Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vancouver And UFC Iron Out Differences

The on-again, off-again UFC show in Vancouver is a go.

UFC president Dana White confirmed to The Canadian Press that the mixed martial arts card will take place as scheduled June 12 at GM Place.

With insurance a major sticking point, the UFC played hardball and the MMA juggernaut appears to have won the day.

There was talk Monday of moving the show to Cincinnati. That was followed by the UFC giving city officials 24 hours to sort out the issue or else, according to a source.

Vancouver will be the second Canadian city to stage a UFC show.

The UFC has already held two cards in Montreal -- UFC 83 and 97 -- and plans a third -- UFC 113 -- next month.

Vancouver Coun. Kerry Jang had said the city was facing a problem that the province of B.C., unlike Quebec, had not agreed to provide the city with indemnity, meaning the city could not be sued "for any reason arising from one of these events."

While the UFC has to provide insurance of its own, the city had to look into additional insurance in the form of $10 million in third-party liability, according to Jang. GM Place would also need insurance.

Complicating the matter is the Criminal Code does not provide an exemption for MMA, as it does boxing, causing the city concerns that any insurance claims might be denied.

But Marc Ratner, the UFC's vice-president of regulatory affairs said Tuesday he was confident the outstanding issues could be settled. He was proved right a day later after the some tough bargaining tactics.

In December, Vancouver city councillors voted six to three to approve a two-year trial period for MMA, opening the door for a UFC show that could generate millions for the local economy.

But under the pilot program, promoters must ensure the city can't be held liable for damages.

Ontario is the next Canadian target for the UFC. The province, home to a rich vein of MMA fans, has yet to sanction the sport.

Accelerating Stadium Plan In Winnipeg

$137.5 million to be invested, construction slated for this summer; opening 2012 CFL season

WINNIPEG -- Premier Greg Selinger and Mayor Sam Katz today joined Ken Hildahl, Chair, Board of Directors of the Winnipeg Football Club, David Asper, Executive Chairman of Creswin Properties Inc. and University of Manitoba President, Dr. David Barnard to announce a plan to accelerate construction of a new community-owned football stadium at the University of Manitoba.

Beginning this summer, Creswin will construct the $115 million facility with an opening in time for the 2012 CFL and Bison football seasons. An additional $22.5 million will be invested in fitness facilities at the University of Manitoba.

The Province will provide bridge financing, which will be fully repaid by Creswin as part of the transfer of team ownership. This financing will be secured through property taxes generated from the new retail development on the site of the existing stadium, subject to City Council approval. The Winnipeg Football Club will support the bridge financing through capital revenue sources at the new stadium such as naming rights and suite licenses.

The bridge financing plan supports all previous agreements including the Community Interest Agreement (CIA) which guarantees community ownership of the stadium and the team's home in Winnipeg, in perpetuity, and the Access Procedure Agreement to ensure community and university student use of the new stadium.

“This plan provides the foundation that is needed to move this project forward,” said Premier Selinger. “Building the stadium now significantly reduces the long term cost, creates an immediate stimulus for our economy, and provides a lasting asset for the university and the community .”

As originally proposed, the new stadium will include 33,000 seats (expandable to 40,000+), overhead protection for 80% of fans, enhanced concessions and washrooms, 40 private suites, a permanent Hall of Fame and an inflatable bubble for use in winter months.

“Bomber fans have let us know loud and clear that it’s time this project be brought to fruition,” said Mayor Katz. “I believe this investment will have a major positive impact on our city and this plan provides us with the revenues we need to make it happen.”

“The development of retail on our existing site and our agreement with Creswin Properties will provide the economic engine to sustain the Winnipeg Blue Bombers into the future,” said Ken Hildahl.

“Our mission from day one,” said David Asper, “has been to create a new stadium that deals directly and completely with making it a place wohere the fans can enjoy the games with modern and comfortable amenities. We’ve never wavered from the goal and I’m happy to say that, with today’s announcement, Bomber and Bison fans are going to get what they have long deserved.”

The University of Manitoba also continues with its original plan to construct a new fitness centre on campus, supported by $15 million from the Government of Canada and $5.0 million from the Province. Subject to City Council approval, the City will provide $2.5 million for the fitness centre, which will be available to students and the general public.

“The new stadium development continues to be an important and exciting development at the University of Manitoba,” said Barnard. “I look forward to being at the opening kick-offs of the first Bison and Bomber games there in 2012.”

The total project at the University of Manitoba will create an estimated 2,425 person-years of employment and $19.6 million in provincial tax revenues from construction.

“It’s exciting news that all the parties are coming together to build what will become the home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, one of our oldest and proudest franchises,” said CFL Commissioner, Mark Cohon. “The timing is very appropriate. The Bombers are celebrating their 80th anniversary, and the stadium is expected to be ready for 2012, when football fans across Canada will celebrate our 100th Grey Cup game. This is a display of confidence in the future of our league and the communities in which our teams play.”

Finalizing Their Football Operations Staff

Saskatchewan Roughrider Head Coach/ Vice President of Football Operations Ken Miller announced today that Craig Smith has been named Director of Player Personnel and Joe Womack has been named Director of U.S. Scouting. These additions finalize the team’s football operations staff for the upcoming 2010 season.

Smith spent a total of eight seasons with the B.C. Lions in a capacity of roles within their player personnel department. He entered the CFL in 1999 when he first joined the Lions as a guest coach. Smith also spent three seasons as the director of player personnel for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 2005-2007 before returning to the Lions for the 2008 season as a scout.

Womack will now shift his focus to the scouting and recruitment of players throughout the United States as Director of U.S. Scouting. The Baton Rouge native has spent the last three seasons as the Director of Player Personnel for the Green and White and also worked as the team’s strength and conditioning coach. With his new role, Womack will be based out of the U.S. and travel throughout the country evaluating and recruiting U.S talent

Its Official!

The Edmonton Oilers are now just one ping-pong ball away from securing Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Last nite's 5-4 loss to Detroit clinches that Edmonton will finish dead last in the NHL standings. It also means they should have a great shot at having the first selection of the 2010 draft---a selection that will either be Hall or Seguin who by the way are playing one another in an Ontario Hockey League playoff series starting this weekend.

Being the Oilers fan I am, this should be a very sad day, but the realization is that this is a great day because the rebuilding starts now. The foundation this team had has been stripped away. I'm guessing every available scout and club management will watch every move Hall and Seguin make in their head-to-head battle as they decide what player to take. The reality is that one of the two will call Edmonton home as even if the Oilers don't win the lottery, they can finish no worse than second. I don't know if I'm a fan of that formula as I think the worst team should be allowed to tumble to at least four, but whatever. Some scouts say picking between Hall and Seguin is like picking between Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. It will be no easy choice. Speaking of Kane and Toews, you have seen what they have done since joining the Hawks and what that organization has done over the last few years. With players on the roster now like Hemsky, Penner, Gagner, Gilbert and Whitney and the new faces that will arrive in Eberle, Paajarvi-Svensson, Chorney and either Hall or Seguin, I am confident this team will emerge as a contender by the 2012-2013 season and that they will be a much better team going into next year. I'm not going to get back on the Josh Harding to Edmonton soapbox at this time, but I would love to see that as well. Speaking of which, Harding's season is done in Minnesota after he suffered a hip injury. I truly hope that is the last time Josh wears a Wild jersey. It is time for him to become a number one goalie somewhere.


The Regina Red Sox have released their 2010 schedule. Here it is....

I don't know about you, but I love getting out to Currie Field a couple of times a year to watch the Red Sox play. Its the closest thing to big league baseball that we are going to see and while these guys aren't close to being professionals, they are guys that are good and in some cases, dream of having a pro career. I wonder if the day will ever come that Regina could have a franchise in the Northern League or some semi-pro league, but if that happens, what happens to the Red Sox. Bernie Eiswirth and crew have done a great job in getting the Red Sox going again and it would be a shame to see those efforts get wasted if a higher calibre of ball came here. It truly is a double edged sword.


My favourite part of the Rider 100th anniversary celebrations is the "Where is Riderville?" contest. That is where cities and towns across this great province let the Riders know why they should be declared as Riderville. Entrants will be asked why their community should be declared as Riderville. This will be a way for people across the province no matter how big or small their community can get together and get their creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless. How are you going to be able to determine a winner because I know there will be several great submissions. In a province where football is second to none, this is going to be a tremendous contest. Whoever is in charge of judging this contest is A) in for a very enjoyable summer as he or she checks out the various entries and B) is in for a very difficult decision when it comes to who wins and who doesn't. I'm really looking forward to seeing who does what. With all apologies to Saskatchewan cities, I am hoping the winner is a small-town. By the way, there is no truth to the rumour that the winning town gets uber-Rider fan Ricky G to live there for a year. That would just be too much! Sorry Rick, it was there though so I had to take it!
By the way, that video commemorating 100 years is fantastic!


What the h-e double hockey sticks did Donovan McNabb do to perhaps get traded to the Raiders? Is this what his time in Philadelphia gets him. McNabb must be shuddering thinking he could be off to football hell. With talk that the Vikings would be interested in Donovan's services should Brett Favre retire, I am thinking McNabb should be texting, visiting, doing whatever he can to convince Brett to call it a career.


Jack Swagger wins the WWE heavyweight belt on Smackdown by beating Chris Jericho. Really? Jack Swagger! Chris Griffin! I understand wanting to get some young talent over, but Jack Swagger? BOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Who at the start of the SJHL season had La Ronge playing Yorkton in the league final? Who at the start of the playoffs had La Ronge playing Yorkton in the league final? Be honest!

