Monday, January 31, 2011

A Cold Start To The Week

The temperature was hovering around the zero mark last week wasn't it. It sure isn't for the next few days and yes, I have to hit the highway again. The trek to the north begins today as I will be visiting La Ronge and Flin Flon this week as part of the SJHL's Presidents Tour. I'm guessing its as balmy in those two locales as it is in Regina this morning. BRRRRRRR!!!
Did you watch the NHL all-star game? Did you watch the Pro Bowl? I didn't see a second of either. I saw at one point that one team had a 4-0 lead in the all-star game about 5 minutes in and that the game was tied before the first period was over. Yes, that would have been NHL hockey at its finest. I'm sure there were many hard hits and guys were giving it 110 percent. I know its not the gold medal Olympic final, but I've just gotten to the stage that I think the all-star game itself hurts the game because it isn't the game. The festivities surrounding the game are great, but the event itself isn't. The same would go for the Pro Bowl. I don't even know what the final score was or who won.
I don't imagine the NHL was very happy with the CBC for having the start of all-star game coverage pre-empted by curling. How about the statement by Glenn Howard who took one to force that extra end thus causing the delay. When it was over, Howard chortled.“As it should,” said Howard. “It's just an all-star game, it's really not that big a deal. CBC did the right thing as far as I'm concerned. They took the live event right until the end. Those that REALLY wanted to watch the pre-game ceremonies could go to I'm guessing it didn't take very long for the last rock to settle in the house before they were saying goodbye though.
I did see the Royal Rumble. WORST RUMBLE EV-ER! In the end, Alberto Del Rio won. I'm guessing that means he will fight Edge at Wrestlemania and seeing "The Miz" has no one to fight, it will be the winner of RAW's Elimination Chamber that will battle him and that will be SIGHHHHHHH John Cena. Hopefully I'm wrong.
It sounds like Rod Pedersen learned what Regina is like at its lowest common denominator on Friday night by reading his blog. TOLD YA RP!!! See you at next month's show.
Congrats to Amber Holland for winning the provincial ladies curling title for a 2nd straight year. Amber and her crew beat Stefanie Lawton in the final. She is now off to the Scotties and it is a great field that is going to be there. Jennifer Jones is back to defend her title and when she plays Manitoba, she will see a familiar face. Cathy Overton-Clapham, who was disposed of by Jenny after last year's worlds in what was termed as a surprising move, won the Manitoba title yesterday. What will be colder--the ice in Charlottetown or the looks on the faces of those two women when they go head to head. Others in the event include Kelly Scott and Shannon Kleibrink. CMON AMBER!!!
Did you see the Hockey Night in Canada/NHLPA poll that was released yesterday. Its on the CBC sports website. One question asked of players is what place don't you want to play. The top two answers were the Islanders and the Oilers. How times have changed! It wasn't that long ago that those two teams were the two teams in the NHL staging a couple of Stanley Cup battles. Somewhere guys like Bossy, Potvin, Trottier, Gretz, Anderson and Coffey must cringe when they see that. Another question was what Canadian city deserves an NHL team. While I thought Toronto would top that list, the answer was Quebec City.
Word is Bob Wylie is going to a football team whose last name starts with an R and ends with an S. Yes, it is said he is going to the Raiders.
CSI fans, I just heard that Gil Grissom is coming back.
Thats all I got. Blogging may be sporadic this week, but I'll see what I can do.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sunday Smorgasbord

I spent some time in Saskatoon yesterday. Before leaving, and seeing it was lunchtime, I decided I would go to a place that I haven't been to in years. A place that serves great burgers----yes, I went to Fuddruckers. I made the mistake of getting there shortly after the lunch hour rush had started and there was a line, but yes, it was worth it.
I know Regina used to have a Fuddruckers and I know that for some reason it went under because business wasn't great. Its time to get one of these going again. I know many a Reginan who when in Saskatoon stops at Fudds. In fact, there were two Regina hockey teams in there when I was there. I think many in Regina would appreciate a Fudds here again. Someone make it happen!
Have you watched the NHL all-star game festitivities this weekend. Its working in Raleigh and that is what matters to the league, but everyone I talk to has just lot excitement for the game and the showcase around it. The draft was interesting to watch for about 5 minutes,(Who had Cam Ward going number one overall?) but the skills competition was something I didn't take in until the end when the breakaway competition was held. Perhaps its because I can't accept the fact that PK Subban, David Backes, and Claude Giroux are mentioned in the same sentence as the word all-star. Yeah, I know replacements have to be chosen for those who are injured, but those guys don't jump off the page at me.
The Chicago Blackhawks had a trio of defencemen in Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Brian Campbell that helped them win a Stanley Cup. Do you think anyone in Chicago knew that Dustin Byfuglien was perhaps a better d-man than all three of those guys? Byfuglien is being considered as a Norris Trophy candidate. I also heard the guys on XM Radio discussing that the Hawks are looking to bring Byfuglien back via trade. I don't see that happening.
After hearing Hockey Night in Canada radio on Sirius, it isn't the same listening to XM's NHL coverage. There is no comparison. HNIC has it hands down.
At the end of HNIC's coverage last night, Ron McLean said something about since Gary Bettman doesn't want to join us, we will have the results of the players association poll. I know Bettman and McLean don't see eye to eye, but did something happen yesterday that I missed between the two. Is there a reason why the NHL commish isn't coming on HNIC?
Good news---Phil Kessel won a car for being the last player drafted Friday night. Bad news---Brian Burke informed him after he got the keys that the car is property of the Boston Bruins.
Do you think fate has it in store that someday Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan will be a couple?
My satellite radio wasn't working on the way to Saskatoon for some reason yesterday so I listened to regular radio for a bit. I tuned in to the Bull. I liked what I heard.
A conversation I heard before my satellite radio went down on Sirius' NFL channel. Some guy was trying to say that Brett Favre shouldn't be considered as one of the Packers top 10 players because people are forgetting the past and concentrating on the future. This guy, who was Wisconsin based, and obviously still holds a grudge with Brett for everything that happened believes guys like Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Jerry Kramer and Ray Nitschke who were members of the team when they won the first two Super Bowls are more important than Favre when it comes to the Packers. OK!!
For those that bitch and complain about a players performance in a game and how could he play like that with so much on the line. I give you this. David Akers was roasted in Philly after the Eagles kicker missed two makeable field goals against Green Bay. Where was Akers before the game that day and where did he spend most of that weekend? The answer would be a Philadelphia hospital where he had taken his young daughter after it was discovered that a cancerous cyst was found on the ovary of his six year old. You tell me you could concentrate on a game with that hanging over your head.
Big emotional win for the Pats last night as they beat Moose Jaw in overtime scoring in the last minute to tie it. I remember this happening a couple of years ago when Brett Leffler scored in OT just after the Pats had tied it and everyone thought this was the turning point and that the playoffs were right around the corner. That didn't happen. Will it happen this time around?
As I watched the proceedings at High Impact Wrestling go down this month, I could only look at Rod Pedersen sitting in the row in front of me and ask "Would Bryan Hall and Bob Irving do this? Would Joe Buck be doing this?" God, I hope so!!! They need entertainment in their lives too.
There are things you look forward to in sports----an Ovechkin goal celebration, a Henry Burris interception, etc. etc. etc. One of those things for me is an eye-poke from Principal Richard Pound. It is a magical moment!
I am going to visit the legendary Whitney Forum in Flin Flon this week. The place where greats like Bobby Clarke and Reggie Leach laced it up. I'll grab some pics.
I have no idea who wins the Royal Rumble tonight. None! Something in the back of my mind says we see a return of Triple H tonight, but I can't see him being catapulted into the main event like what happened with John Cena a few years ago.
One week from today, its Super Bowl 45 with the Packers playing the Steelers. I'm guessing FOX's pre-game show must be starting soon!
Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fellas, You Might Want to Read This One

Fellas, we are told all the time that men are pigs by some women. With that being the case, does this do anything to erase that stigma. Does it? Where would you be on this issue?

Friday, January 28, 2011

J-R Stirs The Pot

Right or wrong, Jeremy Roenick is not afraid to shoot off his mouth and say what he feels. Here's what he told Dan Patrick today.

"The era now, the players are so much better. The goaltenders are so much better. The equipment is so much more advanced, it would really be hard to compare the two eras, but Gretzky was by far the smartest player, but I think Sidney Crosby is definitely way more talented than Wayne."

Is anyone buying what J-R is selling? I'm not!

A-C Returning

It was good news all around for Montreal Alouettes fans on Friday.

Quarterback Anthony Calvillo announced that following his final round of treatment to fight thyroid cancer, he feels great and is confident he will be ready to take snaps in 2011.

Furthermore, Calvillo also announced the signing of a new two-year contract (one year plus an option) with the club.

"The most important information about this announcement today is that Anthony's prognosis looks great and he is feeling great," general manager Jim Popp said. "The secondary news is that Anthony has signed on to play at least another season. The Alouettes family is ecstatic about all the news."

Anthony underwent surgery last December to remove his thyroid gland and on Wednesday, he underwent his only necessary radiation treatment.

"After undergoing treatment, I feel great and my doctors are very satisfied with my progress thus far," said Calvillo. "After taking time to look after my personal health, I'm extremely excited to start preparing for another season of football with the Alouettes. I'll start my training regiments on Monday, which is the usual starting date for my off-season training."

