Friday, July 31, 2009

Halladay Remains A Jay And Thats OK

He didn't go to the Cubs,(I wonder what they might have offered) and he thankfully didn't go to the Cardinals or any other team. Roy Halladay is still a Blue Jay and I think that has to be good news if you are a fan of this club.

There is no doubt Halladay is the face of the franchise. Losing him would have been disastrous. They still might in the off-season, but when you look at the young arms Halladay could surround himself with, it might be in JP Ricciardi's best effort to sign "Doc" to a big-time extension. Think about it, you will have Halladay and a healthy Shaun Marcum, Dustin McGowan and Jesse Litsch. Add to that you have Ricky Romero and Marc Rzepcynczki, and you have a talented pitching staff to start 2010. If Toronto is going to contend with the Red Sox and the Yankees, they need solid pitching. It is something they might have next year, but Halladay must stay.


How bout the Hamilton Tiger Cats? They are 3-2 and dare I say it, they may have piqued the excitement of football fans in the area again for the first time in a long time. The Tabbies beat the Lions 30-18 to complete the season sweep of B.C. I wonder when the last time was that Hamilton beat a team twice in the regular season. Deandra Cobb is going to make it very tough to find Kenton Keith a spot on the active roster when he comes off the nine game injury list. Cobb ran for 167 yards to lead the Ti-Cats. Rod Black compared him to a young Charles Roberts. That's a nice compliment indeed.


The Leader Post's Murray McCormick is in Calgary with the Riders as they get ready for tomorrow's game. He says Andy Fantuz looked good in the pre-game rundown, but game day is another story. Chris Getzlaf will slide into Fantuz's spot if he can't go and it is interesting to note Adam Nicolson has been put on the active roster. This is likely an insurance move in case Fantuz goes down during the game.

Its nice to see Gene Makowsky back on the offensive line. I think his presence will be a big help to that offensive line meaning that both the running game will be evident and that Darian Durant will have some more time to find receivers.

I'll be interested to see how Joe Sykes performs in the absence of John Chick. Sykes obviously knows what to do as his days in AF2 will prove. Can he bring that game to the CFL. If he can, there will be a lot of smiles tomorrow night.

What happens if Steven Jyles gets the ball and leads the team down the field for a touchdown?? I don't want to mention that "C" word.

Is the focus of the Rider "D" to stop Joffrey Reynolds or Henry Burris?? I would almost say it has to be Reynolds.


Did you see Michael Bishop on "Off the Record" Friday? Michael Landsberg asked him if I heard him correctly if there was any truth to a rumour that he got involved in a fight outside of Mosaic after the Western semi last year and that was a reason for his quick release. Bishop said no. I had not heard of this rumour. Did you?


Now the NHL decides it doesn't like long-term contracts so its investigating the big one Marian Hossa signed. If they are going to investigate this one, they have to investigate the big ones signed by Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Dipietro etc. etc. If teams can find a way to circumvent the cap you know they are going to try. If they have succeeded, you can't close the loophole once someone has gone through it.


This talk of Michael Vick perhaps becoming a Seahawk is not impressing me.

One last thing and that is a big congrats to the North Regina Little League all-stars. They won a tournament in Calgary Friday meaning they are off to the Canadian Little League Championships in Quebec. A win there and they are headed to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. Of course, this would not be the first time a Regina team has had a chance at going to or competing in Williamsport. Good luck in Quebec guys!!!

Enjoy the Rider game!!!!

Oilers Say No To Heatley

It's about damn time....

Courtesy: The Canadian Press

The Dany Heatley situation took another strange twist Friday with Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini publicly announcing he’s no longer interested in the disgruntled Ottawa Senators sniper.
Edmonton spent the better part of a month courting the former 50-goal scorer — a process that started after Tambellini hammered out a deal with the Ottawa Senators for Heatley, only to have the winger refuse to waive a no-trade clause.
Talks continued until Tambellini decided earlier this week that enough was enough.
“We gave ourselves an allotted amount of time internally ... to explore every opportunity to see if there was something that would work — it didn’t,” Tambellini said during a conference call with reporters. “It’s time for us to move on. We’re very comfortable with that.”
Heatley has been in limbo since requesting a trade from Senators GM Bryan Murray in the spring.
Tambellini knows him personally from past involvement with Team Canada and even flew to his home in Kelowna, B.C., for a face-to-face meeting just prior to July 1 — the day Heatley was paid a US$4-million bonus by the Sens.
The Oilers also sent along a recruitment video, but Heatley couldn’t be persuaded to join them.
“They’re just not ready to make a decision,” said Tambellini. “That’s the only answer that I got. That’s all I can say.”
Tambellini said everything “seemed fine” in the negotiations early on.
“Then there was a change of position with the way Dany’s advisers were talking about things,” said Tambellini. “Things changed after that and really never got back on track.
“That’s fine — they can explore options elsewhere.”
Heatley’s agent J.P. Barry didn’t immediately return an email seeking comment.
Tambellini also reiterated frustration that the proposed deal became public. Edmonton was willing to send Ottawa forwards Andrew Cogliano and Dustin Penner and defenceman Ladislav Smid — three players who currently remain with the Oilers.
Tambellini indicated that he would never publicly discuss the terms of a deal that fell through.
“That is extremely disappointing to me,” he said. “Very, very unprofessional. Eventually, I’m going to find out, we’ll find out who did that. ...
“I wasn’t very happy.”
Even though his continued pursuit of Heatley attracted some negative attention in recent weeks, Tambellini had no trouble justifying it.
“We took a very aggressive approach on July 1,” said Tambellini. “There’s not too many people out there that are in the prime of their career and have the potential of scoring 50 goals every year.”
Heatley will be scoring those goals somewhere other than Edmonton next season.
Tambellini believes that the addition of goalie Nikolai Khabibulin and continued development of a young core will make the Oilers playoff contenders next season. Now that he’s done chasing Heatley, he’s not likely to try and make any other big moves.
“I didn’t feel that it was stopping us from doing anything else,” said Tambellini. “We had to make a decision that it was time to move on. We did everything that we thought we could. ...
“We’ve got a team that we’re looking forward to seeing in September.”

Is The Trend Catching On??

A friend of mine from the U-S saw this picture and sent it up. He wonders the same thing that I do when I see this. The pic was obviously taken during a Jays game, so was it taken before the Riders played in Toronto this year. I see nothing with the /=S=/ on it, so one has to think its either a)Riderfans or B)the trend has moved east. I will go with A.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Must Be Getting Old

Could it be?? Has the time come where I have to admit I'm getting old. I have to wonder when I come to the realization that the fair no longer excites me, in fact, I'm bored with it. Don't get me wrong, its still a fine event, but I've gotten to the point now that its for the kids and not for me.

Thursday was spent travailing the grounds of Evraz Place with my six year old in tow---her eyes wide with delight as she experiences everything the exhibition brings. She had her day-tripper, she did her rides, she got her prizes, she had her tummy get full--well not really, because she didn't want a lot of food which is strange but bottom line was despite the tears for not winning a certain stuffed animal of choice she was happy at nights end. As for Mom, the mother-in-law and myself and maybe even the older sister who had her day earlier this week so she could ride the rides without being interrupted it was "Is it time to go home yet?"

I'm not a rides guy, never have been. I have gone to the fair to walk the midway, play games of chance, people watch, laugh at some of the people I'm watching, eat some food and call it a night. The wife was the same way. We even got engaged after a night at the exhibition, now its just a case of two tired people with very sore feet.

Maybe I need to go without kids in tow, but I really don't think it would have changed anything. Yeah, maybe I would have seen a couple of things that I didn't get a chance to see, but would it have sparked my excitement?? Doubt it! As I said, this isn't a condemnation of the exhibition because there is still something to see and do for all ages, but this cowboy is thinking right now that he wouldn't miss it if he didn't go next year. Next year is a long ways away though. If there is one thing that I would highly endorse, it is those footsie-wootsie chairs or whatever they are called. You put a quarter in and get about a 2 minute foot massage to relieve those tired feet as you walk down the midway. Best 25 cents ever spent!!!! I highly recommend this. You will see what I mean.
The Alouettes have gone down to defeat. By the time I started watching the game, it was early in the 4th quarter, but it looked like the Eskimos had control throughout and did a great job of stifling that potent Montreal offence as they win 33-19. I didn't see that one coming, but Edmonton has definitely gotten their game back on track after that comeback last week.
So now David Ortiz is linked with steroids. Does this surprise baseball fans?? The only question I have is why are the names on this list being slowly leaked. Just release the entire list and get it over with. I think baseball fans are just numb to this now and they don't really care. I heard a great discussion on Fox Sports Radio asking if steroids are any worse than other sports like swimming where the suit brings controversy or in golf where this piece of equipment will make you hit the ball farther---a ball that will either do this or do that. It asks the question "Is an athlete winning because of his talent or because of the equipment he surrounds himself with??"
I wonder what would happen if they played the PGA Championship with all competitors using the same ball and the same type of clubs. Would it change things?? Would the best pure golfer skill-wise still win?? It will never happen so there's no use talking about it but it would be interesting.
You won't be seeing this ad on CFL broadcasts anytime soon or on any Canadian or American channel, but tell me the truth, you would rather see this than Wrapman, Vince and his Slapchop or that Minhas Creek beer ad where buddy is yelling "Damn Good Beer".

Have a good Friday and if you're going to the Exhibition. Enjoy it!!!!