Back to the Riders, I heard a trade rumour last night that I think is a little out there. It involves one of our offensive linemen and if it happens, it would see that player and prospects/picks going to a Western Division rival for one of my favourite CFL players. I would be ecstatic if it happened, but I can't see it going down. Because of that, I will not name the players going each way. If it does come down though, remember where you heard it---sort of!
That's all I got for now! Later!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Riders 100th Anniversary Video

Check out the video, its a good one!

No Front Office Changes In Prince Albert

The Prince Albert Raiders Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Bruno Campese, Steve Young, Craig Bedard and Duane Bartley all have signed new 2 year contracts with the Western Hockey League organization through the 2011-12 season. Their current contracts were set to expire May 31, 2010.

"The Board undertook a complete review and unanimously voted to extend the contracts of Bruno Campese and the hockey staff for 2 years," said Team President Dale McFee. "We are pleased to come to terms with Bruno and his staff and look forward to further progress in our organization."

Campese will return as the Head Coach and General Manager. He was named the 11th Head Coach in the history of the organization on June 21,
2007 then was named General Manager of the organization on January 14, 2008.

"I am pleased the Board has agreed to extend the contracts of myself and the hockey staff," said Campese. "It gives us an opportunity to continue with the plan we have set out. We feel we have made progress in building a foundation and look to continue to grow and mature as we move forward."

Young will be promoted to the role of Associate Coach to go along with Assistant General Manager under his new contract with the Raiders. Young joined the team as Assistant Coach/Assistant GM on May 8, 2008.

"We are pleased to expand Steve's role to Associate Coach and Assistant General Manager," says Campese. "This will give Steve increased interaction and responsibility with our players and parents."

Bedard returns as Assistant Coach, a role he has had with the organization since July 9, 2007.

Athletic Therapist Duane Bartley is the longest serving member of the hockey staff, having joined the Raiders on July 31, 2001. Bartley is one of the longest serving Athletic Therapists in the WHL.

Celebrating Their Centennial

Today the Saskatchewan Roughriders unveiled details surrounding a group of initiatives within the club’s Centennial Program which will be celebrated throughout the 2010 season.

The Centennial celebrations will provide a unique opportunity for Rider fans across the province and throughout the country to honour the team’s heroes and builders of the past century, and relive the great moments that have shaped the Roughriders’ rich history.

“We intend to celebrate our first 100 years with programs that will take place across this great province,” stated Roughrider President/CEO Jim Hopson. “We continue to be overwhelmed by the support we receive and are excited to be able to include fans from all of Saskatchewan in our celebrations.”

The Riders 2010 Centennial focuses on five key themes: 1) Heritage and documentation of our history; 2) Including and engaging as many communities across Saskatchewan as possible; 3) Focus on future leader development through educational initiatives; 4) Recognize the differences in needs and interests between the generations of stakeholders who have contributed to the 100 years of our success 5) Leave a legacy that reinforces the Rider’s continued contribution to Saskatchewan.

At this time the club is pleased to unveil details of the following Centennials initiatives:

Anniversary Artwork - The club is partnering with the artistic world in the creation of an anniversary collection. Five Saskatchewan artists have been selected to develop artistic pieces celebrating the Rider Centennial. The collection will be unveiled at the McKenzie Art Gallery in June

Where is Riderville? – Communities across Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to compete for the title of ultimate Rider community. The winning community will receive multiple prizes including a contribution of $25,000 to their minor sports as well as a sign at the outskirts of their community declaring them as Riderville. The five finalists will be chosen and the winning community will be declared through fan voting and announced at the Labour Day Classic.

Hill Centre Mural – With the co-operation of Harvard Developments and the many occupants of the Hill Centre Towers, Sleek Signs will install a giant mural on the towers as a tribute to the Riders’ Centennial. The installation will start in early May as soon as the weather permits.

WHL Eastern Conference 2nd Round Sked

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Semi-Final
Medicine Hat @ Calgary Friday, April 2 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Calgary Sunday, April 4 5:00
Calgary @ Medicine Hat Tuesday, April 6 7:00
Calgary @ Medicine Hat Wednesday, April 7 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Calgary Friday, April 9 7:00
Calgary @ Medicine Hat Sunday, April 11 6:00
Medicine Hat @ Calgary Tuesday, April 13 7:00

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Semi-Final
Brandon @ Saskatoon Friday, April 2nd 7:05
Brandon @ Saskatoon Saturday, April 3rd 7:05
Saskatoon @ Brandon Wednesday, April 7th 7:00
Saskatoon @ Brandon Friday, April 9th 7:30
Saskatoon @ Brandon Saturday, April 10th 7:30
Brandon @ Saskatoon Monday, April 12th 7:05
Saskatoon @ Brandon Wednesday, April 14th 7:05

Monday, March 29, 2010

It Wasn't Meant To Be

Bus rides from Calgary can be long after a defeat, but for the Moose Jaw Warriors, it must be a little longer and a little more painful. Yeah, the Warriors weren't supposed to beat the Calgary Hitmen in the first round of the WHL playoffs, but they sure came close and they gave the heavily favoured Hitmen everything they could handle.
Moose Jaw had three chances to knock off the Hitmen, but they couldn't do it as Calgary took Game 7 in convincing fashion by a score of 6-2 to move into the 2nd round by the hair on their chinny, chin chin.
The Warriors weren't supposed to do this and with many players coming back, the experience they received over the past two weeks will do them a world of good next year.
I love the fact SHAW gives us WHL action that we can see all winter, and I love the fact they saw the opportunity to show us Game 7 from Calgary, but I am very disappointed with their decision to show Medicine Hat-Calgary in Round 2. Brandon-Saskatoon will be a great matchup and people across Western Canada deserve to see those two teams going at it. Nothing against Medicine Hat or Calgary, but it won't be the series that the Wheat Kings-Blades one will be. I wish SHAW would drop their Calgary-Vancouver bias and show the best series available. Saskatoon is just as important to SHAW as Calgary is so why not show the Blades. Bottom line though is we are getting to see hockey that we wouldn't if it wasn't for SHAW so I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly.
Ricky Martin is gay! Wasn't this news 10 years ago! Tell me, is anyone really surprised by this!
I applaud Jennifer Jones for firing back, but I don't know if I agree with everything she says. If you haven't heard, Jones became very emotional Sunday after winning a bronze medal at the World Womens Curling Championship because of the line of questioning she received. Jones is right when she lists off what her Winnipeg rink has done.
Her resume puts her up there with other great Canadian female foursomes like Colleen Jones and the late, great Sandra Schmirler. What she has done for the sport in this country can not be measured. She became upset because the colour of the medal she had was not gold--its the colour that was expected of her. She still finished 3rd which is nothing to sneeze at. I don't have to tell you that Canadians are very protectional when it comes to our sports. Hockey and curling are two of those sports. I don't have to tell you the criticism Hockey Canada takes when it doesn't win on either the mens or womens side. Our curlers are also seen as the world's best by many in this country and second won't do.
Kevin Martin never won the big game for a long time. Its something he has managed to now do. Cheryl Bernard's status went down big-time after she failed to win gold in Vancouver and shse should have. I don't care what you say, but Bernard blew it in that gold medal final. When you are the best in your country in a sport that country excels in, yes the expectations are high. I think we understand if it doesn't happen year after year after year especially at a time when the gap between Canada and the rest of the world is shrinking. I understand the frustration and I understand the complaint, but Jennifer, and Kevin Martin and Kevin Koe and whoever should just be happy that they are a face of the sport in this country and that its a sport that is publicized tremendously. I'm sure there are others out there who don't win a medal that would love to explain why they didn't yet they don't get the opportunity because no one cares.
Guys, if you saw Monday's episode of Two and A Half Men, did you howl as hard as I did. That show basically summed it up for us when it comes to the better half didn't it. A very accurate portrayal.
----- has a series of mock drafts on their website. Pats forward Jordan Weal is not considered a first rounder in any of them, but in three of the four. Dylan McIlrath and Quinton Howden of the Warriors are late first rounders. McIlrath is good, but is he first round material?
Wrestling is fake, but the last 20 minutes of RAW last night and the Shawn Michaels farewell was as real as it gets. That was great TV! I don't think Michaels will end up with TNA. By the way, TNA is just plain bad.
If WWE wrestler Jack Swagger was a cartoon character, he would be Chris Griffin!
Does anyone care if the Raptors make the playoffs or not?
As you go into Tuesday, I leave you with this....
If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's real embarrassing if someone tries to kill you.

UFC's Vancouver Gig Cancelled

It looks like the UFC won't be going to Vancouver in June after all.
A source says the show has been called off and the mixed martial arts promoter is looking at Cincinnati as a possible replacement city.
The Vancouver card was slated for June 15 at GM Place and the UFC lobbied hard to get the city to open its doors to the sport.
But it appears the deal fell through because the UFC and the city could not reach an agreement on other details around the show.
The UFC has already held two shows in Montreal and is pressing to have Ontario sanction the sport.

Lets Have Some Monday Fun

Get out that creativity blog readers! Yesterday, Henry Winkler (aka: The Fonz) was given the key to Winnipeg by mayor Sam Katz. If Regina mayor Pat Fiacco was to present the key to the city to an 80's TV show star, who should it be? Hey, you never know maybe Mayor Pat will check this out and do it. For the love of god and my blog readers, please no one mention Joey Lawrence!

