Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Home Playoff Game--But What One?

What was a dismal day for the Rider Nation ends with a positive. Sandro De Angelis' chip shot field goal on the last play of the game gives the Stampeders a 28-26 win over B.C. That win means the Riders finish no worse than 2nd in the West. It also means that the winner of next Saturday's game at Mosaic between Saskatchewan and Calgary finishes first in the West and advances to the Western final. The loser will host either B.C or Edmonton in the Western semi-final. What a week it will be as we get ready for that tilt.

By the way, I hope each and everyone of you that cheered for Calgary last night had a good hot shower before you went to bed. I know you feel dirty cheering for Calgary, but its something you had to do. Its like when you went out with your friend and his hot girlfriend and she sets you up with someone who isn't so hot. You know what you have to do even though you may not want to, but after a few hours you feel OK knowing its something you don't have to do on a regular basis. Its OK. No one should think any lesser of you for what you did. Perhaps it just makes you cheer harder next week for your beloved green.
I don't really want to rehash what happened to the beloved green. Who was the guy wearing the white jersey with number 4 on it. Darian Durant was absolutely horrid and he wasn't alone. That game was just plain ugly. Lets move on!
After Cliff Lee shut down the Yankees in Game 1 of the World Series, I still thought the Yankees were the better team and so far I've been proven right. New York is just too strong for the Phillies who don't have the pitching that is needed on a consistent basis to beat these guys. The Yankee bats are alive and if that's the case, this series is over. Its must-win time tomorrow for the home side because they will not beat New York three straight times.
I saw this headline on Sportsnets site Saturday and I shuddered. The headline reading "Jays talking Wells trade with Cubs." This Cubs fan does not want the disappointing Vernon Wells patrolling center in Wrigley. Then again, maybe I do. The story goes on to say the teams are talking trade with Chicago sending meathead extraordinaire Milton Bradley to the Jays. Bradley is a complete pinhead with a terrible attitude. He is a powder keg waiting to explode. If this trade means Bradley is gone, I'm all for it. I'd like to see him end up with someone else than the Blue Jays, but if he has to, he has to.
You know I will never, ever cheer for the Leafs, but I had to laugh as the Montreal fans started serenading Toronto a little early. In fact while they sang at the Bell Centre, Toronto scored to cut the lead to one and then they tied it. It would have been funny to see Toronto win, but they lost in the shootout. By the way, those Montreal uniforms that they wore may have been the worst ones I have ever seen on an NHL team. Oh wait, I forgot about Boston's Winnie the Pooh outfits that they had a few years ago. Who's kidding who, the Habs looked like a bunch of convicts out there. Ditch those things!
P-J Stock! Is he really needed on Hockey Night in Canada? What role does he play in the broadcast?
How will Brett Favre be treated today when he steps onto the Lambeau Field turf as a member of the Vikings? You know I'm sick of the act that is Brett Favre, but after everything he did as a member of the Packers for that team, I would hope the fans of Green Bay give him an ovation when he takes to the field, but after that they boo the h-e double hockeysticks out of him much like they would any other quarterback.

How bad will the Lions-Rams game be?

Can Jon Ryan hit that mammoth scoreboard in Dallas with a punt today? Will I have a greater respect for the Regina product if during the pre-game warmup he spots the smug Jerry Jones walking down the sideline and shanks a punt with it bouncing between the eyes of said Jones. I would LOVE that!
Hallowe'en night at the Civic Center in Moose Jaw. Could you really tell from a normal crowd there? Its a joke!!!!!
How many kids did you get at your place last night? I had just over 20. What does this mean? Lots of leftover Peanut Butter Cups and licorice. And you know my six year old will never ever get through the haul she collected. Mom and I will do our best to help her. BURRRRRPPPPP!!!! When you go through your kids candy, do you look at some of the things he or she has and go who would give that out. We do! A friend of mine in Saskatoon informs me his daughters got some mints---mints that had Tony Romas and Dakota Dunes on the package. I ask you, what slug goes to a restaurant and grabs a handful of mints and then puts them in Hallowe'en sacks. Obviously, some clown in Saskatoon. Good god!
Enjoy your Sunday! Go Seahawks!


The following is a rundown of positives from the Riders after today's game against the Ti-Cats.

Thank you for checking in.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Forgive My Lack of Excitement

The Chicago Cubs trotted their new owner out to the pitching mound at Wrigley Field on Friday. What did he have to say? Take a read.
Promising a World Series title. I've only been hearing that for how long?
The Edmonton Eskimos look to have made the playoffs. What is left to be decided now is whether the playoff road runs through East or West. As expected, Edmonton obliterated Toronto 36-10. It means they are in if either Winnipeg or Hamilton should lose this weekend. The Eskimos are 8-9 while the Ti-Cats and Bombers are both 7-9 with the final game of the season between those two teams. If Winnipeg and Hamilton should lose this weekend, it would mean the winner of the last game of the year between those two teams would get in with the loser not getting in as Edmonton would advance via the crossover. Edmonton can still make the West playoffs if they win next weekend against the Lions and B.C loses tomorrow to Calgary. Have you ever seen such an entertaining CFL season? I haven't. No one knows where anyone will finish----except for Toronto and Montreal. Speaking of the Argos, that team is just pathetic. The sad thing is I don't know if they can turn it around next year or the year after. That squad needs to basically start from scratch. They almost remind me of the Riders when Roy Shivers and Danny Barrett came to town.
A lot of people around these parts are automatically giving the Riders the two points tomorrow. Yes, Saskatchewan is the better football team on paper, but we all know you don't play on paper. The game has a sense of urgency for both as the Riders look to clinch a home playoff game while the Ti-Cats hope to inch closer to finishing 2nd in the East. As mentioned Hamilton can finish as high as 2nd or be out altogether. I think they are the more desperate team. They will give the Riders a battle tomorrow in what the Leader-Post's Murray McCormick says will be rainy, windy conditions. Perhaps that means a solid dose of Wes Cates as he tries to get to the 1-thousand yard mark. With it being a noon start, I'm guessing the streets will be pretty quiet this afternoon.
I have said it once, I'll say it again. There is no better pizza in Regina than a Tumblers pizza. It may be a little more expensive than some of the other places, but its worth it.
The girl that hosts CMT in the afternoon is a definite first round pick if the current Mrs. Mitch can no longer be a part of the franchise. WOW! This being said, there are no plans to restructure the organization. I'm just sayin'.
How many kids are you expecting at your door tonite? Are you one of those people that dress up yourself at the door when handing out candy or are you one of those people that barricade yourself in the basement all night and don't answer the door? I did that one year---many, many years ago. Perhaps being hungover was one of the reasons and I just didn't want to get up so I went to my room, turned on the TV and ignored every knock on the door. If you are one of those people who put on a costume, what's the best one you've ever had. The best one for me was many years ago when I lived in Peace River, Alberta. My roommate and I went as "The Undertaker" and Paul Bearer. I think you know what one of that twosome I was. I also went out one year with an axe through a box of Corn Flakes. Yes, I was a "cereal" killer.
Cito Gaston is back as manager of the Jays. Considering the controversy that swirled around him with the players last season, I don't know if this is a good move or not. A friend of mine in Grand Forks, North Dakota is likely shaking his head saying this is a terrible move. You might be right Jay!
Dustin Penner is 4th in NHL scoring? What round did Penner go in in your hockey pool this year. Did he even get taken?
The Pats lose 4-1 in Prince Albert. The Rams lose 42-17 to the Huskies and are out of the playoffs. Lets hope this trend of Regina teams losing doesn't continue today.

I'm Going To Pass On This

Is this truly necessary? What bottomfeeders will actually take advantage of this. Actually, sadly I think I know someone who will.

Week 18 CFL Picks

A 3-1 week last week leaves me at 40-24 going into the penultimate week of the season. Here's the thought process going into Week 18


Oh goody! What a barn-burner this should be. The only highlight of this one as far as I'm concerned is what I'm sure will be an emotional night for long-time Eskimos broadcaster Bryan Hall as he delivers play-by-play from the booth for the last time at home and gets the press box at Commonwealth named after him. Jamie Nye worked with Hallsy at 630 CHED before he came here and he has a very nice tribute to him on the CJME website. The Eskimos will win this one not because of their play, but because to me it looks like the Argos are just putting in the time. This team needs a drastic overhaul from top to bottom and then some. By the way, it would be nice if we saw Ricky Ray throw some deep passes tonight. The guy can throw the deep ball, but he's been rather reluctant to do that lately. Is he hurt? Could this be his last home game in Edmonton as well?


The Riders are fighting for first in the west, the Ti-Cats are battling for second in the East. This is not a nothing game as some have suggested. The Riders certainly won't take their fans on a roller-coaster ride that ends in overtime for a 3rd straight week will they? The offence is clicking and the defence is playing well when it needs to. After a great start, the Ti-Cats have really fizzled out. That being said, Kevin Glenn is capable of putting up some big numbers as he did against Montreal a couple of weeks ago. Look for the Riders to win this one, but it will be close and it will be a high scoring affair. Let's say 40-32 just for the heck of it.


I'm guessing the Rider Nation will be tuning this game in amongst the Hallowe'en revelry. This should be a pretty good football game. If Casey Printers outplays Henry Burris, the Lions will win this game. With the exception of that last play brainfart, Printers played very well last weekend in Regina and arguably out-performed Darian Durant, Burris has been hot and cold, but he seems to have gotten his game back together in the last two weeks. On a feeling, I say B.C wins this game and if they do, they could conceivably host the Western semi against the Stamps.