Rider QB News/Fantuz Update

Riders head coach Ken Miller surprised many if not all in attendance Thursday when he said in his daily post-practice scrum that Steven Jyles is going to get some time at quarterback Saturday in Calgary. Miller says the plan is to start the game with Darian Durant and after three or four series, have Durant come to the bench to watch for a little bit with Jyles taking over. Miller adds this plan will be thrown out the window if Durant should be "lights out". When asked why this is being done, the coach says it will give Darian an opportunity to step out of the pressure cooker and observe from the sidelines for a series or two.

As for Andy Fantuz, his hamstring continues to be a problem. Miller says his status is somewhere between probable to doubtful.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 5 CFL Picks/Dome Talk

Week 5 of the CFL season hits with my win-loss record standing at 10-6 after splitting last week. Here's the matchups.


The best thing for the Eskimos here is that they will be done with Montreal in the regular season when this one is over. This game only magnifies how big last week's comeback win against the Riders was. They had potentially a four game losing streak staring them right in the face if it wasn't for their heroics last weekend. I said after that win that it may have been a season-saving victory. They will be much tougher than they were in Montreal. but even though I expect the Eskimos to give the Alouettes a game, Montreal will win. The schedule maker certainly didn't do the Als any favours as this is already their 3rd trip out West this season. It hasn't bothered them so far though.


The Ti-Cats pulled off a major upset at B.C. Place earlier this season. Can they complete a season sweep over Buono's boys. The Lions are reeling since being devastated at home by the Stampeders. One has to think Wally will have his guys ready for this game. For Hamilton, this could arguably be one of the bigger games they have had in recent memory. A good showing here and they might bring some fans back to Ivor Wynne. Soiling the linen might have some believing this team isn't as good as some think even though they are an improving lot. This should be a dandy, but in the end, I think the Lions break Hamilton's heart with a late victory.


This has to be better than last week's 19-5 snoozefest, it has to be. Is Michael Bishop going to start for the Bombers??? Bishop or no Bishop, I think Toronto takes this one and takes it handily.


Both teams come in at 2-2, but the Stamps are heading up and the Riders are going down. All signs point to the Riders getting demolished in this one. I heard one guy say he is going to spend all of his Saturday riding the thrill rides at the Exhibition and then go into the Brandt Centre to watch the game before tossing his cookies because the Rider effort will make him sick. That's a little harsh, but yes I admit there is a potential here for this one to be ugly. I think Calgary will win this game, but I also think it won't be as bad as what some think. I also think this one could be a shootout with both teams getting into the 30's.


An interesting story in Tuesday's Leader-Post. The director of Credit Union Centre says he is not in favour of a new stadium in Regina. What a surprise!!!! Credit Union Centre is the big boy on the block in this province as it gets a majority of the big acts. That majority will be lost if and when a new facility comes here so I would expect Ken Wood to voice his displeasure. The thing that surprises me is the amount of whining coming from Saskatoon about this facility. Some don't think it should be built, some say it should be built there....etc, etc, etc. You know what Saskatoon you have a lot, yes you have some things Regina doesn't have, but you know what, you still come off as being a little jealous. I'm sure Mr. Wood wouldn't react this way if a new stadium was coming to Saskatoon. He would likely say it would enhance his facility and that the two will have to find a way to work together to keep great acts coming through. Its been said Saskatoon and Regina should be treated as one big city. WRONG!! They are distinct with their city as we are with ours. I know of many people here who could care less about the day to day business in Saskatoon and I know some in Saskatoon who say the same thing about Regina. Its what makes the rivalry between the two cities great. Being a Regina boy, I say if and when that facility comes, it will just make those in Saskatoon have to work a little harder to keep those big acts coming. People have been going up Highway 11 for many years to watch big name acts, its time for people to start coming down now, and not just for Rider games.
Kelly Kapowski( I mean actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen) has finally explained why she doesn't want to do a "Saved By The Bell' reunion. Take a look.....

Any early reviews of the Exhibition????

Rider Update

Andy Fantuz didn't practice again today, but coach Ken Miller says not to worry as the team's leading receiver will be in uniform Saturday. Fantuz tweaked a hamstring and has not practiced the last two days as a precautionary measure.

It was interesting to note that without Fantuz, Jason Clermont had more of a role today. Its believed by many Clermont is being under-utilized this year. Perhaps that is about to change.

Joe Sykes is a big man. He is a very big man. He is a man I would not want to be angry with me. He could squash me and many of you with one of his mammoth fists. He is 6-4, 275 but he looks bigger than that. The reason I bring up Sykes' name is he was popular at practice today because he will start for the injured John Chick. This man brings a new meaning to the word soft-spoken. He sounds like he wouldn't harm a kitten. He certainly won't play the way he speaks.

Its good to see Gene Makowsky is ready to go. I saw Geno at Aspen Links on Monday after I had attempted to golf and asked him what he shot today. The response "Under 100". A man with a gimpy leg still shot better than me. Then again a one legged man in a wheelchair could have had a better round than me Monday. Why do I persist at trying to be good at that game. Why???

Rider Moves

The team has released offensive lineman Matt O'Meara and kicker Perri Scarcelli.

He's Hamilton's Headache Now

The Arland Bruce saga appears to be over. The Toronto Argonauts have shipped the disgruntled receiver to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
In return, Toronto gets a third-round pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft as well as a conditional pick in the 2011 draft and the rights to non-import defensive end Corey Mace. Mace, who has spent the past two seasons with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, has already agreed to terms with Toronto. The Tiger-Cats had been unable to sign the Port Moody, B.C. native after acquiring his rights from the Blue Bombers in exchange for Zeke Moreno.
The condition of the pick is that if Bruce remains on the Tiger-Cats roster in 2010, the Argonauts will receive Hamilton's best third-round pick in the 2011 draft.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John Chick's Injury Woes

Bad news for the Riders Tuesday as they learn John Chick will miss at least three weeks if not more with that shoulder injury sustained Saturday against the Eskimos. One can't start comparing Chick to Jesse Lumsden yet, but one has to sit back and wonder if we are ever to going to see the John Chick that we thought we would.
When he showed up here in 2007. he quickly turned into an impact player. He was the team's nominee for rookie of the year, he had five sacks and fans will remember he crushed Ryan Dinwiddie in the Grey Cup game causing a fumble that Scott Schultz recovered deep in Winnipeg territory.
His presence resulted in the Fred Perry trade to Edmonton and it was hoped he could get better in 2008 but he missed 10 games due to injury. After having what I thought was a so-so pre-season, Chick showed he was at the top of his game with a couple of impressive performances to start the season--a season now derailed again by injury. Here's hoping Chick can get back into the lineup quickly and that his days on the disabled list are over. He is one of many good guys on that Rider squad and his battle with diabetes and his charity work in the community is something that is well known.
While Chick won't play Saturday in Calgary, Gene Makowsky will and that is good news. That offensive line is taking some heat, and some well deserved heat for their play in the past couple of games. Having Geno back should take some of the heat off Darian Durant and maybe help get a running game going again.
I found the comments of Calgary Stampeders play-by-play man Mark Stephen on CKRM's Sportsline to be very interesting. Rod Pedersen informing everyone that didn't hear Mark on Monday's show that he isn't crazy about Rider visits to Calgary. Its not because the stands at McMahon are either half colored green or more, its because those wearing green ----at least some of them---come to the game with the idea in their head that they are going to get drunk and stupid. I don't care if you are wearing green, red, blue, whatever. If you are coming to the game looking to get drunk and stupid, I hope someone basically lays the smack down on you. You aren't the show---what is happening between the lines is what people have come to see. I applaud every Rider fan that shows up in Calgary to cheer up on their team and I know many of you will have a few. Just keep it in control as you are representing your team as well you know. I also realize that a few who go to the game will be acting stupid and cheering for Calgary so I'm not just painting one fanbase as the villain here.
I wonder how the Stampeders feel knowing they have no home field advantage for this game. I also wonder what McMahon would look like on Grey Cup Sunday if the Riders were to get there. When you take all the Saskatchewan citizens living in Alberta now and the many making the road trip, it would be quite the scene. Perhaps more impressive than Skydome in 2007.
Is it just the cynic in me or do you also feel as if the Brett Favre story isn't over yet. Yes, he has now said he isn't going to play for the Vikings, but the way this scenario has played itself out, I still can't see Brett giving it up. I hope I'm wrong.
The exhibition starts today and its already cost me $100 bucks (two day-trippers and two day passes)before I leave the driveway. Now I know how Dad felt!!! How much are the Saratoga chips this year???

Startling Findings Indeed

I would hever have guessed this---not in a million years.

Matt Richtel
New York Times
The first study of drivers text-messaging inside their vehicles shows the risk of a crash greatly surpasses previous estimates – and beats out by far the dangers of other driving distractions.
The new study, in which the cabs of long-haul trucks were monitored by video cameras for 18 months, found that when the drivers texted, their collision risk was 23 times greater than when not texting.
The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, which compiled the latest research and plans to release its findings today, also measured the time drivers take their eyes off the road to send or receive texts.
In the moments before a crash or near crash, drivers typically spent nearly five seconds looking at their devices – enough time at typical highway speeds to cover more than the length of a football field.
The researchers said that even though trucks take longer to stop and are less manoeuvrable than cars, the findings apply generally to all drivers, who tend to behave much like the truckers studied.
Compared with other sources of driver distraction, "texting is in its own universe of risk," said Rich Hanowski, who oversaw the study at the institute. The analysis was financed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which has the mission of improving safety in trucks and buses.
Another study, carried out in a lab at the University of Utah with students using a sophisticated driving simulator, showed an eight-fold increase in crash risk while texting.
Tom Dingus, director of the Virginia Tech institute, one of the world's largest vehicle safety research organizations, said the trucking study's message about texting while driving is clear.
"You should never do this," he said. "It should be illegal."
Thirty-six states do not ban texting while driving. California, New Jersey and Alaska are among the 14 that do.