Fresh off of a second-straight Grey Cup victory, the third of his illustrious career, Calvillo was due to become a unrestricted free agent on Feb. 16.

Last season, he completed 380 of 562 passes, registering 4,358 yards in the process. He threw 32 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions all season.

The 2011 season will be the 18th for the 38-year old and his 14th with the Alouettes.

"Anthony is the leader of the crew. He has the attention of all his teammates and they will follow his lead," added Popp. "He has gained unconditional respect through his play, his determination, and his fight. Anthony for years has offered his services for what is best for the team. He is not a selfish person and has sacrificed to help keep the Alouettes at the top."

They'll Never Learn!

I rarely drive the Ring Road in the winter-time. There are enough jackasses that think they are Indy or F-1 drivers in the summer that make the stretch of roadway an accident waiting to happen and its worse in the winter when the roads are less than optimal. I had to go to the north end today to take my 16 year old to a wrestling tournament and was going to take the Ring Road only to see a huge traffic jam. Seeing that, I went through the city.
I then learn that two kids have been taken to hospital because two cars rolled over on the Ring Road this morning. What does it have to take for people to realize that they need to be a little more careful in the winter-time. Does it have to be you involved in the next accident? I think I just answered my own question.

MacDermott Joins Rider Coaching Staff

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today Bill MacDermott has been named the team’s new running backs coach. He will join Doug Berry, Bob Dyce and Alex Smith who have agreed to return as part of the 2011 Rider coaching staff.

MacDermott has compiled over five decades of coaching experience at a variety of levels including high school, junior, university and professional. Last season the highly regarded teacher and motivator served as head coach of the PFC’s Edmonton Huskies.

In his time in the CFL MacDermott spent nine seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos and was most recently with the Toronto Argonauts in 2008 as an offensive line coach. He also spent time in Winnipeg and Montreal.

The veteran coach spent two seasons as the tight ends coach with the NFL’s San Diego Chargers in 1997-98 and two seasons with the Orlando Thunder of the World League.

A native of Providence, Rhode Island MacDermott began his coaching degree in 1961 at Hopkins High School in New Haven, Connecticut. Five years later he moved to Wesleyan University and later assumed the role as head coach– a position he would retain for 16 years.

MacDermott has a degree in physical education and history from Trinity College. Bill and his wife Kathleen have one daughter – Stephanie.

The Riders also confirmed that Jim Daley, Nelson Martin and Tom Freeman will not be returning to the team’s coaching staff for 2011.

25 Years Ago

Do you remember???

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Mayor Has Looked Better

Regina mayor Pat Fiacco paid up on his Grey Cup bet today by wearing an Alouettes jersey. I believe the Alouettes flag is also flying atop City Hall today. SIGHHHHHHH!!!!

(picture courtesy Rod Pedersen)

Message From Andy Fantuz

From Andy's Twitter Account this morning....

Hey everyone just got back from vacation. I've been hearing rumors and wanted to clear things up....I have not signed with any NFL team. I'm still in the decision process. I will keep you updated through twitter and my website.''

500 For Mooner!!

Congrats to Lorne Molleken. One of my favourite guys in the game achieved a coaching milestone last night when his Saskatoon Blades beat the Edmonton Oil Kings. It was win number 500 in his legendary WHL coaching career. He's only the 5th man to achieve that mark. Hopefully for Mooner and the Blades organization, they can have a long successful run in the playoffs this year. If anyone deserves to have their moment in the sun, it is Lorne.
Speaking of coaches that I like, the CFL has named Ken Miller as a finalist for the 2010 CFL coach of the year award. He will go up against Marc Trestman and Jim Barker. I really thought Miller deserved this award last year and I hope he can get it this year although I'm guessing Trestman will because he coached the Grey Cup champs. That's the way it seems to go.
The Blackhawks and Oilers are going to play an exhibition game in Saskatoon. Buyer beware. You would hope both teams would play their best players, but there is no guarantee. Remember that!!!
Rod Pedersen is going to have both Principal Richard Pound and Big Daddy Kash in the Sportscage this afternoon from 4-5. What chaos could ensue? Both Pound and Kash will be in the ring tomorrow night when HIW has its first card of 2011. From what I understand, it could be a red-carpet evening as several of Regina's "finest" are expected to attend. For some, it might be a life-changing or eye-opening experience.
Speaking of the Cage, we had Rams coach Frank McCrystal on yesterday to talk about a variety of things. One thing I asked Frank and I really don't know the answer to the question is what school has put out the most football players in the CIS since the Rams started playing University ball. I would think they would have to be top 3 if not number one overall. Just look at some of the guys that have come out of the program that are dotting CFL and NFL rosters. If anyone has that stat available, I would love to see it.
Interesting comments from former Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce yesterday. Pierce was speaking with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and he said a season isn't a successful season unless you win the championship. The comment sparked a lot of discussion. Every player wants to win a title of some sorts, but there are some players that just won't on said team in said season. I'm sure the Regina Pats would love to hold the Memorial Cup high at season's end, but they know that wouldn't happen when they took to the ice for the first time. Not many expected the team to make the playoffs but they might. If Regina makes the playoffs, but doesn't win the Mem Cup, does that mean it wasn't a successful season. I would think if the Pats made the playoffs, they would be downright giddy at the Brandt Centre.
Can anyone really tell me the Cleveland Cavaliers thought they would win the NBA title this year when they lost Lebron James? Does that make their season a failure? Looking at their record, the answer is already yes.
Would the Riders consider their season to be a failure after getting to the GC and losing? Pierce was a fierce competitor during his day and I can understand his warrior-like mentality in making that statement, but I just don't think it applies. What in your mind makes a successful season?
Roger Goodell says if there is an NFL work stoppage he will reduce his salary to one dollar a year. I know the move is one of PR, but I love it.
An editorial in I think it was Tuesday's Leader-Post suggested the highway between Regina and Weyburn be made a four lane highway. I've been urging that for years. I hate that road at the best of times. With all the truck traffic on that highway, I think that should become a priority when it comes to highway talk in this province.
"Don't count the days, make the days count."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Au Revoir Ben

After 13 seasons, 224 games, 1,017 catches,13,301 yards and 65 touchdowns, slotback Ben Cahoon has decided to hang up his cleats.

Cahoon, whose name has been repeated out loud many times by Alouettes’ fans at Olympic Stadium and Percival Molson Stadium, had a great career in Montreal. He retires as the all-time CFL leader in receptions with 1,017. He eclipsed Terry Vaughn’s record of 1,006 receptions in 2010, his final season.

Cahoon, who played every single of his 13 CFL seasons in Montreal, retires as a champion after helping the Als win the last two Grey Cup championships. He helped the Als win three Grey Cups throughout his career (2002, 2009 and 2010) while being named the game’s Most Valuable Canadian twice (2003 and 2009). He is the all-time leader in Grey Cup history with 47 receptions as well as 666 receiving yards.

“My time in Montreal has been magical beyond my wildest childhood dreams. It has been such an honour to put on the helmet and pads of the Montreal Alouettes for the last 13 years. My life and the lives of my family will forever be enriched because of our time in Canada,” said Cahoon.

“My family and I appreciate the love and support of the wonderful Montreal Alouettes’ fans – as well as the CFL fans across this great country. I wish to thank Mr. Bob Wetenhall for the competent and caring way in which he runs his organization. I also would like to thank my teammates,coaches as well as their families for their enduring friendship and for sacrificing so much in our quest for a championship. They have showed that an unselfish and unified team is the most important key to victory.”

“My football career is proof that persistence and determination pay off, that success comes not from winning a game but from doing your best and that consistency is more important than greatness. The lessons I’ve learned on the football field will undoubtedly serve me well in the future,” concluded Cahoon.

Good Baseball Coming To Queen City

One of Baseball Canada’s most prestigious events is coming to Regina.

The Baseball Canada National Midget Championship will be staged in the Queen City from August 17-23, 2011.

The tournament for 16 to 18 year olds will feature teams from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland. Two teams will also represent Saskatchewan. The Baseball Regina Midget AAA Champion (determined by a Zone Playoff) as well as the Sask Baseball Midget AAA Provincial Champion.

The National Midget Championship brings together Canada’s best young baseball players and draws scouts from numerous Major League teams as well as college and university scouts from throughout Canada and the United States.

Games will be played at both Optimist Park and Currie Field.

Happy 50th Mr. Gretzky

Hard to believe that Wayne Gretzky is 50. Hard to think there are some out there that never saw his greatness either live or on television. He had so many great moments. How do you distinguish one over the other? I'm sure you will get the greatest Gretzky moments today from a lot of different places. Consider this as one of them

3, 1987 Canada Cup - With Canada needing a goal late in the 3rd, Wayne comes through with perhaps his greatest pass ever.

(Go to the 1 minute mark)

2. Wayne scores 50 in 39. In a feat that I don't think will ever be equalled, Gretzky scored 50 goals in 39 games. That 39th game was against the Philadelphia Flyers and no one expected him to do what he did on that night---not even Wayne. Gretzky had told his Mom and Dad there was no need for them to come to Edmonton to watch this game because he wouldn't come close to breaking the record. It was a good thought seeing Wayne went into the game having scored 45 times in 38 games. However, he had four going into the last minute of play and with the net pulled, he slid his 50th into an empty cage to leave the hockey world with their mouths wide open.

