Saturday, October 25, 2014

Could The Expos Be Revived?

Montreal has been without an MLB team since their beloved Expos relocated to Washington in 2005, but Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg has reportedly broached the possibility of bringing his franchise to la belle province.

The Rays have consistently struggled to draw fans since their inception in 1998, and have managed the lowest attendance among American League clubs in two of the last three seasons. Beset with a disinterested fan base in a city with economic issues, Sternberg has discussed with his Wall Street associates the possibility of relocating to Montreal, according to the New York Daily News.

“Say what you will about Montreal, but the Expos drew well over two million fans four times there in their heyday, while the Rays did that only once, their first year," said one MLB official.

The Rays, incidentally, remain in disarray after losing both general manager Andrew Friedman and long-time skipper Joe Maddon within the span of two weeks. The former spurned the Rays to become president of baseball operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers while the latter exercised the opt-out clause in his contract on Friday to pursue other opportunities.


Anonymous said...

I'd prefer a National League team, it's a way better game.


Anonymous said...

Toronto Boston Yankess playing in Montreal...that is why I would prefer the AL

Anonymous said...

If the Rays moved to Montreal, would they stay in AL East? That would make games against the Blue Jays amazing!

Anonymous said...

Tell me a new stadium is coming to Montreal and I might start to take notice of this. Until MLB is guaranteed a new stadium, it isn't happening!

Anonymous said...

This is a Canadian city with Canadian fans, they will only support a winning team. The owners will milk the city of Montreal and province for $$$'s to move the team.

Anonymous said...

Then when Quebec separates MLB will be in three countries.