WWE heavyweight belt from Randy Orton. That surprises me somewhat because I would think this whole stupid John Cena-Nexus storyline will come down to Barrett putting his belt on the line against Cena with his affilliation to Nexus somehow on the line. Of course Cena would win that match. I'm thinking now we might see that scenario play itself out at the Royal Rumble.
Pamela Anderson is going to be on the cover of Playboy for a 15th time. Is she still relevant? What is left to see that we haven't already?
I'm guessing the Pats wish they could play Swift Current all year seeing they have beaten them all three games this year.
Another good show for Graham DeLaet on the PGA Tour as he finished six shots back of the winner--Jonathan Byrd. How did Byrd win the Justin Timberlake Shriners Event? On the 4th hole of the playoff, he hit an ace. NICE! As for DeLaet, he takes home just over 58-grand.
Have a good Monday! Don't get too angry as you revisit the Rider game!


Is it safe to assume its pissing rain in the Texas panhandle!! This comes from KLST TV in San Angelo, Texas. I'm guessing they need a new graphics guy. I'm guessing weatherdude had no idea what he was doing because of a greenscreen. If he had, kudos to him for not busting a gut!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have said that I think the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be at and win the Grey Cup in 2010 after the way last season ended. My confidence has wavered a little after what was just another unexpected beatdown at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos. Just some thoughts...

--Special teams were again abysmal and this time it started right off the bat. The turning point, as has been the case in these bad losses, was a big team on special plays and Jason Armstead provided it. When he ran that touchdown back, it was game over. That being said, this team will not get rid of Jim Daley. Coaching changes will not be made this late in the season. I know many of you want him fired, but its just not going to happen and no matter how much you cry and bitch and moan it will not happen. Rest assured, a move will be made when the season is over.

--Has the defence forgotten how to tackle? You can say what you want about special teams and the run defence and the offensive woes or whatever. I think the biggest problem on this team is the endless whiffs and how guys can't make a tackle.

--Its time to go back to Page 1 in several areas of the game. Say what you will about these final two games and then being meaningless as to where this team ends up, but right now they have to find themselves and find themselves quickly.

--While the chances of finishing first were still very slim, B.C opened the door a little bit Friday night and with a game against a Hamilton team that looked very good this week, there is no guarantee the Stampeders will beat the Ti-Cats next week. The Riders had a chance to put the pressure on and they didn't come through. Where is that hunger? Where is that killer instinct?

--Andy Fantuz simply needs to do a better job of getting open.

--Was Ryan Grice-Mullen sponsored by Mr. Lube!! And why is he catching punts inside the 10 yard line!

--Why was Darian Durant still in the football game in the 4th quarter. If he gets hurt, its game over.

--What team will Eric Tillman find to take Arkee Whitlock off their hands for a couple of Canadians because Daniel Porter looks to be the guy.

--If given the opportunity, Jared Zabransky will be a good quarterback in this league.

Can this team right the ship? Yes! Do they have to take a look in the mirror and take a serious reality check? Yes! Wes Cates told Carm Carteri after the game that he hopes the fans don't give up on them. That might be a request that won't be answered by some, but the season isn't over yet despite what many of you feel.
The season is over for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They were eliminated after Toronto beat them. During this game, I got a Tweet from a gentleman named Wayne Reeve. He had noticed that Bombers quarterback Alex Brink was wearing a pink wristband and wondered why the CFL wasn't sending him off the field like they said they would do with Chunky Adams last week. Good question? I tweeted something myself. Just after the 3rd quarter started, I got a tweet from the CFL saying the league had told Brink to take off what was a Livestrong bracelet. Did Wayne's tweet that I re-tweeted spark this or did someone in Winnipeg notice it. I would hope it would be the latter. Bottom line is Brink was told no pink. Again, I think that rule is dumb and its even dumber when I see both the Rams and Dinos wearing pink at their CIS game Friday night, but whatever.
While on the CFL's case, they announced the halftime show. Bachman Turner Overdrive? Really!!! If that doesn't say, go to the nearest convenience store or beer store for supplies on GC Sunday I don't know what does. That would have worked for the 1980 or 1990 GC, but this is 2010. There are many good Canadian acts there that you can use. I don't understand this one. CKRM"s (The Wolf's) Michael Ball's reaction to this announcement was "I'd rather see Ken Miller breakdance". This could be one of the lines of the year!
Kudos to TSN for not bringing in Ben Mulroney to do the interview with BTO instead leaving it to Jock Climie.
Do you think Eric Tillman is getting a good night's sleep?
I texted both Rod Pedersen and Scott Schultz saying Monday's Sportscage should just see Rod introduce Scott, hand him the mike, put his feet up and tell him when to stop for a commercial break. If the creator of "The Moose Jaw Stomp" was pissed off last week, I can only imagine what he'll say this week.
While I criticized Andy Fantuz earlier, I will stand up for him here. TSN's Chris Schultz said today that Jon Cornish should be named the league's top Canadian. ??????? This just reinforces that the Schultz I get my CFL info from will have a first name of Scott.