Say Goodbye To The Chiefs

In the 1977 cult hit movie "Slap Shot," when player/coach Reggie Dunlop learns his minor-league hockey team will fold, he boosts player morale by planting a phony story in the local paper: The Charlestown Chiefs are moving south.
And now, 22 years after they were founded in a moment of inspiration from the film, the real-life Johnstown Chiefs really are moving to Greenville, S.C.
But the move is doing anything but boosting the morale of this gritty town, where the economy and its people never recovered from the steel industry meltdown of the 1970s and the last of three titanic floods.
The movie, starring Paul Newman, was shot in Johnstown as a barely disguised homage to the beloved Johnstown Jets. The team folded the year the movie was released, after floodwaters damaged ice-making equipment at the team's riverside arena.
The Johnstown Chiefs were founded in 1988, and a succession of owners has labored to keep the team alive, largely because "Slap Shot" stoked interest in the city's tragicomic love affair with what the movie called "old-time hockey."
"'Slap Shot' was a big factor in me, personally, having the team here, owning the team," said majority owner and head coach Neil Smith, 56, who played for the New York Islanders' farm system. "I was fascinated by that: the original building, the small town, the whole thing."
Formerly the general manager who led the New York Rangers to their last Stanley Cup championship in 1994, Smith bought the cash-strapped Chiefs in 2002. He promised not to move them for at least two seasons but sought a local buyer sentimental enough to keep the team in town and rich enough to write off the team's perennial losses.
(Movie irony: The rich owner in "Slap Shot" folded the team as a tax write-off.)
Trouble is, hockey in rough-and-tumble Johnstown, about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh, sells better on DVD these days. Now, Smith's pipe dream is selling out the team's farewell game Saturday at the 4,001-seat arena, built in 1950.
Despite a top ticket of $14 and no seat more than 15 rows from the ice, the Chiefs have only 900 season ticket holders and appeared lucky to draw two-thirds as many fans on a recent Wednesday night. Smith needed 2,700 fans each night to break even.
The Chiefs have rarely been a winner and, reportedly, never a moneymaker. What's unclear is whether a rebound is on the horizon.
The movie was set in the fictional Federal League. But a Federal League also exists on paper and hopes to begin play in the fall with a team in Johnstown, commissioner Don Kirnan said.
Smith's minority partner, attorney Ned Nakles, is selling his 10 percent share but forming a nonprofit to retain rights to the Chiefs name, logo, records and statistics -- just in case.
Given Smith's battles with various partners (he's suing one group for $300,000 in allegedly unpaid bills) and a rugged economy, it's surprising the Chiefs have lasted as long as they have.
Living amid that economic reality is Bill Felix, who owns a candy store down the street.
"Eleven dollars, seven dollars, seven dollars ... ," he drones, ticking off sales figures for recent days, recounting chilly nights spent in a sleeping bag in the back room of his run-down store.
Bad news? Sure, but it's the Chiefs' move that brings tears to his eyes.
"The first day [I heard of the move], I was in a lot of depression - more than the business, the recession, you know, the non-important things," he said with a wry smile. "Losing the Chiefs, you couldn't go any lower than what was happening in the world."
But Smith, who named himself head coach to save time and money when his predecessor left this season, hasn't been cast as the villain.
"I can stand there behind the bench, if you can imagine, and I've never had a negative word said," Smith said. "That's a real credit to the people of Johnstown."
That includes Scott McLachlan, who has run Scott's By Dam Bar, the city's unofficial game-day hangout, for 18 years. Fans from both sides pack his tavern before and after home games, and he feeds most opposing teams. Thankfully, the mortgage is paid.
"I'm gonna lose probably about 30 to 40 percent -- between $80,000 and $100,000 a year I'm gonna lose" when the Chiefs leave, McLachlan said.
Reg Kent and his wife, Barbara, are game-day regulars.
Kent inspired Paul Newman's Reg Dunlop character, and taught the actor how to use a hockey stick. Kent was the Jets' leading scorer for several of his nine seasons in the 1960s and 70s, when players were local matinee idols.
"I started back in '65 when the town was vibrant: The mills were working around the clock; the mines were 'round the clock," Kent said. "There's been a pretty big change here in this town.
"It's just kind of a slow death."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We'll See Game 7!

Great news for hockey fans--especially in Moose Jaw. I was very happy to see this from the WHL on my Twitter page.
Game 7 of the Calgary Hitmen - Moose Jaw Warriors opening round WHL playoff series can be seen LIVE on SHAW and tomorrow)Monday) night at 7pm MT.
This has been a great series and while you have to think the Hitmen will rebound from a 3-1 deficit to take the series seeing they have won the last two, you just never know what might happen. Good on SHAW for picking this up. I am hoping Access will have it as well. The reason for this is SHAW would have shown Game 7 of Kootenay/Medicine Hat, but the Tigers polished off the Ice in six with a 4-1 win. If Calgary wins, they get the Tigers in Round 2 with Saskatoon taking on Brandon. A Moose Jaw win means a 2nd round date against Brandon with the Blades battling the Tigers.
I didn't think Shawn Michaels and Undertaker could duplicate their epic battle at WM 25 at this year's event, but they came damn close. In fact, some might say they did. Once again, the two men had the 72-thousand in attendance and the millions more around the world on the edge of their seat in the career vs streak match. In the end, the Undertaker got the job done to end what was an OK Wrestlemania. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrid either. Hey, I may have missed the final 3 minutes of the event for reasons I don't really want to get into, but it was a good four hours of entertainment. If you want to know what happened in the other matches, just go to By the way, if you watched WM, did you catch the opening couple of minutes. There is a guy in a Rider jersey sitting right near the ring. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!
Germany's Andrea Schopp wins the World Womens Curling Championship, but I'm not sure she made many friends. First, Schopp laid down a major insult on Jennifer Jones by saying she was glad her German squad wasn't playing Canada in the final because Scotland's Eve Muirhead would give her a better game because they were a better team. Muirhead was adopted by many in Swift Current as the team they wanted to see win if Jones couldn't, but Schopp bested the Scots 8-6 in 11 ends. As for Jones, she takes home the bronze beating Sweden.
Looks like it will be the Penguins and the Capitals in the outdoor game next year. That's the only one you really could have if you are the NHL seeing your two most marketable players will go up against one another. As I've said in the past, the outdoor game doesn't interest me as much anymore as it used to because its been done so many times, but if Sid is playing Ovie, I will watch and so will you.
Did anyone watch the Don Cherry movie? I've taped it and will try and watch later today. Is it worth my time?
Weren't the Red Wings fighting for a playoff spot just a couple of weeks ago. They are now one point out of 5th in the West.
Did Hockey Night in Canada actually report Saturday night that if the Flames don't make the playoffs, there will be a major change in the front office with Steve Yzerman taking over as GM from Darryl Sutter. Unless Ken Holland has told the Wings he has no intention of stepping down anytime soon, I can't see Yzerman going anywhere. He seems to me destined for a high up job in the Wings organization.
Butler, Michigan State, Duke and West Virginia make up the final four. I had the last two. I'm guessing there aren't many that had that grouping. The last two weekends of college basketball have just been incredible and have reminded me just why I love that tournament so.
I can't remember what beer brand its for, but the one where the old man asks for "Nancy" to throw him a brewski just makes me howl.
As you start your Monday, I ask you this.....

Why is it OK for guys to slap other guys asses in football, but not in any other situation?

Jim Playfair Loses It

Former Flames coach Jim Playfair lost it last night during a game between the team he coaches--the Abbotsford Heat and the Hamilton Bulldogs. It starts around the 2 1/2 minute mark when former Pat J-D Watt has a run-in with the Hamilton goalie. Take a look....