1. Best ever goal scored by an Oiler. The Calgary Flames were the best team in the 1987-88 season. They had a 2nd round matchup against Edmonton. Edmonton won the first game in the Saddledome and they went to overtime in Game 2. In that overtime, Gretz came down the left wing and fired a bullet over the shoulder of Mike Vernon. The only thing you heard was the ping of the crossbar. It was a thing of beauty. It led Edmonton to a 4 game sweep of the Flames. Oh that was sweet. I still get goosebumps when I see it today. However, I can't find it on Youtube.

Those are my 3 favourite Wayne moments. What are yours?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Update To Stadium Story

Here is the Leader-Post story following up on the Globe story (see post below) about possible money being freed up for a new stadium. Its encouraging or discouraging depending on what side of the fence you sit on.

This Is Interesting!

This will re-kindle the new stadium debate in Saskatchewan. Ottawa has some money it wants to spend and thinks doing it on stadiums might be the way to go. Take a read!

Its Starting To Take Shape

The Moose Jaw Multiplex is looking good. This is a picture of what it looks like inside the facility.

The Warriors and Moose Jaw deserve something like this. It will be great to go watch some games there next year. That reminds me, I've got to get to a couple of games this year before the old Civic Center shuts down.

The Mike Napoli Era Ends In Toronto

I hope Blue Jays fans didn't go out and get Mike Napoli jerseys. The Blue Jays have turned around and traded Napoli, who they got in the Vernon Wells deal, to the Texas Rangers for cash and pitcher Frank Francisco.


The SJHL This Week

With the SJHL season starting to wind down, a lot of eyes are being focused on La Ronge and the play of Travis Eggum. The 20 year old forward from Saskatoon is on the verge of not only becoming the first SJHL’er since Garrett Cameron of Melfort in the 2002-2003 season to register a 50 goal season. Through 46 games this year, Eggum has 45 goals and 39 assists for 84 points. He has an outside shot at having a 100 point season, but he will need 16 points in his final 12 games to accomplish that.

If you are wondering where Eggum stands when it comes to all of Canadian Junior “A” hockey this season, his 45 goals are second in the country to Cornwall’s Jacob Laliberte who has 47 goals in 47 games.

Eggum’s play has kept the Ice Wolves atop the Bauer Conference. The Wolves won two of three games over the past seven days to maintain a five point lead over Melfort. Humboldt may have depleted its roster at the January 10th trade deadline, but they are hanging onto 3rd with the Battlefords just one point back. Flin Flon went a long ways to perhaps grabbing the final playoff spot in the conference by winning two of three games this week while Nipawin lost three of four. The Hawks have shown that they can get on a roll though, so they can’t be discounted even though they are six points back with just 12 games to play.

In the Sherwood Conference, the Kindersley Klippers had a great chance to catch the Yorkton Terriers for first on Saturday night, but they could not capitalize. An Estevan victory over Kindersley at the West Central Events Center denied Kindersley a chance to move into a tie with the Terriers for first. Yorkton and Kindersley have two games against one another before this season is over---both of those games will go in Kindersley so Rockie Zinger’s crew will have a chance to try and knock off the Sherwood’s best team for most of the season themselves.

At the bottom of the conference, the Melville Millionaires may remember a Saturday night loss to Notre Dame if they do not get in the playoffs. Leading the Hounds 3-0 after 40 minutes, Melville was perhaps poised to drive the final nail into the playoff coffin for Notre Dame this season. Perhaps sensing that, Notre Dame went out and scored three in the third to tie it and then won it in overtime on James Howden’s 2nd goal of the game. The win leaves Notre Dame four points back of Melville and that final playoff spot, but Melville does have three games in hand.

A couple of players had some huge nights in the league this week. Melfort’s Brody Haygarth had a six point night in a 9-6 win over visiting Weyburn on Saturday. That tied a league high for the season. The next night, Rodney Cowie had four goals for the Wings in a 7-1 victory of the Hawks. Only three other players in the league this year have had four in a game.

Jeremy Boyer (Yorkton Terriers) – The Terriers made a bold move at the January 10 trade deadline by grabbing the talented Boyer and Justin Buzzeo from Humboldt. The move is paying off early. The 20 year old from Saskatoon had three goals and four assists as the Terriers split their games this week. 5 of the 7 points came in a win over Notre Dame.

Sean Flanagan (Kindersley Klippers) -The 1992 Kindersley born blueliner is a player that scouts are watching. Flanagan seems to be able to do what he wants on the ice with ease and he was doing that this week. Flanagan’s play helped Kindersley win two of three games and keep the heat on first place Yorkton in the Sherwood.

Russell Abbott (Notre Dame Hounds) – The 1991 born goalie from Mill Bay, B.C. wins the award for the second straight week. Abbott’s play is one reason why the Hounds are still in a position to catch Melville for the final playoff spot in the Sherwood Conference. Abbott was in net for three of Notre Dame’s four games and he came away with two wins and a shootout loss. Abbott allowed just seven goals on 99 shots posting a goals against average of 2.18.


1. La Ronge Ice Wolves – The Credit Union Cup went to northern Saskatchewan last year and there is no reason to think it couldn’t stay there. The play of Travis Eggum isn’t the only thing to talk about when talking about the Ice Wolves
2. Melfort Mustangs – Do the Mustangs have the horses to catch La Ronge for first? It will be a daunting task, but the teams do play twice against one another before the season ends.
3. Kindersley Klippers – This team was already talented up front, but Wheaton King’s arrival makes them even more dangerous.
4. Yorkton Terriers – It looked like the Terriers needed a few games to develop some chemistry with their new players in the lineup. It looks like they have accomplished that. Can they hold off the hard-charging Klippers for first in the Sherwood
5. Battlefords Stars – They can have some adventures behind their blue-line, but their offence is making up for mistakes in the defensive zone. Ken Pearson knows those mistakes will have to be corrected come playoff time though
6. Humboldt Broncos – The Broncos were thought to be dead after trading off virtually all of their assets. They likely can’t get back into the first place chase in the Bauer, but they are doing all they can to hold off the Battlefords for 3rd.
7. Estevan Bruins – Chad Leslie has taken over from Karry Biette, but the inconsistency that cost Biette his job doesn’t appear to have left. There is still time to correct that though.
8. Weyburn Red Wings – A tough trip to the north saw the team win just once in four tries this week. Do they have enough time to take a run at first in the Sherwood or do they settle in and cement themselves in 3rd.
9. Flin Flon Bombers – The Bombers were in need of some wins and they got two big ones over La Ronge and Melfort to keep a hold of that last playoff spot in the Bauer.
10. Melville Millionaires – How much will Saturday’s loss to Notre Dame hurt this team down the road. It can’t be comforting blowing a three goal lead at home to a team that is chasing you for the last playoff spot. Jamie Fiesel is hoping it was just a minor bump in the road and not a huge pothole.
11. Notre Dame Hounds – Russell Abbott is providing the goaltending, but someone needs to take charge and start putting the puck in the net. If that happens, the Hounds just may nip the Millionaires for that last spot at the finish line
12. Nipawin Hawks – It hasn’t gone well since the trade deadline for Nipawin, but they know that if they can put together one or two solid weeks that they will be right there fighting for that last playoff spot in the Bauer.

Good or Bad

The Pittsburgh Penguins made it official yesterday. Sidney Crosby will not participate in Sunday's NHL all-star game. The face of the league will not be available to play because of the concussion that he sustained at the Winter Classic. He is hurt thus the NHL can't make him play. However, some have suggested that Gary Bettman give Sid a call saying he needs to be in Raleigh for the festivities surrounding the game. He needs to fraternize with the fellow all-stars, he needs to take part in autograph sessions, he needs to be introduced to the crowd. Why? Its crappy for those going to Raleigh hoping to see Sid play that he won't, but what about people in other places where the Penguins have been since Sid is out. They've had to deal with it and sadly this time so will the NHL. Some have suggested Sid is intentionally staying away from Raleigh so that more discussion on headshots will occur. If that is the case, I'm OK with it too. Headshots need to be eliminated from the game. I don't know if that will ever happen because of the size differential between some, but it has to be reduced severely. To me, whether or not Sidney Crosby shows up and shakes some hands and signs some autographs isn't what determines all-star weekend to be successful. The league is trying to promote its product. I don't necessarily think the all-star game is a way to do that because its not hockey with its no defence style, but some feel its a great way to promote the game. OK! On this matter, I'll give Sid a pass. He doesn't need to be there. He needs to be healthy for a Stanley Cup run. I think everyone will agree on that one.
The power of Twitter in the mainstream media has really shown up over the Jay Cutler "injury". Ten years ago, we wouldn't have heard the backlash from fellow players about the knee injury the Chicago quarterback sustained that knocked him out of the NFC Championship game. We are now though. Many current and former NFL'ers questioned Cutler's toughness after he was sent to the sidelines. The Bears didn't come out and say Cutler was injured seriously until well after this firestorm had started. It was learned yesterday that Drew Brees played six weeks with a torn MCL which is what supposedly happened to Cutler. I don't know how this will end up, but if the Bears go next season with Cutler as their starting quarterback, I will be surprised. I think the Bears have to cut ties with him after what has gone on. Everything just seems to be a little too fishy here and the team's defence of him is something they have to do. If Cutler does leave, I would expect many current Bears to start piping up as to what might have really gone on.
The Edmonton Oilers are a better hockey team this year than they were last, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the standings. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi are the beginning of the youth movement that is happening in northern Alberta. All three have shown they are more than capable of playing the NHL game and Hall has established himself as a rookie of the year candidate---one that I don't think Eberle will win now because of his injury. The only team worse than Edmonton right now are the Devils and they have picked their game up of late. Its starting to look as if another lottery pick will be on the horizon. If that is the case, where does Edmonton go. They have good young forwards, they have some youth on the back end in guys like Jeff Petry and Taylor Chorney that they think will be good NHL'ers in the next couple of years. There aren't any goalies out there who are top 5. If I were Steve Tambellini, I would probably look at Swedish defenceman Adam Larsson with the number one pick. Then again, if someone really covets a guy like Gabriel Landeskog who is the consensus number one pick, Tambellini could pull the trigger on a trade and get youth and experience. The next few months will be interesting in Oilerville ---especially if they do win the lottery again.
I saw Avril Lavigne's new video on MuchMusic yesterday. She isn't a skater boi anymore. She's looking more like a Victoria's Secret model in this video---at least the first 30 seconds. Is she the next teen singer to become trashy or has she already reached that stage. Watch the video and you can decide.
I've started playing Madden NFL Superstars on Facebook. Why did I do that? Its starting to become addicting. Perhaps this will take me through those upcoming weeks without football. As I build my roster, I am winning games with Rex Grossman as my quarterback. Rex Grossman!!!