Toronto, ON – (July 27, 2009) – Anthony Calvillo, Anwar Stewart, Tristan Jackson and Calvin McCarty were named the Gibson’s Finest CFL Players of the Week for week four, the Canadian Football League announced today.This week’s winners will meet this Thursday night as the Montreal Alouettes travel to Commonwealth Stadium to take on the Edmonton Eskimos. The four players were chosen by a panel of judges that includes former Canadian Football League players Matt Dunigan and Duane Forde, now of TSN, and Pierre Vercheval of RDS.Gibson’s Finest

QB – Anthony Calvillo – Montreal Alouettes
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8 @ Montreal Alouettes 21
Highlights / Key Stats:Anthony Calvillo passed for a season high 404 yards on 30 of 39 attempts while throwing two touchdown passes and one interception as the Als defeated the Ticats to remain unbeaten at 4-0. Calvillo’s first touchdown pass to Jamel Richardson in the second quarter moved him past Ron Lancaster into sole possession of second place on the all-time regular season TD pass list. Calvillo also threw a touchdown pass to Brian Bratton to put him at 335 career touchdown passes. He now trails only Damon Allen who sits atop the list at 394.
- Unanimous Selection -

DE – Anwar Stewart – Montreal Alouettes
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8 @ Montreal Alouettes 21
Highlights / Key Stats:Anwar Stewart had four tackles and two quarterback sacks to lead the Montreal Alouettes defence in their win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this week. Stewart was part of a devoted defensive line that held the Ticats offence to zero touchdowns. Stewart helped preserve the touchdown shutout in the fourth quarter when he broke up what looked like a sure touchdown pass to Hamilton fullback Robert Pavlovic.
Runner UpLB – Barrin Simpson – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

KR – Tristan Jackson – Edmonton Eskimos
Edmonton Eskimos 38 @ Saskatchewan Roughriders 33
Highlights / Key Stats:Tristan Jackson played a big role in the Edmonton Eskimos’ come-from-behind victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders Saturday night, as he had 148 yards on six punt returns, including a 75-yard touchdown to spark the Eskimos remarkable comeback. Jackson also returned five kickoffs for 116 yards.
Runner Up
K - Sandro DeAngelis – Calgary Stampeders

RB – Calvin McCarty – Edmonton Eskimos
Edmonton Eskimos 38 @ Saskatchewan Roughriders 33
Highlights / Key Stats:Calvin McCarty was also instrumental in the Eskimos comeback victory over the Roughriders at Mosaic Stadium. McCarty ran for 76 yards on nine carries and scored two touchdowns, his second putting the Esks up 30-25 in the third quarter.
- Unanimous Selection -

Monday, July 27, 2009

Who's Number 2, Who's Number 3???

Take a look at the CFL standings. Montreal is 4-0 and then you see five teams at 2-2--the Riders, Eskimos, Stamps, Argos and Ti-Cats. It just begs the question just who stands where. There is no doubt Montreal is the best team in the league, but is Calgary the 2nd best because they have won their last two in convincing fashion. Is it Edmonton because of their comeback win. I don't think you can say its the Riders because they have lost two straight. Could it be the Ti-Cats who held Montreal to 21?? Its not Toronto is it?? So who is the 2nd best team in the league right now. Who's number 3 and so on. Reading the various power rankings this week should be interesting. Will it stay this way most of the season. I guess we'll find out.
Players of the week come out today. It wasn't a great week for offensive players, but I would have to think the player of the week might be Anthony Calvillo. He threw for over 400 yards again and he had a pair of touchdowns to now sit number 2 overall in career TD passes. There weren't many other banner performances. If I had to rank the top 3 for the week---and I have been doing that. I would go Calvillo, Henry Burris, Jamal Robertson. For the defensive star, I might lean towards Montreal's Anwar Stewart, but Calgary linebacker Odell Willis and Winnipeg linebacker Barrin Simpson could get a serious look.
Matt Dominguez is doing a fine job working with CTV as he recaps the Rider game with either Lee Jones or Chris Hodges. If Matt doesn't get back on the field, I would hope TSN might come calling. He's better than Stegall!!!
Be honest! How many Bomber fans do you know and have you gotten a hold of them yet to start talking smack about Michael Bishop. If not, why??
Washington Nationals outfielder Josh Willingham had a rather grand nite. He hit two grand slams as Washington smoked Philly. Willingham is only the 13th guy in major league history to hit two grand slams in one game. Everything was obviously bouncing Josh's way. The last time someone did that was six years ago.
I know a few people who have gone to Seattle to watch the Blue Jays, but they are there on pins and needles. They are hoping to see Roy Halladay pitch one last game in a Jays uniform. Trouble is he may have already done that as a trade could happen at any time. Its interesting that the trade deadline is Friday and that on that day, the Jays will be in Oakland with the Phillies across the bay in San Francisco. Word is the two teams are staying at the same hotel. What stadium is Roy heading to????? I'm starting to think he will finish this year in T-O.
Michael Vick has done his time so I guess he should be allowed to work just like any other guy who has done time can do. I just don't know what team will pick him up because A) he can't be the same Vick he used to be and B)What type of sell job do you have to perform for your fans? I personally don't want to see him become a Seahawk. Many seem to think he is going to end up in New England. I'm not sure of the rationale behind that but whatever. I guess we will see.
Is Daryl Jones really serious about trying to bring the NHL to Saskatoon?? I just can't see it. Ticket prices would be too exorbitant. Even if this group is the one that lands the Coyotes, I doubt as if the NHL board of governors will allow Jones to do what he wants. Those thinking if the Riders can do it---why can't a hockey team should ask this. Do you think people are going to come from all over the province in the middle of January to a hockey game when its 30 below and the highways are slippery and visibility is poor like they do in the middle of summer to come to a football game?? Its not going to happen. Let them dream though. If it happens, its great news for Saskatchewan, but I just can't see it coming to fruition because there are going to be too many hurdles to cross. What would the arrival of the Coyotes do to the Blades??? How much would they be hurt by this venture? There's a question someone should answer.

Have You Seen This???

This is without a doubt the best golf shot I have ever seen and may ever see. Its a thousand times better than any of my shots at Aspen Links today. Isn't that right Lee Jones?? Isn't that right Derek Meyers?? Maybe if one of you gents had hit the green on some par 3's, I'd have had something to aim for. Yeah right!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The NHL in Saskatoon/Road Trip/CFL Thoughts

I'll get to my Sunday in a moment, but first, could Hockey Night in Canada originate from Credit Union Centre one night soon. I doubt it, but you never know---especially after seeing this from Paul Waldie of the Globe....

A group of Canadian and American businessmen who have made a pitch to buy the Phoenix Coyotes for $150-million (U.S.) want to bring NHL hockey to Saskatoon.
The group, officially known as Ice Edge Holdings, has been in discussions with officials from Saskatoon and Halifax about playing five Coyotes' regular seasons games in either community. Ice Edge is leaning toward Saskatoon, although no firm deal is in place. If the National Hockey League approves the plan, the Coyotes would play “home games” in Saskatoon's 11,300- seat Credit Union Centre against the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils and Vancouver Canucks.
If the Coyotes make the playoffs, Ice Edge would hold some of those games in Saskatoon as well. It also plans to move the Coyotes' farm team, the San Antonio Rampage, from Texas to Thunder Bay.
“Canada is obviously a tremendous hockey market, yet there are currently 6,000 kilometres of Canadian soil that have no exposure to the NHL in their home market,” said Daryl Jones, an Ice Edge partner. “Our plan from the outset was to work with a Canadian city that doesn't have NHL territorial rights issues, and also one that wouldn't be considered a threat to the fans in Phoenix.”
“It's a great opportunity to bring regular season NHL hockey to a Canadian city that otherwise would never have the opportunity. It is a great way to ensure the team stays in Phoenix for the long run, but partners with a Canadian city in the process.”
Ice Edge officials will present the idea – dubbed the “grassroots Canadian hockey strategy” – to the NHL's executive board Wednesday in Chicago. The group has no plans to relocate the Coyotes and sees the Canadian games as a way of generating additional revenue so the club can stay in Phoenix.

Nothing like a quick day trip to Yorkton for a little Western Major Baseball League action. Just a few thoughts..

--I hate two lane highways. I hate two lane highways even more at night when campers and trucks hauling boats are on the road.

--Is Highway 10 dubbed "Roadkill guaranteed every 10-15 kms". MAN!!

--Why don't more people get out and watch the WMBL. Its good ball to watch and its the best thing we've got in Saskatchewan so why not??

--While I have stated it before, I will state it again. There is nothing like satellite radio when you are a sports fan driving down the highway. Listening to the Reds-Cubs while motoring down the road was tremendous. Then again, rolling home and listening to Hair Nation Channel 41 was outstanding as well. Round and Round by Ratt is truly one of the best songs ever written.


OK some thoughts after Week 4 of CFL play.

--When you have three members of your o-line that are hurt, how and why does one keep blaming the quarterback???