Its Wrestlemania Sunday

There are big days on the sports calendar for yours truly. Opening day, the Super Bowl, March Madness, etc, etc. Today is one of those days. Yes, wrestling is seen by some to be stupid, but I have loved it since watching Stampede Wrestling and then going to it in the mid 80's. I have discussed my love for those days in this blog before and I'm reminded of it everytime I go to High Impact Wrestling.
I know everything is scripted, but I love it. Always have, always will! The big match today has the Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels in a rematch of what might have been the greatest ever match in the history of Wrestlemania which went last year. The Undertaker is a perfect 17-0 at WM(Coincidentally, this streak means nothing compared to mine as I will be 26-0 in watching Wrestlemania's live when the day is over) and he has told Michaels that if he wins today, it costs 'The Heartbreak Kid" his career. Meanwhile, Canadian icon Bret "The Hitman" Hart finally gets into the ring with Vince McMahon. Its about a decade too late as far as I'm concerned, and Bret's health will get in the way of what could have been a great match, but it will be fun seeing Bret exact a measure of revenge for the Montreal screwjob oh so many years ago. It will be a fun evening at the home of Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger watching it all come down. Yeah. I've had people ask me "How can you watch that crap?". They then tell me how good "Dancing with the Stars" or "The Bachelor" is. Yeah, OK. You watch what you want to watch and be entertained and I'll watch what I want to.
While one Canadian fighting icon does his thing today, another did his thing last night and he did not disappoint---or did he? Georges St. Pierre manhandled Dan "Don't call me Jon" Hardy in the main event at UFC 111 last night, but the Montrealer was upset with himself. St. Pierre basically owned Hardy right from the get-go. The only highlight for the Brit with the wacked out hair and the terrible teeth was the fact he got out of two very painful submission moves. Who's kidding who, this guy's arms must be made out of rubber. Is Gumby alive? St. Pierre didn't like the fact he had to go to the distance. The bottom line is he proved again why he is considered one of the best in the UFC.
The Calgary Hitmen haven't beaten the Moose Jaw Warriors yet, but I like their chances now. Moose Jaw had the chance to complete what would have been an historic upset with a win at home last night, but Calgary jumped out into a 3-0 lead. Moose Jaw cut it to 4-3, but Calgary gets the last three of the game to win 7-3 forcing a Game 7 in Calgary Monday. I don't like Moose Jaw's chances, but they did go into Calgary and steal the first two and the pressure is still squarely on the shoulders of the WHL's top team in the regular season. It will be an interesting one. Wish we could see it!
I was watching Sportscentre Friday when they aired a piece about a rink in Quebec being named after legendary NHL coach Pat Burns. Burns spoke at the get-together and my jaw hit the floor when I saw him. Burns is battling cancer and he's losing the fight. He looked terrible! He looks nothing like the man that led the Leafs and Devils. You have no idea how much I hate that disease and how one day I hope a cure is found. Too many good people are being taken away from us for no good reason. Burns admits he probably won't be around for the grand opening of the rink in 2011. That's too bad. Hockey will have a lost great one when he goes.
Jennifer Jones will not win the World Womens Curling Championship in Swift Current. She lost to Scotland in the semi-final last night. I don't know why people aren't talking about it more, but Eve Muirhead should be given credit for making this one a game in the 2nd end. With Canada up 2-0, Muirhead faced a steal of 2. She had only one chance and that was an angle raise double. She stuck the shot and stayed around for one leaving her in the game instead of being down 4-0. It was a great shot! It was a game-changer! By the way, I don't know about you, but I love Muirhead's voice. Anyhoo, she will go for gold today against Andrea Schopp. No truth to the rumour that she skips the mens team as well. Take that for what you will.
A lot of questions are now being asked Jones and her Winnipeg rink. They have been together a long time and its expected they won't be sticking together for another Olympic run. Yes, they are still Team Canada at the Scotties, but one has to wonder if we are seeing the last of what has been one of Canada's top womens curling teams to ever compete.
By the way, is there any truth to the rumour that Mr. Jennifer Jones ( I couldn't pick the guy out of a police lineup) has been rather belligerent all week in Swift Current reminding people there of what happened in the Grey Cup and all in all, just being a complete you know what. I've heard a couple of stories about him and I'm surprised he hasn't had a knuckle sandwich for lunch.
Still with the curling, the Leader-Post's Murray McCormick has done a great job, as per usual, covering the event in Swift Current. I wonder if Murray somehow managed to get himself a pair of Norwegian curling pants. If he did, I think he should wait until Day 1 of Rider training camp to break those babies out. Maybe he got a whole bunch and he, Ian Hamilton and Vanstone can wear them on a day-to-day basis. OK, maybe not!
Esquire Magazine is asking you to pick the sexiest woman alive. Here's the link....
One of the pairings is Stacy Keibler against Anna Kournikova. GOOD GOD! How am I supposed to choose between those two! They are both lottery picks! It's like deciding Lemieux over Gretzky or Larry Bird over Magic Johnson.
Back to wrestling for just a second. ESPN Classic had old AWA wrestling on Saturday morning. The locale of the event----Minot! This might be the first time I have ever seen anything on TV come from Minot.
Rumour has it Chris Johnson of the Titans will be this year's Madden cover boy. Will the jinx hit him if he indeed adorns the cover.
Enjoy your Sunday and if you are watching Wrestlemania, enjoy it as well!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taking A Tiny Break

I haven't got a lot of time, so there won't be anything profound. Chances are you won't see a post until Sunday morning sometime.

High Impact Wrestling---truly outstanding! If you like that kind of thing. I do! Jeff Tyler with the belt though is just wrong. C'mon! Put that piece of tin on the living legend--Principal Pound. Always an entertaining three hours from those guys. They give it their all and that's all you can ask.

UFC this weekend--Georges St. Pierre will make Jon Hardy his bitch!

Wrestlemania-I'll have more thoughts and memories before Sunday.

I've taken Calgary to win the WHL crown this year, but I would be more than happy to see them get knocked out at the hands of the Warriors. Good luck to Jeff Truitt, Dave Hunchak and the Warriors organization tonight.

I fully expect Jennifer Jones to beat Germany Sunday.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Barrin Simpson Joins The Riders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have signed import linebacker Barrin Simpson to a contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Simpson is heading into his tenth season in the CFL and has spent the last four with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The 32-year old started his CFL career in 2001 with the B.C. Lions where he spent five seasons. In his first CFL season, Simpson had a league leading 115 defensive tackles which earned him the title of the CFL’s Rookie of the Year.

In 139 CFL games played, the Mississippi State product has tallied 782 defensive tackles, 44 special team tackles, 29 quarterback sacks, 16 fumble recoveries and ten interceptions. Over the course of his career Simpson has been named a divisional and CFL all-star six times, and was also named Western Division Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 and was the Eastern Nominee for Defensive Player of the Year in 2006.

In 2009, Simpson had 84 defensive tackles, three special team tackles, two quarterback sacks and one interception in 13 games played.

Wish I Was There

Blog reader Trevor has just returned from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. He caught a Coyotes game, a couple of spring training games(including a Cubs game GRRRR!!) and a couple of rounds of golf. He went on the wrong week though. He's a wrestling fan like me, and Wrestlemania 26 is Sunday in Glendale. He sent me a picture of what was just outside his hotel when he left Wednesday morning. He says there are pics just like this all over the city's downtown as the city is really getting behind the event. He adds that this is the closest he will likely get to Michelle McCool in his lifetime. Dare to dream Trevor. Dare to dream!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back To Moose Jaw

The heat was firmly on the shoulder pads of the Calgary Hitmen Thursday night. A loss to the Moose Jaw Warriors and what might be the biggest playoff upset in the WHL would be complete. A win and the league's number one team in the regular season would still be alive.
The Hitmen are still alive thanks to the league's top scorer. Brandon Kozun had a goal and three assists as Calgary beat the Warriors 5-2 to force Game 6 at what will be an insane Civic Centre Saturday. The pressure now shifts over to Moose Jaw as far as I'm concerned. Yes, Calgary is still trying to hold off elimination Saturday, but the Warriors are at home. I've always said when you are the underdog and you hold a 3-1 lead that if you lose Game 5, you need to win Game 6 at home because if you don't, you lose all the momentum you had with the home team getting a serious advantage in Game 7. Yes, a Game 7 can have anything happen, but I lean towards the home team. Moose Jaw can win this series, and they will have two chances to do so, but they had better not lose the opportunity that is in their fingers Saturday.
The Blades are moving on to round 2. They dispatched Red Deer in four straight with a 5-2 win. The question now is do they get the Wheat Kings in the 2nd round or the winner of the Medicine Hat-Kootenay series. It depends on what the Warriors do. I don't know about you, but a Brandon-Saskatoon series will be a ring a ding dong dandy.
Kansas State and Xavier proved why March Madness is one of the best sporting events on the calendar. WOW!!! Those two teams gave us outstanding basketball that would not end as they had to go to double overtime. We finally got a taste of Gus Johnson losing his mind(I love the way this guy calls a sporting event) as Kansas State moved into the elite eight with a 101-98 win. This game simply had it all. It was the best game of the tournament so far. Its games like that why we watch sports with the interest that we do. Reality TV? Those two teams gave us Reality TV at its best!
Tiger Woods and Leann Rimes? That one came out of left field. You can't criticize Tiger for this one---at least I don't think you can. His affair with Rimes came before he was with Elin. The reason for that relationship going sour was her father. He was concerned that Tiger was seven years older than LeAnn. If only he knew now what he knew then. By the way, Leann Rimes has what might be the sexiest country music video I've ever seen. I can't embed the video for some reason, but here it is....
The stories will come and the stories will go, but I can't see the Eagles trading Donovan McNabb. They could have sent him to the Bears last year, but it didn't happen. The Raiders, Bills and Rams are said to be interested, but I can't see those teams giving up a pick in the top 42 and a player to get him. The only way McNabb is leaving is if he signs a contract extension with whoever. No team is going to get a one year quarterback in a trade as McNabb becomes a UFA at years end.
Is Steve Stamkos going to win the NHL goal-scoring title? It doesn't matter now, but why wasn't he an Olympian?
I don't think the Flames are making the playoffs! That obviously does not disappoint me.
It is just amazing when you hear that the Riders may actually have to cap season ticket sales at 25-thousand. Their popularity just continues to soar. Even with another off-season of upheaval, the Rider Nation remains strong. LOVE IT!
Have a good Friday!

Tigers-Ice On Shaw/Access

CALGARY, AB - The Western Hockey League and SHAW Communications announced today that games six and a potential game seven of the 2010 WHL Playoffs first round series between the Kootenay Ice and Medicine Hat Tigers will be televised LIVE on SHAW and SHAW Direct Channel 299 throughout Western Canada.

SHAW TV will continue to provide extensive coverage of the 2010 WHL Playoffs by broadcasting a LIVE full series in round two of the 2010 WHL Playoffs, a WHL Conference Championship Series and the entire WHL Championship Series. Following the conclusion of each round of the 2010 WHL Playoffs, the WHL and SHAW TV will announce the next series that will be broadcast.