If you are a baseball fan in Regina, you are going to like what you hear coming from Baseball Saskatchewan tomorrow.
I have no idea who is going to win Sunday's Royal Rumble. I usually have some idea as to now as to who will win, but not this year. Whoever it is, I just hope they take the belt away from "The Miz" at Wrestlemania. I don't if I hate that guy more or his protege Alex Riley. When is Michael Cole going to get tossed around the ring? That needs to happen. Perhaps a Jerry Lawler-Michael Cole match is in the works for WM. Wrestling fans, you are more than invited to weigh in with thoughts as to who will win.
A friends wife told me she got scared half to death the other night. It got me to wondering what would happen if she gets scared half to death know what two halves equal!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ray Signs Extension With Eskimos

Ricky Ray is still in the Eskimos fold. The team announced this afternoon they have signed their long time quarterback to a contract extension that will keep him with the team through 2013.

Packers-Steelers For The Vince

It will be the Packers and the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Those are the two teams I thought would win and those are the two teams that a lot of you thought would meet in two weeks time in Dallas.

Just some thoughts on both games...

---Jay Cutler's injury had better be one that is quite severe. Others have played with knee injuries when its not a championship game, but I think Cutler for the 2nd time this year gave up on his teammates. Remember that Sunday night game when he got sacked nine or ten times in the first half and then didn't come out for the 2nd and they said he had a concussion. He was questioned then and many are questioning him after he wasn't seen on crutches. Several current and former NFL'ers also tweeted that Cutler needed to get back out there.

---Without Cutler, a legend was just about born. Did anyone know that the Bears had a quarterback named Caleb Hanie? He was the best QB the Bears had. He just about brought them back. It would have been the biggest Chicago football story since Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in one game at Polk High had he brought the Bears all the way back.

--Where does Aaron Rodgers fit into the equation when it comes to the best QB's in the NFL. Could he be 3rd behind Brady and Manning? Is he better than one or both of those guys? People in Green Bay know the right move was made when Brett Favre was cast aside. Rodgers is legit and he isn't going away anytime soon. In fact, he may get better.

Did you see Mark Sanchez wipe a booger on backup quarterback Mark Brunell? If not.......

Were the Jets not ready to go? They were awful in the first half and great in the 2nd half. Pittsburgh didn't win that game as much as the Jets lost it. The lead was simply too much to overcome.
Like Aaron Rodgers, where does Ben Roethlisberger fit in the equation of quarterbacks. He doesn't throw for 300 plus yards and three touchdowns on a routine basis, but he is going to his 3rd Super Bowl in six years. The only one to have done that in recent memory is one Mr. Brady.
Was Sanchez's hand going forward on the fumble return TD Pittsburgh had. I think that was one of those cases where the call on the field is what mattered and that it was too close to be overturned. If the refs call it an incomplete pass, it would have stayed that way.
It had to be cold in Pittsburgh. When NFL super-ref Ed Hochuli has to cover up his mammoth arms, it had to be a tad chilly.
The Packers are two and a half point favourites. Get ready for two weeks of constant dribble from Dallas. Has the FOX pre-game show started yet?
Can someone please explain to me the ridiculous (and that's being kind) Tron CTV ads that are running during the football playoffs. Words can't describe how atrocious those ads are. What's the reasoning behind it? If its watch Global, its working!
Have a good Monday!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Worst Weather Games In The NFL

The forecast for Chicago and Pittsburgh today is cold and colder. Will the weather win out over the teams today or not? has a list of the 10 worst weather games in NFL history. Take a look.

This And That

We will find out the combatants for the Super Bowl today. Its the Packers and the Bears followed by the Jets and Steelers. Looking at the poll results, a wide majority of you believe the Packers will defeat the Bears. I am in that boat as well.
I don't like the Steelers and I'm not a big supporter of the Bears either so I'm really hoping that's not our final matchup. As I have said before, Mrs. Scruffy is a Jets fan so I guess I will throw my allegiance towards them today.
I keep hearing that NFL fans should enjoy these games because labour armageddon will hit and the league will be hit by a lockout next year. I have a hard time thinking the world's most popular sports league will be stupid enough to allow a lockout to happen. Labour problems have hurt baseball and they've hurt hockey. Make no doubt about it, it will hurt football too. While it looks grim now, I have faith that there will be no disruption.
I haven't heard a lot of backlash over the plans for the new CFL team in Ottawa to stock its roster. One thing for sure is the team will get a good quarterback. With CFL teams only being able to protect one, it means guys like Drew Tate, Steven Jyles and Quinton Porter will be out there as it stands now. The Ottawa team will be competitive and that's a good thing. Yes, expansion teams should normally have a couple of rough years and maybe they still will--but at least they will have experience at the game's most important position.
Rider fans are panicked because Andy Fantuz is seemingly on the verge of heading to the NFL. Relax!!! The team has lost good players before and they have survived. It will happen again. The one positive for the football team is that there are many Rider fans out there who will need new jerseys because those Fantuz 83 ones will have to be replaced.
Alex Ovechkin had a hat-trick last nite in Toronto. Is that what he needs to get it going again. He has been a disappointment this year.
I can see if a Western Conference rival had snatched up Evgeni Nabokov on waivers thus preventing him from going to Detroit, but the Islanders? I don't understand that team.
The Pats are on the cusp of a playoff spot. They took a big 5 out of 6 points in games against teams they had to win. They are not there yet though and they have to keep up the good play of late.
La Ronge Ice Wolves forward Travis Eggum is getting close to not only having a 50 goal season, but a 100 point season as well. Eggum showed he can do more than score last night in Flin Flon as he set up four goals in a 5-1 win. Eggum now has 45 goals and 39 assists for 84 points with 12 games to go. 16 in 12? Its certainly within reach for the 20 year old from Saskatoon.
Cheryl Bernard came within a whisker of beating Kevin Martin at the Curling skins game last night. Would it really have mattered if she did? I hear some people saying how big it would have been for womens curling. The game was an exhibition!!! Its not even real curling the way we know it. Its not that big a deal. TSN didn't even think it was that big a deal as they kept hockey as the front page story on their website last nite and this morning.
Why doesn't TSN have a womens skins game?
I can't believe the Blue Jays found a taker for Vernon Wells and his mammoth contract. Give a lot of credit to GM Alex Anthopoulos on that one. The question now is what does Anthopoulos do with the money he has saved. I'm guessing Jose Bautista will be one beneficiary, but who else.
Watching "Wipeout" just makes me wonder how sore the competitors are after. That show is stupid in a funny sort of way.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue Jays Need New Center Fielder

Vernon Wells' days as a Blue Jay have apparently come to an end. There are reports suggesting Wells is going to the Anaheim Angels for catcher/first baseman Mike Napoli. I would think Toronto would get a little more for Wells. Once the trade is official, we will see how it shakes down.

Making Fun Of The "Sioux" Controversy

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - Two University of North Dakota hockey fans and former English majors are using wordplay to try to find some humour in the pending retirement of the university's Fighting Sioux nickname.

The university has said it will to stop using the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo by April. It made the decision after the NCAA placed it on a list of schools with what the association deemed hostile and abusive American Indian nicknames.

Steve Ekman, an alumnus from Grafton, said he believes the only way to honour the name is to change the reference. To do that, he and fellow fan Hans Halvorson started an effort known as Save Our Suhaki. Their mission, as stated on, is to prevent the extinction of the suhaki, an antelope that lives in areas of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Their ulterior motive is noted in an editor's note on the website: "Suhaki (soo-ha-kee) is often times mistaken for a legendary collegiate ice hockey team located at the Ralph Engelstad Arena, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States of America."

"It's all basically in good fun," said Ekman, a lawyer who first became interested in the "whole legal wrangling" surrounding the issue.

Halvorson, who's also from Grafton, said his feelings about the name change are a bit "more fiery" than Ekman's.

