Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Rogers Wants To Accomplish With The NHL

A great piece has been written about what Rogers Sportsnet hopes to do over the next 12 years in its TV contract with the NHL. I don't know if they can do it, but I guess we'll find out starting Wednesday. To read the article, click here


Anonymous said...

One would suppose that it will be a monumental task to maintain the product 24/7 for the duration of a 13 year contract without repetitive programing set in. Life changes, as does the mindset of a future generation. New technology and the almighty dollar dictates we now sadly move forward leaving behind the storied past of CBC Hockey Night In Canada broadcast tradition and the way things used to be to history.


Anonymous said...

One has to think TSN has really thrown a monkeywrench into what Scott Moore wanted to accomplish. There will be still a lot of Jets, Senators and Leafs hockey on TSN and Sportsnet was unable to acquire the likes of Duthie, Ferraro, Cuthbert or Miller leaving us with some second rate personalities like Romanuk and Randorf while bringing an HNIC goof over like Healy. More games will be a plus, but I see disaster on this.


Don Mitchell said...

I hope Rogers fall on their face and go bankrupt. That would be great karma for the way they treat the CFL.