--I never ever thought I would see Michael Bishop in the CFL again. Like I said in the previous post, Labour Day just got a thousand times more interesting. I can't wait to see the greeting Bishop gets from the East side fans. Maybe Mike Kelly is doing this to get the heat off. Why wouldn't you place a call back to Ryan Dinwiddie. Is Dieter Brock not available?? How about Sean Salisbury!!!

--What does it say about Casey Printers when the Bombers would rather chase Bishop down than him.

--A text received while in the pressbox from one of Regina's more known personalities on Saturday.

Kitwana Jones chased down a purse snatcher in Edmonton the other day. Good for him. When is Kenton Keith's court date??? OUCH!!!!! That is just downright nasty!!!!

--If the Riders woes on stopping the run continues next week, I shudder to think what Joffrey Reynolds might do.

--The Eskimos win might have saved their season. They got hammered in back to back games and were down 22-0. They could have easily folded their tent, but they rallied. Many might point back to what happened Saturday at the end of the year when it comes to where the two teams finish.

--B.C in the crossover or out of the playoffs altogether---perhaps!!

--Seeing Ray Elgaard on the field Saturday at halftime and then seeing someone else wearing his number only fortifies my belief that #81 needs to be retired by the Riders and soon.

--A dome would not have been the best place to watch a football game on Saturday when it was 30 above. October and November yes....July and August no!!!

--Hamilton is a better football club, but the Eastern final will once again be played in Montreal.

--How long will it take for the first outright dumb call on Sportsline tonight?? I'll be listening RP!!
Did I see right on Global News Sunday that Martensville wants to be declared a city?? Whats the population of Martensville??? If they want to be a city, does this mean White City or Balgonie are right behind them??
To one of my former co-workers. I got your message. I'm not surprised. If you want to, feel free.
There's roller derby in Regina??? Could this take the void left behind by the absence of High Impact Wrestling?? If that doesn't fill it, maybe someone should think about this....

If this doesn't spell entertainment, what does???
Call it the Queen City Ex if you must, but its still Buffalo Days or just "The Exhibition" to me.
Cherry Dr. Pepper. Works for me!!!!
Have a good Monday!!!

Can't Wait For Labour Day

Labour Day is always fun in Saskatchewan, but it may be moreso this year. It's good enough for Rider fans that they can give their best to Mike Kelly, but now Michael Bishop is on his way to Winnipeg. Bishop and Kelly together. Those on the east side must be counting down the days.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Explain Yourself Mr. Higgins

First off, let me say that the Saskatchewan Roughriders plain and simple blew it. They should have blown the Edmonton Eskimos out of the water today having led the game 22-0 only to lose 38-33. However, one must ask just what exactly CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins and his sidekick Jake Ireland were doing late in the football game.
It looked clear to me that Weston Dressler had hauled in a Darian Durant pass to keep a potential game-winning drive going, but the refs ruled the pass to be incomplete. Riders coach Ken Miller would have loved to challenge the play, but he can't because in the final couple of minutes, reviews have to be called by the league office. No call came. Why Tom?? A call at that stage in the game certainly deserved a second look. If then you determine Dressler did not catch the ball that is fine, but you owe it to the Riders and the CFL to take a good look at that play. It may have resulted in the Riders putting the ball in the endzone. It may have resulted in Edmonton still preventing the green and white from getting the ball in the endzone for the game winning points, but the bottom line is the play has to be looked at again.
Just some other preliminary thoughts on today's game. When I saw Andre Proulx was reffing today's game, I did a little eye-roll. It seems to me that this guy and his crew are a lightning rod for controversy and that every week something happens to make this guy look bad. I know there aren't many guys out there to ref a CFL game, but the league has to look at this guy's record and ask some questions.
Seeing Calvin McCarty and Arkee Whitlock break off some big runs makes me wonder what Joffrey Reynolds could do next week in Calgary. The run defence has to improve and improve big time.
I'm still at a loss for words as to why this team can't score in the 2nd half. That is now 22 points total in the 2nd half this year. That is not a formula for success.
A class act by everyone at Mosaic who gave Richie Hall a standing ovation upon his entrance today. A great, great move and a sign that Richie is missed. He was teary upon game's end and with good reason.
Its still hard to believe it was 20 years ago that the Riders won the 89 Cup. I can still see Elgaard and Fairholm running their patterns on the Taylor Field turf. I can still see Austin and Burgess filling up the Regina air with footballs and I can still see Jurasin and Lowe creating havoc for opposing offences.

Game Day

It should be a glorious afternoon for football with the mercury flirting with the 30 degree mark when your Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Eskimos this afternoon. Richie Hall returns to Regina and will do his thing from the other sideline. Richie admitting yesterday it was weird walking back into the stadium and heading to the visitors dressing room. I wonder what it will be like for him on the east side today and what type of reception he will get. The same goes for Mo Lloyd and Kitwana Jones. Speaking of Jones, did you see the story the other day where the Riders admitted his trade to Edmonton for Juan Joseph was for salary cap reasons and that the money saved could be used to re-signing Andy Fantuz. I don't hear a lot of grumbling about that deal now.

Scott Schultz was asked yesterday if he expects the Eskimos to try and establish the run even though they don't really have a top-notch calibre back that can do that. Schultz responding by saying if he were devising the Edmonton gameplan, he would call for a steady diet of the run because Saskatchewan hasn't been able to stop the run all year. That might be what determines a win from a loss today. I think the Riders bounce back from last week's effort against Montreal and they win this one by 10. That seemed to be the popular consensus amongst media guys yesterday when talking about it.
The Stampeders appear to have shaken off that early season rust. They went into B.C. and hammered the Lions 48-10. Henry Burris threw 3 TD's and Joffrey Reynolds ran for two. Its been a long time since I've seen BC get blown out at home like that. Fans were leaving BC Place before the 3rd quarter was over. OUCH!!
Mike Kelly should be in a jovial mood again this week. His offence could only muster 5 points as the Bombers lost 19-5 to Toronto. Stefan Lefors simply isn't getting it done. Somewhere Kevin Glenn smiles. Kelly wanted Lefors to be his quarterback when he took over and now he is having to deal with that. Its not going to get any easier either.
Let me get this straight. Mark Calcavecchia birdied nine straight holes at the Canadian Open. NINE!!! I can't even do that playing Tiger Woods golf. WOW!! That is impressive. Rain is throwing a real monkeywrench into the Open. Word today is they might not finish until Tuesday. That isn't good.
The WNBA all-star game is today. The WNBA still exists???
Trying to do play-by-play of a baseball game when you are suffering from some kind of flu bug is not the most pleasurable experience. Somehow I managed to get through it. Now if I can get through the football game today. First it was my 5 year old that had it and now I've got it and the wife does too. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!
Enjoy the game. Take sunscreen with you and pep band members, don't burn your lips on your musical instrument of choice.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arland Bruce, Mark Buehrle And Other Things

The CFL is abuzz over statements new Argos coach Bart Andrus made about receiver Arland Bruce III. Bruce was told by Andrus he is staying home for tomorrow's game in Winnipeg because he has not been a good teammate and that he is not being very professional. It has started a debate as to whether or not Andrus should be airing his dirty laundry through the media or not. I don't have a problem with it.
Andrus comes from the NFL and he has seen many coaches who will not hesitate to criticize a player if he acts as stupid as what Bruce has been. Do you think Bill Parcells would keep all of this in house. NO!!!
It would seem to me as if Bruce has exhausted the three strikes rule. He has been fined four times already this season, and he has criticized Kerry Joseph. I think if Bruce were with seven other CFL teams, he wouldn't be playing either. I know Ken Miller wouldn't be putting up with his act and even though he is not around the park, I can't see Eric Tillmn tolerating his behaviour either.
Bruce will likely end up with someone, and he will likely be told to smarten his act up wherever he goes. Then again, the other teams in this league may not want this headache around and there is no way he is cracking an NFL roster. Perhaps the next time we see Mr. Bruce is in the UFL. You wouldn't want Bruce wearing green would you??? I sure wouldn't!
The Ti-Cats are a better football team, but they have a ways to go before they can consider themselves a threat to the Alouettes. Give credit to the Tabbies as they held that Montreal offence in check, but Anthony Calvillo still threw for 400 yards in a 21-8 win. Montreal again just seems to be one step better than the rest of the league.
I've always said the toughest thing to do in sports is throw a perfect game. Mark Buehrle of the White Sox did that Thursday. 27 men up, 27 men down. No walks, no errors, no hits, no nothing. It is incredibly tough for that happen in any level of baseball. Everything must go your way. Buehrle's perfect game was only the 18th in major league history. That should tell you something right there.
Why must women feel the need to litter their bodies with big-time tattoos. I find that so unappealing. A little one OK. A big one or several that is there for everyone to see. No thanks!!!
The Canadian Open began Thursday with rain throwing a monkeywrench into everything. Weyburn's Graham DeLaet didn't even get to tee off in Round 1. He will do that today. I'm interested to see how he makes out. I don't think I'm the only one.
The Delissio pizza ad with the father telling his daughter that her date is a vampire is the best one on TV right now.
Sergei Fedorov says a man entrusted to manage his money over the past decade has swindled him out of 43 million dollars. How do you not notice that before now???
The Leader Post's Murray McCormick is asking readers of the L-P's Rider blog just who should carry the Grey Cup into Mosaic Stadium at halftime of Saturday's game when the 89 team will be introduced as the final act of the 20 year reunion weekend. I say the doors open up in the south end of the stadium and a big truck comes in with everyone from that team on that truck with the cup in the middle. Regardless of who brings it in, it will be a very loud and a very proud ovation from the Rider Nation as they salute guys like Jurasin, Elgaard, Suitor and Burgess one last time. I'm guessing the dinner at Queensbury Place on Thursday night was a great outing with many stories being told and many friendships being rekindled.
The NFL draft is going to be THREE days long now with the first round on Thursday. Thumbs down to that initiative from yours truly!
Does ESPN realize that it was them who started the Erin Andrews story. Had the suits at the network kept their yaps shut, no one may have known about the video that some creep took of her while she was naked in her hotel room. The video was apparently first put on line in February, but no one put two and two together until ESPN's brass became involved. Now the story has mushroomed out of control with the victim here being Andrews herself. Make no doubt about it, the guy who did this should be prosecuted, but there is also something here that resembles a stunt you would see in the American Pie movies. Stiffler, was it you???? The Globe actually has a great story on this debate at
Have a good Friday!!!

