Thursday, February 2, 2017

Joe McKnight's Killer Now Charged With Second Degree Murder

A grand jury in Louisiana has indicted the man accused of killing former Rider running back Joe McKnight during a road rage dispute in December. 

Jefferson-Parish District Attorney Paul Connick says 55 year old Ronald Gasser is charged with second degree murder which carries a mandatory life sentence if convicted. 

Gasser's bond has also been increased by a judge from 500-thousand dollars to 750-thousand.

Authorities have said both McKnight and Gasser were driving erratically and yelling at each other on December 1 before they stopped and McKnight walked to Gasser’s vehicle. They said when the 28-year-old McKnight confronted Gasser, who was still seated in his car, Gasser pulled out a gun and shot McKnight three times.



Anonymous said...

Good! This guy should rot in hell for what he did. Black or white, you just don't do that, even in Trump's America!

Anonymous said...

I might of done the same thing.