Game six of the Kootenay Ice – Medicine Hat Tigers series can be seen LIVE on SHAW TV from the Arena in Medicine Hat starting at 6:00pm MT on Sunday, March 28th and game seven will go on Tuesday, March 30th at 7:00pm MT in Kootenay if needed.

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series tied at 2 - 2
Game 1 - Fri Mar 19 7:00 PM KOOTENAY 6, Medicine Hat 2
Game 2 - Sat Mar 20 7:00 PM KOOTENAY 4, Medicine Hat 0
Game 3 - Tue Mar 23 7:00 PM MEDICINE HAT 4, Kootenay 1
Game 4 - Wed Mar 24 7:00 PM MEDICINE HAT 5, Kootenay 1
Game 5 - Fri Mar 26 7:00 PM Medicine Hat at Kootenay
Game 6 - Sun Mar 28 6:00 PM Kootenay at Medicine Hat (LIVE ON SHAW)
Game 7 - Tue Mar 30 7:00 PM * Medicine Hat at Kootenay (LIVE ON SHAW)

Rider Season Ticket Sales Are Soaring

Saskatchewan Roughrider President/CEO Jim Hopson announced today the ticket sales for the upcoming CFL season at Mosaic Stadium, have surpassed the 23,000 mark.

“We continue to be overwhelmed by the support of Rider Nation,” stated Hopson. “We find ourselves in a unique position thanks to the dedication of our fans.”

On Monday season ticket sales opened to the public and since that time, new season ticket and flex pack sales have escalated to a level where the team is now looking at capping the amount available.

“We are urging fans to get their season tickets now so that they are not disappointed,” added Hopson. “For the first time we are looking at capping the amount of season tickets available, so that we can ensure there are tickets available for game day sales and flex pack redemption.”

The Roughriders have set a tentative cap mark of 25,000 for season tickets and flex packs which will leave only a limited amount of season tickets available for purchase.

“There are of course still tickets available but we realize that if they continue to sell at this rate, we will have to cap them at 25,000,” Hopson concluded.

Season tickets and flex packs will remain on sale until the limited quantities are sold. Flex pack redemption will take place on May 25th until May 31st while single game tickets will be available for purchase beginning on June 1st.

The team will again install temporary seating in the southwest corner in the stadium to accommodate fans and increase seating capacity at Mosaic Stadium for the 2010 season.

Alves Out Of UFC 111

Thiago (Pitbull) Alves has been forced to pull out of Saturday's UFC 111 welterweight bout against Jon Fitch because of a brain irregularity, according to reports.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the news to media on Thursday morning that an issue appeared during a mandatory pre-fight medical taken by the Brazilian.

"Failed CAT scan. Confirmed by Dana White." tweeted Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports.

Alves is coming off a loss to 170-pound title-holder Georges St-Pierre at UFC 100 in July.

So Who Will It Be?

For those of you who have grown tired of geezer rock(the Who) as the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl, FOX Sports boss David Hill is coming to the rescue. Here is a story from today's Los Angeles Times.

Fox Sports President David Hill has a lot on his mind. He needs to decide how much to bid on the 2014 and 2016 Olympics. He has to keep his eye on upcoming labor negotiations in the National Football League that could lead to a strike. He's doing baseball's All-Star game in 3-D.

But most importantly, he has to make sure there is a good half-time show at next year's Super Bowl which Fox will be airing.

We sat down with Hill and asked the toughest question we could think of. After years of over-the-hill rock bands playing halftime, could he promise us that next year's entertainment would be under the age of 60?

"Oh, please God yes," Hill said. Speaking of this past Super Bowl's half-time performance by the Who, Hill said as much as he loves the band, it was not a great moment for either them or the game.

"I'm watching them going oh no, please. If I saw Pete Townshend's belly again I was going to throw up. In his younger days it might have been rippling muscle but now it's like mine, rippling fat!," Hill cracked. As for singer Roger Daltrey, Hill said, "poor old Roger had one of the purest voices, but it's history.'

We suggested to Hill that if the NFL wants another fossil rock band, that maybe KISS is the way to go. After all, they wear make-up so you can't see how old they are looking, and they do put on a good show. Hill only has one problem with KISS. "I never liked their music."

So what will we get next year?

Hill wants country music divas. The game is in Dallas, and "it's kick-ass country down in Texas."

At first glance, Hill does not seem like a country music fan. Blame auto racing.

"I've spent 10 years doing NASCAR. It's in my head, I can't get away from it....I've become addicted to it."

Barker Signs Contract Extension

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that non-import safety Dylan Barker has agreed to a multi-year extension that will keep the first overall selection of the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft in TigerTown through the 2012 season.

“Last season, Dylan showed that he is capable of making solid contributions on both defence and special teams. He’s one of our most promising young Canadian players so we’re excited that he has committed to this organization,” said Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

Barker, a 6-4, 200-pound native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan set a new Ticats team record and tied the Canadian Football League record with 37 special teams tackles in 2009. He also added six defensive tackles, one interception, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. Barker played in all 18 regular season games in 2009 after missing the entire 2008 season with a leg injury. He was the team’s starting safety for the final three regular season games and the Eastern Semi-Final.

“This was an easy decision for me,” said Barker. “I feel like I have an opportunity to be a part of a winning program here in Hamilton and I enjoy being a part of this city. I’m excited to continue my career as a Tiger-Cat.”

Before being drafted by the Ticats, Barker spent four seasons at the University of Saskatchewan where he was twice named a CIS All-Canadian.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving On To Round 2

In a way I feel sorry for the Swift Current Broncos and their fans. The Broncos knew well in advance of this season that if they made the playoffs that they wouldn't have their home rink at their disposal in the first round because of the World Womens Curling Championships. They wouldn't get a chance to play in front of the people who have supported them all year unless those people drove 2 1/2 to 3 hours to watch. Swift Current didn't get to enjoy a home ice advantage against the Brandon Wheat Kings. They also didn't get to enjoy a victory. The Wheat Kings move into the 2nd round of the WHL playoffs with a 3-2 overtime win to take the brooms to the Horsemen. They now wait to see how the rest of the first round plays out. I'm sure Brandon thought going into the playoffs that they would meet Saskatoon, but it looks like they might be taking on Moose Jaw. That is if the Warriors can complete what would be a major first round upset of the top ranked Calgary Hitmen. How major of an upset would it be. Former Leader-Post sports editor Gregg Drinnan who is now based in Kamloops has been doing some digging and found this out. This comes from his blog which can be located at

The Warriors finished eighth in the Eastern Conference, 29 points in arrears of the Calgary Hitmen, who finished atop the WHL's overall standings. And the Warriors now hold a 3-1 lead on the Hitmen in a best-of-seven first-round playoff series. . . . In the spring of 1980, the Portland Winterhawks, having finished atop the West Division and first overall, with 107 points, entered into one of those goofy round-robin series with the Victoria Cougars, who had 105 points, and the Seattle Breakers, who finished with 60. Only the Cougars and Breakers survived. (My memory seems to recall at least one of the Cougars being suspended at some point in that round-robin for suggesting that if it got down to deciding another team’s fate by losing, well, the Cougars could add and subtract just fine, thank you.) . . . There was another upset that same spring in the east, when the second-place Calgary Wranglers, who had finished with 80 points, lost in seven games to the Brandon Wheat Kings (60 points). But the Wranglers were a second-place team that season. . . . In the spring of 1983, the Saskatoon Blades received a first-round bye after finishing first in the East Division with 105 points. When they finally got around to playing, the Blades lasted six games. The Lethbridge Broncos, who had finished with 26 fewer points, took them out, 4-2. . . . The Warriors will try to write some history in Calgary on Thursday night when the teams play Game 5.---A note from Jim Swanson, the sports editor of the Prince George Citizen, who points out that the Cougars of 1996-97 came up with quite a playoff upset:"The Prince George Cougars in 1996-97 finished sixth in the seven-team West, and faced Portland in the first round (and) it still might be one of the most surprising upsets in WHL history. . . ."It was a case of a 97-point team (Todd Robinson and crew, coach was Brent Peterson) against a 61-point team (and a team that badly underachieved all winter, coached by Stan Butler, GM was Dennis Polonich, with Zdeno Chara, Quinn Hancock, Chris Mason, Eric Brewer, Blair Betts as a 16-year-old, Ronald Petrovicky, Joel Kwiatkowski....) -- and the Cougars won in six games, then went on to sweep Spokane in the best-of-five 'sandwich series' before losing to Don Nachbaur, Patrick Marleau and the Seattle Thunderbirds.
The Kamloops Blazers continued what has to be termed as an ugly streak on Wednesday. The Blazers lost their 19th straight playoff game---yes, their 19th straight as they were beaten 5-4 by Vancouver who complete the sweep and move into Round 2. I can't think of any other team in recent memory that has had such playoff failure. That's beyond ugly! That's almost hard to comprehend.
If you see a Habs fan today, ask him if he saw last nite's game against Buffalo and then duck! Montreal had a 2-0 lead with two minutes to go and looked to be the dominant team. Goals by Tim Connolly and Paul Gaustad in those final two minutes sent the game into overtime and then Buffalo won it in the shootout. If Montreal fails to make the playoffs and they miss by a point, look no further than last night. That's terrible!
I applaud the fact that the NFL has changed its overtime rules, but why didn't they go whole hog. Why is it so hard to understand that both teams need to touch the ball once in the overtime? Can the league not see that this is the only equitable way to decide a football game. Under the new rule, a team can still go the overtime without having the other team touch the ball and win. That isn't right! It would be like baseball saying if a team scores a run in the top of the 10th they win without the home team getting an at-bat. Its not right!
Dan Hardy says he wants to change the UFC by defeating Georges St. Pierre Saturday night at UFC 111. Dan, I hope your health insurance is paid up. GSP is going to beat you down son! It won't be pretty!
The last draw of the World Womens Curling Championship will determine first place. Scotland's Eve Muirhead and Canada's Jennifer Jones both go into the last day with an 8-1 record. They will play one another in the final round-robin draw tonight.
I just had the opportunity to watch the season premiere of South Park on Thursday. The show really gives it to Tiger Woods and his sex addiction problem. I haven't laughed that hard at a show in a long time. If you haven't seen it and you like South Park, watch it! If you have, what was your favourite part of the show? I'm thinking Tiger likely turned the show off if he was watching it.
Have a great Thursday!