There's Got To Be Some Long Par 5's On This Course

Check this story out about a new golf course about to start business in Australia. I think I'll pass.....

Week 4 CFL Picks

A 4-0 week in Week 3 means I'm 8-4 on the season. It may be a little tougher to get the clean sweep two straight weeks, but here goes


The Ti-Cats are a better football team--at least they appear to be. They are over 500 for the first time in years sitting at 2-1. However, they still have a long ways to go to compete with the Alouettes---especially in Montreal. The Alouettes go in averaging almost 45 points a game. I don't know if they get 45 or not, but they will easily beat the Tabbies


Two teams that are 1-2 meet at Canad Inns Stadium. I'm still not sure how to gauge these two teams, but I do think Toronto has a better team than Winnipeg. Are they good enough to beat the Bombers at home though??? The Argos have had their lunch handed to them two straight weeks by Western Division opponents and now Bart Andrus has told Arland Bruce to stay home because he isn't acting like a professional. Perhaps a Bruce-Derick Armstrong trade should be made. I think this comes down to the running game and who can have the better night--Jamal Robertson or Fred Reid. I take Robertson thus I take the Argos to win by less than 10.


Another battle of 1-2 teams goes under the Dome at B.C. Place. Did the Stampeders get their act together against the Argos or do they still have some work to do? Did the Lions get their act together against the Eskimos or do they still have some work to do? This will be the best game of the week and it should be a high scoring tilt. I'm going to take the Lions.


The Eskimos have been beaten and beaten badly the past two weeks. It even got to the point where Edmonton fans booed Ricky Ray off the Commonwealth turf last week. Thoughts of Edmonton being improved in 09 have disappeared for the time being as this team struggles both offensively and defensively. The Riders are coming off that blowout loss to Montreal, but they know they are a better football team than what they showed last Saturday. Edmonton never plays well in Regina. One piece of advice for Richie Hall---enjoy the 89 reunion festivities, because the game won't be enjoyable. I take the Riders to win this one and perhaps win it big.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rider Update

You couldn't ask for a nicer day to watch the Riders do their thing as they get ready for the Eskimos on Saturday. That game by the way is officially sold out. Just some things of note.

--He isn't getting many reps, but Graham Harrell looks like he can get the ball to the wide side of the field and he does throw a nice ball.

--Joel Bell is likely to get a start on Saturday

--James Patrick and another receiver--it was either Bagg or Nicolson--had a heavy collission near the end of practice. Patrick laid on turf for a bit, but got up none the worse for wear.

--Gerran Walker could take the place of Chris Jones this week.

--Coach Miller had to be scolded by yours truly for continuously chatting up a young lady in the stands. OK, it was his wife, but he still had to be told to get back to work. He informed me that the Mrs was just telling him what to do next. It even happens to the coach at work fellas. :)

Agree Or Disagree

ESPN's Rick Reilly is picking on Tiger Woods today. He doesn't like the way Tiger handles himself on the golf course. Take a read and then tell me if you agree or disagree with the behaviour of one Mr. Woods on the links.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wait Till MacLeans Hears About This

I can see the idiots at Canada's national newsmagazine salivating at their keyboards already. Regina had the highest crime rate in Canada in 2008. Oh my god!! Lock the doors and load the shotguns. I'm not going to sit here and say Regina doesn't have a crime problem because the numbers obviously suggest we do, even though the crime rate for the city is at the lowest its been in decades. However, I feel relatively safe when I go out at night---as long as I am not in certain areas of the city, and when I read newspapers from other major Canadian cities, I don't see the problem here that they have in other places. Its not a flattering stat to have, but I and many others realize that stat is nothing but a load of crap.
So how did Graham Harrell look on day one of his professional career? It sounds like a lot of Rider fans made their way to the stadium on Tuesday to look at the new Rider quarterback. As expected, he didn't see a lot of reps, but he did have a couple. He told media after “The biggest difference is when you look down the line there aren’t any receivers,’I have to look behind me to find them. Welcome to Canada kid and don't forget about the 12th man on defence either. He has fooled some hotshot American QB's in the past(see Vince Ferragamo). I'll get a look at him later today.
If you read Tuesday's Leader-Post, you saw a great report from Ian Hamilton on former Montreal Alouette Tony Proudfoot. Tony is battling ALS and he's not letting it get the best of him. Tony is an inspiration to all who meet him. On Grey Cup morning last year in Montreal, the Football Reporters of Canada had a breakfast where Tony was honoured. He delivered a very emotional speech at that breakfast with the help of a machine that translates his thoughts. There were many misty eyes in the room when Tony was done. Anyone having had an opportunity to meet Tony has come away a better man. Those who know Tony know what I'm talking about. It will be a sad day when ALS finally does win its battle against Tony. If you didn't see the article, here it is....

Speaking of the L-P, kudos to my good friend Rob Vanstone. He is doing a series on the 89 Grey Cup champs. Of course they are holding a 20 year reunion this weekend. Shameless plug coming up....

As many of you know, Rob has a book coming out shortly on the 1966 Riders. Rob allowed to me to have a sneak preview of the book and it is a great read. I encourage all of you who read this to make sure you buy a copy of that book. Rob is also working feverishly on a book profiling the 89 Riders and the many low years that preceded that. That book is a ways off from being at your local bookstore, but once again if Rob's name is attached to it, it will be a great read.
One guy who sadly will not be here this weekend is Dave Ridgway. There is a lot of concern about Dave these days and the Globe's Al Maki tried to get to the bottom of things with this article.....
Back in the good old days at CJME when Dale Isaac was there, I had a chance to work with Dave and we became good friends. There are many, many stories I could tell about Robokicker. One of them might be my all time favourite story from radio, but to protect the innocent I won't reveal the details. When Dave was put into the Plaza of Honor in 2000, the team held a little wine and cheese function at the stadium for a handful of people that were invited by the inductees that year. I was shocked and taken aback when Dave invited me to that function, but its something I'll never forget. To be in the inner circle of someone like Ridge's for just one night was quite surreal. When I first heard of the reunion, my first thought was about seeing Dave and hassling him about Lui Passaglia being the greatest kicker in the history of the CFL. That obviously isn't going to happen.
I know Dave's good friend Terry McEvoy reads this blog from time to time from his Minneapolis home. Terry if you are reading this, please send my best to Dave and tell him he will be missed this weekend not just by me, but by many fans---fans that he pleased here and across this nation for many, many years.
Someone else who will be here this weekend is Richie Hall. It will be his first time coming to the stadium as a member of the opposition, but he will have the /=S=/ firmly on his mind when he takes part in the reunion festivities. Here are his thoughts....
A Walmart Supercentre is coming to Regina. Just another positive economic sign for the city and the province. (Hey MacLeans, are you taking note of that!!)Its going to go in what will soon be a thriving southwest part of the city. Here's hoping it will be a lot easier to get around over there than it is in the east end.

Way To Go Kitwana!!

From the Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON — A purse snatcher in downtown Edmonton had little room to run after a 240-pound, six-foot Edmonton Eskimo helped tackle him early Tuesday.
Defensive end Kitwana Jones, 28, and another man caught up to a suspect who police say robbed a woman shortly before 7 a.m. local time. The woman, in her 50s, was walking when she was approached by the man, who wrestled away her purse and laptop.
The suspect took off running, with a witness to the theft following close behind.
Jones, who played with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for five seasons before joining the Eskimos this season, joined the chase and the two men caught up to the suspect in a nearby alley.
They took him down and held him in the alley until police arrived.
There were no injuries, beyond a scratch on the suspect's knee, police spokeswoman Karen Carlson said. The woman's purse and laptop were returned to her.
Jones attended football practice today, where officers met with him to go over what happened.
Terrance Allan Walcott, 29, has been charged with robbery.

Celebrating 1989

From the desk of Riders communications co-ordinator Sheri Trapp


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are very pleased to announce they will be welcoming back members of the 1989 Grey Cup Championship team this weekend. They will be honoured at halftime during Saturday’s game against the Edmonton Eskimos at Mosaic Stadium.

Rider fans will get a chance to meet and get autographs from members of the 1989 team prior to the game. The team will be on the practice field directly across from Mosaic Stadium from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm on Saturday, July 25th. There will be 1989 reunion autograph cards presented by Harvard Broadcasting provided to the first 10,000 people free of charge.