Other things on this Saturday,

--Jordan Eberle with another highlight goal. Did you catch him on After Hours after the game. This guy is going to be a huge star within the next 5 years.

--Cain Velasquez beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar. I (and I'm guessing many of you) didn't see that coming. Someone can stop the machine known as Lesnar. Who knew?

--You would think one of the well meaning neanderthals that go to the home of the self-proclaimed Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger would have purchased the Playboy with UFC Ring girl Arianny Celeste in it, but no! I'm guessing many of the neanderthals purchased said magazine on their way home though.

--The Humboldt Broncos are ripping through the SJHL like an opposition running back on the Rider defence. They slaughtered the Battlefords 11-1. 20 year old forward Justin Buzzeo had five points for the 12-1-0-1 Broncos and now has 32 points in 14 games which is nine points better than any other player in the league. I'm thinking they will still be the number one ranked team in Canada when the new numbers come out Monday.

--Who had San Francisco vs Texas in the World Series back on Opening Day. I think that might be a pretty good matchup.

--That 100 million plus investment for Ilya Kovalchuk is working isn't it. He was a healthy scratch last night. Good luck in trying to move him.

--Someone on ESPN Radio said the NBA will likely have labour unrest next season. Word that the NBA season could be affected by a labour situation has about as much clout in Canada as the hockey lockout has in the US. This could be what the NHL needs to get a firm foothold in American markets like it used to in the 80's.

--The Rams had a big game this weekend and they lost. The Riders had a game this weekend and they lost. The Thunder play a PFC semi-final this afternoon against Calgary. I'm hoping Regina does not achieve the "Triple Crown".

--Since he put a pathetic call out for followers, if you read this blog and you are on Twitter and you are not following him yet, go follow Rob Vanstone at

--Time to hit the pillow. Its a big Sunday of NFL. Like you did last night, its my chance to sit down and yell at Pete Carroll, Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks this afternoon as they take on Arizona.

Not Yet!!

I'm going to hopefully watch Brock Lesnar pound Cain Velasquez the way the Eskimos pounded the Riders tonight. There won't be a posting on the crap we just witnessed until later tonight---or tomorrow AM.

All I'll say right now is this. The Riders were like Susan Boyle in this game. Ugly as sin, homely as hell, and just not pretty too look at, but yet the fans still cheer for her.

One other thing. ARRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!!

This Makes The Double Down Seem Tame

May I introduce to you the Turtle Burger.

As I said, this will make the Double Down seem like a salad when it comes to caloric intake. I'm guessing some of you are drooling at this and others are simply nauseated.
For those that want the recipe....
Handmade ground beef patties, topped with sharp cheddar cheese, wrapped in a bacon weave, then the next step, add hot dogs as the heads, legs with slits for toes and tail. Next step. Place on an oven rack, covered loosely with foil and baked for 20-30 minutes at 400 degrees. Or you can do them on the Barbee too. A little crispy, not too crunchy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tough Night For Rams

There was a lot of excitement in Regina over Friday night's Canada West battle between the Rams and the University of Calgary. A Rams win would have left them at 6-1. It didn't happen. Calgary jumped out to a big lead and then hung on at the end as they beat the U of R 35-27. Regina quarterback Marc Mueller threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in the loss. I like Marc Mueller. He's a great kid. You know what type of football pedigree he has. He can play. Will he get a CFL shot--a realistic one? Sadly, I think the answer is no.

This is not a shot against the Rams, but I would have loved to see Mueller take his skills to a place like Montana or North Dakota or somewhere where he could have gotten schooled as an American quarterback. With the current climate, this is the only way that a Canadian will play quarterback on a consistent basis in the CFL. That's sad. There is talk that each team should be forced to have one Canadian QB on their roster. That is fine, but are their 8 CIS QB"s good enough to be a CFL'er and if there are, would any of those 8 actually serve as a backup. I doubt it. Not at this time.