"I'm just extremely disappointed," he said. "There's hundreds of thousands of people who are just very loyal, but to some degree we're all Minnesota nice and the very most anybody has ever done is write a letter to the editor. To me that's not enough.

"We are the only organization that people can associate with to deliver a peaceful and poignant protest against the politically correct NCAA."

NCAA officials did not return a phone message seeking comment.

The tongue-in-cheek protest has the support of several former UND hockey players, including current New Jersey Devils and U.S. Olympic star Zach Parise(notes), who asks fans in a "public service announcement" posted on the website to join the Suhaki crusade and "do it for the kids."

State legislators are considering a couple of bills that would require UND to keep the logo, but Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, who considers himself a staunch Fighting Sioux supporter, said the legislation would likely violate the state constitution.

School officials have said they're in no hurry to find a new nickname and will likely go at least a year without one.

UND spokesman Peter Johnson chuckled when asked about the Suhaki effort.

"As an institution that teaches entrepreneurship, we appreciate the creativity," Johnson said. "Beyond that there isn't much we can say."

The Suhaki website went live in November, after 124 people submitted designs in a logo contest. The winning design was a caricature of a broad-shouldered antelope adorned in hockey garb and poised to take off the gloves.

The site features videos with Parise and 1980 Olympic gold medal winner Dave Christian, a former UND player who says in a mock interview that he wishes he was appearing under better circumstances.

"I know this Suhaki situation has us all very concerned," Christian deadpans.

The site's "Suhaki survival kit" features an assortment of T-shirts, jerseys and caps, some of which have been spotted at UND hockey games. Several visitors to the website have suggested UND adopt the Suhaki logo. That's not the purpose, Halvorson said.

"We don't know a lot about Sioux football. We don't know a lot about Sioux basketball," he said. "All we know for sure is that we love Sioux hockey. Or should I say Suhaki?"

(Associated Press)

Back To Blogging

After a couple of long days in Kindersley and the Battlefords, its back to Casa de Blair and I couldn't have been happier to have walked in the door at 1245 and get back into the comforts of my own bed! Of course, I would like to know what happened to our front door seeing the handle was gone only to be replaced by some thread, but I guess I'll wait for Mrs. Scruffy to get home tonite before finding out the answer to that. I somehow don't think she would have been pleased with me waking her up to find out the answer at 1 AM.

I haven't been to Kindersley in many, many years. I was really impressed with the place and the people. It was just over a year ago that the community was rocked when they lost their old arena in a fire. The old arena was destroyed and the West Central Events Centre suffered some heavy damage causing it to be shut down. I don't have to tell you what losing a rink in small-town Saskatchewan or the prairies can mean to a community. The rink is the life-blood of that town in the winter. Its a meeting place. Its a place where people head. It threw the town for a loop as it had to scramble and scramble big-time. The WCEC was playing host to the provincial womens curling championship when the fire hit, but everyone found a way to pull through. You mention what happened and eyes roll, but you also find out this town is strong and the people (who are great) rebounded in great fashion. It would be a storybook ending if Rockie Zinger was to guide his team to a Credit Union Cup title. The Klippers have a good team and they have a chance, but there's a lot of work to go. I get the feeling though that I may be back there for a couple of playoff games before the year is out.
One of the blogs on my blog list is that of Brad McNeil in Weyburn. He talks about a variety of things and being a Weyburnite (Weyburner) he talks about the Wings and the SJHL. He has some comments in his latest blog posting that I wholeheartedly agree with. In fact, he has crystallized my thoughts. From Brad's blog....

Kudos to the SJHL and Access Communcations for partnering up this season to do the SJHL games of the week, including the Thursday night live games. No other junior A league in Canada gets this kind of coverage. Let's hope this commitment extends and expands in the coming years.

* Mike Stackhouse and Jay Boyd do a great job bringing the broadcast to our homes. Man does hearing Jay Boyd ever bring back childhood memories of him and Bob Maloney on CKOS TV out of Yorkton. Many a days I heard these guys back in the days of living in a rural area with two television channels. I still don't know how I survived with no TSN lol.

* Dan O'Connor is a great broadcast talent in the SJHL. The man really knows the league and if anyone deserves a jump up the ranks it is Dan.

(Back to Mitch)--Selfishly, I hope Dan stays in the Battlefords until I move on from my current post because guys like Dan and Craig Stein in Yorkton are great resources I know I can depend on. All of the play-by-play guys in this league are good guys from what I can see and I haven't had any problems with them or the writers from the towns, but Dan and Craig seem to have their pulse on this league. Guys like Brendan Ullrich in Kindersley and Gino DePaoli in Melfort are just getting started, but soon they will be up there with Dan and Craig. No Darryl Skender, I didn't forget about you and you are right up there with the rest of the guys. Same with Rob Hart in Flin Flon, Daniel Fink in La Ronge and Blaine Weyland in Estevan. As for Mike Stackhouse, I've said it on this blog before, I said it to him again last nite and I will say it now. He's another guy that as far as I'm concerned can stick around for as long as I'm involved with the SJHL. He is irreplacable in my mind doing what he does for Access and the league.
While at the Innovation Credit Union in the Battlefords yesterday, I saw they have a coin counting machine in the bank. I have never seen coin counting machines in banks before. Are there ones available in Regina? If so, where? I have a Super Big Gulp cup overflowing in change. It might be time to empty said cup instead of starting on another one.

I have XM satellite radio so I don't get this program, but Hockey Night in Canada radio is simly must-listen to radio if you are an NHL fan. Jeff Marek does a tremendous job on the show. Why is it I get a lot of Sirius programming and XM has play by play of NHL games, but I can't get this show. If I have to pay a couple of extra bucks for it, just show me where to sign up.
I have been told "The Fighter" is basically like "The Wrestler". Is that an accurate description of the movie.
Katy Perry is coming to Regina. Has Katy Perry become one of those acts where you say you should go even if you're not really a fan just because she is one of the top acts today and you can say you were there?
If Katy Perry can come to Regina, why can't Deborah (I still call her Debbie) Gibson come to Casino Regina? I loved Debbie in the 80's and as I have indicated and shown before (and again), she is still looking fine!!!

Its sad to think that it took an injury to Sidney Crosby for the head-shots debate and the concussion issue to get turned up. Its a never-ending debate, but the NHL needs to do something about head shots. If there's such a penalty for an incidental high stick, can one not be called for an incidental head-shot. The game is too fast sometimes for a defenceman to not make contact with a head from a forward who leans in or a forward who is a few inches smaller. With the speed of the game, I think you will always find a head shot and sadly that's a reality. Its getting rid of the blatant head shots and the checks from behind. Speaking of which, the Curtis Glencross hit Wednesday night against Minnesota is something I haven't seen, but I have been told its amazing that another Brad Hornung situation didn't happen. Speaking of Brad, this was a tweet he had on that incident.

I respect Curtis Glencross as an honest player, but that's the kind of hit that can seriously injure someone.

When someone like Brad says that, you pay attention! Sadly, he knows!
Eric Lindros has come out and said the players of today don't have the respect for one another that players used to have. Is that true? Did guys in the original six have respect for their opponents? Some say yes, others say no. I'm on Eric's side in this one.
Word around the campfire is that linebacker Rey Williams will return to the CFL as a member of the Edmonton Eskimos. With Eric in Edmonton, should this really surprise anyone? I am also hearing that Mo Lloyd is making it no secret that he wants to return to Riderville. If this is true, where do you put him. The guy in the middle is fine right now as far as I'm concerned. If for some reason, Sean Lucas doesn't return (he is a free agent), you could put him on the outside I guess. Did Mo play outside when he was here the first time?
Rod Pedersen is blogging that the Steelers and Andy Fantuz have come to terms on a contract and it will be announced after the Pittsburgh season is done. How do ya feel about that? Good for Andy if its true. Somewhere Murray McCormick does a "happy dance".

The battle between TSN and Sportsnet is heating up and I'm thinking this could get ugly in some places. The big winner will be the Canadian sports fan when all is said and done though. TSN has been a giant in the industry for a long time, but Sportsnet wants to be a heavyweight too. Here's some free advice for TSN....beam in some more shows off of ESPN. Baseball 2Night would be a start. Throw it on TSN2.
There's talk that TSN may branch off into sports radio. As someone who listens to a lot of ESPN and Fox Sports Radio, it would be a welcome change when the on-air guys are talking basketball because no one here gives a rats you know what. Some hockey talk will be great (see item on Hockey Night in Canada radio)
From -48 windchill one morning to -9 without a windchill in less than 24 hours. ??????? I'm not complaining though and I'm guessing you aren't either.
Time to catch up on some sleep and decide if I want to make myself some lunch or go to the Press Box for the Friday buffet. Both are tempting, but the fact I haven't had any meal at home since Tuesday at lunch may make my decision easier----especially if I have to go out and get groceries.
Have a good one!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Mosquitoes!!

Its a rather bone-chilling day out there isn't it? Dare I say its the coldest day we have had so far. As much as I would like to say I'm in the warmth of Casa De Blair, I am not as I am in the Battlefords as part of the SJHL's Presidents Tour. Here's hoping the highways are nice and clear tonite so that I can be back home early this morning. I'll post up some thoughts over the past couple of days while travelling down the roads tomorrow morning. Until then, it could be a tough day to get onto the old blog.