Alumni in attendance will include: Dave Albright, Roger Aldag, Mike Anderson, Jeff Bentrim, Rob Bresciani, Tom Burgess, Steve Crane, Shawn Daniels, Wayne Drinkwalter, Ray Elgaard, James Ellingson, Jeff Fairholm, John Hoffman, Larry Hogue, Bryan Illebrun, Milson Jones, Bobby Jurasin, Chuck Klingbeil, Gary Lewis, Eddie Lowe, Mark Guy, Tim McCray, Ken Moore, Dan Payne, Bob Poley, Dan Rashovich, Harry Skipper, Vic Stevenson, Glen Suitor, Jeff Treftlin, Mark Urness and Brian Walling.

Autograph Session
Saturday, July 25th
12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.
Mosaic Stadium – Practice Field

CFL Players Of The Week

Toronto, ON - (July 21, 2009) - Jarious Jackson, Dwaine Carpenter, Paris Jackson and Nick Setta were named the Gibson's Finest CFL Players of the Week for week three, the Canadian Football League announced today.

The four players were chosen by a panel of judges that includes former Canadian Football League players Matt Dunigan and Duane Forde, now of TSN, and Pierre Vercheval of RDS.


QB - Jarious Jackson - BC Lions

BC Lions 40 @ Edmonton Eskimos 22

Highlights / Key Stats:

Jarious Jackson was sensational while filling in for the injured Buck Pierce, as he threw for 362 yards and four touchdowns while completing 19 of 28 pass attempts. On his first play, Jackson threw a 45-yard pass to Geroy Simon that set-up the game's opening touchdown by running back Martell Mallet.

Jackson also threw touchdown passes to Paris Jackson, Emmanuel Arceneaux and another to Simon while leading the Lions to their first win of the season.

- Unanimous Selection -


LB - Dwaine Carpenter - Calgary Stampeders

Toronto Argonauts 9 @ Calgary Stampeders 44

Highlights / Key Stats:

Dwaine Carpenter played a huge role in the Stamps victory against the Toronto Argonauts this past week, as he recovered two fumbles and scored a touchdown, while also collecting three tackles and one quarterback sack.

Runner Up
DL - Malik Jackson - Calgary Stampeders


K - Nick Setta - Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 25

Highlights / Key Stats:

Nick Setta came up big for the Ticats this week as they defeated the Blue Bombers 25-13 at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Setta made three of four field goal attempts, hitting from 32, 36, and 42 yards to help Hamilton win their second game of the season. Setta scored 13 of the Tiger-Cats 25 points.

Runner Ups
Tyler Ebell - BC Lions
Sean Whyte - BC Lions


SB - Paris Jackson - BC Lions

BC Lions 40 @ Edmonton Eskimos 22

Highlights / Key Stats:

Paris Jackson's big game helped the BC Lions collect their first win of the season by defeating the Edmonton Eskimos 40-22 at Commonwealth Stadium. Jackson had nine catches for 126 yards and one touchdown, and was one of replacement QB Jarious Jackson's favourite targets all night.

Runner UpT - Jeff Perrett - Montreal Alouettes

Monday, July 20, 2009

CFL POTW/This And That

Who was impressive enough to warrant consideration for CFL players of the week in Week 3. I don't go Canadian or special teams, but here are my top 3 players on both sides of the ball

1)Jarious Jackson-BC. Comes off the bench and throws for 362 yards and 4 touchdowns in the Lions dissection of the Eskimos.
2)Anthony Calvillo-Montreal. You saw what he did on the Mosaic turf Saturday.
3)Kevin Glenn-Hamilton. Takes his new team to a win over his old team and looked good in doing so.

1)Justin Hickman-Hamilton. Was a force for the Ti-Cats on the d-line against the Bombers registering seven tackles and pressuring QB's Stefan Lefors and Bryan Randall all night
2)Barron Miles-BC. Like Eddie Davis, the calendar says he's getting older, but he's getting better as well. Made one big pick against the Eskimos and had a couple of other big plays against the Edmonton receivers
3)Dwaine Carpenter-Calgary. The entire Stamps defence had a great game, but this guy stood out above the rest. (Probably because he had a TD)
I won't be at Rider practice today, but I'm sure many will be there checking out Graham Harrell. The highly touted NC double A grad will be wearing #16...he bought it from Adam Nicolson who is now #87. I wonder if he asked Rob Bagg for #6 seeing that is what he wore at Texas Tech. I can't think of a 5th string quarterback who will be under the microscope more than what Harrell will be. Darian Durant is still the number one guy and Steven Jyles is still the number two guy. Harrell should not and I'm guessing will not be elevated into a position where he could play in 2009, but after that its anyones guess. Durant can certainly send a message of his own as to who the starter is by performing well over the next few games. I have no rhyme or reason when I make this statement, but I think if one of the QB's in town is going to go its Dalton Bell. Again, I have no rhyme or reason for making that statement. Its just what my spidey senses are telling me.
I think its safe to say that three of the four games this weekend were blowouts with Montreal, BC and Calgary all posting one-sided wins. In those games, Anthony Calvillo and Henry Burris played the entire game while Kerry Joseph played the entire game in a losing effort for the Argos. Why wouldn't Marc Trestman, John Hufnagel or Bart Andrus insert the backup for some reps when the end result is academic. Yes, Hufnagel pulled Burris in Winnipeg and inserted Barrick Nealy for some much needed game experience in Week 2, but why not repeat it in Week 3 and why wouldn't Trestman or Andrus pull his guy in place of the backup. What happens if the number one guy should get hurt????
A downtown dome?? I say the sooner the better. I still wish it was where the old Superstore was, but if its on the other side, I'm OK with it. I wonder what happens to that building--Dream Carpets isn't it--if the ground is ever broken there. There's a long ways to go before that new facility becomes reality, but we appear to be one step closer today than what we were yesterday at this time. I did hear someone say if a new multi-purpose facility comes in, what would it mean for Evraz Place. I don't think you need to worry about what those people are doing. They seem to have their act together over there with harmony now seemingly the case between the Parkers and Evraz Place brass over what is happening or what wasn't happening at the Brandt Centre. The Co-Operators Centre will be a top-notch facility--and why wouldn't it be when Trent Fraser has his hands on that and the Eventplex isn't suffering. If all of this comes to fruition, Regina might be the envy of many Canadian cities. It will just be another reason as to why this city is great. Maybe the idiots at MacLeans magazine can come here and do a positive story then. Of course, it will be years too late but what the heck. Question---does anyone in this city have a subscription to that rag and if so why??? I'd really like to know what that magazine has against the Queen City??.
Rod Pedersen noted on his blog some of the things Taylor Swift did while at the Craven jamboree earlier this month. He noted she went to the Starbucks at the Northgate Safeway and spent a lot of money at an antique store. I have also heard she dropped a lot of money at a couple of stores in the Northgate for her and her entourage. Is it true that she spent $1500 alone at Bootlegger???? That's what I've heard. If she was in the Northgate, did she head over to the Rider store and get something with the /=S=/ on it. Hope so!!
Jennifer Hedger and Darren Dutchyshen are coming to Watrous. They beat Wynyard in the final Saskatchewan vote for the Kraft Celebration Tour. It means Sportscentre will come live from Watrous one night this summer---August 26 I think. The town also gets 25-thousand dollars to improve their arena. Congrats to Watrous!!
Many UFC fans are still talking about Dan Henderson's knockout blows to Michael Bisping at UFC 100. They will see Henderson again at UFC 103. He will step into the octagon against Rich Franklin on September 19 in Dallas.
ZZ Top hosting RAW. Love it!! Next week, its Shaq!!!
Don't the Cubs have a package to give Toronto for Roy Halladay??? I can think of some guys they could send to Toronto. Oh wait, they signed BJ Ryan to a minor league contract meaning he is likely to be wearing a Cubs uniform very soon meaning there will be no playoffs this year after he blows a few down the stretch.
When should I start preparing for my NFL fantasy drafts??? Perhaps the bigger question is how many am I going to get in this year???

Graham Harrell Arrives

Graham Harrell, the highly touted quarterback from Texas Tech University, is now signed, sealed and delivered having officially signed his contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He met the media for the first time today. Here are some comments....

"I know they like to throw the football, but other than that not too much. I’ve seen some games before so I got to see quite a bit. It looks like a fun game. They spread it out and throw the football around. It looks exciting."

"It’s great having Eric Morris (Texas Tech teammate)up here. He was one of my best friends at Texas Tech, so having him up here asking him what he knows. He likes it up here, he says its fun and a game he enjoys playing. If he’s enjoying it that much, I thought I would too. As I said, we are good friends and we do a lot together so yeah I guess he had a lot to do with me getting here ."

"I’m excited to be here in a game that hopefully fits my skills. Like I said, they will spread it out and I’ll throw it. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life."

"The field is real wide. You don’t realize how wide it is until you get out there and stand on it. I’m excited to get out there and see what its like when I start practicing. "

"There’s still a lot of learning to do. I’ve got to learn the game, learn the offence here in Saskatchewan. Everything starts tomorrow."


"We’re excited to have him up here. He’s had a wonderful career at Texas Tech, and we were fortunate to have one of his receivers (Eric Morris) up here to help persuade him that the CFL is a great league to be in."

"Graham feels like the CFL gives him the best opportunity to further his career. He has had lots of interest from the NFL recently and the new UFL league. In fact, Dennis Green has been trying hard to get him to play for the new team in San Francisco, but Eric managed to convince Graham and his agent that this might be a better route for him."

"There are no guarantees. We have a young quarterback group and we are trying to evolve game to game. He knows coming in there are no guarantees so Graham will have to earn his own way and understand the nuances of the Canadian game like the width of the field. He has great talent, he is very intelligent, very accomplished. He is a fine young man who comes from a top-notch program in Texas Tech. We are happy he is here."