Is Calvillo playing this week? Fans of the Alouettes are seeing their worst fears confirmed and that is Montreal clinched first way too early and now bad habits are setting in---especially on defence. Marc Trestman can't be happy with what he has seen. This is a big game for Montreal at home as they can send Winnipeg a message if the two teams should meet in the Eastern final. I will take Montreal.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Defending 33

I was out and about through the city today and just about everywhere I went, Chris Szarka’s name came up with many people asking me what I thought about the fact that the Rider fullback is now a Regina city councillor. Some agreed with me when I said I think its great and some disagreed saying the only reason he won is because he is a member of the football team. Really? Do you think people in Ward 10 put their X besides Szarka's name because he wears green and white? Suggesting that is an insult to the people who voted for Szarka. People who are smart enough to realize that what they did was not a popularity contest (although one could argue that any election is a popularity contest)Yes, Chris is a celebrity, and I think he will admit that status probably did garner him a few votes. However, his part-time day job is not the reason they elected him. They elected him because they felt he could do the job that in their minds, the incumbent Gerry Flegel wasn't doing. Those who feel Chris is going to be a disaster don’t know what they are talking about or are a member of the Flegel or Mike Cassano camp. I don’t know how they can base their argument on someone who has never done what he is about to embark on.

I do not live in Ward 10, but I know a few people that do. Everyone told me they were glad the incumbent Jerry Flegel was getting some competition because they were dis-satisfied with the performance he had given. Two people told me that they had concerns that he said he would get answers to, yet those concerns are still un-answered. It would seem to me if this is the case that Mr. Flegel wasn’t representing his ward very well and that there was some discourse. Chris lives in Ward 10 and perhaps felt that dissension. Knowing that he wants to give back to the community that has become his home, he wanted to initiate change so he decided to run. Those that I know who live in the area also tell me that Chris did the best job amongst the three and that 3rd place finisher Mike Cassano also did a great job with Flegel perhaps taking the attitude that I am the incumbent and could run on his laurels.

I know Chris off the football field as well as on it. I feel he will be a tremendous ambassador for Regina. He might make a mistake here or there, but don’t all rookies do that at some time? Those who are dooming him to failure before he has even attended a council meeting are not being fair. Those who are suggesting his only reason for winning is because of his other job are simply not giving him a chance. Let Chris do his thing. Lets see what ideas he can bring to the table and lets see if he can do for people in Ward 10 what Mr. Flegel must not have been doing.

Is everyone in Ward 5 that wanted Bill Gray to win bemoaning the fact that John Findura is now the new councillor for that area today? If they are, I’m not hearing it. Like Flegel in Ward 10, people in Ward 5 decided to make a change for one reason or another. There is change in just about every election much like there is change in a team’s roster from year to year. Having the same people or the same roster all the time creates stagnation.

I also wonder if some of those who are upset in Ward 10 today even voted. Many people decided not to vote for one reason or another. Are these the people now raising their voice. If you didn’t vote, then shut the hell up. You had your chance and you decided not to capitalize on it.

Bottom line, I think Chris Szarka will be a good councillor for the people of Ward 10. He didn’t do this as a publicity stunt, and you know he didn’t get into this to embarrass himself. He did this because he feels he can make life better for those in his area. He will be fine. If he isn’t, he will find out in three years time when the next civic election comes around. Anyone who is going to put Szarka under the microscope must put Findura under the microscope as well as they are coming into this challenge together. Just because one has a higher profile than the other means absolutely nothing now.
Just some other thoughts. The book on the history of the Regina Pats released today is a book I have not seen, but is one I will be getting. If Darrell Davis' name is attached to it, you know it has to be a good read. I'm sure Darrell and Scoreboard Ron Johnston have given Regina hockey fans a great capsule on the history of the Pats. I look forward to thumbing through that one. I get the feeling the first few months of 2010 will be spent doing a lot of reading. There are a lot of books that I want to read and this one just adds to what already is a long list.

With the Moose Jaw Warriors celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, someone should do a book on the first 25 years. It too would be a great read.
Honest to god I saw this bumper sticker on a minivan in front of me Thursday afternoon. It read "I'm a Hockey Mom and I'm Easy!". Nice! No, I didn't get a look at what was behind the wheel. I might not have wanted to.
Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols says he wants to stay in St. Louis forever. Albert, have you forgotten who your hitting coach is this year? If you start pumping them out of the park, people may be asking you what else Mark McGwire is teaching you.
Umpires in these baseball playoffs continue to make a good argument for instant replay. Umps ruling Ryan Howard caught a ball last night that turned into a double playwhen it was obvious he didn't. I think there is going to be a huge call for replay to be expanded in baseball this winter and the umpires are doing nothing but helping the cause of those that want it with their blatantly missed calls this post-season.
The best thing from last night's Game 2 of the World Series. An ad for 24 as a new season starts in January. YESSSS!!!!!! When will the world learn that you don't screw around with Jack Bauer! Best show on TV hands down in my mind!
I wonder how much business this strip joint is getting?

Is this a place you want to be in?
One other question I've had all week and I keep forgetting to put it on here. How the hell did Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez get that hot dog last week and how did he pay for it?

Have a good Friday!

Week 8 NFL Primer


SWEET 16: The Indianapolis Colts have won a franchise-record 15 consecutive regular-season games dating back to 2008. With a win against San Francisco in Week 8, the Colts can tie for the fourth-longest such streak in NFL history.

The longest regular-season winning streaks in NFL history:

New England Patriots
New England Patriots
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers

Indianapolis Colts
* Active

-- NFL --

4,000-YARD RECORD TO FALL?: In 1967, the New York Jets’ JOE NAMATH (4,007) became the first quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season. In 2007, seven passers reached the 4,000-yard mark, the most in any season.

That mark may fall in 2009. Through seven weeks, 10 quarterbacks are on pace for 4,000 yards.

The 10 quarterbacks who project to 4,000 yards in 2009:

Peyton Manning
Philip Rivers
San Diego
Matt Schaub
Ben Roethlisberger
Tom Brady
New England
Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay
Drew Brees
New Orleans
Joe Flacco
Kurt Warner
Tony Romo

MORE 4,000: Indianapolis Colts quarterback PEYTON MANNING has completed 3,995 passes in his 12-year NFL career. With five completions against the 49ers this week, Manning can become the fourth player in NFL history with 4,000 career completions.

Manning, who will play his 183rd career game this week, would be the fastest to 4,000 if he reaches the milestone against San Francisco.

The NFL quarterbacks with 4,000 career completions and the number of games it took them to reach the mark:

Dan Marino

Brett Favre

John Elway


Peyton Manning

* Active

MIRACLE MILES: Dallas wide receiver MILES AUSTIN followed up his breakout 250-yard receiving performance against Kansas City in Week 5 with another 171 yards in Week 7 in the Cowboys’ 37-21 win over Atlanta after the bye week.

With 421 receiving yards in his first two starts, Austin already has more yards than any other NFL player over his first three starts. He can extend his record against Seattle in Week 8.

Austin can also become the second player since 1970 with 100 or more receiving yards in each of his first three starts. He would join Atlanta Falcons wide receiver STACEY BAILEY (1983) as the only players to accomplish the feat.

The five players with the most receiving yards in their first three NFL starts (since 1970):

Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys
Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals
Marcus Robinson, Chicago Bears
Dave Stief, St. Louis Cardinals
Mike Quick, Philadelphia Eagles
* Through 2 starts

-- NFL --

LAMBEAU LEAP: Minnesota Vikings quarterback BRETT FAVRE will return to Lambeau Field this week for the first time as a visiting player. During his 16-year career in Green Bay, Favre won 89 games at Lambeau.

This Sunday, Favre can become the second quarterback to win 90 games at a stadium since 1970. Only JOHN ELWAY, who won 95 games at Mile High Stadium, has reached the 90-win mark at an NFL venue during that span.

The quarterbacks to win the most career games at one stadium (since 1970):

John Elway
Mile High Stadium
Brett Favre
Lambeau Field
Terry Bradshaw
Three Rivers Stadium
Dan Marino
Land Shark Stadium
Phil Simms
Giants Stadium
* Active

-- NFL --

GREATER 48: Jacksonville wide receiver TORRY HOLT had a season-high 101 receiving yards in the Jaguars’ 23-20 overtime win against St. Louis in Week 6, marking the 47th 100-yard game of his career.

Holt and Buffalo wide receiver TERRELL OWENS are now tied with Pro Football Hall of Famer MICHAEL IRVIN with 47 career 100-yard games, and each has the opportunity to move into sole possession of fifth place on the all-time list in Week 8.

Holt’s Jaguars will visit the Titans and Owens’ Bills will host the Texans this Sunday.

The most 100-yard receiving games in NFL history:

Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Marvin Harrison
Don Maynard
Michael Irvin
Torry Holt
Terrell Owens
* Active

Rider Update

The team practiced indoors again today as they get ready for Saturday's game in Hamilton.
--Belton Johnson was practicing with the team for the first time in a long time. He's been out since early in the season---perhaps even as early as Week 1--with a quad injury and a pectoral injury.
--Stevie Baggs wasn't practicing today as its thought the flu that is going around has gotten to him. Head coach Ken Miller believes he will be fine when the team leaves for Hamilton tomorrow. Luca Congi was back on the field after missing yesterday.
--Its thought the Riders will take some additional bodies with them to Hamilton just in case some guys get sick on the trip or on game-day.
--Chris Szarka had to answer several questions about being a councillor. I believe most of the questions were the same ones that were asked the night before.
--While you would expect Chris McKenzie to start at defensive half in place of the injured Eddie Davis, Tad Kornegay was out there today with Mike McCullough in at Kornegay's spot. Nothing against McKenzie, but I think the stronger defence would be to have Kornegay in the secondary and McCullough at linebacker.