Have a good one and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ottawa Expansion Plan

The CFL has shown it wants Ottawa to be competitive right away. Here's a look at the league's expansion plans for Ottawa.

McKenzie To Remain A Rider

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have signed import defensive back Chris McKenzie to a new contract. Financial details of the contract were not released.


In 2010, McKenzie started at halfback in 14 regular season games where he tallied 43 defensive tackles, five pass knockdowns and one fumble recovery.


Since joining the Riders in March, 2009, the 28 year-old has played in 22 regular season games and has totaled 61 defensive tackles, seven pass knockdowns, two special team tackles and a fumble recovery.


McKenzie was scheduled to become a free agent next month.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Do They Get To Be Captains?

The NHL all-star game which can be described as quirky this year will go in a couple of weeks. The league named the captains for the game on Tuesday and they will be Eric Staal and Nick Lidstrom. The players participating supposedly chose those players. The question I have is why wouldn't the NHL have its marquee players--Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin--as the captains. I don't know why you wouldn't have those two players picking their respective sides instead of Staal and Lidstrom. Staal is probably there because the game is being played in Carolina, but will that make his team the crowd favourite. I doubt it. I just wish the NHL would scrap the all-star game and keep going. Like other all-star games, its not the sport we watch on a nightly basis so why give us this exhibition of offence. Is it really that good for the game?
The Melfort Mustangs have beaten the top two teams in the Sherwood Conference over the last few days after beating Kindersley at home and the Terriers in Yorkton. There are many good teams in the SJHL that have a shot at winning the Credit Union Cup, but I would have a tough time betting against the Mustangs right now. They have a great squad.
Big win for the Pats as they downed the Raiders in a shootout. P-A still gets a point, but Regina needs wins if they are going to get the playoffs and they will gladly take it. Still with the Pats, I don't know if Shayne Neigum was considered as a throw-in when the team sent Thomas Frazee to Kamloops for some picks and 17 year old Lyndon Martell. If he was, it was a great move by Lang as Neigum has been one of Regina's best players over the past couple of weeks.
Myles Bell has the CHL's Hardest shot. He clocked one at 98.4 miles per hour at the skills competition preceeding tonite's prospects game. I've said it once and I've said it before. The Parkers have seen a lot of good defenceman roll through here, but Bell might be the best one when all is said and done. Some NHL team will be very lucky to pick him come draft day. I also expect Bell to be on that long list of Pats that have represented Canada at the World Juniors.
Why aren't the New York Jets doing any trash-talking leading into the AFC Championship game. I don't think now is the time to change the attitude that has made you successful.
Now that Gene Makowsky is back with the Riders, I wonder if he will ever play on the "left" side of the line. All I know is if Geno can help bring the Riders a Grey Cup in 2011, he will create a "Saskatchewan Party".
I saw former Blades (current Minnesota Wild) goalie Anton Khudobin use the poke-check last nite to thwart an Edmonton scoring opportunity. Goalies seemingly don't use the poke check any more. The poke-check is as great as a Principal Richard Pound eye-poke as far as I'm concerned.
From my good friend Bryn Griffiths in Edmonton "Bet Louie Debrusk has seen cabbies with more intensity than the Oilers have shown tonight in third period. Only a guess.
BLOGGER NOTE: If you haven't heard, Debrusk (Sportsnet Oiler analyst) has been charged with assault after an incident in Vancouver in December involving some cabbies.
The SGI campaign in which you are supposed to go to is a great one. Check it out!
The Blue Jays are said to be looking at Johnny Damon. Why? Damon is past his prime. I would rather the Jays pursue Manny Ramirez than I would Damon and I don't even think they should go after Manny.
Since Lebron James had a "tweet" in which he ridiculed his old team for getting spanked by the Lakers, the Miami Heat has lost four in a row. Karma is a bitch isn't it Lebron. That's what you told everyone isn't it???
It didn't break my heart to hear that former Broncos coach Josh MacDaniels has signed on to become the offensive co-ordinator with the St. Louis Rams. He was supposedly being courted by the Seahawks. MacDaniels was good in New England as an OC, but he was a terrible coach in Denver. He needs to grow up somewhat. I'm guessing he won't start a movement to get rid of Sam Bradford the way he did Jay Cutler.
While I haven't officially seen it, I received a text saying Stampeders defensive back and loudmouth Brandon Browner has signed a contract with the Seahawks. At least it isn't Dwight Anderson.'
43 and a half million people in the U-S watched the Jets-Patriots game last Sunday. It means 43 and a half million people asked why Tom Brady didn't let his hair flow freely under his helmet instead of putting it under a balaclava. As Mrs. Scruffy said "Perhaps he has Samson hair" and covering it made him just ordinary---which he was.
If the Jets win the Super Bowl, what type of Super Bowl champion gear will I have to buy Mrs. Scruffy seeing she is a Jets fan. I guess that is the team I must root for now. SIGHHHHHHH!!! I'd rather have them than the Steelers though. Who's kidding who, if its a Steelers-Bears Super Bowl, I might look for a Major League Soccer or WNBA game.
Roll the PVR on the Onion Sportsdome. Its on Comedy Network at midnight.
To be old and wise one must first be young and stupid. So this means I'm gonna be a genius.

One Man's Pain Equals A Neighbourhoods Gain

Earlier today, I told you about my adventures this morning and how I ended up in the back of a Regina police cruiser.

The officer in question knew the road was bad and said she might have to let the city know and I did phone the city once I got home. Low and behold, about an hour ago this came cruising down my street...

My street has been plowed. The intersection in question where I became stuck has been cleaned and traffic in the area is once again running as smoothly as possible. Thank you to the city for quick and prompt work.
It is my hope now that we have seen the last of new snow for this winter and that crews are no longer needed around Casa de Blair.

The SJHL This Week

With the January 10th trade deadline now come and gone, SJHL teams are in the stretch run and it will be a battle in both conferences for first place and playoff spots.

The Kindersley Klippers, Melfort Mustangs and La Ronge Ice Wolves are teams that are being talked about as Credit Union Cup winners and all three teams have been hot of late as all three are 8-2 in their last 10 games. It was to some a finals preview at the Northern Lights Palace on Friday night and the two teams did not disappoint with the hometown Mustangs pulling out a 4-3 victory.

As for the Ice Wolves, they continue to roll and one of the big reasons for the season they are having is the play of 20 year old Travis Eggum. The Saskatoon native has been on fire all season long and he is coming close to doing something that hasn’t been done in the SJHL in over a decade and that is score 50 goals. Eggum goes into games this week having scored 42 times as he is averaging just under a goal a game with 15 games to play.

The Klippers fine play of late combined with a slump by the Yorkton Terriers have all of a sudden made it a race for first in the Sherwood Conference. Yorkton broke a seven game winless streak with a pair of wins over Flin Flon on the weekend, but that streak combined with the fine play of the Klippers means Kindersley is just six points back. Weyburn is also trying to make it a three way race as they have 15 out of a possible 20 points in their last 10 games to sit just eight back of the Terriers.
Braeden Adamyk-Kindersley Klippers - The Klippers are trying to catch Yorkton for 1st place in the Sherwood Conference. They have been a different hockey team since Rockie Zinger took over behind the bench and several players have turned it up a notch since that happened. One of those players is the 1990 born forward from Neepawa, Manitoba. Adamyk had a big week for the Klippers as he had 10 points in four games this week on three goals and seven assists. Two of the four games saw Adamyk have four point nights.

Blaine Tendler – Yorkton Terriers – The Terriers got back on the winning side of things after enduring a seven game winless slide. When some leadership was needed, the team looked to one of its key veterams to help get them out of their losing skid. The 20 year old Viceroy product came up big in back to back wins over Flin Flon over the weekend while providing some solid minutes and play for Trent Cassan’s group
Russell Abbott-Notre Dame Hounds – Things haven’t gone right in Notre Dame this year and they have had a lot of problems. One problem they haven’t had is the play of Russell Abbott. The 19 year old from Mill Bay, BC was in net for three of four Notre Dame games this week and he won two of them including a 6-0 win over Nipawin which was his 2nd shutout of the season. The Hounds have struggled this year, but if Abbott returns as a 20 next year, the team will be in great shape when it comes to that part of the game.

1. MELFORT MUSTANGS – Darrell Mann’s team seems to have everything they need for a championship. The additions of Brayden Metz and Cody Hanson from Melville have paid early dividends. They are playing the best out of all 12 teams at this time.

2. LA RONGE ICE WOLVES – Not much separates the Ice Wolves from the Mustangs right now, all eyes will be on Travis Eggum to see if he can hit 50 goals and if Eggum, Doug Lindensmith and Marc Andre-Carre will be 1-2-3 in league scoring. Don’t bet against either

3. KINDERSLEY KLIPPERS – Nine of their last 14 are on home ice so this team barring something unforeseen will battle Yorkton right to the wire for first in the Sherwood

4. YORKTON TERRIERS – The additions of Buzzeo, Boyer and Remenda might make Yorkton the best team on paper, but that lineup needs to produce “W”’s. Back to back wins over Flin Flon may have been the start.

5. ESTEVAN BRUINS - The Bruins had a slow start under new coach Chad Leslie, but a two game winning streak has shown that maybe like in Kindersley, change is good.

