Sunday, February 28, 2010

What An Ending!

(photo courtesy Canadian Press)

The Vancouver Olympics came to an end with Sidney Crosby saving the show. I have been very critical of Crosby in these Olympics. His minus 3 last week against the Americans didn't cut it. I didn't think he was the superstar player that he had to be in this tournament. He didn't have a shot after 60 minutes in yesterday's gold medal game. He botched a breakaway late in the 3rd that could have won it. The criticism was growing shift by shift. However, Sid's last shift is all he will be remembered for as he goes down in Canadian history with one of the biggest goals this country has ever seen.
I don't know what you were feeling as the seconds counted down yesterday, but I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke. When Zach Parise scored with less than a minute left, all I could do was yell at Roberto Luongo through my TV asking him why he can't catch a puck.
And then came Sid.
When he scored, I didn't know what to do. I honestly thought they had said on CTV that the overtime was a 20 minute overtime and not a sudden death period. Until the guys started pouring off the bench, I didn't think it was over. It was and with the goal ended a two week period that won't soon be forgotten. Our nationalistic pride has spilled over. We have proven to the world that we are proud to be Canadian. We have also proven that we are a world heavyweight when it comes to winter sports. A record 14 gold medals. No other country has done that. Not the big bad U-S, not Germany, not Russia, but Canada. When you look at top 5 and top 8 finishes you will see that we topped the ladder. "Believe?" How can you not believe after what we've just witnessed.

It brings to an end two weeks of compelling television. You want reality TV, you just saw it. You saw it each and every day. Its why sports is so great! It didn't start well with the unfortunate death at the luge track, but we were drawn to it every day. We might not watch a skeleton race or figure skating until the next Olympics, but we will remember the names of Jon Montgomery and Joannie Rochette. I can't see myself flicking the channels looking for moguls, but I won't forget sitting on the edge of my couch for two straight nights watching Jenn Heil and Alex Bilodeau. The phrase "Alex Bilodeau has done it" is something we won't forget if we were watching it because it was history in the making. The fact it was Jamie Campbell making that call made it that much more special because of what has happened to Jamie over the last few months.

Seeing our athletes stand at the top level of the podium 14 times with O'Canada playing was outstanding. Seeing the coverage we got from CTV, TSN and Sportsnet was outstanding. I would put their coverage up against NBC's any day and I would put the talent that we had over NBC's any day. Speaking of NBC, how about this from "their" Brian Williams.

Lets talk about our Saskatchewan athletes and what they did for this country in Vancouver. How about this for a rundown.

Gold medals-Lucas Makowsky(Regina), Ben Hebert (Regina), Ryan Getzlaf (Regina), Brendan Morrow (Carlyle), Patrick Marleau (Aneroid), Mike Babcock(Saskatoon), Hayley Wickenheiser (Shaunavon), Colleen Sostorics (Kennedy)

Silver medal- Cori Bartel(Humboldt)

Bronze medal-Lyndon Rush (Humboldt)

What were your thoughts on the closing ceremonies? I found them to be interesting. I loved William Shatner and Michael J. Fox. It was great to see Catriona Lemay Doan get the chance she didn't get in the opening ceremonies? Did we really need to hear Hedley? Why did Avril Lavigne get two songs and Nickleback get just one. When did Avril ditch the skater boy image...did you see those heels? If they were going to be a ceremonies in which we poked fun at ourselves as Canadians, why weren't Bob and Doug McKenzie there. Why wasn't a cup of Tim Hortons coffee in the hands of Jacques Rogge and were there any sightings of Wally Buono on the surface of BC Place. For that matter, how can you talk about Canada and not mention Rider Pride?! Oh yeah, I loved the giant beavers!

Regardless, Canadians have just been through something very special. Moments like what we experienced don't come around every day. I hope you relished them just as much as I did. In two words, I BELIEVE! Oh yeah two other words. Sorry Sid and thanks! I guess that's four words.

No Words Needed

Are You Ready Canada?

Its a little different as I wake up this morning. I think many of you feel the same way. There's a feeling that you only get so many times a year. A nervous anticipation, an excitement. You keep looking at the clock wondering if it can't go any faster. There is only one thing of importance happening on this the last day of February. This country doesn't shut down very often, but you would be hard pressed to find much activity going on around 2 o'clock Saskatchewan time today when the gold medal game for mens hockey hits. Canada versus the USA. Its what I think a lot of us wanted. Even moreso after what happened last Sunday when we were knocked off by what turned out to be a very cocky American squad.

How many of us will be wearing red and white? How many of us will look back to where they were eight years ago when these two teams met in Salt Lake City? How many of us are hoping that we can celebrate today the way we wanted to in late November when that red and white was replaced by green and white?

Leading up to the Olympics, I heard people say Canada could win a record amount of medals, but if they don't win hockey gold, it won't be a success. I heard people say that if there was only one medal that Canada won it had to be hockey gold. That's the way this nation is. We weren't going to let the Russians take our game from us in 72. We weren't very happy when the U-S beat us in 1996 at the World Cup, we have boasted about our hockey brilliance when the Canadian juniors won year after year after year, but the Americans ended that on a cold Monday night in Saskatoon just a few months ago. Its time to grab our game back. We can't let our major rival own the junior and Olympic title. We can't go four years saying the Americans are the defending Olympic champs. I don't care if a win by the U-S today will do wonders for the sport south of the 49th.
History will be made this afternoon. A moment in Canadian sport that will never be forgotten will be made. Leaf fans and Habs fans will unite, Rider fans and Bomber fans will unite, English Canada and French Canada will unite, regardless of your political patronage, you will be there arm and arm. We are all for one cause today.

Our patriotism will be on full display whether it be at Canada Hockey Place, your basement, your buddies basement or sports bars across this country. We will be glued to our televisions. It is going to be a Sunday to remember. DROP THE PUCK, and one other thing. GO CANADA!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regina Athlete Strikes Gold-Pt 2

Regina's Ben Hebert (far right) is the second Olympian from our city to get a gold medal placed around his neck in Vancouver on Saturday. Hebert is the lead on the Kevin Martin curling team that won the country's 13th gold medal with a win over Norway. Humboldt's Lyndon Rush also won bronze Saturday in the four man bobsled. Regina's Ryan Getzlaf, Carlyle's Brendan Morrow and Aneroid's Patrick Marleau will try and get gold tomorrow in the mens hockey final when Team Canada plays the US.

Regina Athlete Strikes Gold

Regina speedskater Lucas Makowsky will get a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics. Makowsky was on the Canadian team pursuit team that finished first Saturday afternoon. The gold medal is Canada's 11th which is better than any other country. Congrats Lucas!

Quick Poll

Who should carry the Canadian flag into Sunday's closing ceremonies

A)Alex Bilodeau

B)Joannie Rochette

C)Charles Hamelin

D)Sidney Crosby (If Can wins hockey gold)

E)Hayley Wickenheiser

F)Insert name here

Let me know who your selection would be.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Got Any Fingernails Left

Has Canadian hockey ever been so glad to hear a final buzzer. What looked to be a cakewalk turned into a game that had everyone on the edge of their seats as Slovakia just about came back from a 3-0 deficit to send their semi-final game into overtime. In fact, they should have. Pavol (Glad) Demitra could have been Canada's most hated man, but he inexplicably missed a wide open net in the waning moments thus securing the Canadian win. What? Roberto Luongo got a piece of that shot? WHEW!!!
I don't know what happened in the last 10 minutes, but it wasn't good. The Slovaks scored and then had Canada running for the rest of the contest. Lets hope there is no repeat of that on Sunday. Lets also hope the Americans don't have a repeat of the first period they had against Finland. WOW! Hey Miikka Kiprusoff, you might have wanted to give it some kind of effort. You might have wanted to go to some gift store to get a bow or two to put on those presents you gave to the US. I would feel sorry for Kipper, but I can't. A)He's Calgary's goalie and you know what I think of the Flames and B) He abandoned his country four years ago by saying he wanted to look after a bad hip that wasn't as bad as he said and then this year said he wouldn't play if he wasn't the starter. Nice way to reward your country for giving in to your demands there Miikka. Some have said this game will do to him what the Belarus win over Sweden in Salt Lake City did to Tommy Salo. It wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit. By the way, how about Saskatchewan's effort in the semi-final. The goal scorers Morrow (Carlyle), Getzlaf (Regina) and Marleau (Aneroid). Once again, the provincial boys come through when it counts.
I may not know as much as those experienced in curling, but Cheryl Bernard's decision making had me wondering just what exactly she was doing in the gold medal final. She should have won the game in the 10th end, but in the extra end with a rock guarding her stone which was shot, she elected to peel that rock off. ????? It left Sweden with an easy hit and roll and when Bernard failed to execute a double it was buh-bye gold medal. That was one of a couple decisions that made me shake my head in that game. If there is any solace in her loss, its the fact that Sandra Schmirler is still the only Canadian female rink to win gold.
Did anyone watch Charles Hamelin's gold medal in short-track speedskating? I'm guessing very few saw it. The gold is Canada's 10th in Vancouver. That leads all countries. With that being the case, I ask you this. Many have said the "Own the Podium" program has been a failure because we haven't won the amount of medals that were forecast. However, we have won 10 golds so is the program working? When you think about it, we could have had 13 gold. If Melissa Hollingsworth slides down the luge track clean one last time, if Bernard makes her last shot in 10 or 11, if Kyle Nyssen lands one more jump we would have been cleaning up. I guess that's a question that will be debated after the games are over. We still have a chance at some more gold before Sunday night rolls around so here's hoping for the best.
I love Hayley Wickenheiser. Why is that? Here's what she had to say about this excessive post-game celebration story that surfaced resulting in an apology from Hockey Canada.
All I have to say is get real. Get real because you know, we were enjoying the moment," she said with a laugh. "It probably was not the right thing to be on the ice doing that, but in the moment you get caught up and things happen. And trust me, there's lots worse things that go on at the Olympics, so everybody just take a big breath and chill out because it's not a big deal."