Oh Walmart, Where Would We Be Without You?

The big-box retailer is a godsend is it not? You can get just about everything you need there and yes, after seeing this I mean everything.

So lemme get this straight dear, you want me to grab some milk, some bread, some dish detergent, I'll grab that shampoo and motor oil and maybe some chips and a casket for Grandpa. Check! Do you think they'd slap a happy face sticker on that thing for you?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Complete-Lee Dominating

So much for that Yankee sweep. Cliff Lee gave the Philadelphia Phillies everything they wanted and then some in the opener of the World Series. Lee was absolutely magnificent as he pitched eight innings of shutout ball while Chase Utley homered twice in a convincing 6-1 win. The Phillies making the score worse than what it was by hammering out some runs late in the game off the Yankees bullpen.
I didn't think Lee would have the success against the Yankees that he did. He didn't pitch well against New York when still a member of the Cleveland Indians, but he certainly pitched well enough to earn the win in Game 1.
Did you hear about the woman in Philly who was charged with offering sex for World Series tickets. Susan Finkelstein says she may have made some suggestive statements, but she was not going to sell her body for World Series tickets. The thing I love about this is a Philly radio station has come through for her and have given her two tickets for Game 3. Tickets for her and HER HUSBAND!!!!!! I wonder what he thinks about all this. Ahh what the hell, she got him tickets didn't she? (ITS A JOKE!!!)
I don't know if Gregg Zaun's major league career will continue next year, but if not, I hope he lands on Sportsnet doing Jays games with Jamie Campbell. I have really enjoyed his commentary on Sportsnet during the playoffs. What I like the most about what he is doing is he isn't pulling any punches. I'm sure he has angered a few players with his "honest" comments, but he isn't sugarcoating anything. Pat Tabler has done a good job with Campbell and with Rod Black when games are on TSN, but Zaun is refreshing. Here's hoping there is a spot in the booth for him when his diamond days are done.
Congratulations to Chris Szarka. The Rider fullback is now Councillor Szarka having successfully won the race to serve as alderman in Regina's Ward 10. Many people are now asking whether or not Szarka is in his final couple of months as a Roughrider as how will he able to juggle both politics and football. Knowing Chris, I'm sure he is ready to do a couple of things A) prove that he didn't win this race because he is a Rider by working his tail off over the next three years and B) take a good look if he can pursue both careers and if he can to do it at his best level without letting the other one slip. I think Chris is on the downside of what has been a good career, and I think even he would tell you that, but he still has one if not two good years in front of him if he decides to keep playing and I'm sure if that's the case, he will be able to combine both and be as good a politician as he is a football player. Hey, Pat Fiacco isn't going to be around forever so maybe in three years, it will be Mayor Szarka. Imagine that!! Congrats to Mayor Fiacco as well. His landslide victory doesn't come as a surprise. He has done a great job for Regina during his time in office and has made the city a much better place. He still has some challenges in front of him, but I'm confident he will be successful in many of those. Now lets just get my street cleaned this winter!!!
Rod Pedersen made a very accurate statement on his blog yesterday regarding Pats GM Brent Parker. Every one and their dog are quick to criticize Parker, but no one wants to stand up and praise him for basically stealing three players for nothing early this season---three players who look as if they can make a contribution to this team this year and for the next couple of seasons. The three are Killian Hutt, Hampus Gustaffson and Cody Carlson. Add those three to d-man Brandon Davidson who has had an impressive start, Myles Bell who has looked great early on and goalie Dawson Guhle who has showed he is capable of being a WHL goalie and you will see that Parker has assembled some talent for the future. Add these kids to players like Jordan Weal, Garrett Mitchell and Graham Hood and there are tools there for good teams in future years.
Everyone is quick to jump on Brent when this team fails, but no one wants to pat him on the back when he pulls off a couple of shrewd moves. I know Brent has rubbed some people the wrong way during his tenure here, but he wants a winner more than you will ever know. I don't know if he will be able to keep Jordan Eberle and Colten Teubert in a Pats uniform all season as both will get high value in a trade, but if he is forced to deal one or both, he will get what he thinks is the best deal possible. Whatever you do Brent, don't trade one or both of those two to Brandon. I would be nauseous if I saw Eberle wearing Brandon colours even if it meant him winning a Memorial Cup.
The Colorado Avalanche are the first team in the NHL to hit 10 wins. How? Have Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Patrick Roy returned? Many, many people had the Avalanche struggling to make the playoffs this year.
Toronto has a winning team. The Raptors won their opener beating Lebron, Shaq and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They're 1-0!!!!! Somewhere Brian Burke frowns!

Breaking Down The World Series

Are the Phillies going to repeat or do the Yankees win yet another championship. I think its the latter. As much as I hate to say it, the Bronx Bombers are just too strong and I can't see this series being a long one.

The Yankees have no weak spot in their lineup. The Phillies do. Philadelphia is pinning their hopes on Cliff Lee to get out to a good start, but Lee has been battered by the Yankee bats this season when he pitched for Cleveland.

Philadelphia may have a better defensive team all around---especially in the outfield, but that defence can't stop A-Rod, Jeter, Teixiera, etc. etc. etc. from putting the ball over the fence.

The Yankees could beat themselves, but I don't see it. This will be a short series. It ends in Philadelphia after either Game 4 or 5.

Do The Riders Have Another M-O-P On Their Hands?

I wrote a story for Riderville on Riders quarterback Darian Durant and whether or not he should be considered as the CFL's Most Outstanding Player this year. Darian has had a good season, but I don't think he's been good enough to be named the league's best. Take a read and comment if you wish.

Try This One Darian

The Riders have been very adept at two point conversions this year, but somehow I can't see them pulling this play out of the playbook. Check it out....

Am I Missing Something Here?

Oiler defenceman Ladislav Smid has the swine flu. Read on in this story from the Canadian Press.....

The Edmonton Oilers have confirmed that defenceman Ladislav Smid has swine flu.
The Oilers made the announcement Tuesday night after their 3-0 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. Smid played 19 minutes and 47 seconds against the Avalanche.
The Oilers believe he is the only player on the team to have caught the H1N1 virus.
The 23-year-old native of the Czech Republic has four assists in 12 games with Edmonton this season.
Earlier Tuesday, the Avalanche confirmed that backup goaltender Peter Budaj had been diagnosed with swine flu. Budaj didn't accompany the Avalanche for the start of their four-game road trip, though he hopes to rejoin the team before it returns home.

This story makes it sound as if Smid played last night even though the team knew he had H1N1. If that is indeed the case, how wrong is this? I am no medical genius, but I would think this is not the right thing to do when it comes to possibly infecting others. The Oilers really need to explain themselves if indeed they allowed Smid to play knowing what he had.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making A Mockery Of Himself

You can sit there and criticize Brett Favre all you want for retiring and then un-retiring year after year after year, but Brett has nothing on this guy.

Yes, believe it or not at the ripe old age of 56, Hulk Hogan is stepping back into the wrestling wars. He signed on with TNA Wrestling yesterday. Did Hulk's wife take everything in their divorce? Is he that desperate for cash?
Hogan is the man that made wrestling become main-stream. He is what I believe the only professional wrestler to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Will wrestling fans even believe Hogan's act now that he is 56. It certainly says something for trying to elevate the younger stars of the organization as well. The current TNA champ (by the way I don't watch this group the way I watch WWE) is someone named AJ Styles. Knowing Hogan and knowing wrestling, I'm sure Hogan will take the strap from this guy in the next six months. TNA hopes Hogan will draw ratings. I'll likely watch to see what type of condition he is in and what type of match he gives and then tune out. I don't think I'm alone in that statement.
Speaking of not utilizing your young talent, Vince MacMahon is also guilty of that. After finally putting the Randy Orton-John Cena rivalry to bed on Sunday, it was time for some young blood to step up and challenge Cena. It was time for someone like Ted DiBiase Junior, the Miz (I hate that guy) or Jack Swagger to take a run at Cena and the heavyweight championship but NO! Its announced that Cena will take on old standards Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple-threat match at the next pay-per-view for the belt. Both Triple H and Michaels have carried the company long enough. Its time for fresh blood. By not giving Cena some of this young blood to compete against, it shows that perhaps even though there are some talented youngsters out there, Vince isn't ready to hand the keys to them. Too bad!
Many of you are now likely saying I can't believe you have started off a blog posting with wrestling. Many are you saying its about time. Hey, you never know what you are going to get right.
Many of you commented about my post regarding the B.C Lions playing at Empire Stadium next year. Some of you said the Lions couldn't play at their old facility because it was no more. Others said they were going there. I did some research and this is what I came up with......