CFL commissioner Marc Cohon always asks for the fans input in the off-season as to how the game can be made better. I would vote for teams being rewarded by having a Canadian QB on their roster.
Sounds like the Pats put forth their best game of the year in beating Cody Eakin, Justin Dowling and the Swift Current Broncos 2-0. I have had many people tell me the team hasn't played a full 60 minutes this year. They obviously did on this night.
What the h-e double hockeysticks happened in Hamilton? Both Michael Ball and Mike Abou-Mechrek told me on "The Sportscage" Friday that they think the Ti-Cats will be the Eastern rep at the Grey Cup. I'm still not sold on that prospect, but after that one-sided win you have to give it some thought.
Is it just me or do the Lions own the Stamps. Two wins this year in Calgary. I'm thinking the Stamps would rather play the Riders than B.C in the Western final. Oh wait, they haven't clinched first yet. (Yes, I know the chances are still very slim that the Riders finish first.
While on the Cage, Rod Pedersen let it be known that Weston Dressler will not play tomorrow in Edmonton because of his groin injury. This is a smart move in my opinion as you want and need Dressler healthy for the playoffs. The question I have is if Eddie Johnson gets hurt, who does the placekicking. Ken Miller indicated this week that Dressler would be his guy for converts and short field goals. Here's hoping Johnson doesn't get nicked up.
Looking at the latest cover of MAXIM magazine, Avril Lavigne has seemingly ditched her skater boy image.
Sad news out of Strasbourg where a 17 year old boy collapses and dies during a hockey practice. That news is just chilling no matter where it happens.
Why is it a certain media outlet in town decides to get rid of their morning talent, but yet still plays commercials with him hawking for a certain company? If the talent is gone, so should the ads. Thus don't capitalize on the name that you didn't feel worthy of keeping.
You might want to watch some golf this weekend. Graham DeLaet of Weyburn shot an 8 under 63 Friday to give him a 36 hole score of 132 at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Classic. (I could comment on the name but I won't). He is three shots off the lead. Weekend coverage will be on the Golf Channel. I think its safe to say DeLaet will keep his tour card for 2011.
The Yankees are done and we have learned again that money doesn't buy championships. Will the Yankees learn that. We'll see when they try and get Cliff Lee in free agency?
Are you ready for Lesnar-Velasquez tonight? Just a reminder that George Yannitsos and his gang at the Four Seasons will be ready for not only the Rider game, but UFC 121 right after. Should be a good night at the Four Seasons.

Whats Happening At The U of R

Home Events
Football – vs. Calgary, Friday (7:00 p.m.) at Mosaic Stadium

Away Events
Men’s Basketball – at Montana State-Northern, Thursday (7:00 p.m.) in Havre, Mont.
Men’s Basketball – at Great Falls, Friday (7:00 p.m.) in Great Falls, Mont.
Men’s Volleyball – at SAIT, Friday (7:00 p.m.) in Cochrane, Alta.
Women’s Volleyball – at West Coast Classic, Saturday to Sunday in Vancouver, B.C.
Men’s and Women’s Wrestling – at University of Calgary Open, Saturday in Calgary, Alta.
Women’s Soccer – at Victoria, Saturday (1:00 p.m. PDT) in Victoria, B.C.
Men’s Basketball – at Dickinson State, Saturday (3:00 p.m.) in Dickinson, N.D.
Men’s Volleyball – at Mount Royal, Saturday (6:00 p.m.) in Calgary, Alta.
Women’s Soccer – at Fraser Valley, Sunday (1:00 p.m.) in Abbotsford, B.C.

Rams Football (CIS Ranking: No. 3) – The Rams (5-1) moved up one spot in the FRC-CIS Top Ten poll this week after defeating Manitoba 41-19 on Saturday afternoon in Winnipeg. Adrian Charles continued his spectacular season, rushing for 222 yards and two touchdowns and being named the Canada West and CIS Offensive Player of the Week. The Rams play their final home game of the conference schedule on Friday against Calgary (4-2), and a win will guarantee a home playoff game for the first time since the 2007 season. Game time is 7 p.m. at Mosaic Stadium.