Budget Details

Riders Add Trio To Secondary

From the desk of the one and only Sheri Trapp:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have signed import defensive backs Brandon Foster, LaDarius Key and Brandon Register to contracts. Financial details of the signings were not released.

Foster (5’8 - 185lbs) played four seasons at cornerback for Texas where he played in 46 games and accumulated 106 tackles, 16 special teams tackles, five tackles for a loss, four interceptions and four fumble recoveries. The 25-year old signed as a free agent with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts in May 2008 where he remained until July 2009.

Key (5’8 – 178 lbs) played 30 games for McNeese State at cornerback where he tallied 65 tackles, eight pass knockdowns, four tackles for a loss, three quarterback sacks and one interception. He was named to the all-conference team his senior season after recording 32 tackles and three tackles for a loss. The 24-year old signed as a free agent with the Roughriders in week six of the 2009 CFL season and spent time on the practice roster before being released.

Register (5’10 – 195 lbs) played four seasons for Alabama Birmingham. He accumulated 123 tackles, three interceptions and two fumble recoveries at defensive back for the Blazers. In 2007 he spent time with the NFL’s Washington Redskins and in 2008 signed with the Georgia of the AFL. He spent the 2009 season playing arena football with the Louisville Fire.

I Wonder How He Would Do On Pro-Line?

This is quite amazing!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WHL's Top Team On The Ropes

Moose Jaw Warriors play-by-play man James Gallo called it perhaps the most important game in the history of the hockey club since their run to the WHL final a few years ago. No doubt about it, it was huge and the Warriors came through.
With Gallo losing his mind(and deservedly so), Moose Jaw held off a 3rd period rally to beat the Calgary Hitmen 4-3 meaning they are up in their first round series 3-1 and are one win away from what would be a monumental upset. Game 5 will be in Calgary Thursday with Game 6 if necessary going at what I'm guessing will be a raucous Civic Centre.
Meanwhile, a hockey game was played in Regina and no one seemed to notice. Less than 15-hundred showed up at the Brandt Centre to watch Brandon beat Swift Current 5-2. That's highly disappointing. Yes, the Pats aren't involved, but it is playoff hockey. It was a night to just go and enjoy yourself with no loyalties to either team. I guess many didn't see it that way.
As you have seen in the post below, the Blades got slapped hard for that line brawl at the end of Game 2. GM and Coach Lorne Molleken and some players are getting suspended for their actions while only one member of the Rebels gets suspended with their coach Jesse Wallin getting off with nothing. I find it laughable that Wallin doesn't get suspended for at least one game. Yes, he didn't make the comments Molleken made after the game and yes, he may not have told Josh Cowen to run Steven Stamford, but to give Molleken that stiff of a suspension and give Wallin nothing is a head-scratcher. If I were a Rebels goalie, I would be very careful when venturing out from the crease for the rest of this series.
I've tried watching the Kamloops-Vancouver series on Access, but I just can't get into it. I would much rather be watching an Eastern Conference series. We will get one in round 2 so I will start watching then and I'll then be watching the rest of the way.
Craig McTavish is going to coach the Canadian entry at the World Hockey Championships. He'll get to renew relationships with some of his old Edmonton players. Correct me if I am wrong, but did McTavish not say he would have Jordan Eberle on his 2014 Olympic team. If he did, don't be surprised to see Eberle playing for Team Canada this year. Mark Messier is the GM of that team. I wonder what he thinks of Ebs.
I love the fact the NFL is changing its overtime rules, now do it for regular season games as well. Make everything uniform.
How much longer till training camp starts?
As you go into Wednesday, I ask you this.....

Instead of talking to your plants, if you yelled at them would they still grow? Only to be troubled and insecure?

The Verdict Is In

The WHL is coming down hard on both the Red Deer Rebels and the Saskatoon Blades after that line brawl at the end of Game 2. Here's the rundown.

Saskatoon F Randy McNaught is gone for five games.
Saskatoon GM/head coach Lorne Molleken will miss four games.
Saskatoon F Sena Acolatse, F Darian Dziurzynski and D Duncan Siemens all drew three-game suspensions.
Red Deer F Josh Cowen gets four games for running Saskatoon G Steven Stanford.
Each team was fine $250 for warmup violations.
The Blades were fined $500 for being in their second line brawl of the season.
The Blades were fined an additional $3,500 for "actions of the club."

NFL Overtime Rules Change---Sort Of


The NFL owners voted to change an element in the overtime rule, giving the team that loses the coin toss at the start of overtime to get a possession if the coin-toss winning team scores a field goal with the first possession.

The proposal passed 28-4. As it is written, the rules change applies just for the postseason, but the owners also decided to discuss adopting the changes for the regular season at their next meeting, in May in Dallas.

• Both teams must have the opportunity to possess the ball once during the extra period, unless the team that receives the opening kickoff scores a touchdown on its initial possession, in which case it is the winner.

• If the team that possesses the ball first scores a field goal on its initial possession, the other team shall have the opportunity to possess the ball. If [that team] scores a touchdown on its possession, it is the winner. If the score is tied after [both teams have a] possession, the team next scoring by any method shall be the winner.

• If the score is tied at the end of a 15-minute overtime period, or if [the overtime period's] initial possession has not ended, another overtime period will begin, and play will continue until a score is made, regardless of how many 15-minute periods are necessary.

The Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals voted against the proposal.

The competition committee recommended the change in a vote of 6-2, and commissioner Roger Goodell supported the plan. He was able to secure enough votes to get the proposal passed on Tuesday, a day before the expected Wednesday vote.

The reason for the change was the increased accuracy of kickers since 1993. In 1994, the NFL moved kickoffs from the 35 to the 30, which created better field position for the teams that won the coin toss and received the kickoffs.

Statistics examined by the committee showed that since 1994, teams winning the coin toss win the game 59.8 percent of the time. The team that loses the toss wins the game 38.5 percent in that 15-year span.

"We've had this discussion for a number of years," competition committee co-chairman Rich McKay said. "We feel this year's proposal gave us the opportunity to [install] a pretty good rule. Statistically we felt it needed to be changed. It wasn't creating the fairest result as far as field goal accuracy, field goal distance and drive starts."

McKay said one of the selling points was it maintained the sudden death aspect of overtime.

This is not a one-year experiment. The vote is a permanent change to the overtime rule, which was established in 1974 to minimize the number of games ending in ties.

McKay didn't rule out the possibility of the change being implemented in time for the 2010 regular season, but he doubted discussion would result in such quick movement.

Decision Goes To Cat

I think you'll agree. I think you might also agree when I say this might be the cutest thing you see all week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Has The Bubble Burst?

A-A-A-A-CHOOOOO!!! The sneezing, the sniffles, the fatigue. Yes, I'm far from being 100 percent right now. Had I been I would have been in Moose Jaw Monday for Game 3 of the Calgary-Warriors series. I'm guessing it was quite the night at the crushed can as the Warriors looked to take an improbable 3-0 series lead against the heavily favoured Hitmen. Calgary jumped out to a 2-0 lead and lead 4-2 after two, but I'm guessing everyone was out of their seats when Jason Bast scored in the first minute of the 3rd to close the gap to one. Calgary got the last three though to take the pivotal 3rd game 7-3. With the score being so one-sided, many are now asking if the Hitmen have solved the Warriors and will it be this way the rest of the series. I'm sure the Warriors will rebound and give a much better effort on home ice tonight in Game 4. If they do, it will be tough to complete the upset. If they don't, I don't like their chances. We will see.
Its disappointing to hear that not many tickets have been sold for the two Brandon-Swift Current games that will be played here tonight and tomorrow. Its playoff hockey! Is this just a sign that Pats fans don't care or is it something else? It may be a combination of both. Regardless of what it is, I hope the two teams play to at least a crowd of 25-hundred to 3-thousand.
I questioned BC's signing of free agent running back Jamal Robertson Monday until I remembered BC needs a starting running back. I had forgotten that Martell Mallett had signed an NFL contract with the Eagles. How many guys have the Lions lost to the NFL over the past couple of years? While the Riders have taken a big hit this year with the loss of John Chick and Rey Williams south of the border, I would have to think no team has been hurt more by the NFL-CFL agreement than BC. I wonder if there is some place to find out that info.
The Seahawks on Monday Night Football? I'm hearing the 2010 NFC West champs (I can dream can't I!) will open up the season with the late game in the opening week Monday doubleheader in Arizona. The sked should be out just after Easter. One game on that sked will be a battle between the Falcons and Seahawks in Seattle. Another one has Seattle in Denver. Ahhhhh---the memories of the last game in Denver between these two teams. If you see Vanstone around anytime, ask him about it. I'm sure he would be glad to tell you. HEE HEE HEE! Rob and I might have to make a return trip to the Mile High City depending on when the game is.
The Blue Jays announce Shaun Marcum will be their opening day starter. Is there any reason to think Toronto won't finish last in the American League East. Could they lose 100 games? They might! Is there any excitement for the Jays season? If there is, I'm not seeing it.
Mike Emrick called his 3000th NHL game last night when the Red Wings beat the Penguins. "Doc" is one of the best to call hockey in my mind. He's right up there with Hughson and Cuthbert as far as I'm concerned. 3000 games. That's a lot of sleep in hotels across North America. When I was younger, I thought that would be the life. I'd still like to try it once, but I don't know how long I could do it for.
I've heard some people say they find Jennifer Jones to be very arrogant. She was nothing but co-operative and polite when I dealt with her at the Scotties here a couple of years ago. She's a helluva lot better than Kelley Law and Amy Nixon. and that's for sure. I'd like to know why these people that are dissing Jones are using as an example for the perceived 'arrogance'.
Its time to go get loopy on Nyquil and rye. See ya!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kings Of The Hardwood