I find the comments about people getting spoiled by being back outside that they won't want to go back inside once the retractable roof at B.C Place is completed. It got me wondering what people will say five years after Regina's dome is constructed. Look no further than the Metrodome which is something the people of Minneapolis wanted saying they didn't want to deal with the elements anymore and that when its cold outside, they will be comfortable. Fast forward a few years later and those people are now saying baseball was made to be played outdoors and that being in the dome took something away. Is that what Saskatchewan football fans who want a dome will say 5-10 years after the facility opens whenever that occurs? If Regina is going to get a new facility, it will need a retractable roof. We don't want to sit indoors in the middle of July when its 30 degrees outside, but we won't mind it one bit in November when its minus 5 or minus 10 or worse and we are huddled up going into the building only to be comfortable for three hours when inside. It really is the only way.
How about Andre Agassi? The tennis legend admits he used crystal meth in 1997 and how he lied to the powers that be in tennis as to avoid a suspension by coming clean, but lying about how he came clean. All of the revelations come out in an auto-biography that is soon to be released.
Why is it a certain faction of Rider fans must remain negative? I heard three people Tuesday say the Riders will lose Saturday in Hamilton because they won't take the Ti-Cats seriously and they are concentrating too much on Calgary. This just in, the Riders don't want to face Calgary having lost the previous week much like the Stamps won't want to come into Regina having been beat by B.C. I also don't think the Tabbies will be pushovers because they are fighting tooth and nail with Winnipeg for second in the East. Both teams have a lot to play for Saturday. I really don't think the Riders will take a light approach to their Eastern rivals.
Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins tells Jay Leno that his team will win the World Series in 5 games. If you believe that Jimmy, go ahead and say it, but I'm not buying it. The Yankees are just too stacked and I say they may win it in 4.
Speaking of the World Series, USA Today is asking its readers for the best all-time World Series moment. From Bill Buckner to Don Larsen to Joe Carter to Carlton Fisk. My three all-time World Series moments

1) Jack Morris pitches 10 innings of shutout ball in Game 7 of 91 World Series to give Minnesota a 1-0 win over Atlanta. As I have said before, this is probably the best baseball game I have ever seen.

2)Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit homer in Game 1 of the 88 World Series when he hobbled to the plate because of bad knees and then struggled to make it around the bases.

3) That Saturday night in Georgia in October of 92 when Mike Timlin flipped the ball to Joe Carter giving the Blue Jays their first World Championship.

Of course, these will change the day the Cubs win the World Series-------if I am still alive.
The Colorado Avalanche are 9-1-2?? Who exactly is this Craig Anderson?
One other thing. It is election day in Saskatchewan as we vote for who our mayors, councillors, school board reps will be. I know civic elections leave many apathetic as they decide not to cast their "X". If you are one of these people, don't bitch if a snowplow doesn't come down your street, if your property taxes go up, etc. etc. etc. Today is a day in which you can have a say as to who you want representing you. Take advantage of that and get out to the polling station nearest you.

Bad News For Riders

It looks as if the Riders will have to play the remainder of the regular season without Eddie Davis. The veteran defensive back suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee in the win over the Lions on Saturday. Head coach Ken Miller says he is definitely out for this Saturday's game in Hamilton and he is likely out for what is expected to be a huge first place showdown at Mosaic Stadium November 7 against Calgary.

Tad Kornegay could move from linebacker to defensive half with Jerrell Freeman taking Kornegay's spot at linebacker or Chris McKenzie could move into Davis' spot.

Bagg Named Top Canadian

Saskatchewan Roughrider receiver Rob Bagg has been named the CFL’s Gibson’s Finest Canadian Player of the Week.

Bagg was the Riders’ top receiver in their 33-30 overtime win over the B.C. Lions on Saturday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium. The Queen’s product had eight catches for 124 yards and one touchdown.

So far this season, the second year Rider has 56 catches for 760 yards and four touchdowns.

Bagg joins teammates Jason Armstead, Mike McCullough Andy Fantuz, Luca Congi, Stevie Baggs, John Chick and Chris Getzlaf as Rider weekly award winners this season.

Lions Going Old School

I completely missed this when it was announced BC Place was getting a new retractable roof after the Vancouver Olympics are over. It means the Lions won't have their home stadium in 2010 meaning games will be played at the old Empire Stadium. I didn't think that place existed anymore. How many people does it sit? What type of shape is the field in? I'm thinking the game day experience at Empire Stadium will be a little less than what you might normally find it in Vancouver. Can't wait for that first rainy Saturday night game where it finishes 6-4.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Mac Is Back

The last time we saw Mark McGwire, he was driving his career off a cliff. His famous refusal to answer questions at a 2005 congressional hearing into steroids was all the admission we needed.
McGwire has been hermit-like since that appearance. He hasn't done any interviews, he hasn't been to any ball-games, he hasn't been in the public eye---until now.
McGwire is coming back to baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. He will be the team's hitting coach. (No Roger Clemens isn't going to be the pitching coach.)Like it or not, Big Mac still has some explaining to do. The questions still need answering and now that he is back, he can't hide.
Its time for McGwire to face the media. Its time for the true story to come out. He can continue to deny and say he isn't here to talk about the past, or he can come clean like Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte. It would be wise for Big Mac to choose the latter and come clean. If he doesn't, its going to be a long year for the Cardinals as Big Mac goes from town to town creating a circus like atmosphere.
Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes is going to sell his team to the NHL. Does this mean we could see NHL games in Saskatoon. One has to think the NHL will be calling the Ice-Edge group to see if they want the team. That group has said it wants to put a handful of games in Saskatoon. Maybe the Coyotes can wear special "green" jerseys when they play in the Bridge City. Oh wait, someone else took that idea!
I'm guessing Rich Preston will be getting some calls over the next few days. Its because the Ducks have sent defenceman Luca Sbisa back to the Lethbridge Hurricanes--the team that Preston is the coach and GM of. Sbisa is one of the top blueliners in the WHL and with Lethbridge being a team that is in a rebuilding mode, I can't see him sticking with the Hurricanes. Will Brandon call? Will Calgary call? Will Vancouver call? Would Regina call? Having Sbiza on the back-end with Teubert and Delahey would be nice, but what would you give up. Graham Hood? Alex Pym? I can't see the Pats doing anything to get Sbisa, but you never know. It would certainly have Regina looking very good behind the blue-line and it would have people talking.
I completely forgot to mention this over the weekend, but guess who was at the Rider game on Saturday night. None other than CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins. When I saw Tom, I thought of two things
1)I wonder what type of reception he got from fans as he walked up the ramps to get to the press box as I'm guessing someone had to recognize him
2)Why is he in Regina? Should he not be at the control center making calls back to whoever when a call is looked at or does he leave Jake Ireland to do that himself. Obviously he does.

Whatever it is, I give credit to Higgins for showing up in Regina one week after having his in-box deluged by angry Rider fans for the controversial John Chick penalty against Calgary.
The NBA season starts tonight which begs the question. When is the next time I will talk NBA on this blog? Sorry to those who read the blog at the U of R who are fans of the Cougar basketball team. Those that know me know I like the NBA, but I also realize there is not a great love for roundball in this province for whatever reason.
Brock Lesnar won't fight at UFC 106 because he is sick. The happiest person upon hearing this news is likely the man he was supposed to face--Shane Carwin. Its expected that bout will now happen in early January. There is now talk Lesnar has come down with H1N1, but that isn't confirmed. It means the main event at 106 will now be Tito Ortiz against Forrest Griffin. Yeah, no!
A baseball message board is now debating my Joe Buck-Tim McCarver Yankee bias post from a few days back asking if its true. One guy on that board says Buck would rather root for the Taliban than root for the Yankees. Was he watching the same games I was?
Gas has gone up again. I wonder how comfy the digs will be for the executives of the oil companies when they reside in Hell.
Why didn't the CBC break into live programming to inform us the Leafs had won. Oh wait, maybe it was because they were in Anaheim so Toronto fans can wake up this morning only to discover their team has won a hockey game. Start the parade plans now!
Now that John Cena isn't going to fight Randy Orton anymore, they are putting Orton in a program with Kofi Kingston? Oh goody! By the way, the co-hosts on RAW next week are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne!

Best Beer Ad You Will NEVER See!!!

Best and Worst Of The Weekend

As always I want to know from those who read this what your best and worst sporting moment of the weekend was. Feel free to answer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Consistency Is The Key

The Regina Pats beat the Swift Current Broncos 5-2 on Sunday night at the Dome. I had the pleasure of bringing that game into your living room if you watched it on Access as my good friend Kelly Remple and I brought you what I think is the first of five(maybe six) games on Channel 7 this year. The Pats dominated the Broncos right from the get-go and were far and away deserving of the two points they got. It just leaves me as to wondering why this team can't play like that night in, night out. Yes, I realize its junior hockey and you can't get the same out of young men in junior that you can in the pros, but if the Pats would see what it takes to win on a nightly basis, they could have a good team instead of one that I think will hang around the 500 mark all season long. It has to be very frustrating for Coach Curtis Hunt. If he ever gets the message out to the kids as to what type of effort is needed nightly, this team will be just fine thank you very much.
So let me get this straight. Tuomo Ruutu flattens Darcy Tucker the other night. Tucker has to be taken off the ice on a stretcher and the Carolina forward gets a three game suspension. One night later, Florida's David Booth is taken off the ice on a stretcher after a hit by Philly's Mike Richards and the NHL says it won't suspend Richards. ????? Where is the consistency boys and girls. If Ruutu is to be suspended, which he should, then how can the NHL disciplinarians not suspend Richards? Is it because he is one of the NHL's young stars. You betcha! Just like the Iginla hit on Souray earlier this year. Iginla doesn't get suspended because he is Iginla. If that was Rene Bourque that had slammed Souray face first into the boards, Bourque probably would have gotten a memo from the league office, but not Iggy. Same rule apparently applies here. Mike Richards gets nothing, but a guy like Scott Hartnell or Dan Carcillo likely would get a game or two if he were the culprit. Hypocrisy in the NHL??? Not at all!
The Yankees are going to the World Series after dispatching the Angels in six. As good a team as the Phillies are, I don't see them giving the Yankees much of a battle in the World Series. I will take the Yankees in four or five.
Just some thoughts on the NFL after this week's games
--the Giants aren't going anywhere. They have fallen to earth with a great big thud
--the Saints must just be the best team in the NFC
--Who is going to beat the Colts?
--Who will the Rams beat?
--Seeing Jay Cutler suck is enjoyable
--The Bengals are 5-1?
ESPN has fired Steve Phillips because of his "affair" with assistant Brooke Hundley. Yet it would appear as if Hundley--who has gone off the deep end--will not be sanctioned in any manner or at least hasn't been yet. There's today's society for you ladies and gentlemen. As I said earlier, Phillips isn't an angel here, but he's not the first guy to have an affair while married. As for Hundley, she has come off as some kind of psycho (rhymes with my name) and she appears to get off unharmed. Perhaps a promotion is in the works for her. It won't take long for Phillips to find work again. Look for him on FOX next year or the MLB network.
I can't see this happening, but if the Blue Jays want to make a splash in free agency, throw some money Jason Bay's way. The Canadian would be a huge asset for a Toronto team that does need an outfielder. They could DH Adam Lind or move him to right. Who's kidding who, it won't happen, but if it does, remember where you read it first!
Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese is in some hot water for making what some think is a racist comment on the weekend. During the Minnesota-Penn State football game on Saturday, ABC ran an ad for a NASCAR race and then showed the Nextel Cup standings. It prompted Griese to ask where driver Juan Pablo Montoya was and then surmised "He must be eating a taco." Griese later apologized for that comment, but some are wondering why saying we are a little too politically correct at times and that we need to relax. I can see both sides of the argument. The funny thing is Montoya is Colombian and not Mexican meaning shouldn't he be too busy importing cocaine into the country (ITS A JOKE!!!!!). It will be interesting to see if ABC/ESPN punishes Griese in any matter this week. If he had slurred Montoya in any fashion by calling him a name, then do what you want, but sometimes I do think we take things just a little too far.
The decision by Hockey Canada to have green jerseys honouring the Riders has made it way to US sports blog site "Deadspin". Take a look.
If you watch RAW later tonight, you will see John Cena. He won the one hour iron-man match with Randy Orton. This is supposed to be the end of the Cena-Orton feud. I see Orton getting into a program with Ted Dibiase Junior leaving me wonder who Cena's next foe will be. Triple H? Will Cena and Edge renew their hostilities. How about someone new. Just not Kofi Kingston!
Oh yeah, its time to start watching the new Melrose Place. Why is that you may ask???