Women’s Soccer – The Cougars (3-5-2) registered a home split last weekend, losing 1-0 to Calgary on Saturday before recovering for their program-record third win of the season on Sunday against Lethbridge. Zoe Threlfall and Meagan Cormier both scored in the victory for the Cougars, who sit in seventh place in the Canada West standings with 11 points. Regina will finish off the conference schedule with four road games beginning this weekend at Victoria on Saturday and at Fraser Valley on Sunday.

Women’s Hockey (CIS Ranking: No. 9) – The Cougars (3-1-0) moved into the CIS Top Ten with a two-game sweep over Saskatchewan, defeating the Huskies 4-2 in Regina on Friday and scoring a 3-2 comeback win on Saturday in Saskatoon. Rianne Wight was again the catalyst for the Cougar offence, scoring twice in each game and adding an assist on Saturday, while fourth-year goaltender Lisa Urban turned aside a total of 68 shots over the two games. Regina will have a week off before returning to action on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 at UBC.

Men’s Hockey – The Cougars (3-3-0) split for the third consecutive weekend, edging Saskatchewan 2-1 in Saskatoon on Friday before suffering a 9-1 loss to the Huskies in the back end of the home-and-home on Saturday in Regina. Making his first start of his Canada West career, A.J. Whiffen turned aside 33 shots in Friday’s win. The team will have a week off before hosting UBC on Oct. 29 and 30 at The Co-Operators Centre.

Men’s Basketball – The Cougars split a non-conference series with the University of Toronto, losing 100-79 to the Varsity Blues in Estevan on Thursday and winning 90-83 on Friday night at the Centre for Kinesiology, Health & Sport. Paul Gareau sparked the Cougars in the win on Friday, as the third-year forward scored a game-high 25 points and went 12-for-14 from the field. The team will play three road games in three consecutive nights this weekend, as they’ll play Montana State-Northern on Thursday, Great Falls on Friday, and Dickinson State on Saturday.

Men’s Volleyball – The Cougars will have their final two matches this weekend before the Canada West schedule starts. They’ll square off with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology on Friday night in Cochrane, Alta. and play Mount Royal on Saturday night in Calgary. The U of R starts conference play on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 at Manitoba.

Women’s Volleyball – The Cougars are back in action this weekend at the West Coast Classic, a non-conference tournament hosted by UBC. The U of R will play Trinity Western and UBC Okanagan on Saturday and on Sunday against an opponent to be announced. The Manitoba Bisons will be the first test on the Canada West schedule for the Cougars, as they’ll travel to Winnipeg for a pair of matches on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6.

Wrestling – The Cougars have their first meet of the season this weekend, as both the men’s and the women’s teams will compete in the University of Calgary Open on Saturday. After this weekend, the team will host Lakehead University in duals on Oct. 29 in Weyburn and on Oct. 30 at the CKHS in Regina.

Cross Country (Men’s CIS Ranking: No. 7) – Kelly Wiebe and Iain Fyfe finished one-two to lead the men’s team to a first-place finish at the Minot State Invitational. Karissa LePage was the women’s team’s top finisher, placing fifth overall in the individual standings. The Cougars, who rose one spot to No. 7 in this week’s CIS Top Ten, will be back in action at the Stewart Cup in Calgary on Oct. 30.

Women’s Basketball – The Cougars had a 2-1 record at the Shoot for the Cure Garbonzo’s Invitational at the University of Manitoba over the weekend. They lost 83-71 to a senior women’s all-star team on Friday, but scored a 71-51 win over Manitoba on Saturday and edged Concordia 69-67 on Sunday thanks to Danielle Schmidt’s pair of free throws with just a second remaining on the game clock. The Cougars, who were 6-1 against CIS competition during the non-conference schedule, were picked to finish first in the Canada West preseason coaches’ poll and start their conference season on Oct. 29 and 30 at home against Brandon.

Rypien Learns His Fate

The NHL has suspended Canucks forward--and former Pat--Rick Rypien six games for the incident earlier this week in which he grabbed a fan after leaving the ice following a fight in Minneapolis. Let the debate begin! I thought he would get more, but considering the lack of security Rypien had around him, perhaps its right.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tillman Speaks

The L-P's Murray McCormick has done an outstanding Q and A session with former Riders and current Eskimos GM Eric Tillman as he prepares to face his old team for the first time. Take a read.