The Pats can start thinking about next year. They were up 4-3 with less than five minutes to go and lost 6-4 in Swift Current. Combine that with Moose Jaw's 2-0 win on home ice over Vancouver and its game, set, match. No playoffs at the Brandt Centre again. Methinks its not going to be a good summer for the organization. The Regina hockey community is very upset and they want someone to be the fall guy for this. Will it happen and if so who?
As of writing this, they have not announced the Lotto Max numbers for the 50 million dollars. I'm guessing they are wondering if they should write the cheque out to "Mitch" or "Mitchell' Blair. At least I hope they are.
As you go into your weekend, I will say this....

No one is a virgin, life has screwed us all
Have a good weekend and GO CANADA!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Please tell me the post-game celebration by the Canadian womens hockey team is not going to erupt into a major story about how "bad" we are.
A story has surfaced today in which Hockey Canada has apologized for the impromptu post-game celebration that occurred in which members of the gold medal winning team were seen at center ice with their medals around their necks drinking and smoking cigars. This happened once everyone had cleared out of the rink. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this!

OK, there is one thing wrong with it with that being one member of the team isn't legal to drink in B-C, but do you think that even crossed the mind of those taking part. How many times do we see teams celebrating in their dressing room after winning a championship? How many times do we see those celebrations involve drinking and smoking. They didn't do this in front of a sold-out crowd. They did it as everyone had spilled onto the streets to celebrate the win.

If the Canadian women wanted to soak up every last minute they could about winning the gold medal on home ice and they took their victory party back to the rink then good for them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I would expect the men to do the same thing Sunday if they are victorious.

What makes this funny is no one knew about it until a reporter from the Associated Press made it his business by speaking with someone from the International Olympic Commission. This reporter was an American. There wouldn't have been a case of sour grapes here would there. Then again, if the U-S had done this, one wonders how Canadians might have reacted.

As I say, I have no problem with it. It was just a case of girls who want to have fun. End of story!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Than A Medal

Joannie Rochette has a bronze medal and the respect and admiration of all who watched her perform. The Canadian figure skater put out a gutsy and dramatic performance in her long skate to win a bronze medal under the most difficult of circumstances Thursday night. We've all heard the story by now. Rochette's mom passing away just hours after arriving in Vancouver to watch her daughter skate. No one would have said a word had Joannie decided to skip the competition. She knew what she had to do though, and she went out and did it by performing not one, but two marvellous skates to take home a medal. Her courage will be remembered by many who watched and her medal may be the one that most Canadians talk about in future years.
When Vancouver was awarded the Olympics, Canadians wanted two things. 1)a gold medal in womens hockey and 2) a gold medal in mens hockey. 50 percent of that has been accomplished. The Canadians blanked the Americans 2-0 in the gold medal final to start a celebration that we all hope will be repeated Sunday afternoon. I loved the Canadian flag with the maple leaf colored in gold. There are only two countries that are good in womens hockey and well, the US has a ways to go before they take the throne from us. Its always great seeing a medal get placed around the neck of Shaunavon's Hayley Wickenheiser. Believe it or not, she can do it again in 2014 at Sochi as she will only be 35.
Its Canada vs Slovakia in one mens semi-final tonight. After Wednesday's demolition of the Russians, the Slovakians should be fodder for Team Canada, but they can't afford to take this team lightly. The Canadians will have to use the same formula they used against Russia and that is to come out fast and to hit everything in sight. The Slovaks come in having beat Russia and Sweden so you know they are formidable. Marian Gaborik, Zdeno Chara, Jaroslav Halak, Marian Hossa and Pavol Demitra could make things difficult. The other semi has Finland against the U-S. Kiprusoff against Miller. I would think the U-S has too much speed and firepower to beat the Finns, but Flame fans know what Kiprusoff can do. We will take a Finland-Canada final on Sunday, but we all know that isn't the game we want to see.
Eddie Davis' brilliant career has come to an end. The long-time Rider defensive back has decided to hang it up after 15 years. His retirement means Anthony Calvillo is the lone player left in the league from the days of the American expansion. His retirement might also mean the biggest loss in the off-season. Yes, losing John Chick and Stevie Baggs hurts, but Davis was like a coach on the field. It puts the pressure on Lance Frazier to become the leader of that group now and puts pressure on Chris McKenzie to help cover the many talented inside receivers the CFL have. There is no doubt in my mind that Eddie will get the call to the CFL hall of fame and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a Plaza of Honor inductee. He was one of the guys that helped bring this team from the depths of despair to the joy of being on top.
Many think the Pats season is over. Optimists will cling to the fact that they have two games left against Swift Current and one against P-A. They need to win all of those games in regulation to have a chance. Basically it means win tonight or else its over.
That's it for me. Have a good Friday. Go into it with this

If our wife is supposed to be our best friend, why aren't sports bars packed with tables of two watching the football and hockey games. (Thanks for that one Chop!)

Athletes Are Chasing More Than Medals

If this trend continues, a new Olympic sport might be created.....

Vancouver Closing Ceremony Performers

They will include Michael Buble, Nickleback, Shania Twain and Alanis Morrissette.

Eddie Davis Is Hanging Up The Helmet

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced today that defensive back Eddie Davis has announced his retirement from the CFL.

“I want to thank everyone that’s ever been involved in my football career but football is over for me,” stated Davis. “Having time to think, think, and think some more, I’m happy to say that football needs me more than I need football, but nobody needs me more than my family.”

“I want to thank the Province of Saskatchewan, the fans and Rider nation as a whole,” he continued. “Thanks to Roy Shivers for giving me the opportunity to play this game I love. Thanks to Wally Buono, Richie Hall and every coach and player I’ve ever been associated with. You guys made me what I am today.”

Davis played 15 years in the CFL, the last nine of which were spent with the Green and White. Over the course of his career, the 37-year old has played a total of 236 CFL regular season games and amassed 801 defensive tackles, 112 special team tackles, 111 pass knockdowns, 34 interceptions and 16 quarterback sacks. He was also named a CFL All-Star three times and a West Division All-Star five times. He captured two Grey Cups – one with the Calgary Stampeders in 1998 and the other with the Riders in 2007.

“It’s a sad day for us in Riderville, but we understand that Eddie must to do what is best for him and his family,” stated Rider Head Coach/VP of Football Operations Ken Miller. “We want to thank Eddie for all he has done and given to this team. He has been a true leader on and off the field and although he will be missed, we wish him all the best in his future.”

The Eastern Illinois product joined the CFL in May, 1995 when he signed as a free agent with the Birmingham Barracudas. He was then selected in the 1996 U.S. team dispersal draft by the Calgary Stampeders where he remained until signing with the Riders in 2001.

“I’d like to wish the Roughriders and the guys in the locker room continued success,” concluded Davis. “Football has been a part of my life for 22 years, but now it is time for my family to be first.”

Provide The Caption

Keep it clean!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That's More Like It

Mike Babcock and his Canadian mens hockey team has shut up their detractors(including me) after one of the best efforts I have seen from a Canadian team of NHL'ers. It was a complete and total annihilation of Russia at "Canada Hockey Place" as the host nation moved into the semis with a 7-3 win.
This game was Canada's right from the opening faceoff. They had an intensity they didn't have in the first three games and it showed. They took it to the Russians from the opening puck-drop and they simply couldn't match it.
Alex Ovechkin was neutralized. He was a non-factor. When he was slammed into the boards by Drew Doughty midway through the first, it seemed like he didn't want to do anymore. He was taken out of his game.
Several Canadian players stepped up to the plate when they had to. Some still left a little to be desired, but many came through and played hockey the way Canada wants it played. Those that were critical (including me) can't be critical now. They have gotten to the final four and all of a sudden one wonders if there is a rematch against the Americans on Sunday.
The Vancouver Giants beat the Pats 4-3. Regina got some help as Chilliwack beat Prince Albert, but Moose Jaw earned a point as they lost in overtime to Saskatoon. Here's how it looks this morning...

7. Moose Jaw 10gr 67 points
8. Swift Current 8 gr 66 points
9. Prince Albert 9gr 65 points
10. Regina 8gr 59 points
The Rider Nation is ecstatic over the acquisition of Prechae Rodriguez from the Ti-Cats. Why shouldn't they be excited! I'm guessing Darian Durant is smiling from ear-to-ear after he learned of this deal. Rodriguez makes the Rider offence even more dangerous than it was last year. I don't think there is any doubt that this team has the best group of pass-catchers in the league. According to Sportsnet's Perry Lefko, you can credit Jason Clermont for making this deal happen. Lefko says Clermont was willing to take a sizable pay cut from his salary of 110-thousand dollars to make this happen. If this is true, what does it say about Clermont who I think we all agree had a frustrating 2009. You know he wasn't happy with the way things went down last year, but he just kept playing and will apparently be playing with a reduced role in 2010. He could have laughed off this request, but he was more than willing to do what had to be done to get this team to a GC championship.
Curling is getting a lot of attention in Vancouver, but its not for the "hokeyness" of the sport. Curling is getting a lot of attention because of the competitors looks. Several American websites have talked about the "hotness" of competitors on both the mens and womens side. In fact, one website had John Morris as the sexiest male athlete at the games. Could this be what the sport needs to increase its profile?
How can they call it the two man bobsled when women are competing. It doesn't matter because we OWN that sport. OWN it I say!
I'm still contemplating the Twitter thing.
As you go into your Thursday, I ask you this question.

Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Riders and Ti-Cats Make Deal

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has acquired non-import wide receiver Adam Nicolson, a third-round selection in the 2011 CFL Draft and the rights to a negotiation list player from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for import receiver Prechae Rodriguez.