6. BATTLEFORDS STARS – The Stars were supposed to challenge for a Bauer Conference title, but they got off to a slow start. They have slowly and quietly moved up the ladder to 3rd though. Can they get any higher

7. WEYBURN RED WINGS – Dwight McMillan’s squad is always ready for a strong finishing kick. If Kindersley and Yorkton think its going to be a two man race down the stretch, they might want to think again

8. HUMBOLDT BRONCOS – Next year has arrived for Dean Brockman’s squad. Remaining vets are not only playing out the rest of this year but auditioning for next when the pressure is a little greater

9. MELVILLE MILLIONAIRES – Millionaires fans have to go through the rest of this season without Brayden Metz and Cody Hanson, but a new rink isn’t the only thing they should look forward to. A lot of guys are getting needed minutes down the stretch that will prove to be very beneficial next year

10. FLIN FLON BOMBERS – A loss to Kindersley at the Showcase ended up seeing the carpet get pulled from underneath this team. They haven’t been the same since that game

11. NOTRE DAME HOUNDS – A playoff spot may be unlikely this year, but there are some building blocks to work with for next. This team has some talent, it just needed a year of experience at this level for some players to see what its all about

12. NIPAWIN HAWKS – The Hawks looked like they were ready to make a last minute push for the playoffs, but trading Ceci, Spafford and Remenda and then losing four straight may have been a sign that the white flag is up for this year.

No TC Clash IV

The Regina Pats Hockey Club announced this afternoon that the 4th Trans-Canada Clash between Regina Pats and Moose Jaw Warriors alumni has been cancelled due to the Warriors inability to field a team.

The event was to be played on Saturday, January 29th 2011 at 1:00pm at the Brandt Centre.

Regina Pats Vice-President of Operations Cliff Mapes, “we are disappointed that we were forced to cancel this year’s Trans Canada Clash alumni game but I am more disappointed for the fans that look forward to this game every year. I was confident that the team we had assembled this year would have put on a very good show for the fans and lead us to our 4th straight win. We are currently working with other WHL teams that are interested in pursuing a home in home Trans Canada clash style alumni weekend and we hope to make an announcement real soon.”
The Pats alumni have won all three of the previous Trans-Canada Clashes with the games being played in front of full-houses at both the Moose Jaw Civic Centre in 2008 and 2010 and the Brandt Centre in 2009.

The weekend will not be completely void of hostilities as the Highway One rivals will face each other in their traditional late January home and home series. Friday January 28th, the Pats travel to Moose Jaw, 24 hours later on Saturday January 29th, the Pats entertain World Junior star, Quinton Howden and the rest of the Warriors at the Brandt Centre. For tickets information for this, or any Regina Pats home game, head to

And How Is Your Day Going So Far?????

We haven't even hit noon, I have to travel to Kindersley and the Battlefords as part of the SJHL Presidents Tour later today and I have had already had enough of this Tuesday. The normal routine is get up, get the kids up, take my seven year old daughter to school and then start the day. Getting up and getting the kids up was no problem. Its after that where the day went to crap.

The drive from Casa de Blair to my daughter's school is not a long one, but long enough where in the winter time, she gets a ride. The six and a half block trip is usually not stressful, but not so today.

As I went to turn off my street onto a rut-filled mess, I had to stop because of cars coming. As I went to go, my vehicle got stuck in one of the ruts and I mean stuck. A couple of people tried pushing me out but that wasn't going to work. A woman that lives on the other end of my street than offered to take myself and my daughter to school and that she would then bring me back to my car. Works for me so we do that. As I am leaving the school, a police car comes by. I flag the car down and talk to the lady officer saying my car is stuck in an intersection and is there anything that she can assist me with and to let her know that my car is in a spot where an accident could easily occur. She says "get in!!". I start to walk around and she says "You'll have to sit in the back". HA HA HA HA!! Those seats are a little unpadded and a little cold. There's no better feeling than getting in the back of a police car in front of your daughters school and getting out where the neigbours can see you. Fortunately, those that did see me on the block knew what was going on. A truck was called, but another person came by with a tow rope and two minutes later had me on my way.
One of my neighbours said a car got stuck at the same intersection last night and that he managed to get pushed out of the rut and one happened at another intersection down the street. Needless to say, calls have been made to the city. I wonder how quick they will be to grade this section of street to make it drivable again.
Yes, a simple 5 minute task to start the day took almost an hour. Glad I didn't have to make coffee and that it was ready to go when I got home. I may have needed an extra shot of Baileys or an extra cup or two. SIGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
How's your day goin???

Geno Is Back In Green

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have signed non-import offensive lineman Gene Makowsky to a new contract. Financial details of the contract were not released.

Since his rookie season in 1995, Makowsky has earned a number of acknowledgements which include - CFL Most Outstanding Lineman in 2004 and 2005, West Division All-Star seven times and CFL All-Star five times. The University of Saskatchewan product has played in four championship games while earning a Grey Cup ring in 2007.

Makowsky is heading into his 17th season with the Riders and is poised to become the all-time leader in games played by a Roughrider. Currently the 37 year-old sits in second spot with 266 games played, just five behind Rider legend Roger Aldag.

Makowsky was set to become a free agent next month.


I have said it, others have said it and now Environment Canada's chief muckety-muck has said it. Regina has had record snowfall this year. Here's the story! SIGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Has This Happened To You?

It could considering what we've been going through this winter!!!

Really?? Is He Serious This Time?

Is the annual off-season Brett Favre watch officially off? Its hard to believe that it might be, but it appears to be after hearing this.

Has he done this before when doing his flip-flops?

And To Think They Won...

I'm not sure, but ESPN's Sal Palantonio may have soiled himself somewhat after this interview following the Jets win over New England with New York linebacker Bart Scott. I can't imagine how this might have gone had they lost....

Womens Scotties Field Set

The twelve team field for the Provincial Scotties Tournament of Hearts has been determined with the conclusion of the Women's Northern and Southern Playdowns Sunday. Qualifying from the Northerns were Saskatoon's Patty Hersikorn who defeated Tina Hill of the Battleford Curling Club, 7-0 in the "A" final in Tisdale. Robyn Silvernagle won the "B" final beating Shellan Baranieski, 7-3. The "C" finals were won by Darlene Gillies and Debbie Folk. Gillies edged Hill, 7-6 while Folk got by Baranieski, 6-5 to complete the Northern slate of representatives.

From the Southern Playdowns, Regina's Michelle Englot defeated Mandy Selzer 10-2 in the "A" final in Assiniboia. Cindy Ricci advanced from the "B" event with a 6-4 win over Selzer. Selzer finally made it out by winning a "C" final over Chelsey Peterson, 13-4. Also advancing from the "C" was Samantha Yachiw beating Susan Lang, 12-7.

Four teams received direct entries to the Provincial Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Outlook, January 26-30. Defending Champion, Amber Holland, Stefanie Lawton and Chantelle Eberle were awarded berths as the top three Saskatchewan teams on the Canadian rankings while Penny Barker won the berth as the top Saskatchewan Women's Tour team as of December 13th.

So Much For That

There are times when you watch a game that you know its over way before the final buzzer or horn sounds because of just one play---a game turner that can change things around.

The Seahawks were down 7-0 to the Bears in their NFC Divisional semi-final on Sunday with the Bears at the Seattle 3. Jay Cutler had a braincramp and tried to throw one that he shouldn't had. The ball hit Jordan Babineaux in the hands and he inexplicably dropped it. If he catches it, Babineaux may have gone 100 yards the other way. Irregardless, it would have been a momentum changing play and its one that would have translated into the football game being much different. Alas, it didn't and the Bears walked away with a convincing 35-24 win thus ending the run of the Seahawks. It was just a bad week for birds. First, it was the Oregon Ducks and then the Atlanta Falcons and then the Seahawks.

My pick of the Patriots as Super Bowl champs has come to an abrupt end. I thought the Patriots were the best chance of the four home teams to win this weekend. I guess not! Rex Ryan and the Jets stuff it right down the Patriots throat and pull off the major upset as they advance for the 2nd straight year to the AFC Championship. I don't know why, but I'm thinkin its a Packers-Jets Super Bowl. My wife is a Jets fan and my brother in law is a Packers fan. This could tear the family apart like the Hart family when Owen and Brett became enemies. OK maybe not! I guess I have to go for the Jets now----partially because a friend of mine laid some $$$ on the Jets at the start of the year to win the Super Bowl while on holidays so a win by them will actually mean some $$$$$.


I love playing NHL 11 and I love playing it online. I have a friend in Saskatoon who I play once or twice a week (I think he's been practicing). Its a blast! The only problem is trying to communicate via text on the cellphone. There should be a chat feature on the game. Oh well, you can't have everything. The other thing I love about NHL 11 is the realism. I was notified that I needed a roster update. I received it meaning I got Ales Hemsky and Nikolai Khabibulin for the Oilers, but I lose Jordan Eberle. Yes, its that up to date. Its great!!


A certain interior BC sportswriter who had his 15 minutes of fame this month was apparently too busy reading his own headlines to actually do some credible work. This sportswriter said on his blog that a certain Junior "A" website hadn't announced whether or not there were any trades in the league and that the last update had been on January 3. What a crock of crap that was. The sportswriter was politely informed of his mistake. I would like to think he might point out that mistake in a future blog posting, but I'm guessing that will not happen.


Brooklyn Decker AND Jennifer Aniston in the same movie. "Just Go For It" might be the worst piece of cinema that is out there, but if those two are in it, its a must see!!