E-T says he hopes he doesn't get the same reception that Henry Burris gets at Mosaic. Will he? Will you be kind to Tillman if you see him or will you take a potshot at him?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Showing Why They're #1

The Humboldt Broncos will host the 2012 RBC Cup. Going into 2011, people wanted to know if Dean Brockman was going to sell off some assets so that he would the players he needed to take a good run at the title next year or if he would take a talented club this year and give it a shot at winning the 2011 event in Camrose. Its the latter!
The Weyburn Red Wings found out why the Broncos are the number one ranked team according to the Canadian Junior "A" Hockey League last night as the Broncos walked into Crescent Point Place and grabbed another two points with a convincing 8-2 win. The line of Nick Keller, Jeremy Boyer and Justin Buzzeo were unstoppable as Keller and Boyer had five points each while Justin Buzzeo had six. The win moves the Broncos to a record of 11-1-0-1.
The Pats deserved a better fate last night. I thought they outplayed the Lethbridge Hurricanes, but the Canes got the two points thanks to a 4-3 shootout win. Pats forward Thomas Frazee will have nightmares as he could have had about five only to be stymied by Canes keeper Brandon Anderson time after time.
I got home from the Brandt Centre in time to see the end of the ball game and it was a headscratcher. The Giants had the winning run at 3rd base with another runner at first and one out. Instead of intentionally walking Jose Uribe to load the bases and set up the double play, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel went against the textbook and had pitcher Roy Oswalt deal to Uribe. He hit a sac fly to drive in the winning run. Perhaps that made the decision to pitch to Uribe moot, but I don't know why Manuel wouldn't set it up for a possible twin killing to send the game to extras. Whatever the reason, the Phillies are in deep doo now as they need to win three in a row. It will be another Halladay-Lincecum pitching matchup so get ready for what should be a dandy.
Why do I think Adarius Bowman (cut in Winnipeg) ends up as an Eskimo.
Reason #234 as to why I have a great deal of respect for Ken Miller. Miller was asked by the media Tuesday (yes, I should have blogged this yesterday but forgot) about Luca Congi and Rob Bagg. You could tell it wasn't easy for him to say that both players were out for the season with knee injuries and he made it crystal clear to everyone that as good a player as those two are, they are better men. Miller knows what comes first in life. Football is secondary. Some of you need to remember that when the team loses.
Are the Alouettes going back to Olympic Stadium again for the East final. I haven't heard. Then again, they haven't officially clinched first in the East have they.
Who has the most 30 yards plus receptions in the CFL? The answer would be Terrence Edwards of the Bombers with 13. Those that want in on that great Grey Cup trip that "The Sportscage" is offering may want to take note of this when I host the show Friday. That could be the trivia question. Could be I say!
So October is breast cancer awareness month and November is being called "Movember" for prostate cancer with men being asked to grow mustaches. With this being the case, has the CFL sent out a memo yet forbidding players to have mustaches while playing a game or else. Just wondering!
The WWE was in Alberta Monday and Tuesday and they are headed to Winnipeg. There are WWE fans in Regina and Saskatoon too you know. GRRRRR!!!
Have you had a Double Down yet?
Some government worker hates this blog, but he keeps coming back. Why??? You know what??? I can live without your visits so get lost.
I gotta get this Peter Pocklington book that former Global Regina news anchor J-Lyn Nye helped author.
Did you realize yesterday was 2010 2010?
They say that love is more important than money, have you ever tried paying your bills with a hug??

Was This Publicized??

If it was I missed it. Check out this brawl that went into the stands during a junior football game between the St. Leonard Cougars (Danny Macioccia's old team) and the Hamilton Hurricanes.

This makes that Thunder-Hilltops rivalry seem sort of tame!!!!

Million Dollar Man Coming To Regina

Ted Dibiase (aka The Million Dollar Man) will be in Regina this weekend. He will be speaking at Harvest City Church, 2202 8th Avenue East (a block east of the Northgate Mall) on Sunday at 9 and 11.
A couple of years ago when I was at NewsTalk, Alec Docking told me about Dibiase being in Regina and with his help, I did an interview with him about wrestling and his life both in and out of the ring. I was only planning on doing a 10 minute interview, but it was so good that I basically taped the first hour that night. He was outstanding as he spoke on a variety of topics including how at the time he didn't want his son to get involved in the business. Those that watch WWE know that his son has gotten involved.
I'm sure the message Dibiase has will be a great one so if you want to check it out, go ahead.