“With the emergence of a few young receivers last season and the addition of Maurice Mann to our receiving corps, we felt that we could make this move to improve other areas of our team,” said General Manager Bob O’Billovich. “Adam is a young Canadian receiver who has the ability to produce if given the opportunity and can also contribute on special teams.

”Nicolson, a 6-4, 223-pound native of North Bay, Ontario was selected in the first round (8th overall) of the 2007 CFL Canadian Draft after a standout CIS career with the University of Ottawa. The 25-year-old has recorded five receptions for 59 yards and one touchdown with the Roughriders and Lions.

Chunky Isn't Going Anywhere

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced they have signed import defensive lineman Marcus Adams to a contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Adams is heading into his eighth season in Saskatchewan after signing with the Green and White as a free agent in March of 2003. The Eastern Kentucky product has played a total of 68 regular season CFL games and tallied 103 defensive tackles, ten quarterback sacks, five tackles for a loss, and two fumble recoveries.

In 2009, the 30-year old started at defensive tackle in all 18 regular season games and finished with 33 defensive tackles, one quarterback sack, one pass knockdown and one tackle for a loss.

Watch Two Games For The Price Of One

The Regina Pats Hockey Club wants to welcome everyone to the Brandt Centre for a thrilling night of hockey. Fans can watch the Pats take on one of the top teams in the WHL in the Vancouver Giants, and fight for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

All the while, during the pre-game and intermissions, fans will be treated to the Canada/Russia quarterfinal game on the big screen. The game will be shown in full on the in house TV screens while the Pats/Giants game is on the ice.

This will also feature a battle between the top 3 scorers in the WHL. The Giants Craig Cunningham is the league leader with 90 points, while Jordan Eberle and Jordan Weal are just 2 points behind for second with 88 points.

The Pats head on the road for a pair of game this weekend, beginning Friday night in Swift Current in a must win game against the Broncos. It’s a 7:30 puck drop at the I-Plex in Swift Current, with all of the action getting going with the pre-game show at 7:05 on 620 CKRM.

To purchase tickets for this, or any Regina Pats hockey, call at 543-7800, or drop by the or visit the box office located in the west entrance of the Brandt Centre. For more information, head to www.reginapats .com.

Are We One Step Closer

From the Leader-Post...

REGINA — A feasibility study into an all-season, multi-purpose entertainment facility in downtown Regina will be released Monday.
The study was launched in July with funding from the provincial and federal governments, the City of Regina and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
The Saskatchewan Party government has said there is no timeline for when it will make a decision about whether to proceed with a new facility.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Was This The Final Nail In The Coffin?

The Moose Jaw Warriors may have snuffed out Regina's chances of making the WHL playoffs Tuesday night as they beat the Pats 4-3. The win means Regina is seven back of Swift Current and Moose Jaw who hold down the 8th and final playoff spot with nine games left. This game will be remembered for one play in particular---one that might very well symbolize Regina's season.

With the game tied at 2 in the 3rd period, Moose Jaw was about to take a penalty. With the ref's arm in the air and Damien Ketlo on the bench in favour of an extra attacker, the puck hopped over Colten Teubert's stick and rolled agonizingly down the ice towards the empty goal. Matt Strueby tried in vain to knock the puck away but he could not giving Moose Jaw the ultimate in gift goals. Teubert scored to tie it a few seconds later, but Quinton Howden gave the Warriors the two points when he scored late in the 3rd. What happens if that puck never goes into the empty net. We will never know. What we do know is losing this one means that most likely this team will not be going to the playoffs.

Why is that? Yes, many of you want to blame GM Brent Parker and I can't blame you for that, but does Parker lace up the skates and go out there night after night after night. Nope! Is it coach Curtis Hunt? Curtis is someone who has won gold medals as an assistant coach with the world junior program and he is someone who has had an opportunity behind an NHL bench. He was a good coach when he left for better things. He didn't become a bad coach overnight. This team has three first round NHL draft picks(Eberle, Teubert, Ashton)---one of them is the best junior hockey player in Canada. They have a guy who will be a late first round, early second round pick in this year's NHL draft(Weal). They have two young studs on the blueline that will be stars in the future (Bell, Davidson)They have one of the top ranked power-plays in the league. They also have some guys that would be better off playing university or senior hockey because they are simply not contributing. I don't have to identify those guys because those of you that read this go to games and see it as well. There are three guys on that squad who are basically useless and it shows shift after shift after shift in which they play like shift without the f. It should be an honour for the young men who wear the Pats crest to play in what is the world's best developmental hockey league. Instead, some treat it as a privilege. They believe they are entitled to something they are not. Some are skating their bags off and giving it everything they can while others could simply care less. Its unacceptable! Yeah you can blame Brent Parker all you want, but the problem lies much deeper than Parker alone.
I feel bad for both the Pats and Warriors because I wonder what type of crowd if any they will have later tonight. With Regina home to Vancouver and Moose Jaw entertaining Saskatoon, Canada will be playing Russia in a quarter-final game at the Olympics. HMMMMMM...I wonder what to watch! I fear the two teams could be playing in close to an empty barn. Canada seemed to get over their early struggles with a convincing 8-2 win over Germany. It would seem as if Canada has gotten over its problems---however, it was just one game. The eternal optimist will tell you the road to gold has gotten a lot smoother, the pessimist will tell you it was only Germany. Regardless of what you think, the game that many thought would be for gold will go tomorrow with the loser going home without a medal. Its Sid vs Alex, its Canada versus Russia. It should be a ring a ding dong dandy. As Kelly Remple told me last night, sit there and complain all you want if you're Canada about having to face Russia in the quarters, but how do you think the Russians feel knowing they have to beat Canada in order to have a chance at a medal.
Tell me you aren't cheering hard for Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette. Tell me you couldn't care less about what she does in Vancouver. Whatever! The emotional story of these games is Rochette whose mother died shortly after arriving in Vancouver to see her daughter skate in the biggest competition of her life. With a heavy heart and a nation behind her, Rochette went out and was simply marvellous in her short program. She is in 3rd. She has a chance at a medal and that medal could be gold. To win gold would be the coup de grace of these games. It would be the memory that would last with many of us forever. I'm guessing many of us will be watching her compete in the free skate on Thursday night, and I'm guessing many will hope she can be on the podium somewhere. Keep it up Joannie!
Canada hasn't won the amount of medals that the Canadian Olympic Association would have liked, but believe it or not, there is a good chance that Canada could win the gold medal battle. Ashleigh McIvor's gold on Cypress mountain yesterday gives us 6. Norway and Switzerland also have 6. That's only one behind the U-S and Germany. There is a possible gold in womens hockey, two possible golds in curling, possible gold in bobsled and mens aerials and maybe a gold in mens hockey. It hasn't been that bad even though some of our athletes who were medal favourites have failed.
To one of my former co-workers. I got your e-mail and does it really surprise you? It shouldn't. What's funny is I had the exact same conversation with someone on Monday.
I've had many a person tell me over the last few days that I should get on Twitter. Tell me, who really wants to follow me. Who? There isn't a degenerate out there that would want to do that and if there is...why?
Thanks for checking in. As you go to your Wednesday, I leave you with this....
Who coined the phrase, 'coined the phrase?'

Patrick Returns To Riders

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced they have signed import defensive back James Patrick to a contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Patrick is heading into his third year with the Green and White. The Stillman product started all 18 regular season games, the West Final and the Grey Cup game at safety in 2009. He finished the season with 59 defensive tackles, 17 special teams tackles, six pass knockdowns, two interceptions, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

The 27-year old originally signed with the Riders as a free agent in January, 2008. Since joining the CFL, Patrick has played a total of 35 regular season games for the Green and White tallying 68 defensive tackles, 24 special teams tackles, four interceptions and three fumble recoveries.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Golden Moment

I'm not one to watch figure skating, but it is the Olympics and when a Canadian pair has a chance at a gold medal, I'll sit and watch. In the end, you had to be amazed at the artistic grace and elegance that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir showed as they swept away the competition with a brilliant skate to give Canada its 5th gold and 10th medal of the Vancouver games. By the way, is it just me or are 90 percent of female ice dancers extremely hot! Perhaps that's why I watched and I don't think I'm the only man that can say that.
Big game in Moose Jaw tonight for the Pats. Its a must-win. You lose to the Warriors tonight and its over. You win and you still have a chance. Its as simple as that as far as I'm concerned. In the end, two points tonight might not get it done, but falling further back to a team you are chasing at this point in the season simply can't happen. Regina has had a helluva time beating the Warriors this year and if they don't get in, it will be because of what their rival has done to them.
Big game in Vancouver tonight as the much-maligned Canadians go up against Germany in a game they should win. Then again, everyone thought the Canadians would have no problem with Switzerland and look what happened there. Roberto Luongo will get the start and you have to think he takes a Game 7 mentality into this one. There is no room for error. Canadians won't be happy if they are eliminated by Russia in the quarters, but a loss to Germany tonight and Hockey Canada officials from Bob Nicholson right on down might as well sit on the Olympic flame as they will be sweating it out on the hot seat.
I don't know how he found this little nugget of information, but Rob Vanstone is showing again why he is one of Canada's top sportswriters. He has found a Saskatchewan connetion to USA goalie Ryan Miller. This story is not about the fact that Miller could win first place in a Jamie Nye look-alike contest.
No surprise out of San Diego yesterday as the Chargers release Ladainian Tomlinson. I don't know what it is about running backs hitting the age of 30 in the NFL, but when they do that, they seem to be done. Where does he end up now? He still has some miles left in those legs, but don't be surprised if next year is his last and then he goes the same way as Shaun Alexander. That being an NFL MVP one season and someone who isn't even on the radar a couple of years later.
Speaking of the NFL, I thought Sandro De Angelis always beaked about his greatness to the point that he was destined to play south of the 49th. Funny how no team wanted him. He's Tiger-Cat property now. His act at the Grey Cup in Montreal where the Stamps beat the Alouettes was one of pure nausea. When he went into his spiel about how he had been snubbed by everyone when it came to not getting a CFL year-end award, I was in a neighboring room. Many of us in that room wanted the chance to walk in and ask him just who he thought he was and why he should be entitled as the CFL's best at his position. Sadly for us, the door was locked so we never had the opportunity.
Bus fares are going up in Regina. I don't see many people riding Regina Transit as it is and they are increasing the cost of a trip. OK!
Kaley Cuoco from "The Big Bang Theory" is going to be the MAXIM covergirl this month. I'm OK with that!
One of my friends had this for a Facebook status on Monday and it made me howl. The status...if you rearrange the letters in Michael Landsberg, you get "huge douchebag"! BA HA HA HA HA!!! There's no M in huge or douchebag, but it still made me laugh outloud.
That's it for now. As you start your Tuesday, I ask you this.