That's it. Have a good Monday.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Saturday Shootout

It wasn't as dramatic as last weekend in Calgary, but it was more satisfying. Oh Casey, what were you thinking. You could have just thrown the ball away on first and 10 from the 8, but you had to be a hero and you ended up the goat.

Ken Miller said after the game he doesn't believe in destiny, but Rider fans are starting to wonder if destiny is firmly on the side of the green and white. One has to think so after watching what was another resilient performance by the Riders who beat the Lions 33-30 in overtime meaning they stay tied for first and that the game November 7 against Calgary will be the one that decides if this team hosts the Western final or semi-final.

Where do you start in this one. Once again, you have to look at Darian Durant. The Rider QB didn't have a stellar outing. In fact, I thought he looked kind of shaky, but when the Riders needed him to get points on the board, he did so. After a bad interception in the first half, he responded with a touchdown to Rob Bagg and after a nearly fatal interception that went back for a touchdown late in the game, he got everyone on the same page and threw a TD pass to Johnny Quinn. He was then maybe another step from ending this game in regulation as you have to think if he gets another yard on a 2nd down scramble that Luca Congi wins it on the last play instead of kissing one off the crossbar. Durant is making believers out of more and more people each week. I still don't think he is an MOP candidate like Glen Suitor suggests, but you never know. I was thinking Weston Dressler might be the Riders MOP this year and I still think that could be the case, but its hard to argue against Durant right now.

How about Rob Bagg. With all apologies to those in the Andy Fantuz fan club, Bagg might be the choice as the Riders top Canadian. He was huge again yesterday making eight catches for 124 yards and taking some punishment after some of those catches too. He is quickly establishing himself as one of the league's top Canadian players.

Sean Lucas may have been the quietest of the three linebackers last year as Anton McKenzie and Mo Lloyd took a lot of the ink, but Lucas is showing he might be the best out of that trio. I thought he was outstanding yesterday as he made some big plays. The play of McKenzie and Lloyd hasn't been the same this year, but Lucas might be better.

Chris McKenzie got thrown into duty due to the first quarter injury sustained by Eddie Davis. He had some rough moments out there dealing with guys like Simon and Jackson, but he held his own.

I don't know if you saw it at the end, but James Patrick gave the Geroy Simon Superman salute after he made his interception. LOVE THAT!

The biggest disappointment of the day might have been some of the fans that decided enough was enough and left the stadium after B.C made it 30-22. Have they learned nothing from what they have seen from this team this year. Those that stayed should be applauded----those that left should be criticized and criticized big-time. CMON!! Did last week's game not mean anything to you when it comes to how this football team plays. BRUTAL!!
I don't know who the CFL's MOP will be in 2009, but the Alouettes proved Anthony Calvillo is the most valuable player in the league. With the Montreal quarterback on the bench, Winnipeg routed the Alouettes to keep their late season surge going. The Alouettes are a different team when Calvillo doesn't play. By the way, is the Jovon Johnson 4th quarter punt return for a TD the play of the year in the CFL. He weaved back and forth across the field several times before breaking away for the score. Unreal.
I love this joke. What's the difference between the Maple Leafs and a triangle. The answer: A triangle has three points. Toronto is still looking for their first win of the year after losing in Vancouver. The Leafs are now 0-7-1...that's a new record of futility for them. I have no sympathy!

Have you seen these? The Canadian juniors are going to wear these green jerseys, which salute the Riders, at the World Juniors. They will be worn once in Regina and once in Saskatoon. Word is they will also be worn should Canada advance to the gold medal game. I'm thinking Hockey Canada realized many fans at the event would wear their Rider jersey to the World Juniors. They are capitalizing on the green by having a green jersey....a green jersey that is sure to get a lot of "green" in sales. I like the looks of them, but I still prefer the red and white and think that is what should be worn for the gold medal game. While we in Saskatchewan love the idea, I have to wonder what those in other provinces are thinking.
Lyoto Machida still has his light heavyweight belt---barely. Somehow he got the decision in the main event of UFC 104 even though he looked to have beaten by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Machida likely celebrated by drinking some of his own urine(he does do that you know) while Rua wonders what he had to do. He will get another shot at Machida very soon I would think.
I wonder how rowdy the Brooks and Dunn concert was at the Brandt Centre as many happy Rider fans made their way over. I thought Brooks and Dunn had split up. Did they get back together? I'm a Brooks guy, Dunn is a waste of time. (I'M JOKING!!!!) What one was it that got sick after eating the tainted apple betty on the King of the Hill episode?
Tough one for the Rams in Calgary as they get throttled by the Dinosaurs making a playoff appearance very unlikely. Tough one for the Pats as they lose in the last minute to Swift Current. The two teams meet again at the Dome tonight and I guess I better have the pipes working because its the first Access broadcast of the year. If my colour guy Kelly Remple has calmed down after seeing the Steelers beat the Vikings, we will have it for you at 6. What does it say about me when I'm actually rooting for Pittsburgh. WOW!


Nothing against Faith Hill (see post below), but I got to get rolling just to get out of the basement in this thing.

The sked
Packers @ Browns
Niners @ Texans
Chargers @ Chiefs
Colts @ Rams
Patriots @ Bucs
Vikings @ Steelers
Bills @ Panthers
jets @ Raiders
Bears @ Bengals
Falcons @ Cowboys
Saints @ Dolphins
Cardinals @ Giants
Eagles @ Redskins

The selections
Vanstone (67-23 overall 9-5 last week) GB, HOUS. SD, INDY, NE, PITTS, CARO, NYJ, CHI, DAL, NO, NYG, PHIL