"I think some people felt like his arm strength wasn’t what they were looking for. I disagree with that. He has a quick release, he is very accurate. We think he has what it takes to compete for a position on this football club. We like what he brings to the table."

"We don’t want to put too much pressure on him right now. Pressure will be there because of his collegiate background, but we think its going to take time. I think everyone who follows football knows the quarterback position is the point man. Its going to take him a while to learn this game. I like the quarterbacks we have, but it makes for an interesting situation and lets our other quarterbacks know that it’s a business and you have to come ready for work each and every day."


What exactly is that behind Michael Jordan??? Do I really want to know??? What bottom-feeder would bring that to a sporting event????

One Step Closer

The days of watching Saskatchewan Roughriders football at a new facility appear to be inching closer to reality. From the Leader-Post...

REGINA — The three levels of government and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are investing up to $1 million to look at the feasibility of a domed stadium.
Representatives from the provincial, federal and municipal governments and the Riders made the announcement Monday morning. It is to look at the feasibility of an all-season, multipurpose entertainment facility that would be located in downtown Regina.
"Before we can make any decisions, we need more information and that is what we intend to get with the experts we have involved," said Enterprise Minister Ken Cheveldayoff.
At the morning media conference, the earlier concept review was released, which estimated that a new domed stadium would cost $350 million, not including the cost of purchasing land.
The study is to be completed in January 2010 and submitted to the partners for review and a decision.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

British Open/Final Thoughts on Wk 3 Of CFL

This probably won't make me very popular, but there is no doubt in my mind Tom Watson choked away the British Open. Watson could have been one of the top 10 stories in 2009, he could have been one of the greatest stories in golf history by winning the Claret Jug, but instead he gagged. He had it won. All he had to do was make an 8 foot putt to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats. In fact, he probably would have crawled up a couple of spots, but he blew it big-time.
You could see him hack at what should have been the final stroke of the tournament. Yes, he had terrible luck by having his second shot go off the green, but someone of Watson's calibre should still be able to get up and down from where he was. The emotion of what would have been came crashing down at the wrong time for Watson and he couldn't recover in the playoff so Stewart Cink who wasn't even in the equation until he birdied 18 wins what Watson should have.
Take nothing away from the performance the 59 year old treated golf fans too, but in the end, he choked much like Kenny Perry did at the Masters. The only difference is Watson has been here before--albeit a long time ago. I didn't think Watson would win. I thought he would fall off much like Greg Norman did a year ago, but he didn't----not until the 72nd hole. He had everyone dreaming and he turned the dream into a nightmare. Despite the ending, it was a great show by Watson who provided us with some dramatic theatre without a guy named Tiger involved. By the way, you know Tiger would have drained that 8 footer.

One last thing between Tiger and Watson. All too often this week and at other events, you see Tiger slam his clubs and pout on the tee when he has hit a bad one. Watson doesn't do that and either did Nicklaus or the other greats. That's one lesson that Tiger needs to learn from the greats. Handle yourself with some dignity and class. This coming from the guy who has yet to throw a tantrum on the course this year.....but yes it will come at some point.
Week 3 of the CFL season is in the books and as always there are some thoughts after what transpired. Here are some random ones

--Montreal had the best looking retro uniforms, but BC was a close second
--Why was it all coaches wore something with the retro look except for Bombers coach Mike Kelly. This guy is a real piece of work. I'm guessing he thumbed his nose at the CFL by not wearing something with the retro logo instead going with the shirt and tie.
--While many blame Darian Durant for the Rider woes, it was evident the Riders missed Belton Johnson and Gene Makowsky.
--On the other side, the Alouettes proved they have the best offensive line. Was A-C even knocked down????
--Is Ben Cahoon the best Canadian receiver the CFL has ever seen? He certainly has the best hands I've ever seen from a Canadian receiver
--I'm still not sold on Calgary even though they throttled Toronto
--What is happening in Edmonton????
--Is it wrong for me to feel good about the fact that Hamilton is 2-1.
--How long did it take to wipe the smile off of Kevin Glenn's face??
--How much longer will we have to endure the "Wrapman" commercials???
Congrats to Weyburn's Graham DeLaet. He wins the Canadian Tour stop in Winnipeg and is now the top money-earner on the tour. What more does Graham have to do before he gets his PGA card?? Is he golfing at the Canadian Open this week???
If that was Roy Halladay's last start in a Toronto uniform, he gave Blue Jays fans something to remember. I just don't know how Toronto can get rid of this guy. Spend some money and build a team around him.
I give a thumbs down on the ESPY's.

Early Sunday

Tom Watson isn't going to win the British Open is he?? At the time of writing this, anyone could the way the final round is going. Seeing Ross Fisher struggle on 4 made me think of my day at Aspen Links the other day. Everyone is hopping on the Watson bandwagon the way everyone hopped on the Greg Norman bandwagon last year and we remember what happened there. It would be a great story if Watson wins, but I can't see it.
When is the last time the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were above 500. Seriously! I can't remember. Is it wrong to feel good for the Tabbies and their fans?
I think I'll have to watch today's Blue Jays game. After all, it might be the last time Roy Halladay pitches in a Toronto uniform. I'll be interested to see what type of reaction Halladay gets when he emerges from the dugout. If the Toronto baseball fan is smart, he would get a standing ovation--and a long one at that.
Seen in the stands at the Rider game yesterday----a fan with a Rider jersey with Harrell on the back. He taped the lettering on but still. Speaking of jerseys, it would have to be an unofficial poll but from what I have seen, Fantuz and Szarka jerseys lead the way this year. If Andy doesn't re-sign, the Rider store is going to do a lot of business from disgruntled fans getting new jerseys. Those that have Szarka jerseys had better start saving up for a new one soon as Chris is on the downside of his career and maybe has one or two years left.
Has everyone calmed down this morning after what happened yesterday?? It wasn't pretty, but all teams are going to have games like that. Once you let a good team get up on you, its tough to come back and that's what happened yesterday. It won't be like that next weekend against the Eskimos.
Fellas, do a google news search under Denise Richards and then ask yourself if you wish you were one of her friends????
Summer has finally decided to pay a visit, so stop reading this and get outside and enjoy the day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


That was ugly wasn't it.?! The Alouettes showed why they are the class of the CFL as they pounded the Riders 43-10 at Mosaic on Saturday afternoon. Head coach Ken Miller described the offence's play as inconsistent and he is right. Darian Durant struggled completing just 10 of 20 passes, but it seemed as if his receivers were having a tough time getting open. The same went for Steven Jyles when he was in the game as he came in for mop-up time in the 4th quarter. For those wondering by the way, Miller said Durant will be the starter against Edmonton.
I don't know what it is with the balls being used at Mosaic Stadium this year, but I have to wonder if they are being stored where the burgers are cooked, because they appear to be some kind of greasy. It was another turnover filled contest with 10 of them being committed--Saskatchewan having six of them. It just seems that ball is bouncing out with a lot more regularity here than it is in other places.
I don't know about you, but I felt this game turned at the half. Saskatchewan was in it, but Calvillo got into that unstoppable rhythm that he is famous for. Montreal's first drive of the second half was stopped by a Ben Cahoon fumble, but after that he led the Alouettes on two touchdown drives putting them up 28-8 and in effect it was game over right there.
Here's a stat for you and one that I think should be a little concerning. While the Riders have now scored 84 points---only 14 of those have come in the second half. That's something that must be corrected.
Bottom line is the Riders will end the weekend in first in the West at 2-1 with an Edmonton team that is staggering coming in here next Saturday. The Eskimos will be desperate to get their game back on track and the Riders will be looking to bounce back from this sub-par effort. We know what its like in Riderville after a win, we will see this week how the team responds to defeat.
Comment away!!!!

Technical Difficulties

Some sort of screw-up in the system is just now allowing me to get on to post something, but alas its time to go to the football game. Check in tonight.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does Wally Have A QB Controversy On His Hands???

Wally Buono didn't want to have a quarterback controversy, but it looks like he has one. Buck Pierce went out because of injury in the first quarter. Jarious Jackson comes in and throws for 360 yards and four touchdowns as the Lions destroy Edmonton 40-22. What has happened to the Eskimos??? Since beating Winnipeg in Week 1, the Eskimos have given up 90 points. That will not have Richie Hall smiling. When you consider the fact that Edmonton beat Winnipeg on the last play of their Week 1 game because Hall iced the kicker, Edmonton is close to being 0-3. Perhaps they are not as good as people thought they were. This could be a big win for B.C. as the season progresses. I do believe these teams will fight it out for 3rd and 4th in the West with Calgary despite their record bouncing back to finish first followed by the Riders. By the way was it just me or did the Eskimo retro uniforms look a lot like the uniforms worn by the University of Regina Rams??
Just a reminder that this Saturday's game is Purolator Food Bank day. Bring some food with you to the game and get a chance to not only get your picture taken with the Grey Cup, but perhaps win tickets to this year's Grey Cup. In addition to the food drives, every time a CFL quarterback gets sacked throughout the regular season, Purolator donates the equivalent of the quarterback’s weight in food to a CFL hometown region food bank. Last year, Purolator donated the equivalent of 100-thousand pounds of food to food banks through the quarterback sack tally.
Tom Watson is one stroke off the lead at the British Open??? Is it 1977 again?? Jeez if it was, I would go back and start correcting some mistakes I made during my teenage years. Then again, I could live those teenage years again. MEMMMMMM-REEEEEEEES!!!!! OK moving on....
One great thing about minor league baseball is the promotions they have. The Brooklyn Cyclones are having a salute to pregnancy night coming up this weekend. Pregnant women are invited to come to the park and take part in festivities like
*Barefoot & Pregnant: Expectant moms can run (or, more likely, walk) the bases with no shoes on before the game
*Craving Station: A table on the Concourse level will offer pickles, ice cream, anchovy pizza, etc. for pregnant women who crave more than the usual ballpark fare
*7th Inning Stretch Marks: Pregnant women will be allowed onto the field in the 7th inning to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame
*Lamaze on the Lawn: The Cyclones will offer a Pre-game Lamaze class on the grass in centerfield
*Special Delivery: Any woman who gives birth at the ballpark before the end of the game gets free Cyclones Season Tickets for life for each member of her new family
*Pregnancy Pitch: Any woman in her third trimester gets to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before the game