Congratulations to the U of S Huskies. They are the CIS mens basketball champs for the first time in school history. After their stunning upset over Carleton Saturday, the Huskies followed it up with a 91-81 win over UBC to take the title. The U of S finishes the season on a 13 game winning streak.


Jordan Eberle continues to have no problems adjusting to life in the American Hockey League. Three games in with the Springfield Falcons and he has three goals and three assists. That 3rd goal coming Sunday in a 2-1 overtime loss to Bridgeport. Perhaps he will get that invite from Hockey Canada to suit up for our country at the Worlds. You have to think if he doesn't get that that he will end up in an Oilers uniform earlier than anticipated. Then again, maybe the Oilers don't need him. In what had to be their best game of the year, the Oil went out and crushed San Jose 5-1. The Sharks have lost their last six. I'm guessing the playoffs must be right around the corner if San Jose is starting to struggle.

I'll say it right now. If San Jose plays Detroit in the first round, they will be one and done again. However as it stands right now, San Jose isn't in even first in their division anymore. That honour goes to the Phoenix Coyotes. I love the fact Phoenix has turned it around, but I hate the fact the NHL owns them. Is that one of the reasons as to why they are doing so well. There is no doubt Brad Tippett is the coach of the year this season, but when the NHL is propping this team up, you have to question some things. The question still remains though--the question being "Does anyone care how the Coyotes are doing in Phoenix?"


Tiger Woods is speaking before the Masters. He tells ESPN's Tom Rinaldi that he has done some bad things in his life and that he doesn't know what type of reception he will get at the Masters. Tiger said he became a person he never thought he would become. He also said he is nervous about how he will be received by fans when he returns. He says he hopes to hear a couple of claps.

Make no doubt about it, doing this interview with ESPN and another with the Golf Channel will not change anything. However, this was a different sounding Tiger than he sounded when he had his staged address to the world last month. This Tiger looked more human and more apologetic. I'm not saying he has to squirm under the bright lights as he answers questions from everyone, but I still think he has to be more forthcoming and not put a time limit on these interviews. It is a start though.
Still with Tiger, I have to admit I am surprised at the poll results. At the time of writing this, many of you couldn't care less how Tiger does at the Masters? Why is that? Has Tiger sickened you that much with what has happened or are you just not a golf fan. If you voted, you don't care, I would like to know your rationale behind that. Please lemme know!


The World Womens Curling Championships are on in Swift Current and the Canadian rink skipped by Jennifer Jones is 3-0. Is it just me or are there many good looking women doing their thing at the Credit Union I-Plex. Having good looking women participating in the sport can do nothing but help the cause. Say what you will, but more people watch womens golf because of players like Natalie Gulbis, they watch womens tennis because of players like Maria Sharapova and after being in Sports Illustrated, many more watch women like Danica Patrick and Lindsey Vonn do their thing. Call it sexist if you will, but its not a bad thing.


Michigan State and Purdue hit buzzer-beaters to move into the Sweet 16 at March Madness. What a great opening weekend of play it was. A 9, 10, 11 and 12 seed all move on thus creating bracket havoc. I have nine of the 16 final teams in one bracket, but if things go right, I will have seven of the final eight and I could still correctly pick all four of the final four teams.

Who says small market teams can't sign franchise players to long-term contracts. The Minnesota Twins lock up catcher Joe Mauer signing him to a 8 year, 184 million dollar extension. Here's hoping people fill up the new ballpark in the Twin Cities. With Mauer there, it will help. Speaking of which, how does the city of Minneapolis get a new baseball and new football stadium. Who is paying for all of that? Was there some kind of creative formula used? I still say the city and the province should get together and do what they did in Denver. That is institute a one cent tax on goods and services that are purchased in Regina. Those pennies would add up in no time and a brand new facility would be built. If they could build Coors Field and Invesco Field there, they can do it here. Take that plan and run with it Mr. Wall, take that plan and run with it Mr. Fiacco.
Have they started showing up at the Civic Centre for Game 3 of the Warriors-Hitmen series yet. That place can't be any zanier than it was for Game 3 of the WHL final a couple of years ago can it. Oh yes it can. Remember that when the Vancouver Giants came in for Game 3 of that final series that they were up 2-0. This time, its the Warriors up 2-zip on the heavily favoured Calgary Hitmen. It will be a night to remember in the Band City! Is Moose Jaw still called the Band City?
Wrestlemania 26 is now less than a week away! The same can be said with High Impact Wrestling! (Yes, I have no life!)
As you start your Monday, I leave you with this.....
You don't fail at something, you just give up!

All Basketball Fans Need This

Carter Ashton Talks About His First Pro Goal

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Smell Upset?

In the previous post, I asked if it was must-win time for the Calgary Hitmen. Guess what? The league's top team heads to the crazed confines of the Civic Centre down 2-zip after dropping a 4-1 decision to the Moose Jaw Warriors. I'm guessing there is absolutely no one out there that thought the Warriors could walk into Calgary and take the first two games.
You need goaltending in the playoffs and Moose Jaw is certainly getting that as Jeff Bosch has been amazing while Martin Jones has been a level or three below that. One can only imagine the scene at the Civic Centre Monday. In the words of the late, great Ed Whalen, it will be "a ring-a-ding-dong dandy".

With the play of the Warriors, I ask you this Regina hockey fans. Would you rather head to the Civic Centre for that series or stay in Regina for the Brandon-Swift Current matchup? The Wheat Kings have a 2-0 lead in that best of seven and seemingly have things in control. You won't have to worry about it Monday, but if you had your choice as to where to go on Tuesday where it would be. I know where I would be.
What's this Crashed Ice thing that came on after Hockey Night in Canada? It looks interesting. If you are asking if the blonde reporter with Scott Oake and PJ Stock whose last name is Larionov is Igor's daughter. The answer would be yes!
Jordan Eberle is having no problems fitting in with the Springfield Falcons of the American Hockey League. He had a goal and two assists and was named the game's first star as the Falcons beat Hartford 4-2. Eberle now has two goals and three assists in two games. In 11 career AHL games now, Eberle has five goals and nine assists for 14 points. If you go to, you can see highlights of Jordan's first two games in a Springfield uniform.
If you are on Facebook, (and really who isn't these days) I have been asked to provide a link to a group who wants a dome built in Saskatchewan. I'm all for that. Here is that link for you to join if you support the project. There are almost 4300 supporters so add your name on the list if you wish.!/group.php?gid=39644763684&ref=nf
Northern Iowa----you are a bracket-buster! My bracket and that of many others came to a screeching end Saturday as the Panthers beat number one ranked Kansas 69-67. This year's NCAA tournament has been defined by its upsets. Eight double-digit seeds moved through the bracket in the first round. No. 10 Saint Mary's beat Villanova on Saturday and No. 11 Washington shoved aside New Mexico. However, no upset was as big as this one as Kansas becomes the first number one seed since 2004 to lose in the first two rounds. I think another one could go down today when Gonzaga takes on Syracuse.

How about this from Georgia Tech basketball coach Paul Hewitt. He sensed his team wasn't being very team-like on some road trips late in the season. He told his team that from this point forward, that when you get on the bus, you leave your cellphones and laptops at home and that you can only turn on Ipods once you get to the stadium. That way instead of talking to others through text messages or e-mails, you talk to your teammates. It seems to work as Georgia Tech has gotten past the first round of the NCAA's. They will be in tough today as they take on Ohio State. Many now favour the Buckeyes to win it all after Kansas' demise. By the way, ESPN had over 1.3 million people fill out a bracket on their website, and 42 percent of those 1.3 million had Kansas winning it all. NOPE!
Jesse James! What exactly were you thinking? You decided to cheat on Sandra Bullock for some walking, talking and I'm guessing somewhat diseased tattoo. Have you seen this thing that James was allegedly with. She is covered in ink. She even has a tattoo on her forehead! Who would find that to be attractive? If a woman wants to get a little tattoo somewhere, that's OK, but those that decide to use their arms or legs for a canvas are just a little off-base if you ask me. I don't find that to be sexy at all. In fact, I find it to be a little nauseating at times. Hey, that's just me though!
How about the U of S Huskies. They beat top ranked Carleton at the CIS mens basketball championship and will play for gold today against UBC. Its been a great year for the Huskies on the hardwood.
Have yourselves a great Sunday. It looks like its going to be another great day so get outside and enjoy it!