Does being an expert mean your guesses have more credibility than others?

Guarding The Goal Against The Germans Will Be.......

.....a mystery yet. One report today said it would be Roberto Luongo, but head coach Mike Babcock told a Vancouver radio station a couple of hours later that a decision had not yet been made. Does Brodeur deserve a second chance?

DeAngelis Joins Tabbies Staff

HAMILTON, Ont. -- The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed the most accurate kicker in Canadian Football League history, Sandro DeAngelis.

"We are pleased to improve our kicking game with the addition of the most accurate kicker in the history of this league," said General Manager Bob O'Billovich. "Throughout his career, Sandro has proven to be very consistent and has shown the ability to handle pressure. We're looking forward to seeing him perform at a high level in Hamilton."

DeAngelis, a 5-8, 195-pound native of Niagara Falls, Ontario connected on 83.8% of his field goal attempts and averaged 59.4 yards per kickoff over the past five years with the Calgary Stampeders. DeAngelis has been named a CFL All-Star three times, a West Division All-Star five times and a CFLPA All-Star twice. He was Calgary's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in each of his five seasons and was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2006.

DeAngelis, 28, was named the Most Valuable Canadian of the 2008 Grey Cup after kicking five field goals in the Stampeders championship victory over Montreal.

Last season, the Nebraska product was good on 42-of-49 field goal attempts (85.7%) and averaged 60.7 yards on 109 kickoffs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Utterly Disgusted!

Canada might still win gold in mens hockey at Vancouver. However, it really looks as if perhaps they could return from Vancouver without any medal. Yes, Ryan Miller was the story in the Americans 5-3 win over Canada on Sunday night, but Canadians from coast-to-coast are seeing their worst nightmare come true. My thoughts after what I saw Sunday.

1)Alex Ovechkin is the best player in the world and the gap between him and the number 2 player is a wide one. When Russia needed something to get their game going, Ovie flattens Jaromir Jagr with an open-ice hit resulting in a turnover and a Russian goal. He gave them the spark that was needed. What did Canada's so-called greatest player do in a game where he was needed the most. Well, Sid gets the Americans going by inexplicably deciding to screen Marty Brodeur and then deflecting the puck past his goalie. All part of a minus 3 effort on this night. That is simply unacceptable.

2)Joe Thornton is proving to once again be the biggest big game bust in Canadian history. What is it about this guy when the playoffs or international competition rolls around. Has he made any impact during the Olympics? Those of you thinking the Sharks are going to win the Stanley Cup are going to be very disappointed come playoff time.

3) If Thornton isn't the worst Canadian on the ice, then the honor has to go to Chris Pronger. How many mistakes can one make without being benched? Pronger wasn't alone though when it comes to bad defensive play.

4)While Marty Brodeur did not play well, how can the guys in the striped shirts sit there and say there was no goalie interference on the 3rd American goal. You call a b-s goalie interference call on Ryan Getzlaf in the first and then let that one get away. ????????

5)Where is that Canadian passion and hunger that we are so famous for. Where was the urgency from the get-go? There is a lack of intensity on this team.

The time for screwing around is over. A big win is needed over Germany and then comes what many thought would be the gold-medal game against Russia in a quarter-final matchup. If Canada loses in the quarter-finals, there will be squawking from one end of this country to the other. This could get ugly!
We can sit here and be angry at what the hockey team is doing, but the anger we feel is nothing compared to what Canadian figure skater Joanie Rochette is feeling. Just days before the biggest competition of her life, Rochette wakes up this morning to learn her mother has died just hours after arriving in Vancouver from a heart attack. Rochette says she will skate and it is hoped that she can somehow find a way to put this tragedy behind her for a couple of days and somehow find a way to get herself onto the podium. If she does, she will be a part of Canadian Olympic history but for reasons she would rather not have to go through. We will all be rooting for you to skate the performance of a lifetime Joanie.
The Pats can't buy a break. After closing the gap between themselves and Moose Jaw to five points, Prince Albert goes into Swift Current and upset the Broncos to move into that 8th and final playoff spot as they now sit one up on Moose Jaw and six ahead of Regina.
Have we seen the last of Kerry Joseph? The Argos cut Joseph on Sunday. Is there any team out there that wants Joseph because of his age? I can't see him coming back to Saskatchewan even though there are some out there that would like to see that happen. Could he end up in Winnipeg? Methinks he might be done. It asks the question as to who will be the quarterback in Toronto now that Joseph is gone. Steven Jyles has apparently signed with the Bombers. Some are saying we will see David Braley take a quarterback from his one team (Jarious Jackson or Buck Pierce) and send him to the other. If this happens, there will be many in league circles wondering WTF especially if BC doesn't get much in return.
The Argos also cut linebacker Zeke Moreno. Would he be a good replacement for Rey Williams? Then again, Williams' departure might just show us how good a football player Mike McCullough is. The guy has never failed when he's been called upon and if he's the starter this year, it wouldn't surprise me to see Mike end up playing at an all-star level.
Nothing that happened in the WWE Elimination Chamber ppv surprised me. Nothing at all. C'mon Vince, you gotta do a better job than that.
The 1980 US Olympic hockey team beat Russia 30 years ago yesterday in an event that is still spoken about. I thought NBC did a tremendous job in looking back at the "Miracle On Ice" in Lake Placid on Sunday. It got me to thinking if Canada has ever had a sporting moment like that where there was no way we were supposed to win, but we did. I don't think the 1972 Summit Series can qualify. I can't think of one off the top of my head. By the way, NBC gives us this great half hour documentary on the 1980 mens hockey team and then instead of going to the Canada-US game, it went to ice dancing. It was such a perfect set-up and they blew it.
Is it just me or is Ben Mulroney becoming a bigger part of Olympic morning? Does Canada need that much Ben? Really! For that matter, do we need Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy. What network are they normally on and why are they considered as important. By the way, Dan is Eugene's son. If you have seen him, how can you tell?
Is Jon Montgomery a guy that you would love to sit down and have a beer with? He might be the biggest winner of all when it comes to Canadian athletes once the games are over.
As you start your Monday, I say this to you...

We must believe in luck. How else can we explain the success of those we don't like?

Jyles Confirms He's A Bomber

From Kirk Penton of the Winnipeg Sun

Steven Jyles believes he's ready to be a CFL starting quarterback.
He also believes the Winnipeg Blue Bombers give him the best opportunity to do just that, which is why the free agent quarterback has left the Saskatchewan Roughriders to join the Blue and Gold.
The Bombers haven't officially announced the deal because it hasn't yet been registered with the league, but Jyles spoke Friday about why he chose Winnipeg over Saskatchewan.
"You can always be a backup," said the 27-year-old Louisiana native, who has one career start in his four CFL seasons. "It's time for me to go out and establish myself. I'll have to the opportunity to compete for a starting job. That's all you can ask for as a quarterback trying to get established in the CFL."
Jyles was mulling offers from both the Bombers and Roughriders since free agency began late Monday night. Both deals were worth $100,000 a season with bonus money for playing time.
While it appears Jyles was doing his best Brett Favre impersonation in taking his sweet time to make a decision, he said there wasn't much need for debate.
Saskatchewan has an established starter in Darian Durant, while Winnipeg does not.
"My agent was just working out numbers as far as my contract and trying to get the best deal he could for me," he said. "But we both knew that Winnipeg was a spot for me to get the chance to compete."
Jyles becomes the sixth quarterback under contract to the Blue and Gold, joining Michael Bishop, Stefan LeFors, Casey Bramlet, Ricky Santos and Adam DiMichele, who re-signed with the Bombers on Friday.
Bishop's future with the Bombers is in doubt, and it's believed Jyles and LeFors will be the top two contenders for the No. 1 job.

Is This Just The Appetizer?