Who thinks up these things???? I love it!!!!
In a story that will surprise no one, Environment Canada says it has a been below average summer when it comes to temperatures. The average high for the first month of July was just over 21 degrees. The normal is 25.6 degrees. I'm not a guy that likes excessively hot weather as it results in me making my own gravy if you know what I mean. However, even I who would gladly take year round temperatures consisting of between minus 25 to plus 25 has been a little choked with the cool weather. No mosquitoes though, and that's a good thing.
I heard from a friend of mine in Calgary today that the Hitmen are ready to name former Buffalo defenceman John Van Boxmeer as their new head coach. Do you remember that guy?? I do. That's sad in a way is it not??? He wore sweater number 2 if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what previous coaching experience he has and I'm not googling him to find out. Meanwhile, the Broncos made it official today as Swift Current signs former WHL'er Mark Lamb to be their new head coach and GM replacing Dean Chynoweth. He had been an assistant coach in Dallas. I think Lamb will be a nice fit with the Broncos.

Perhaps The Rider Nation Needs To Contact This Bozo

It would appear as if the Graham Harrell signing isn't sitting well with one American blogger. Sit down and take a read....

Perhaps the Rider Nation needs to make a comment or two as to what a you know what Mr. Pearson is. Write away. I'm talking to you members of

An Update From Riderville

Not much to report from Riderville today. The most popular players may have been 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks Dalton Bell and Cole Bergquist as a couple of people had to ask if they think their days as a Rider might be over considering Graham Harrell will soon be here. I've gotten a lot of e-mails about Harrell and his potential. As I have said, he has the credentials of a top notch quarterback but lets see what happens when he gets here. The one thing I will say is I hope Rider fans show some patience. Harrell is not going to come in here, watch the Canadian game for a couple of weeks, and then start lighting it up. That just doesn't happen. Anyone calling for Harrell to see action this year is wearing his or her watermelon too tight.

Lance Frazier looks like he will play Saturday. He looked close to 100 percent at practice today after leaving the Toronto game with a hip pointer.

I don't know who they were, but a group of people in wheelchairs were at practice today being looked after by Maureen Miller---the wife of Ken. For those who don't know Maureen, she is just a tremendous woman and someone that everyone should get a chance to know. Instead of retreating to their locker-room and to interviews once the practice was over, every player went over to have some talk time with the guests--who I think were army vets. Its things like this that should be reported on more often. Players get roasted when they stray off that line and get into trouble---and well they should depending on the severity of the crime--but they should also be saluted for things like this.

Week 3 Predictions

Another week of being 2-2 means I'm 4-4 going into Week 3. At this rate, Maggie the Monkey will be coming in to make these picks. Anyhoo....


I heard someone say this is a must win game for the Lions seeing they don't want to start the season at 0-3. Wally's teams have had rough starts before and they have bounced back so I don't know if I would classify a Week 3 game as a must-win. It is obvious though that this Lions team is not the same one that we have seen over the last number of years. I'm trying to figure out if the loss of Rob Murphy or the loss of Cameron Wake is the bigger one for B.C., because I don't think they really replaced either.
As for the Eskimos, they are going to give Arkee Whitlock a chance to redeem himself after his disastrous debut in Montreal. Whitlock needs to give Edmonton some kind of running game if they are to be successful. I'm not buying after what I saw last weekend. I will go with BC in this one in what should be an entertaining contest.


The Stampeders face the prospect of going 0-3 which would officially end the Grey Cup euphoria being felt. I don't buy this argument Glen Suitor gave last week about the Stamps not having their head in the game because they won last year. If that is the case, then give Ken Miller and the Rider staff last year some credit for not allowing their guys to have their head in the clouds starting 6-0. I'm thinking John Hufnagel went right back to square one with every facet of his club this week as they get ready for the Argos. As for Toronto, they need to be more disciplined. Kerry Joseph looks to be quite comfy in Bart Andrus' offence and the presence of Jamal Robertson gives them a nice mix. The question with the Argos might be how much did that 2nd quarter last week hurt their psyche. I am going with the Stampeders here in a game that will be close going into the 4th quarter.


Anthony Calvillo has picked up right where he left off in 2008 when he was named MOP. He has the best receiving talent in the league and Avon Cobourne is an extremely talented back who doesn't get the love that guys like Joffrey Reynolds and Wes Cates get. Their defence isn't bad either. I don't have to tell you about what the Riders have done in the first two weeks. If Saskatchewan is go to 3-0 this week, they will have to definitely win the time of possession battle. Calvillo will engineer scoring drives and it will be up to Darian Durant to equal what Calvillo does. Its going to be a Saturday afternoon scorefest at Mosaic with both teams finishing in the 30's, but in the end I think the team that has the 1 under their loss column is the home team. I can't pick the Riders every week!!!!!


This game interests me just for the fact you have two teams coming off big and I think unexpected wins. What happened last week was a real confidence boost for both. The question now is what team rides the momentum and leaves Ivor Wynne with a 2-1 record. Winnipeg has always had a tough time of it in Hamilton and I think the Spygate saga will give the Tabbies some extra motivation. I'll take Hamilton (GULP!!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Slowest Day In Sports

Its the one day when the lights in all professional arenas are dark. Nothing was going on today. What a perfect day for Mr. Media Whore Brett Favre to make a statement. Favre saying he will decide July 30 if he is going to play for the Vikings. Order the jerseys now folks. Brett just wants to have that spotlight on himself for a couple of more weeks before it gets turned on fulltime when he says he is going to be a member of the Vikings. I really hope Green Bay just kicks the you know what out of them both times they play this year just so that he will shut up and go away. I'm tired of Favre and his act. I know I'm not the only one.
Maybe the Vikings should have gone out and get a young guy---a guy like Texas Tech's Graham Harrell. Oh wait, they can't because he's now a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This signing really intrigues me. It intrigues me for the fact that I wonder how a guy who has the credentials and resume that Harrell has isn't currently with an NFL team. How did he not get drafted??? What is it about his game that the NFL does not like??? This guy was considered by some to be the best quarterback in the NC double A last year. In fact, on the day his agent announces the signing, Harrell is in L-A where he is nominated for an ESPY award as college football's best player(he lost to Florida's Tim Tebow by the way). I'm guessing his signing will mean the Riders get some American exposure over the next couple of days. The question once he gets here is what do the Riders have planned for him when it comes to his role with the team. I can't see him on the field this year as he gets used to the Canadian game, but when he does, if he does, what does it mean for the current guys especially Darian Durant. I also have to think Harrell still has NFL aspirations so can the Riders keep him around long enough for him to make an impact. I guess we'll start finding out the answers to those questions soon. Does this mean I should hold off on ordering that Bergquist jersey???
Twins first baseman(and good Canadian boy) Justin Morneau is a little pissed today and really I don't blame him. Morneau did not like the fact that O'Canada was a taped piece before Tuesday's all-star game with Sheryl Crow then singing "The Star Spangled Banner". Morneau wondering aloud why Major League Baseball didn't get a Canadian act to sing our anthem. I agree. You can't tell me that all the Canadian bands and acts that have made it big in the US couldn't have been recruited to be in St. Louis Saturday night. It is a slap in the face if you ask me. I'd like to know what fellow Canadian Jason Bay thought about this. I know we are touchy about our anthem here and when the Stanley Cup playoffs hit, there is always some furore when Canadian hockey fans boo the Star Spangled Banner, but really, having no Canadian act perform the song was a joke. Thumbs up to Morneau for letting his feelings be known. Then again, we might have gotten this.....

I still chuckle when I hear that. Here's the way to sing O'Canada....

I'm sort of amused over the "spygate" scandal that has erupted in the CFL. I didn't have a problem with Bill Belichick doing what he did a couple of years ago and I don't really have a problem with this. The only problem I have is with Bombers coach Mike Kelly trying to avoid the issue. When Don Matthews got caught, he admitted it and said if you aren't cheating, you aren't trying. Kelly tries to absolve himself and the club of all blame saying the guy in question didn't have the club's permission. Here's an idea for the Bombers. If that statement is true, fire this guy. He made your organization look bad so take the steps to correct it and tell him his services are no longer needed. I still don't think Kelly makes it to Labour Day and if he does, he just might snap after the treatment I'm sure the East siders will give him. I know Ryan Whippler and Sheri Trapp will never allow it, but I would love to sit behind the visitors bench for one game just to hear the abuse that gets rained down on them. If it ever does happen, I'll be the guy wearing the Rider helmet.
Why would the Detroit Lions have this on their website??
Who would want to relive that season????
The Boston Pizza "Trip a Day' ad had to be ordered with extra cheese!!!!!
Have a good Thursday!!