Meyers(63-27, 9-5) GB, SF, SD, INDY, NE, MIN, BUFF, NYJ. CHI, DAL, NO, NYG, PHIL


Jones (61-29, 9-5) GB, SF, SD, INDY, NE, PITTS, CAROL, NYJ. CIN, ATL, NO, NYG, PHIL

Colhoun (61-29, 9-5) GB, HOUS, SD, INDY, NE. PITTS, CARO, NYJ. CIN. ATL. NO. NYG, PHIL

Blair (58-32, 8-6) GB, HOUS, SD, INDY, NE,. PITTS, CARO, NYJ, CHI, DAL, NO, NYG, PHIL

Friday, October 23, 2009

An Uncomfortable 15 Minutes

If you watched the Wendy's Kick for a Million contestant Friday night, tell me you didn't have to feel some kind of sympathy for Steven Olson. The 25 year old walked out on the Skydome turf thinking he could be Canada's next millionaire and he couldn't wait to walk off that turf and sink back into anonymity.
Nerves got into Olson big-time. You could see his Fruit of the Looms start to tighten when he was being interviewed by TSN's Sheri Forde late in the first half. It didn't get any better. Olson shanked his 20 yard attempt and the look on his face was one of pure panic after that. I think he thought he would win the 20 yard prize of a home entertainment system and maybe have a shot at a new car if successful from 30 yards out, but striking from 40 and from 50 would have been a longshot. That longshot became longer when he shanked the 20 yarder. He was rattled and it showed. If he could have left after that 20 yard kick, he would have.
On the surface, it would appear as if Olson embarassed himself on this night, but could you stand there in a stadium with 25-30 thousand people watching you and then mocking you when you missed the first one.
Olson gets his 15 minutes of fame, he gets a 30-thousand dollar cheque and he goes home with orders likely for this night to never be mentioned again.
Hamilton beat Toronto in CFL play on Friday night and that was no surprise while Calgary beat what was a lethargic looking Edmonton squad. What has happened to the Edmonton offence? Why did they change offensive co-ordinators because it appears to me as if they were better under Rick Worman then they are under Kevin Strasser. Ricky Ray isn't anywhere near his lethal self. He seems reluctant to throw the deep ball and just wants to throw 5-10 yard passes. You won't win in this league doing that on a constant basis. Is the last deep ball Ray threw the bomb to Maurice Mann that won them that game here a few weeks ago? Ray is taking a lot of heat for his performance this year, but he is only calling the plays given to him. Richie Hall has a long winter in front of him as he rebuilds this team.
With Calgary winning, it puts the pressure on the Riders to hold serve so that the two teams remain tied for 1st with some distance being put between themselves and the Lions. I can't wait for this one as I think its going to be another ring-a-ding-dong dandy between the two clubs. They have played many close games over the years and I would expect this one to be the same. A one-sided Riders win would certainly strike a message across the league and it could happen, but I can't see this game being a runaway for either team. It will be interesting to see what type of afternoon both Darian Durant and Wes Cates have. Durant has been lights out against the other CFL teams, but the Lions have gotten the better of him this year. B.C. has also had a tough time stopping the run----except for when playing Saskatchewan. If Durant and Cates are solid, Saskatchewan wins. If they aren't, there will be a lot of anger across Saskatchewan Saturday night.
The NFL goes to England this weekend with the Patriots and Tampa playing at Wembley Stadium. The league has played one game a year in England over the last few years and now NFL commish Roger Goodell says they are considering playing multiple games a year in England. Goodell is ruining a good thing. Fans of the NFL in Britain will pay for one game a year, but I don't think they will pay for 3-4 games---especially if a couple of them are dogs. Just leave things the way they are Mr. Goodell.
Speaking of the NFL, weekly picks have not gone up yet. The reason being I am waiting for two members of the posse to submit theirs and I may not get them until after the Rider game. However, I couldn't help but notice Faith Hill is making weekly NFL picks on the NBC website. I guess she gets some perks for singing the theme song for the NFL on NBC.(Damn, she looks good doing it too---I love the boots!!!)Anyhoo, Faith is 64-26 on the season. If we put Faith into our group, she would be sitting in 2nd just behind Vanstone. She's doing way better than me---I'm 58-32. SIGHHHHHH!!!! Maybe I need Martina McBride to make my picks.

BC Place To Get Retractable Roof

VANCOUVER -- BC Place stadium will finally get its retractable roof - at a cost of $458 million.
The B.C. government today announced a fixed-priced contract to replace the existing air-suspended dome on the 26-year-old stadium.
The fixed-price deal with PCL Constructors Canada Inc. will see work begin after the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, which will use the downtown Vancouver stadium as the venue for opening and closing ceremonies.
Construction is expected to be completed by the summer of 2011, in time to host the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup championship game.
The government says the final budget is based on a competitive bidding process and will create jobs.
BC Place's aging fabric roof ripped and collapsed under the weight of a heavy snow storm in 2007, reviving calls to replace the stadium or give it a retractable roof to make it attractive for a wider variety of events


So do I consider myself to be 2-1-1 last week because of the tie game or 2-2 because I took the Riders. I'll take the latter making me 37-23 going into this week's contests. Here's what I'm thinking.


The Ti-Cats are battling Winnipeg for 2nd in the East while the Argos are simply starting plans for 2010. The Argos are only playing for next year at this time and that's got to be tough for those who put on the helmet. You know you are just playing out the string and you wonder if trying to impress the coach is even worth it because you don't know if Bart Andrus is going to be there or not next year. If you are Kerry Joseph, you have to wonder if your days are numbered and if a strong finish means a shot with someone else next year--albeit as a backup. The Ti-Cats are Toronto's main rival and they would love nothing more than throw a monkeywrench in their plans. Hamilton comes off a tough loss to the Alouettes in which Kevin Glenn threw for over 500 yards. If he did that to Montreal, what could he do to Toronto. I take Glenn and the Ti-Cats.

BTW: I had someone e-mail me saying Kevin Glenn will get his Grey Cup against the Riders this year. Whaddaya think about that statement?


I won't dwell on what happened last week, but you have to know Calgary feels lucky to be tied for first with the Riders after what happened last Saturday. The Eskimos broke their losing streak with a win over Toronto last week, but something is still missing from this squad. If they are the crossover team or don't make the playoffs, I would think that's it for Danny Macioccia when it comes to his tenure with the Eskimos. I can't see Calgary losing this one, but battles between the two Alberta teams have been great this year. I'll go with the Stamps to keep the pressure on the Riders and the Lions.


A lot of this game depends on the availability of Anthony Calvillo. I don't care if he is 98 percent ready to go. If he isn't 100 percent, you sit him and let Adrian McPherson get some reps. The Als simply can't afford to lose Calvillo for the playoffs. You have already clinched first place so why not give him a week off. I don't think it will hurt you when the Eastern final rolls around. That would give the advantage to the Bombers, but how will Michael Bishop perform against a Montreal defence that is very good. This is a tough one, but I will take Montreal because of their defence in what will be a low-scoring contest


These two teams respect one another, but they don't like another. The Riders have come up with some big, close wins against the Lions in the past few years and vice versa. This is the best rivalry in the CFL as far as I'm concerned and its the most intense. A lot of games between these two teams comes right down to the final seconds and this one will as well. In the end though, you know I'm going with the Riders. Luca's the hero and the Riders win on the last play.

CFL Playoff Scenarios

CFL Playoff Scenarios

Toronto, ON - (October 23, 2009) - The 2009 season will go right down to the wire.

With three weeks remaining, five playoff spots remain up for grabs and the Montreal Alouettes are the only team that has clinched a home playoff game. And while this weekend won't clinch any home playoff games, it could see some Western teams clinch a playoff berth.

Here is a look at what could happen:

B.C. Win OR Hamilton AND Winnipeg Loss = B.C. Clinches Playoff Berth
B.C. Tie AND Hamilton Loss OR Winnipeg Loss = B.C. Clinches Playoff Berth
Calgary Win / Tie OR Hamilton Loss OR Winnipeg Loss = Calgary Clinches Playoff Berth
Saskatchewan Win / Tie OR Hamilton Loss OR Winnipeg Loss = Saskatchewan Clinches Playoff Berth
Edmonton Win + Hamilton Loss AND Winnipeg Loss = Edmonton Clinches Playoff Berth

Week 7 NFL Primer


There will be one game in London…and plenty more back home in Week 7.

This week the NFL features a regular-season game in London, England and three of the remaining four undefeated teams will aim to stay perfect.

The Patriots-Buccaneers’ meeting is the third regular-season game at Wembley Stadium, part of a multi-year commitment to play a limited number of games in the United Kingdom on an annual basis.

“We’re happy to take the game of football international and make the sport bigger than it already is,” says Tampa Bay head coach RAHEEM MORRIS. “We’re really excited about the opportunity.”

This year’s contest follows last season’s exciting matchup between the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers – won by the Saints 37-32 – in front of 83,226 enthusiastic fans.

“What really stood out to me was the atmosphere of the game,” recalls Chargers running back LA DAINIAN TOMLINSON. “I thought it was great. The fans were into the game and it was a really exciting game to be a part of. I think if you ask any one of the players in the locker room, they’ll say no doubt they’d go back and do it again.”

Meanwhile, back home stateside, three of the remaining four unbeatens – Indianapolis (5-0), Minnesota (6-0) and New Orleans (5-0) – will be in action. Denver (6-0) has a bye in Week 7 after a 34-23 win at San Diego on Monday night. The four undefeated teams through the first six weeks are the most since the 1970 merger.

“All I know is that we’re 6-0,” says Vikings quarterback BRETT FAVRE, who led his team to a 33-31 come-from-behind victory over Baltimore last week. “I’m proud of that. It’s a good start but there’s a long way to go.”

The long road for the Vikings leads to Pittsburgh this Sunday to face the 4-2 Steelers, winners of three consecutive games. The Colts, who had a bye in Week 6, are back in action in St. Louis against the Rams. And the Saints, who knocked off the previously unbeaten New York Giants last week, will head to South Florida, the site of Super Bowl XLIV, to face the Miami Dolphins and the Wildcat formation.

“There’s a reward for winning, a feeling that you’ve done something good, but it’s very short-lived as you get ready for the next game,” says New Orleans head coach SEAN PAYTON. “Miami is a real good football team and this will be a tremendous test for us.”

Some of the key games in Week 7:

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (4-2) at TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (0-6) in London, England (Sunday, CBS, 1:00 PM ET)

London’s calling and the Patriots and Buccaneers plan to put on a show for the British fans.

New England is coming off a 59-point offensive explosion in Week 6, led by quarterback TOM BRADY, who set an NFL record with five touchdown passes in one quarter (the second) and finished the game with six, tying his own franchise record. The Patriots built a 45-0 halftime advantage, the largest lead at the half in NFL history.

“Every week we’re learning something more about ourselves and what we can do,” says Brady. “There’s no doubt a game like this can give you a lot of confidence.”

Tampa Bay rookie wide receiver and kick returner SAMMIE STROUGHTER, a seventh-round pick (No. 233) out of Oregon State, will look to electrify the crowd. Last week, in front of the Tampa Bay fans, Stroughter had a 97-yard kick-return touchdown and finished with 207 all-purpose yards. The rookie averaged 34.5 yards per touch, recording 142 yards on three returns and 65 yards on three receptions.


The defending-champion Steelers will put their three-game winning streak on the line against the undefeated Vikings.

Minnesota quarterback BRETT FAVRE, who is 6-0 for the first time in his career after last week’s 33-31 win over Baltimore, aims to join DIETER BROCK (1985 Rams) as the only QBs since the merger to win their first seven starts to start a season with a new team. Favre threw a 58-yard pass to wide receiver SIDNEY RICE, who finished with a career-high 176 yards, late in the fourth quarter to set up RYAN LONGWELL’s game-winning field goal.