As Week 2 of the Olympics begins, the marquee event for many happens tonight. Team Canada meets Team USA in mens hockey. Its a game that hockey fans have had circled on their calendar since the schedule came out. The winner gets a bye to the quarter-finals. There is a chance it could be just the first of two meetings between these two---the other would of course be the gold medal game which is something many want to see.
Canada has immense pressure on its shoulders as you know---pressure that has grown somewhat after the shootout victory over Switzerland. The Americans are a young, fast team that is also cocky and is primed to hand the Canadians a defeat and add to the already tremendous rivalry these two countries have. Its going to be a dandy. Enjoy it.
If you were at the Pats game last night or if you watched it on Access with Kelly Remple and I, you had to like what you saw. Regina jumped out into an early lead and then after Chilliwack started to make a comeback, the Pats got two more to ice it and win 5-3. Jordan Eberle had a couple of highlight reel plays (as he usually does), but on this night it was Jordan Weal. His first goal of the night was a thing of beauty and his second was also a highlight reel goal thanks to the pass he was given by Eberle. Scouts tell me Weal is going to be an early 2nd round pick, but if he can have a strong finish and perhaps a good playoffs, maybe he can be a late first rounder like what teammate Carter Ashton was last year. Wait a minute, I said playoffs when referring to the Pats. You know what, what seems impossible is now close to perhaps happening. The Warriors lost in Medicine Hat last night meaning Regina is 5 out of that last playoff spot. The two teams meet in the Jaw on Tuesday. A win there and you are three points out and then anything can happen. If Regina doesn't make it, you can look at their record against the Warriors as to why as Moose Jaw have owned them this season, but if Regina can win the season finale between the two, you never know.
I didn't see it live and just saw the replay this morning, but I think we might have seen the start of something in Vancouver last night. That is the impromptu singing of "O Canada". It happened in the 10th end of the Canada-Great Britain curling game. With all of the games going on, the crowd just got up and started singing the national anthem. Dare I say it, but I think that will happen at the hockey game today and I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen at venues across Vancouver in this last week of the games. I'm all for it! I would rather have that happen than that ridiculous corporate Pepsi chant. By the way, has anyone heard of Eh Oh Canada Go" in recent weeks. Did the campaign get scrapped?
Cain Velasquez has put his name into the mix when it comes to the UFC heavyweight title. Is it safe to say he upset Antonio Nogueira at UFC 110 last night? Velasquez winning with a first round knockout to get himself into the heavyweight title picture. Is he good enough to beat Brock Lesnar or will he even get the chance as both Shane Carwin and Frank Mir want a shot at the former WWE star.
I'm guessing my good natured neanderthal friends that gather in the basement of the self proclaimed "Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger" were in a good mood after Michael Bisping got beat by Wanderlei Silva. Who's kidding who, I would have bet the kids' college fund on that battle and doubled my $7.75 after winning.
The WWE elimination chamber goes tonight. I don't think Shaemus survives this one, but I will say that Shawn Michaels somehow gets his way into the Smackdown chamber challenge and beats the Undertaker thus giving him a rematch at WM26 ---which is something that as you know he wants very badly.
Has anyone been pulled over for texting or talking on their cellphone while driving? I saw three people doing it yesterday when going to the Pats game.

Have a great Sunday and remember this...

Visa is everywhere you want to be, except out of debt.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010


All I had to do was listen to 60 seconds of last night's Pats game to get what I wanted. Rod Pedersen informed me it was 5-0 Brandon and that the Wheat Kings had just scored their 4th powerplay goal. CLICK! Final score Brandon 10 Regina 2. Playoff chances---POOF! As much as I would like to see this team make the playoffs, it is time to recognize that simply won't happen because they just aren't good enough. How a team that has Jordan Eberle, Colten Teubert, Carter Ashton and Jordan Weal is not going to the playoffs is one that will and should anger Regina hockey fans. In reading Rod's blog, it sounds like the striped shirts were once again not on Regina's side which is not an excuse, but you can't win a game in the penalty box.
The Pats are back on the ice tonight as the Chilliwack Bruins come to town in a game that Kelly Remple and I will bring to you on Access 7. I'm guessing the bus ride home was a very quiet one. We will see tomorrow if this team has given up on the season. If they play their ass off, you will know they are going to fight until the end. If they come out of the gate looking as if they want to be elsewhere, it could be another long night and it will be a sign that perhaps they are ready to mail in the final couple of weeks. I hope its not that scenario.
Many, many different views on Tiger's 13 minute speech yesterday. A lot of it positive and a lot of it negative. I just wonder how this story would have changed had Tiger just spoken less than 48 hours after the incident outside his home happened instead of hiding from authorities.
I don't care what you say---skeleton is cool! I think it would be a rush to hurtle face first down a solid sheet of ice at 140 km/h. Jon Montgomery thinks its cool and Canadians think he is cool today after he wins a gold medal last night. Melissa Hollingsworth should have been on the podium as well, but she gagged it big-time on her last run and finished 5th. Hollingsworth was one of those that many believed would win gold. She is just the latest in a long list of Canadian athletes who were supposed to do that and failed at Olympics present and past. Canada ends the first week in Vancouver with 8 medals. We are not "owning the podium". I'm not disappointed with the first week, but I'm not ecstatic either.
Its been a long time since I had a meal at Bonanza. It will be a long time before I have another meal at Bonanza. The price compared to the serving is brutal. I should have known.
What is Steven Jyles waiting for?
I had an unflattering comment(that wasn't published because of the language) about my comment yesterday regarding the 97 Rider team that went to the Grey Cup under Jim Daley. The "anonymous" (what a surprise) commenter was not happy with the fact I said the 97 Riders couldn't compete with the 2008 Riders. Is there anyone else out there that believes the 97 Riders were better than the 2008 version. I'm thinking if I asked Jim Daley that question he would laugh and answer the 2008 team. If you think I am wrong, fire away and let me know why, but keep it clean.
I hope a lot of you are at the Pats game tonight, but if not, hopefully I'll talk to you tonight on Access.
As you start the weekend, ask yourself this....

What if you got away from it all and there was no place to stay?

Tiger Speaks

It was longer than I thought it was going to be and we saw a side of Tiger that we have never seen before. However, I still can't buy everything he had to say today because it was a prepared statement that he read off of. Here's the story and the 13 minute speech he delivered.

I'm interested to get your thoughts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Happy---And I Don't Think I'm Alone

I feel sorry for Christine Nesbitt this morning. The gold medallist in the womens 1000 metre speedskating race is having the attention she deserves put on the backburner as hockey fans go WTF! and tear apart last night's effort by Team Canada against Switzerland. The Canadians won 3-2 in a shootout in a result that I think many found to be surprising, especially after being up 2-0.
There were several players in this game that were not good. It starts with Chris Pronger. Was it just me or was this guy giving up the puck on just about every shift? I thought Joe Thornton was horsecrap on this night as he had no intensity to his game. After being dominant against Norway, what happened to Jarome Iginla and what was Sidney Crosby doing. Yes, Crosby is being seen as a hero today because he scored in the shootout---on his 2nd attempt, but for someone who is fighting with Alex Ovechkin to be hockey's dominant player, he is fighting a losing battle right now. Crosby needs to be more of a force and he wasn't that against Switzerland.
Give a lot of credit to Swiss goalie Jonas Hiller who was outstanding, but Canada simply can't afford this type of performance again. If they do, you can kiss that gold medal goodbye. Yes, Canada soiled the linen in its Salt Lake opener against Sweden before bouncing back to take gold, but with a game against the US on Sunday, Canada is making it very tough on themselves.
Now to the shootout, why is Crosby being given a 2nd chance when there are so many other talented guys on the bench. This isn't Sid's team, its Canada. Yes, he scored on that 2nd attempt, but guys like Heatley, Iginla and Nash deserved to be out there as well. I don't agree with Mike Babcock's philosophy on that one. Speaking of Rick Nash, he might have been the best player on the ice for Canada. I shudder to think how good he would be if he wasn't stuck in Columbus and was on a team where his skills were complimented by some other talented forwards. Imagine him in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Washington or Chicago. You put him on Vancouver and I would like the Canucks chances of going all the way.
The bottom line is Canada won and that's a good thing. A medal is still no certainty though. As much as we want the gold, I think Canadians found out Thursday night that Team Canada is still a major work in progress. Am I being too hard on Team Canada? Perhaps! However, I expect excellence from that group and I didn't see it on Thursday.
Christine Nesbitt brought Canada its 3rd gold and 7th medal of the Vancouver games and this one is one that I can get behind. I love it when Canadian athletes win medals, but a lot of our medals have come in sports that aren't the traditional winter sports. They are sports that come courtesy the X-games. I'll take medals in moguls and snowboard, but when they come in the traditional events like speedskating, skiing, etc, etc, I like it just a little more.
One thing you can say about the Rider coaching staff in 2010 is they will be experienced. Four members of that staff are or have been a CFL head coach. Ken Miller, Gary Etcheverry, Jim Daley and Doug Berry all know what its like to be in control. There isn't much this group hasn't seen. I like it!
Daley is back home as far as I'm concerned. I got to know Jim well when he coached here the first time and you always knew he had a soft spot for Regina no matter where he went. You could see it when he came back whether it was with the Eskimos, the Stamps or the CFL. He has a genuine love for this city and this province and he would love nothing more than to see this team succeed. Methinks he'll be part of a pretty good football team in 10. If the Riders were to win it all this year, I would be happy for everyone in the organization, but I would be very happy to see Daley be a part of it. He deserves to be part of a championship team in Saskatchewan. He came one game away from doing that in 97 and he did that with a team that is nowhere close to being as talented as the team he now joins.
What's Tiger going to say today? You will have to be in a cave by the sounds of it to not hear him. All of the major networks will have his statement. Even CTV is breaking away from its Olympic coverage to show Tiger's statement. I will understand this move by CTV if Tiger is wearing Olympic mittens or an "I believe" scarf. Some believe he will say today he is retiring. That won't be happening. Will he come back for the Masters? Does Tiger dare make a gong show of an event that is perhaps the most prestigious on the PGA tour? I don't think so. I also don't think the wife will be at his side as some have suggested. I just hope Tiger actually shows some emotion. I'm doubting that will happen since he is reading from a prepared statement meaning his address won't come from the heart, but I'm also hoping we don't see the same Tiger that wants to operate on his whims and desires and not the wishes of anyone else. Humility is the key!
The Pats are in Brandon Friday night. They need to come home from Manitoba with two points. They are seven back of the 8th place Warriors and they have start to beating the elite teams to have a chance. With a lot of games against the Wheaties and Blades and a contest against Vancouver still to go, the mountain may be too steep.
Who's the idiot that started the Gordon Lightfoot story?
As you go into your Friday, ask yourself if the acronym for STUPID isn't

Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand

Have a good one and if you don't check in until Monday, have a good weekend!