Movies I won't be going to see "Tron" and "Green Hornet". Do I need to see Yogi Bear? I think I almost have to don't I.

Does anyone outside of TSN care about the Continental Cup of Curling? Did anyone outside of TSN talk about it?

Have an entertaining Monday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

He wasn't wearing a cardigan, but it was a great day for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as they throttled Atlanta in one of the NFC semi-finals. Rodgers was just one or two levels above his competition Saturday night as he was an astounding 31 of 36 for 366 yards and three touchdowns with another touchdown running the ball in a highly unexpected 48-21 win. It wasn't unexpected to see Green Bay win as they had a shot, but to score 48 against the Atlanta "D" was something and it does send a message throughout the league.
It looked as if the Baltimore Ravens were going to walk into Pittsburgh and upset the Steelers, but then they had one of the more nightmarish quarters that a team will have to let Pittsburgh get back into it. The two went at it in the heavyweight tilt we thought they would with the Steelers winning it in the last minute. I don't like those guys, but I gotta admit they get the job done and they stare adversity right in the face and then gives adversity a good slap. Here's a question for you---in an MMA fight between James Harrison and Ray Lewis--who would you take? That would be an epic brawl. Who's kidding who, I wouldn't say a word to either of these gentlemen even if they were smiling. They are scary dudes!!! I don't think there is anyone in the CFL that invokes the fear and respect that guys like Harrison and Lewis do.
The Patriots will take on the Jets tomorrow. I don't know how the Jets can beat the Patriots unless Tom Brady isn't allowed to leave the house or something, but it won't be 45-3 like it was the last time the Jets paid a visit. That leaves just one other game----oh yeah, its the Seahawks against the Bears. With losses Saturday by Baltimore and Atlanta and a loss by Philly last weekend, it means that Seattle is the NFL's last standing bird in 2010. Who'd have said that a couple of weeks ago? I don't know if the Seahawks will win or not, but here are some reasons as to why they should.

1. Cheerleaders. The Seahawks have them, the Bears don't. This is former Sea-Gal Amber Lancaster. How can you not root for the team that she does???

If this woman's last name is "Lancaster", you surely can't cheer against her team. Speaking of Saskatchewan connections...

2) Jon Ryan. He is the NFL's best punter this year when it comes to hemming teams inside their 20. His kicks will neutralize the dangerous Devin Hester. Once again, how can you cheer for the Bears when you have a good old Saskatchewan boy on the Seahawks. If you are from Manitoba, I will allow you to cheer for the Bears because of Israel Idonije but still. Its hard to believe that a few years ago when I did play by play for the Rams that I did games with two future NFL'ers in it in Idonije and Ryan. I remember Idonije just making life miserable for the Rams o-line during a game in Regina one night. It wasn't fair at times.

3) In the last five years, the home team is 10-10 in this round of the playoffs. One home team lost yesterday in Atlanta so its time for a 2nd team to lose today to keep that 500 record intact and that team won't be the Patriots

4) The Bears coach---how can you have respect for someone named Lovie? Lovie!!! Is the coach of the Bears, Mrs. Thurston Howell the Third. Please. Get a real name Mr. Smith!

5) The Seahawks lead the all time series 8-5 and are 4-2 in Chicago.

6) The Bears are still scarred from their loss to the Colts in the Super Bowl and have no desire to return to the big game. The Seahawks want to get back and play a Super Bowl where Bill Leavy isn't the ref so they don't get screwed like they did in Super Bowl 40 (that scar isn''t healing over!!)

7) Joe Buck has already petitioned the NFL saying he would much rather spend next weekend in Seattle where it will be nicer weather wise than Chicago. Notice Buck did last nite's game in comfy weather conditions. The NFL knows better than to screw around with Joe Buck. "America's largest forehead" does not want to go to Chicago in mid-January.

8) Its Jay Cutler's first ever playoff game. I've hated this whiny little SOB ever since he became a crybaby in Denver with his demand to be traded. I want to see the guy fall flat on his face and get some heavy criticism. You know his jock will be extra tight with this game being his first one. If he starts screwing up, the Soldier Field fans will start getting on him.

In all honesty, Chicago should win this game. They should take the glass slipper off of Seattle's foot and batter them into submission. However, in the NFL playoffs anything can happen and we have seen that already this year. The Seahawks got further than I thought they would go this year with last week's win and anything now is ice cream on top of the cake. Do I want to see the Packers at Qwest Field next week? You're damn right I do, but if Green Bay has to go to Chicago, I won't be surprised. I just don't want to see a good old fashioned blowout. I don't think I will.

The All-Saskies

I was going to do this a few weeks ago, but then I remembered today (Jan 15) is Hockey Day in Saskatchewan. I went through the NHL rosters to find the all-Saskatchewan team in the NHL today. Here is what I came up with

Goal- Josh Harding (Regina), Cam Ward (Saskatoon)

Defence-Luke Schenn (Saskatoon), Braydon Coburn (Shaunavon), Cory Sarich (Davidson), Nick Schultz (Strasbourg), Robyn Regehr (Rosthern), Jordan Hendry (Nokomis), Keith Aulie (Rouleau)

Forwards-Jordan Eberle(Regina), Tyler Bozak(Regina), Patrick Marleau (San Jose), Brooks Laich (Wawota), Ryan Getzlaf (Regina), Chris Kunitz (Regina), Brendan Morrow (Carlyle), Blake Comeau (Meadow Lake), Travis Moen(Stewart Valley), Jarrett Stoll (Melville), Derek Dorsett (Kindersley)

How do you think this team would stack up? I would love to throw this team together in NHL 11 and play some games against some other teams. That might have to be done at a future date? Is there anyone you can think of that should be on this team and who would they replace?

Great Ceremony, Bad Game

Say what you will about the Parker family when it comes to the Regina Pats, but one thing that can't be denied is they do it right when it comes to honoring the tradition of the team that they own and the players that have put this team on the map.

It was a very classy ceremony at the Brandt Centre as Mike Sillinger saw his number 16 jersey retired. Jamie Heward and Frank Kovacs were on hand as was former Pats coach Billy Moores who was representing the Oilers--the team Mike now works for. Kind words were shown over the video screen from people like Steve Tambellini, Mike's mom and dad, his wife and kids, Dale Derkatch and Jordan Eberle. One of Mike's kids said he wished he could have seen his dad play as a Pat. There are many kids out there who should be saying the same thing or asking mom and dad about him and the career he had.

The game started off fine, but the wheels started to fall off midway through the first. Regina got down 2-1 after one and 3-1 after two. They just didn't look into it. I don't know if Edmonton lulled them into sleep or what it was, but this team just didn't have the spark or the energy that was needed to get them going. The urgency factor isn't there quite yet when it comes to the playoffs, but you need a little more jump when you are so close to that spot. You can't be giving up home games to teams you need to beat to get into the playoffs and Edmonton is one of those teams. Red Deer is here tonight and that will be a tough one. Its a chance to see Ryan Nugent-Hopkins play. He is likely a top 5 NHL draft pick this year. If not 5, then 10 for sure.


I know he was the whipping boy for much of the Rider Nation this year and yes, his unit was a weak spot this year, but I still feel bad for Jim Daley that he has been let go by the football team. Jim is one of the "genuine" nice guys in the CFL. In fact, he might be the nicest guy I know in all of my time covering the league. He is a guy that always sought me out no matter what team he was involved in or even when he worked for the league. He is a straight shooter and he is overall, a good person. The special teams play under him this year was less than satisfactory--especially in the return game. Is it time for Jim to retire and settle down at home with family. I don't think that is what he wants. I'm sure he will be back in the CFL soon and when he is, I'm sure when he sees me, he will yell out "SCRUFFY!!!!". I did a handful of interviews for both Riderville and CKRM this year where you could hear him yell that as he was going by with a big smile on his face. He actually didn't know about the "Scruffy" nickname until he was on "The Sportscage" one afternoon and Rod referred to me as that. He absolutely loved it and made sure he used it as many times as he could from that time.


Its fitting that the colours of the Ravens and Steelers are purple and black and black and yellow. Those are the colours of a bruise and I'm guessing every player that takes the field this afternoon in Pittsburgh will have a large bruise of some kind after getting into another physical war with one another. There might not be a better rivalry in football right now. These two teams are almost mirror images of one another. Expect this one to come right down to the end as the last umpteen battles between the two have. As much as I hate to say it, I gotta take the Steelers because there is just something about them at playoff time and as you know, I DO NOT LIKE THE STEELERS!!


The game tonight between the Packers and Falcons intrigues me. I think it will be the best one of the four this weekend. If this game was in Green Bay, I would think the Falcons are in trouble. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are a very good team and they will give Atlanta a battle, but in the end I just see the Falcons being a little bit better. America may just find out tonight how good of a quarterback Matt Ryan is and that he can perhaps be considered in the same category as Aaron Rodgers.


I think its safe to say that we are all sick of the snow. I'm sure the city feels that way. I have seen graders and sanders on the streets, but it seems that everytime it snows, the city's removal plan goes back to square one. They need to keep the sidestreets clean as well. There are many of them that are in bad shape. How much snow have we gotten this winter anyhow? It seems to me as if this is way more than what we have had in the past few years. I'm running out of room. I hope the spring melt is a slow one.
Have a good Saturday and be careful out there!