“We’ve been in that situation before and I had faith that we would make a play,” says Rice.

The Steelers improved to 4-2 last week with a 27-14 win over Cleveland. Quarterback BEN ROETHLISBERGER threw for 417 yards, the fourth-highest total in club history, and two touchdowns as Pittsburgh racked up 543 yards of total offense. Wide receivers HINES WARD (159 yards) and SANTONIO HOLMES (104) each went over the 100-yard mark, the second time this season they’ve each reached the plateau in the same game.

“I don’t think we’ve played our best football yet and that’s pretty comforting,” says Steelers tight end HEATH MILLER, who caught his fourth touchdown in the past three games. “We’ve gotten a few wins without playing our best.”

ATLANTA FALCONS (4-1) at DALLAS COWBOYS (3-2) (Sunday, FOX, 4:15 PM ET)

Cornerbacks beware. In Week 5, wide receivers MILES AUSTIN of Dallas (10 catches, 250 yards, two touchdowns) and RODDY WHITE of Atlanta (eight catches, 210 yards, two touchdowns) became the second duo in NFL history to each record at least 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns on the same day.

The Cowboys, who had a bye last week, defeated Kansas City in Week 5. Quarterback TONY ROMO passed for 351 yards and two touchdowns, including the 60-yard game-winner in overtime to Austin.

Falcons quarterback MATT RYAN, who has guided the team to wins in seven of the past eight games, threw two touchdown passes in a Sunday-night victory over Chicago.

The game features two of the most prolific tight ends in the NFL – Atlanta’s TONY GONZALEZ and Dallas’ JASON WITTEN. Since 2004, Gonzalez leads all players at the position with 471 receptions and 5,560 yards while Witten ranks second with 422 catches and third with 4,847 yards.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (5-0) at MIAMI DOLPHINS (2-3) (Sunday, FOX, 4:15 PM ET)

The red-hot Saints, who lead the NFL averaging 38.4 points per game, travel to Miami to face the Dolphins, who have won two in a row and boast the league’s top rushing offense (177.0 yards per game).

New Orleans knocked off the previously unbeaten New York Giants last week 48-27 as seven different Saints scored touchdowns in the game. Quarterback DREW BREES passed for 369 yards and four touchdowns, posting a near-perfect 156.8 passer rating.

“We wanted to really dictate the tempo of the game,” says Brees. “Seven different guys scored touchdowns. That’s the type of rhythm when you feel like you can call anything and it’s going to work.”

Miami, who had a bye last week, defeated the division-rival New York Jets 31-27 in Week 5. In that Monday-night contest, quarterback CHAD HENNE passed for two touchdowns and posted a 130.4 rating while running back RONNIE BROWN rushed for two scores, including the game-winner with six seconds remaining.

ARIZONA CARDINALS (3-2) at NEW YORK GIANTS (5-1) (Sunday, NBC, 8:20 PM ET)

The past two NFC champions – Cardinals (2008) and Giants (2007) – meet on Sunday night in the Big Apple. New York is 5-1 and leads the NFC East while the Cardinals are tied for first in the NFC West (San Francisco) with a 3-2 record.

Both clubs feature a Super Bowl MVP at quarterback – Arizona’s KURT WARNER (XXXIV with St. Louis) and New York’s ELI MANNING (XLII).

Warner, who spent the 2004 season with the Giants, passed for 276 yards last week to reach 30,000 career yards. He accomplished the feat in his 114th game, tying Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN MARINO for the fastest to reach 30,000.

This season, Manning has 11 touchdowns versus just three interceptions and ranks seventh in the NFL with a 102.2 passer rating. Since the start of the 2008 season, Manning has won nine of his past 10 starts at Giants Stadium.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe I Was Wrong

I didn't think the Oilers would do much this season. They changed coaches and they added a goaltender--thats about it. There was no reason for optimism. Its still early, but they look like a good hockey team. They improved to 6-2-1 after getting five in the third to beat Columbus 6-4. After being in the doghouse all of last season, Dustin Penner has really emerged. The big guy's confidence is back and its showing as he has 14 points (7g-7a) in nine games including a five point night against the Blue Jackets. I'm guessing he's having fun with Pat Quinn as his coach instead of Craig MacTavish. Will this fine play continue? I hope so!
Mike Scioscia did his damndest to give the Yankees the American League title, but he didn't so the series is headed back to New York. The Anaheim manager with a couple of real head-scratchers as far as I'm concerned in this one. I don't know why Scioscia felt the need to remove starter John Lackey from the game after he had pitched 6 2/3 innings. He was looking fine and didn't need to have the ball taken from him. Scioscia took it away and moments later a 4-0 lead was a 6-4 deficit. The Angels rebounded to score three in their half of the inning to retake the lead, but Scioscia seemed bound and determined to lose it for them in the 9th. After getting the first two outs, he decides to intentionally walk Alex Rodriguez. Why? A homerun by Rodriguez would tie the game, but not win it. Putting the tying run on base was a recipe for disaster and it just about ended that way as the Yankees loaded the bases before getting that 3rd out that sends the series back to Yankee Stadium. Sorry, but I'll take my chances with A-Rod. If he homers or gets on base by his volition then fine, but to give him a free pass and have that tying run on base. If Hideki Matsui homers, Scioscia has egg on his face until spring training.
I don't care who is quarterbacking the B.C. Lions on Saturday afternoon. It can be Casey Printers, Travis Lulay, Jarious Jackson, Jerry Tagge, Roy Dewalt or Don Moorhead. The bottom line is the Riders have to win this game and they should win this game. I really can't see this team laying an egg at home Saturday afternoon. After such an emotional game last weekend---one that many guys feel was taken from them---I think they are going to go out and take some of that frustration out on the Lions. All I know is I am expecting the park to be very loud on Saturday---right from the opening kickoff. Even if the Lions should jump out to an early lead, fans can not sit on their hands. They need to be the 13th man right off the bat. I'm really looking forward to this one.
ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is just getting crushed these days by some media outlets and while what he has done is not right, I think the spotlight is being put on the wrong person. Phillips got too involved with a 22 year old intern at the Worldwide Leader. He tried to break things off and the woman went all "Fatal Attraction" by visiting his wife, trying to become one of his son's Facebook friends, etc. etc. Yet no one wants to call this woman "psycho" and is heaping all of their abuse on Phillips. As I said, Phillips is in the wrong here for having an affair, but he wouldn't be the first guy to have some 20-some woman looking to make a name for herself latch on to his leg. The problem is the stereotype of today has the guy taking all the blame when its obvious in this case that this woman is just a little cuckoo---at least from some of the reports I am seeing. Its not as bad as the Steve McNair story and the age difference was a little closer in the David Letterman saga, but it is interesting to note how everyone goes searching through the closets of the man looking for the skeleton when in this case it would seem clear as if the woman Phillips was involved with doesn't appear to be stable. He's not the first, he won't be the last.

We have seen good looking 3rd jerseys, and we have seen ugly 3rd jerseys. Then there's this....

This is what the Ontario Hockey League's Kingston Frontenacs wore Wednesday night in their annual salute to the military. They wore this one-of-a-kind Don Cherry jersey for the event. You can actually bid for the sweaters that were worn---all of them autographed by Grapes--if you go to the Frontenacs website at

A 75-thousand seat football stadium is going to be built in Los Angeles with hopes of the city landing an NFL team once again. The early word is the Jacksonville Jaguars would re-locate in L-A and go to the NFC West with Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona. The St. Louis Rams would leave the division and go to the AFC South to take the spot of the Jags. I would have to think the Buffalo Bills would be a candidate as well. Sorry Toronto, if Roger Goodell has his choice between L-A and Toronto, he is going to L-A in a heartbeat.
TSN wants to know who has the best goalie mask right now. How about asking who had the best goalie mask period. The answer----Gerry Cheevers!! That mask was cool and every time he took a puck off it, he painted another set of stitches on it.
I talk about Steve Phillips getting some heat, but that's nothing compared to what Jeff Fisher is getting in Nashville from Titans fans. If you missed it, former Colts coach Tony Dungy was in Nashville to deliver a speech and Fisher--a good friend of Dungy's--was asked to deliver the introduction. Fisher did that, but before welcoming Dungy on stage, he removed his sweater to show the crowd he was wearing a Peyton Manning Colts jersey. Fisher then went on to say he wanted to know what it was like to feel like a winner. Some believe in Titans-land that Fisher should have been fired on the spot. C'mon!! Relax just a little. He did it out of respect for Dungy and he did it as a joke. When you are 0-7, you have to lighten the mood a little bit. His choice of words might have not been the best considering the record of his team as I'm sure they heard that and basically heard their coach saying his team is a bunch of losers, but that can be addressed. Besides, what can the Titan players say about themselves after getting their ass handed to them by 59 on Sunday. Not much! You fire Fisher today and he will be with another team within days. He's the longest tenured coach in the NFL for a reason.
Finally, I know Rider fans have many things with the /=S=/ on it and they own many pieces of memorabilia. However, this would be going a little too far.

Yes Boston Red Sox fans, you can get some game used underwear(hopefully washed) from Jonathan Papelbon. I'm sorry, but any Rider fan or fan of any team who would want to buy game used underwear from any player only has 50 cards in their deck if you know what I mean. Just imagine going over to your buddy's house and he proudly shows you a framed print of Darian Durant's undies from the Labour Day game. Uhhhh yeah that's much did you pay for that. Uh-huh!!! I'll have that beer now thanks!