Jyles To Wpg A Done Deal?

The Winnipeg Free Press' Gary Lawless believes the Bombers have a new QB....

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are poised to sign a new quarterback.
Ferrell Elliott, representative for Steven Jyles, told the Free Press Thursday afternoon that a deal with the former Saskatchewan Roughriders backup is imminent.
"We don’t have anything signed yet, but (Bombers assistant GM) Ross Hodgkinson and I are moving towards a deal. I expect to have something done in the next 24 hours... we’re on the way to a deal."
The Bombers are not commenting on the deal until it is registered with the CFL.
Jyles, a fourth-year pivot, has spent the last two seasons in Saskatchewan under new Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice and offensive co-ordinator Jamie Barresi. LaPolice was the offensive co-ordinator in Regina last season while Barresi was the quarterbacks coach.
Jyles is athletic and has a big arm but has also been schooled under LaPolice, who preaches ball security above all else.

Riders Finalize Coaching Staff -- At Least Most Of It

Saskatchewan Roughrider Head Coach and Vice-President of Football Operations Ken Miller announced today that all but one vacant position has been filled on his 2010 coaching staff as he has named; Doug Berry – Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Bob Dyce – Receivers Coach/Passing Game Coordinator and Jim Daley – Special Teams Coordinator.

Head Coach: Ken Miller
Assistant HC/Offensive Co-Ordinator: Doug Berry
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Gary Etcheverry
Receivers Coach/Pass Game Co-Ordinator: Bob Dyce
Special Teams Co-Ordinator: Jim Daley
Linebackers Coach/College Draft Coordinator:Alex Smith

Defensive Backs Coach: Nelson Martin

Defensive Line Coach: Mike Scheper

Offensive Assistant: Marcus Crandell

Ken Miller – Head Coach/Vice-President of Football Operations

Miller is heading into his third season as Rider head coach and recently was named the new Vice-President of Football Operations. This season will mark Miller’s ninth year in the CFL. After decades of coaching within college ranks in the United States, he joined the Toronto Argonauts in 2002 as the team’s quarterback coach. Miller joined the Green and White in 2007 as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Doug Berry – Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Berry brings a wealth of coaching experience to the Riders staff. He has coached in the CFL for almost a decade after spending seven seasons with Montreal and most recently two seasons as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach. Prior to making the switch to the CFL, Berry spent over 20 years coaching at the U.S. College level. The New Hampshire native did two years of active duty with the United States Army prior to graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1973.

Gary Etcheverry – Defensive Coordinator

Etcheverry is heading into his second year as defensive coordinator with the Riders and third season back with the team after re-joining the Green and White in 2008 as a defensive assistant. He joined the CFL in 1997 as the defensive line coach for Toronto where he spent two seasons before being promoted to the team’s defensive coordinator. In 2000 he made his first stop in Saskatchewan as defensive coordinator prior to moving onto B.C. where he held the same position. In 2002 Etcheverry spent the season as Argonauts head coach and spent 2004 in Ottawa as the defensive coordinator. The California native spent over two decades coaching south of the border including spending time with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.

Bob Dyce – Receivers Coach/Passing Game Coordinator

Dyce joins the Riders after spending the last seven seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He spent six of those seasons as their receivers coach after originally joining the team in 2003 as their running backs/special teams coach. Before entering the CFL coaching ranks, Dyce spent seven seasons as the receivers coach with the University of Manitoba Bisons where he played his college football as a receiver.

Jim Daley – Special Teams Coordinator

Daley re-joins the Riders as he spent five seasons with the team in the 1990s. At the CFL level Daley has served as a positional coach, coordinator and head coach and brings over 30 years of coaching experience with him. Last season Daley served as the defensive coordinator/defensive line coach for the Edmonton Eskimos. Prior to that, the Ottawa native was with the CFL Head Office as the senior advisor of football operations and officiating, while taking a hiatus from coaching. Daley originally joined the CFL in 1991 with the Ottawa Rough Riders and went on to spend time with the Calgary Stampeders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers in addition to his time spent with the Riders and Eskimos.

Alex Smith – Linebackers Coach/College Draft Coordinator

Smith is entering his 14th season with the Riders. His key focus will continue to be working with the team’s linebackers as well as being an instrumental part of coordinating the Riders CFL College Draft team. The Regina native joined the Rider staff back in 1997 after spending five seasons with the Regina Rams. Smith also spent more than two decades coaching high school football in the city.

Nelson Martin – Defensive Backs Coach

Martin returns for a second season as the defensive backs coach for the Green and White. The Toronto native was a first round pick of the B.C. Lions in the 1981 CFL Canadian College Draft and went onto a stellar CFL career. Martin made the transition to coaching in 2003 when he worked alongside current Rider defensive coordinator Gary Etcheverry in Ottawa.

Mike Scheper – Defensive Line Coach

Scheper returns to the Riders for a second season as the team’s defensive line coach. The Southern California native spent time coaching at the high school, junior college and Division 1-A college level prior to making the jump to the CFL for the 2009 season.

Marcus Crandell – Offensive Assistant

Crandell is entering his second season as an offensive assistant with the Green and White. He spent the last 11 seasons as a quarterback in the CFL including four with the Green and White from 2005-2008. Crandell entered the CFL in 1997 with the Edmonton Eskimos where he spent three seasons before signing with the Calgary Stampeders in 2001. During his four year stop in Calgary, Crandell claimed his first Grey Cup and was named the Grey Cup MVP in 2001.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Have No Problems With Olympic Coverage

I've read a lot of columns since the Olympics started and a lot of them have expressed a lot of negativity over CTV's coverage of what is going on in Vancouver. I'm at a loss for words as to why this is.
I think the coverage that has blanketed CTV, TSN and Sportsnet has been outstanding. The hosts are doing a great job, those on duties at their respective sports are fine and the background stories have been alright as well.
I'm not sure what the people who are writing the negativity are looking for. Yes, they can get on Brian Williams' case for accidentally saying you are watching the Winter Olympics on CBC. Hey, he joked about it after and can you blame him after covering the Olympics for years on CBC!
I think "the consortium" has done a tremendous job on what we have seen over the last few days. The goal was to show you just about everything and they have succeeded. If you don't like what you are watching on TSN, go to CTV or Sportsnet because they will likely have something you want to watch. Wednesday night, Williams told everyone you can keep it right here and watch the gold medal ceremony involving Maella Ricker or you can go to Sportsnet to watch the 500 metre short-track speedskating race in which two Canadians were in the final. All three networks are telling you what is on every network. I wouldn't give the consortium an A plus for their work, but I would give them a definite B plus.
As for NBC, I haven't watched a lot of their coverage so I can't give them a grade. However, NBC's decision to not show Canada-US mens hockey live on Sunday instead having ice dancing on is a head-scratcher. Its even moreso when you consider NBC is the US network home to the NHL. Gary Bettman can't be happy with that. Then again, if they take the violence out of the game that they want, will hockey fans be able to decipher if they are watching hockey or ice dancing in the future?
Do you care what Tiger has to say on Friday? He'll say he's sorry we all know about that. I think what I and many others want to know is whether or not he will be at Augusta this year. When he does come back, do you think he will be the same. He could rehab from injury and not let the skeletons out of his closet, but now that his dirty laundry has been aired, will it have any effect on him out on the golf course. You know there will be some yahoos ready to let him have it when he is out there.
Does Jermaine Copeland finally become "the guy" in Toronto? I think he was the number 2 option behind Ben Cahoon in Montreal and while he had a great season with Calgary last year, I didn't think he was the number 1 guy with Nik Lewis getting that honor.
That's all I got. As you go into your Friday, ask yourself this....

Why doesn't pizza come in a circular box?

Tiger Will Speak On Friday

Tiger Woods will break nearly three months of silence by making a statement on Friday, his agent says.

Woods will speak at 11 a.m. from the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass, headquarters of the PGA Tour in Florida.

"This is all about the next step," Mark Steinberg, his agent, told The Associated Press.

"He's looking forward to it."

Steinberg said he would speak to a "small group of friends, colleagues and close associates" about his past and what he plans next, along with apologizing for his behavior.

Steinberg said three wire services would be in invited, and he was asking the Golf Writers Association of America to pick a small group of reporters to serve as a pool. Steinberg said there would be one pool camera, but it would be available live via satellite.

The news conference will occur during the middle of the Accenture Match Play Championship, one of the sponsors that dropped him during his sex scandal.

"It was a matter of timing," Steinberg said.

When asked if the news conference could have waited until after Accenture's tournament, he replied, "No."

Woods has not said anything publicly since revelations about his infidelity became known in late November

Cates An Argo/Stamps Trade Copeland

There are unconfirmed reports this afternoon suggesting Wes Cates is going to the Argonauts.

One member of that bombastic Stampeder receiving core has been traded to Toronto. Jermaine Copeland goes to the Argos for receiver P.K Sam.

Dorsey Is Back In Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced they have signed import running back/kick returner Dominique Dorsey to a contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Dorsey (5’7 – 173 lbs) spent the majority of the 2009 season with the NFL’s Washington Redskins before returning to the Toronto Argonauts for the final four games of the CFL season. The UNLV product originally signed in the CFL with the Roughriders in 2005 and spent two seasons with the Green and White until signing as a free agent with the Argonauts prior to the 2007 season.

In 54 games played in the CFL, Dorsey had 145 kickoff returns for 3,239 yards and two touchdowns and 212 punt returns for 2,301 yards and two touchdowns. In addition, the 26 year old had 119 carries for 657 yards and four touchdowns plus 26 receptions for 381 yards.

Dorsey’s kick returning talent was acknowledged at the conclusion of the 2008 season when he was named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player.

