Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome Back Coach

Even after he stepped down as Head Coach of the Riders after last year's Grey Cup, I and many others have still referred to Ken Miller as 'Coach".  "Coach" was back today doing what he does best and you could tell there was a level of excitement there. Here are the comments of Miller, Lance Frazier and Darian Durant as the team got back on the practice field after their bye to start preparing for back to back games against the Bombers.

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A couple of other notes

-Terrence Nunn had to be helped off the field after suffering an injury of some kind. The severity is not known
-Wes Cates was on the field, but did not practice. Miller hopes that can happen as early as Wednesday
-Eddie Johnson is still bothered by what we are now told is a groin injury.
-Rob Vanstone is whining about his weight (he weighs less than me) and the fact he has to go to Seinfeld on September 9 with his wife instead of going to High Impact Wrestling. Speaking of Rob, he was in on the Lance Frazier scrum, but he got some great stuff after I left. Here is the complete interview Rob did with Lance transcribed on the Riders Rumbling Blog....


Anonymous said...

Re-Birth of the 2011 Season !!! Wow, fantastic energy at first practice. Watch out Swaggerville.

Anonymous said...

The energy at practice was noticable today. Sounds like Miller had the guys ready to go before practice today and I don't know if we could say that when marshall was here. LOOK OUT SWAGGERVILLE!

Anonymous said...

Miller says we have 13 games left. Don't we have 10? Yes we do, but if you add playoffs its 13 counting the GC. Very shrewd Kenny, very shrewd!!


Anonymous said...

If Gramps can turn this thing around and win the GC, I say we put him in the POH immediately!!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the matter with Cates. I have heard many reports ranging from sprained ankle to broken foot.


Anonymous said...

These guys have been acting like divas all season long. A coaching change is not going to bring miracles. There is a lot of delusional thinking in the Rider Nation right now. Get ready for a good dose of "swagger".

Lee-Anne said...

I love it! I already forgot the 1st half of the season. We now start 0-0. Let's get to the playoffs. You know the Stamps don't want to see the GREEN in November. Nunn finally reappeared from the Witness Protection Program and then broke a nail in practice. Keep him out and put Dallas Baker in there. Nunn is a nunn-factor. The Riders will beat the VERY COCKY Bombers on Labour Day. New purpose and enthusiasm will help the Riders. I believe we will see a very different team. Besides, Swaggerville needs to be slapped down a few notches! They will come in here overconfidant. Let's show 'em who has the loudest fans! Sorry Mitch, Orlesky is terrible. She is way behind Jennifer Hedger. She looks like a poor version of a barbie doll! I would even take Martine G over her.