Its A Sell-Out

From the desk of Sheri Trapp

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are pleased to announce that Saturday’s home game versus B.C. has reached its capacity of 30,945. President/CEO Jim Hopson also announced that the team will be lifting the blackout for the game.

“We are once again thankful and appreciative of the amazing support the Riders continue to receive,” stated Hopson. “With the team fighting it out for top spot in the West Division, we are strongly encouraging our fans to get their tickets for the regular season finale against Calgary on November 7th as quick as possible.”

The game on Saturday against the Lions will kick-off at 3:30 pm at Mosaic Stadium.

This announcement marks the 5th sell-out for the Riders at home this season.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suicide Isn't Painless

Many of you remember my days on ROCK 94 when I was Scruffy. You will also remember that before that station was euthanized for no good reason to the oh-so-popular Jack that Bill Toffan found a guy who played the part of an over-sexed senile senior citizen named Horvey Schwartz. There were some funny moments in that studio. Funny, funny moments! There were mornings that my ribs were sore after dealing with this clown. The guy that played Horvey was a good man. He was a funny man, he was a creative man, he was a guy that frankly I thought should have gotten a better deal than what he got from whoever at the station. He was a friend!

I kept in touch with the individual who played Horvey, but I did lose contact with him when he moved to Saskatoon. That was until about 18 months ago when through the magic of Facebook he found me. I did not know he had tragically lost his oldest son at the ripe age of 12, but he told me that as painful as that was, it got him back together with his wife. I had seen him once, and we laughed over the good times at ROCK over a cold beverage or two. He would e-mail me bad jokes and I would send him some equally bad ones. He wanted to know about the Riders, I gave him the answers. He was one of the first to get a hold of me when the “Oust Mitch” mission had been accomplished at CJME and gave me a good pep talk. He’s a big Jacksonville Jaguars fan, so I had to let him know of my delight when the Seahawks crushed the Jags 41-0 just over a week ago. I got an e-mail back from him telling me where to go and how to get there. He also said he would be here for one of the final two Rider games and that we should get together. I said just let me know what one you are here for and we’ll make it happen. It won’t!

I found out Wednesday afternoon that the man who played Horvey and made many laugh during his time on ROCK 94 committed suicide Monday night. His life had taken a serious downturn over the past two months. The woman he loved with all his heart abandoned him when he needed her most by leaving without warning. Going away and taking his other kids with her simply crushed him to the point of no return. He tried to fight the pain he was going through, but it was obviously too much. I don’t know how to react other than to say that I am shocked over what has transpired.

I’m angry. Angry because committing suicide is taking the easy way out. Yes, life dealt you some raw hands and I can’t imagine the pain of losing one of my children or having my wife leave me out of the blue for whatever reason. But damn it, you were a better person than that. You know damn well that there were friends for you who you could talk to. Yes, we weren’t the best of friends, but you knew you could spill your guts out to me and I would tell you that somehow it would get better because it would have. Did you reach out to someone? Did you just give up without a fight? Did you do this just to spite your wife? Did you weigh into consideration what this will do to those who were very close to you---like your other kids? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!! There are many tonight who are feeling extreme pain because of what you’ve done wondering if they could have done something. That’s the way I’m feeling and I know I wasn’t in your inner circle of friends.

While I’m angry at what you’ve done, I also feel a sense of relief. A sense of relief because yes, I read the blog that you had started and e-mailed me about. I know the pain you have lived with for the past few years that was increased recently is over and that perhaps you have met up with your son in heaven. I’m sure he is asking you why you are where you are and not down here with the rest of us.

Most of all, I’m confused and I’m saddened. I was looking forward to sitting down with you again at the Press Box because it had been way too long since we had seen one another face-to-face. That won’t happen. The next time the Seahawks crush the Jaguars, you won’t be around to talk trash to. When I go to Saskatoon, I won’t be looking you up even though I want to. I won't be commenting on your Facebook status and I won't be telling you what my new full time gig is---whenever that happens. When I sit down to check my e-mail, I don’t have to worry about going “Oh god what is he sending me now!” I went back and checked some of the old ones before I wrote this. I laughed again and then asked whether or not I wanted to delete the messages or not. If I do, I delete you and I don’t think I want to do that.

You left an impact on me and many others. The impact on those others was a lot greater and I’m sure they are more devastated than what I am. You will be missed though my friend. You will be missed.

Good night Horvey Schwartz (aka Ted C). You were a unique individual and one that I will remember. Some of my favourite days in radio revolve around you. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why you’ve done what you have and I don’t think I want to try and understand. I’ll just remember the good times we had.


Do you remember last week when Victoria's mayor and Pat Fiacco got involved in a bet as to what city would raise more for their respective food bank this past weekend. Well, as expected, Regina kicked Victoria's ass. It meant their mayor would have to come here this winter and shovel Fiacco's driveway. Pat won the bet, but someone else will be cleaning his driveway. This comes from the Victoria Times-Colonist.
Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin has dug himself out of a chilly, backbreaking trip to the Prairies this winter.
Fortin was on the losing end of a bet with Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco last weekend over which municipality could donate more food to the local food bank in a battle dubbed the Great Canadian Food Fight. In the end, victory was Regina's with 177 tonnes, versus 103 tonnes by Victoria. But Fortin's not booking a flight to Regina to shovel Fiacco's driveway, as the two had agreed in the event Victoria lost. (If Fortin had won, Fiacco was to come here and mow his lawn.) Instead, he's sent Fiacco a pair of red Olympic mittens and will spend the time he would have spent shovelling helping to organize food donations at the Mustard Seed Food Bank.
BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He's giving Pat a pair of Olympic red mittens. Does Mr. Fortin think Pat can't go to Zellers or The Bay and pick up his own Olympic red mittens? (Memo to self: Pick up some Olympic red mittens...its for a good cause!). Will the photo op be Pat shovelling his own driveway wearing the mittens? Actually a better photo op would be Pat's right hand man and overall good man Mark Rathwell shovelling the driveway. After all, he picks up Pat's groceries and drycleaning doesn't he??? (Just kidding Mark!!) This guy has welched out and welched out big-time. C'mon Mayor Fortin, you lost the bet. Put on your woolies and get out here to do some work. You may learn a thing or two when you are out here cuz I know how vicious those Victoria winters can be. Maybe someone will let you drive a tow truck!!!! Let me re-iterate. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Where's Manny, Where's Carla, Where's JC

RBC has named 27 broadcasters in our fine country who will serve as Olympic torch bearers when the massive relay across the country and back begins in the next couple of weeks. Names like Brian Williams, Michael Landsberg, Sandie Rinaldo and Jennifer Hedger will have their turn with the torch as will newscasters from some CTV affiliates, however, not on this list is anyone from CTV Regina. WTF?? In fact, the only Saskatchewan broadcaster on the list I have seen is Saskatoon CTV reporter Mark Rogstad.

Why isn't Manny being given a chance, what about Carla Beynon, what about J-C Garden and more importantly why isn't Lee Jones? Is this another case of Saskatchewan being snubbed? It is as far as I'm concerned.

One name that most certainly deserves a kilometre or two with the torch in hand is Shannon England--the husband of the late Sandra Schmirler. You know damn well that Sandra would have been one of the runners had she still been with us. Who's kidding who, she might have been representing Canada as well.

Ben Mulroney gets a chance and Jonesy doesn't. What a crock!!!! Why isn't Lloyd Robertson getting a shot at it!

One other thing that is completely unrelated. Anyone else hearing about Bon Jovi playing Mosaic Stadium in late April. I've heard that from two people today.

Is There Anything You Can't Make With Bacon

Seriously, why would anyone want this?!

Just looking at that picture makes me somewhat nauseous!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FOX's Love Of The Yankees Shines Through

I like Joe Buck as a play-by-play guy. I know there are some out there that can't stand him, but he's one of my favourites. However, Joe and his sidekick Tim McCarver ticked me off Tuesday night during Game 4 of the American League Championship Series as they let their love for the Yankees shine through clearly.

In the 4th inning, Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher was clearly picked off 2nd base, but was ruled safe by umpire Dale Scott. How Scott could miss this is another story in itself. Replays showed he was out. Buck and McCarver discussed it and then moved on. Moments later, Swisher was called out on an appeal play at 3rd base when the Angels said he had left early on a sacrifice play. Well, you would think that call was the most egregious call in the history of umpiring. Both Buck and McCarver said he did not leave early and showed replay after replay to show they were correct.

They even had the gall to question umpire Tim McClellan who seemingly wasn't even looking at 3rd base. Why was this treatment not given to Scott just seconds earlier who was staring at the play yet called Swisher safe at second. Its simple!! Buck, McCarver and FOX want the Yankees in the World Series because of the New York market which means more viewers. Its been a long time since the Yankees have been in the World Series so FOX wants to make sure they cash in this year and they want to make sure that any controversial call is pro-Yankees. What makes it sad is Buck and McCarver are delivering the game across the U-S and not just the New York market. If Yankees radio play by play guy John Stirling wants to take that approach, I'm OK with it, but when on a national broadcast, put the homer hanky away. It was really disgusting to see the Yankee love ooze out of Buck and McCarver on this one.
I lost a lot of respect for Ryan Smyth the day he gave his teary farewell to Edmonton when he was traded to the Islanders, but you have to think he is drawing the attention of Hockey Canada with his early season play. The former Moose Jaw Warrior is 3rd in NHL scoring right now with 13 points and he has certainly seen his stock rise when it comes to potential invitees. He's played more games in a Team Canada uniform than anyone so you know he will be ready if the call comes. You know if given the chance he will succeed too.
If you've got a few minutes, take a listen to "The Douchebag Anthem". I should just send this one out to..................never mind!