Beauty Tips From Barry Melrose

Former Kings and Lightning coach Barry Melrose is one of ESPN's main hockey analysts. The Kelvington product was on discussing the Olympic hockey tournament and for some reason, Melrose's looks became part of the conversation. It was then that Melrose gave up one of his secrets.

Lee Jones, Derek Meyers, Chris Hodges, Warren Woods are you guilty of this too?


Riders Make Kornegay Signing Official

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced today they have signed import linebacker Tad Kornegay to a new contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Kornegay had a standout year with the Green and White as he finished the 2009 season with 74 defensive tackles, ten special team tackles, four forced fumbles, three interceptions, three fumble recoveries, three pass knockdowns and three tackles for a loss in 18 regular season games.

The Fordham product is heading into his fourth season with the Riders and sixth in the CFL. He was acquired in June, 2007 in a trade from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats where he spent two seasons.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now The Games Have Started

For many, the Vancouver Olympics started yesterday as the much-anticipated mens hockey tournament began. I have to wonder what Canadians across the country were thinking after 20 minutes of their opener against Norway as it was scoreless. I wonder what it would have been like had the Norwegians got the first goal of the game. It didn't matter because Canada woke up in the 2nd period and ended up blasting their opponents 8-zip to get things going. Jarome Iginla and Dany Heatley each had a pair as Canada overpowered the Norwegians. The Swiss team is next--that is on Thursday and they will provide a much stiffer opposition for the host nation.
More gold for Canada on Tuesday on Cypress Mountain. Maelle Ricker taking gold in snowboard cross. That makes four medals on Cypress for Canadian freestyle skiers as Ricker and Alex Bilodeau have taken gold with Jenn Heil and Mike Robertson grabbing silver. By the way, is it just me or could Robertson win a Hugh Grant look-alike contest? While freestyle skiing is winning the majority of our medals, will anyone follow these athletes once the games are done. These four could go on to win a majority of World Cup races, but will anyone pay attention. They are certainly front and center on the minds of Canadians now, but they will just blend back into the background in a couple of weeks. Yeah, that's the way it is for many sports and in a way that's too bad because their 15 minutes of fame will truly come to an end once the Olympics are over.
I've never been the biggest Kevin Martin fan, but I respect the Fountain Tire spokesperson look-alike because the man can curl. There is no shot he is afraid of playing. Proof positive of that was last night against Germany. He could have taken a draw for one, but he saw the chance for a long run-back that could end up giving him three. That's exactly what he did and he threw a dandy as he executed the shot for the three and control of the game. He is 2-0 while Cheryl Bernard is 1-0 as Canada starts curling on the right note.
Have you seen anyone around Regina with those Olympic red mittens? I haven't. I know everytime I went to Zellers they were out of stock so someone must have them.
My thoughts and prayers are with Cal Murphy today. Cal is recovering in a Regina hospital after getting sick on the weekend. He has been taken off of life support and his condition is said to be improving after whatever felled him. The 78 year old Murphy is well known in CFL circles and he is one of the good ones. Get better Cal! It won't be the same if you're not at Rider games next year. Besides I haven't been able to give you a good natured jab for stealing John Chick.
The Raiders lost which was good news for Regina. The Warriors lost which was good news for Regina, but the Broncos won and that was not good for the Pats. It means Regina is once again seven points back of that final playoff spot in the East. Its beginning to look more and more ominous for the Pats isn't it.
I'm surprised Steven Jyles isn't a member of the Bombers. I'm also surprised if the reports are true that the Riders are offering their number 2 quarterback 100-grand. Jyles says he is torn between Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. He knows he will be the backup here and he must know he would go into Bomber camp number one on the depth chart. The decision to me is a clear one. Did Winnipeg get rid of Michael Bishop? Does Paul LaPolice think he can do what Ken Miller and Mike Kelly could not and that is get some decent production out of this guy. I would rather go with Jyles than Bishop if I was LaPo.
Marc Parenteau and Chris Szarka both re-sign which is no surprise. Some I know thought Szarka might retire and concentrate on his City Hall duties. I think he's got another good year or two in front of him before he can concentrate on taking the mayor's chair from Pat Fiacco. Whoops...maybe that was a little premature! After all, Pat probably won't run again meaning Chris can just have the job. Yes, I am being a little sarcastic. Word is the Riders are trying to get Dominique Dorsey to sign with the team. I'm guessing that would mean the end of Jason Armstead's days. Hamilton and BC are also said to be in the mix. Dorsey would certainly maintain the team's return game. Sportsnet is reporting the team is putting forth a contract with a significant signing bonus attached to it.
Wes Cates and Marcus Adams have not signed new deals and have not signed with anyone else. Is that a sign that no one wants these two players or are other teams bidding for their services. I guess we'll find out soon.
As mentioned in a previous post, I was unavailable for most of Tuesday. Its because I was in Moose Jaw helping out the Sasktel Max gang with the Saskatchewan Winter Games. I spent my afternoon at Vanier Collegiate doing judo. Judo? Yes Judo! I had to pour over the Internet to learn some things about the sport but thanks to the coach of Saskatchewan's judo team, everything went fine and I probably only made a fool of myself three or four times instead of the ten or twenty that I thought I would. It was an entertaining afternoon watching the kids throw each other around. Its a relatively cheap sport to get into and with MMA being all the rage these days, kids are starting to get interested in it. I don't think judo will overtake hockey, soccer or baseball anytime soon but it could be a sport that moms and dads might want to get their kid to take part in.
I had never seen American figure skater Johnny Weir. I had heard about him, but I had never seen him until last night. All I can say is the guy makes Richard Simmons look like a green beret. YEESH!
As you go into Wednesday, ask yourself this....

Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two or three hours?


This blogger has business in Moose Jaw today and will be unable to update(at least he thinks he will be unable to update) until tonight. Check with Rod or Rider Rumblings for free agent news.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's Going Where

CFL free agency is upon us. What players are going to call another team home for the next couple of years? What players will decide to stay where they are? I would have to say the crop of free agents is a rather weak one, especially when you consider the best ones have already re-signed (Kerry Watkins) or headed to the NFL (Ricky Foley).

Rider fans want to know what will become of some of their guys. It's my guess Steven Jyles is gone. Its my guess Tad Kornegay may be heading elsewhere. I think Eddie Davis will return and I honestly don't know what the future holds for Wes Cates. You would have to think if the Riders wanted number 20 back that they would have signed him before now, but you never know. Will Marcus Adams be back? If for some reason Kornegay, Davis and Adams all leave for greener pastures, how different will the defence look in 2010?

With John Chick and Stevie Baggs both pursuing an NFL career, will the Riders show any interest in Jonathan Brown?
I get the feeling the Vancouver Olympics will start in earnest tomorrow night for many Canadians as mens hockey starts. Canada will go up against Norway in the opener. Roberto Luongo gets the start with Martin Brodeur guarding the goal against Switzerland. We should be able to lay the boots to the Norwegians---shouldn't we?
A lot of Americans were discussing today whether NBC was in the wrong for showing footage of the tragic accident that killed the luge athlete prior to the opening ceremonies. I haven't heard this debate in Canada, but I see nothing wrong with showing the footage because that is the story. I don't necessarily endorse showing the grisly scene over and over and over again, but NBC, CTV, etc, etc had no choice but to show it. If we can see the sights of dead bodies in Haiti, and other grisly images that come across our TV screen, I think we can show what happened Friday. If they don't, people will look for some avenue to find it. The footage had to be shown. Warnings were given telling you to look away because what you will see is disturbing. You had your choice not to see it. I don't think the death is being glamorized in any fashion. I think its just some people who have nothing better to do than start an argument.
Another medal for Canada on Monday gives us four total. Are we owning the podium? With all the hype we were given going into these games, I thought we would have more than four. Maybe my expectations were a little high. More medals are coming so its far to early to tell if these Olympics are a good one for our athletes or not. You know its a good one for Alex Bilodeau. How thrilling would it have been to meet Wayne Gretzky and have Gretzky ask to get a picture taken with you. That says something. Seeing the scene inside BC Place last night makes me wonder what it would have been like to be there and it makes me wonder if Vancouver will shut down should the mens hockey team win gold.
A big win for Moose Jaw as they edge Portland 7-6. That win moves them seven points ahead of Regina and two up on 8th place Swift Current. The Broncos seem to be struggling somewhat down the stretch. Will PA or Regina catch them? I'm thinking the Warriors might be alright.
Did NBC really confuse Terry Fox for Michael J. Fox and indicate that Michael was dead before Friday's opening ceremonies. If so, HA HA HA!! You fail Canada 101 NBC.
As you go into Tuesday, remember

If you think there is good in everyone, you haven't met everyone

Stuuuuuuuuu Is Back

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club announced today they have signed non-import running back Stu Foord to a new contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Foord is heading into his third season with the Green and White. In 2009, the Regina Thunder product tallied 25 carries for 135 yards and one touchdown, and eight receptions for 45 yards. In addition, Foord had 21 kickoff returns for 374 yards.

Since joining the Riders, the 24-year old has played 35 games where he has carried the ball 52 times for 297 yards and three touchdowns. He also has 10 receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown.

Good Idea To Call Western Pizza Tonight

This year's 13th Annual Western Pizza Have a Heart Night will take place on Monday, February 15th.
Pats players will deliver pizzas from each Regina Western Pizza location 6pm-8pm. Proceeds from all delivery fees & tips will go directly to Regina's Heart & Stroke Foundation.
To date, this initiative has raised over $32,000 for Regina's Heart & Stroke Foundation

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Golden Night

Many Canadians were disappointed Saturday night when Jenn Heil won silver in the womens moguls having her chance at gold ripped away by the final competitor. It was the same scenario Sunday night as Alexandre Bilodeau sat and waited for a French competitor to come down the hill. Unlike Saturday, Bilodeau grabbed gold and in the process becomes a part of Canadian history. What a moment it was when it was learned that French skier was not good enough to rip the gold away from Bilodeau.
Canadians cheered from coast-to-coast the way we would for our hockey team when Bilodeau became the first athlete from our country to win gold on home soil. What a moment!