Is It Must-Win Time Already?

Its only Game 2 of their first round matchup, but for the Calgary Hitmen, one has to wonder if its must-win time tonight when they entertain the Warriors. Moose Jaw won the first game thanks to goalie Jeff Bosch. He stopped 48 shots in a 4-2 victory. It was a game where Moose Jaw didn't get a shot on goal in the 3rd period.

Through the magic of Twitter, I spoke with former Moose Jaw play-by-play guy(and all around good man) Bryn Griffiths and he said you give that crowd the smell of blood and it could be a nuthouse. It could be? I'm guessing that everyone in Moose Jaw is talking about the Warriors and Game 2 tonight. I won't lie to you. I'd rather see that game on Access/Shaw tonight than the Vancouver/Kamloops matchup, but whatever. Yeah, I'll likely tune in to hear "my brutha from a different mutha" James Gallo to see what is going on.

If the Warriors should pull out Game 2, I don't know how many people will squeeze into the Civic Centre for Game 3 (Can they play that game in Regina?). It won't be easy for Calgary coming in even at one to take control of the series, but if Moose Jaw is up 2-0, the Hitmen might not be able to think once they walk inside that rink. Who's kidding who, they might not be able to think once they hit city limits.

The top team in the league(and my pick to win it all) is already under the gun. So does that make tonight a must-win? I wouldn't go that far, but it is one of those you had better win or else scenarios.

Continuing To Score

Just to let you know, Jordan Eberle played his first game for Springfield tonight after joining the team earlier this week following his season ending in Regina. He just continues to get the job done. His team lost 5-4 in overtime to Wilkes Barre/Scranton, but Eberle recorded a goal and an assist. His goal came one minute into the hockey game. The game winning goal was scored by former Warriors defenceman Deryk Engelland.

Carter Ashton also had a goal in his first game with the Norfolk Admirals as they beat Adirondack 8-4 in another AHL game.

WHL Scoreboard--all Game 1 of best of 7 first round series.

Brandon 5 SC 2
Kootenay 6 Med Hat 2
Tri-Cities 4 Chilliwack 2
Vancouver 4 Kamloops 3 (OT)
Everett 5 Kelowna 4 (OT)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Riders Add Receivers

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today they have signed import wide receivers Aaron Fairooz and Cary Koch to contracts. Financial details of the signings were not released.

Fairooz (6’6 – 210 lbs) played 47 games at Central Arkansas. He ranks second in school history with 186 receptions and 26 touchdowns, setting the school record with 2,797 yards (15.0 avg). He rushed five times for 17 yards (3.4 avg) and gained 78 yards with a pair of scores on two blocked punts. He recorded two tackles and scored 170 points. As a junior, Fairooz shattered school single-season records with 76 receptions for 1,197 yards (15.8 avg), adding 12 touchdowns. He gained 17 yards on four reverses and blocked two kicks, returning one 49 yards for a score. He earned All-American and All-Gulf South Conference first-team recognition on offense and second-team All-GSC accolades on special teams.

Koch (6’0 – 198 lbs) began his college career at Tulane before transferring to Virginia where he played his final three seasons. In 29 games played, the Baton Rouge native tallied 63 receptions for 702 yards and three touchdowns. In high school, Koch won a number of awards including being named MVP as a running back when Dunham claimed a state championship. He rushed for over 1,700 yards and 27 touchdowns in his senior year. Koch (pronounced Coke) also played basketball and was named a member of the All-State team as a guard.

Swift Current Welcomes The World

SWIFT CURRENT, Saskatchewan, March 17...The 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championship, presented by Monsanto, gets underway Saturday at the Credit Union i-plex in Swift Current.

It's the second time that a world women's curling championship has been held in Saskatchewan. In 1983, the event took place in Moose Jaw and was won by Switzerland's Erika Müller.

Twelve countries will be represented in the nine-day competition, with the top four teams qualifying for the playoffs, starting Friday, March 26 after the conclusion of the round robin. The first and second place teams face off in one game, with the winner advancing to the gold medal final, while the loser goes to the semi-final. The third and fourth place teams will also meet, with the winner advancing to the semi-final on Saturday, while the loser goes to the bronze medal game on Sunday morning, where it will play the semi-final loser. The Ford World Women's final is slated for Sunday, March 28 at 3:00 pm CT/5:00 pm ET.

TSN will carry all Team Canada games throughout the round robin, followed by the playoffs and final, while WCTV, the television arm of the World Curling Federation, will provide live game feeds to Eurosport and other international networks, in addition to highlight packages. Also, NHK will televise all Japan games while Chinese Television will do the same for China's entry.

Canada will be represented by four-time Scotties Tournament of Hearts winning skip Jennifer Jones and her St. Vital Curling Club team from Winnipeg of Cathy Overton-Clapham, Jill Officer and Dawn Askin. They also teamed to win the 2008 Ford World Women's in Vernon, British Columbia. Canada plays its first game on Saturday evening at 7:00 CT/9:00 pm ET against Sweden.

China is skipped by Bingyu Wang of Harbin, who last month earned a bronze medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and is the reigning world champion, after capturing the 2009 World Women's in Gangneung, Korea.

Five other teams which will compete in Swift Current also participated in the recent Winter Olympics - skipped by Denmark's Angelina Jensen, Germany's Andrea Schöpp, Japan's Moe Meguro, Russia's Liudmila Privivkova and Scotland's Eve Muirhead (who represented Great Britain).

Jensen won a silver medal at the 2007 Worlds, Schöpp, the reigning European champion, will be making her 17th Worlds appearance, all as skip, having won in 1988, Privivkova won the 2006 World Juniors and 2006 European Championship while Muirhead is a three-time (2007, 2008, 2009) World Junior champion.

Completing the field are Latvia's Iveta Stasa-Sarsune, Norway's Linn Githmark, the 2004 world junior champion and 2004 Worlds silver medallist, Sweden's Cecilia Östlund, the 2008 World Junior silver medallist, Switzerland's 2006 Olympic silver medallist Binia Feltscher and Erika Brown of the United States, who has twice won silver medals at both the Worlds and World Juniors.

Canada has won a leading 15 women's world titles since 1979, the latest by Manitoba's Jennifer Jones in 2008.

Among other world women's records, Sweden's Elisabet Gustafson is the only four-time winning skip (1992, 1995, 1998 and 1999) while two-time (1990, 1991) world champion Dordi Nordby of Norway is the all-time leader in appearances (18 in total, 16 as skip) and games-won (111, as skip).

The Ford Motor Company of Canada began its involvement as title sponsor of the world curling championships in 1995 in Brandon, Manitoba. This marks the 16th year of title sponsorship by Ford of Canada.

The Opening Ceremonies begin at 12 Noon on Saturday, March 20, with the first draw at 2:00 pm local time. Attached are the official draw and roster.

[in order of fourth (skip, unless where noted), third, second, lead, alternate and coach]

CANADA – St. Vital CC, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jennifer Jones
Cathy Overton-Clapham
Jill Officer
Dawn Askin
Jennifer Clark-Rouire
Janet Arnott

CHINA – Harbin CC, Harbin

Bingyu Wang
Yin Liu
Qingshuang Yue
Yan Zhou
Xindi Zhang
Weidong Tan, Dan Rafael

DENMARK – Tårnby CC, Tårnby

Madeleine Dupont
Denise Dupont
Angelina Jensen (skip)
Camilla Jensen
Ivana Bratic
Renée Sonnenberg

GERMANY – SC Riessersee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Andrea Schöpp
Melanie Robillard
Monika Wagner
Stella Heiss
Corinna Scholz
Rainer Schöpp

JAPAN – Aomori CC, Aomori

Moe Meguro
Anna Ohmiya
Mari Motohashi
Kotomi Ishizaki
Mayo Yamaura
Shinya Abe

LATVIA– Jelgava Curling Club, Jelgava

Iveta Stasa-Sarsune
Una Grava-Germane
Ieva Krusta
Zanda Bikse
Dace Munca
Brian Gray

NORWAY - Stabekk Curling Club, Stabekk

Linn Githmark
Henriette Lovar
Ingrid Stensrud
Kristin Skaslien
Kristin Tøsse Løvseth (alternate & coach)

RUSSIA – Moskvitch CC, Moscow

Liudmila Privivkova
Anna Sidorova
Nkeiruka Ezekh
Ekaterina Galkina
Margarita Fomina
Olga Andrianova

SCOTLAND– Dunkeld Curling Club, Dunkeld

Eve Muirhead
Kelly Wood
Lorna Vevers
Anne Laird
Sarah Reid
Nancy Murdoch

SWEDEN – Karlstads CK, Karlstad

Cecilia Östlund
Sara Carlsson
Anna Domeij
Liselotte (Lotta) Lennartsson
Sabina Kraupp
Peja Lindholm

SWITZERLAND – Flims PurePower CC, Flims

Binia Feltscher
Corinne Bourquin
Heike Schwaller
Sandra Ramstein-Attinger
Marisa Winkelhausen
Gaudenz Beeli, Lorne & Christine Hamblin

UNITED STATES – Madison CC, Madison, Wisconsin

Erika Brown
Nina Spatola
Ann Swisshelm
Laura Hallisey
Jessica Schultz
Bill Todhunter