Calling the action from Cypress Mountain and describing the historic moment was Jamie Campbell. I think Campbell got the short end of the stick from the Blue Jays and from Sportsnet earlier this year when he had his gig as Blue Jays play by play man taken away from him. This moment won't be taken away. To be behind the microphone calling the historic event will certainly go down as a highlight for Jamie. I'm glad he was a part of it. He's one of the good guys and he deserves it.

A request from yours truly to CTV, TSN and Sportsnet when showing Olympic coverage. If the event is live, tell us. It wouldn't hurt to put live somewhere on the screen.
The Super Bowl of stock car racing went Sunday afternoon. YAWWWNNNNN!!!! I realize NASCAR is popular and I have many friends who love watching it, but it bores me to no end. TURN RIGHT FOR ONCE! Sunday's Daytona 500 went on and on and on because of a pothole (no they didn't run this down the Ring Road) that took forever to fix. Jamie McMurray won the race. Ask me that question next week and I'll forget the answer.
The NBA all-star game went in Dallas. The biggest thing about this game was it went in the Cowboys new stadium meaning an NBA attendance record was set. I don't know what the final was and you know my stance on all-star games so like Daytona---I don't care.
Congrats to Darrell McKee. He is off to the Brier after beating Joel Jordison in the final of the Sasktel Tankard. Most everyone thought Jordison or Pat Simmons would represent Saskatchewan, but it will be McKee instead. Three quarters of his rink have been to the Brier before under Bruce Korte's watch. They will be in tough though. How long has it been since Saskatchewan won the Brier? Methinks that drought will likely sadly continue.
Looks like Ryan Getzlaf is ready to go. Regina's number 1 NHL'er scores two and sets up two others as the Ducks beat the Oilers 7-3. Everyone's eyes were on Getzlaf after he hurt his ankle putting his status in Vancouver in jeopardy. I don't think anyone has to worry anymore. Meanwhile, I wonder what Steve Yzerman was thinking when Sidney Crosby went skating back to the bench in pain after blocking a shot on Sunday. Can you imagine the disaster talk if Crosby were unable to play due to injury.
I've seen it before, but I watched Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in "The Bucket List" on Sunday morning. What a great movie that is. If you haven't seen it, do so!
Even while covering the Winter Olympics, Rob Vanstone has time to check out this blog. He (and some of you) answered my question about the relationship between Lucas and Gene Makowsky. Rob says the two are second cousins. Thanks Rob! Hope you're enjoying Whistler. It is the place to be tonight. I also asked if Rob was on the pursuit for Jennifer Hedger since she is also based in Whistler. He says its all about the craft while there. SIGHHHHHH!!!! I guess this means Rob won't be "lighting up" with the locals either. Great reads on your Olympic Robservations Rob, please don't make an Olympian cry this time like you did in Beijing. He'll have to tell you that story.
Jeez I almost forgot this one. Did you see "The Simpsons" Sunday night? Homer and Marge went to Vancouver to curl. It was a little hokey. What was particularly irksome was no mention of Canada being in the gold medal curling or hockey game. It was still worth a few laughs though. A Vic Rauter cameo would have been outstanding.
Its a holiday Monday so enjoy it!

What If?

The New Orleans Saints continue to bask in the glow of winning their first ever Super Bowl. Quarterback Drew Brees has been criss-crossing the country doing just about everything but light the Olympic torch. One can only wonder though how the NFL landscape would be different today had it not been for the Colts decision to take Peyton Manning with the first pick in the 1998 draft.

Remember the Colts had their choice between Manning and Ryan Leaf. Football fans know Leaf. who went second overall to San Diego, may go down in history as the biggest draft bust of all time. With that being the case, I ask you what would have happened had the Colts taken Leaf. Lets go on this time-frame

Indy takes Leaf and are no where close to being the power they are today
San Diego takes Manning
With Manning, the Chargers don’t even think about selecting Drew Brees in the 2001 draft. They don’t need to take Eli Manning with the first pick of the 2004 draft, a pick they then swapped with the Giants who had taken Phillip Rivers.

It asks the questions.
1) Where would the Colts be today?
2) Where would the Chargers be today?
3) Who would have taken Drew Brees in the 2001 draft?
4) Who would have taken Eli Manning in the 2004 draft?
5) Who would have taken Philip Rivers in the 2004 draft?

It is safe to say the landscape of the NFL would not be the same as it is today. I’m thinking San Diego would have won a Super Bowl by now. I’m guessing the Colts are nowhere close to being the team they have been for the last 5-6 years. I’m thinking the Giants wouldn’t have won a Super Bowl and that perhaps Brees and Rivers don’t have the careers they have had.

See what happens on a weekend without football.

The Wpg-Sask Shuffle Continues

The Winnipeg Free Press' Gary Lawless is reporting that the Riders have snagged former Bomber assistant Bob Dyce. Here is his story.

After weeks of having the Winnipeg Blue Bombers pillage their coaching staff, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have returned the favour.

Sources told the Free Press late Saturday night Bobby Dyce is leaving Winnipeg to join the Riders staff. Dyce will either be offensive co-ordinator or passing-game co-ordinator.

The Riders have also interviewed former Bombers head coach Doug Berry for a position, but contract and structural details have yet to be worked out.

It’s believed the Riders would like to have a two-headed offensive brain trust in Berry and Dyce. Berry could be named assistant head coach and Dyce offensive co-ordinator.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

On The Board

Its not the medal Canadians wanted, its not the medal Jennifer Heil wanted, but it is a medal. I'm guessing Canadians from coast-to-coast have never watched a moguls competition as closely as they did Saturday night, but we did and we came oh so close to watching history. Heil had the gold medal in her grasp with one skier left, but American Hannah Kearney had the run of her life(at least it was according to those on CTV and NBC) to win the gold medal and extend our drought of never winning Olympic gold on Canadian soil---albeit temporarily.
While Heil wins the medal, the story might have been that of Montreal teenager Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who finished 5th in her first ever Olympiad. While its a long ways away, I'm guessing Dufour-Lapointe will be considered a medal favourite in 2014.

Speaking of medal favourites in 2014, add Regina's Lucas Makowsky to that list. He performed quite well finishing 13th in the mens 5000 metres. I know someone out there knows the answer to this so I'll ask. What relation is he if any to Gene?

Watching the moguls on Saturday night, I came away with three things
1)That sport must be murder on a competitors knees and ankles
2)Was there no one in the pro-Canadian crowd who could have let Heil borrow their Canadian flag? She really was in need of one
3)I love the couches that competitors sit on when they are done. If they are in the medals, they can bounce someone off, I love that!

Canada's womens hockey team beat Slovakia 18-0. Can we just play the Americans in a best of 7 to determine gold and have everyone fight it out for bronze. They showed a stat on Saturday saying there are over 77-thousand registered female hockey players in Canada. 77-thousand!

When watching the Olympic coverage on CTV, is it just me or does James Duthie look nervous and out of place. He seemed that way watching him on Saturday. Also is it just me or is the makeup artist going a little too far on some people. Take a look today.

Working Olympic morning with Beverly Thomson may really elevate the status of Jay Onrait. Those who normally watch him do so late at night when he does Sportscentre with Dan O'Toole. Onrait is great and this gig should really give him a boost.

With Jennifer Hedger based in Whistler, how many guys are going to/have already hit on her this week? Is Sean McCormick there? (For those that don't know Hedger and McCormick are man and wife)Wait a minute, isn't Rob Vanstone based in Whistler too. HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

The great Dan Patrick uttered this line on NBC Saturday night. "I am looking forward to Olympic curling, I love covering a sport where there's a keg out in the lobby.
The Pats beat the Oil Kings 6-1 as Jordan Eberle had a goal and two assists on the Rexall Place ice he will call home next year. A huge crowd came out in Edmonton to see the Oilers future on display. He didn't disappoint! The result means Regina is five points back of Swift Current and the last playoff spot. They are four back of 9th place Prince Albert.
Everyone railed on Kevin Lowe for not getting a lot for Chris Pronger. Well, how about that deal Bryan Murray made with the Sharks for Dany Heatley. It was so bad that the Senators placed Jonathan Cheechoo on waivers and have now demoted him to the AHL. What the h-e double hockey sticks happened to Cheechoo. He was a 50 goal scorer a couple of years ago.
Joel Jordison is one step away from a repeat trip to the Brier. He beat Randy Bryden in the 1 vs 2 game at the Sasktel Tankard Saturday night. Bryden will play Darrell McKee Sunday morning with the winner going up against Jordison Sunday afternoon. I wish Global was doing the Tankard, but once again they are not. The final is going to be on SaskTel Max Local on Demand. It will be shown later this week.
Speaking of Global, their news department must be loving the next two weeks. Does everyone at CTV across the country get time off during the Olympics? There is no noon news in Regina, no 6 and no late night because of the games. I am told there will be a 430 news, but who is going to watch that? I'm sure the decision comes from higher up, but not having at least a 6 o'clock news is not a good thing as far as this viewer is concerned. Global might and should find themselves with a lot of new viewers over the next two weeks. The question is "How many will stay?".
Costco was an absolute zoo on Saturday! I thought everyone would be checking out the new Walmart. I was wrong! Is there ever a time at Costco when its slow. If so, when?
Hey Rider fans, no one left today. Is this considered a good day then?
That's it for me! Guys, its Valentines Day. Treat your lady right today. I thought about getting my lady laser eye surgery, but then she might actually see what kind of schmuck she has in her life. I'll pass. I'm glad her taste in men is bad. Yes, I outkicked my coverage when I landed her.
As you go into Sunday, I say...
I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.