Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dunk: Corey Chamblin Open To CFL Return

Not much has been heard of former Riders head coach Corey Chamblin since he was fired by the Saskatchewan Roughriders midway through the 2015 season.. 3 Down Nation's Justin Dunk has caught up with Chamblin and says he is ready to join another CFL team if the want is there. 

You can read Dunk's story on Chamblin by clicking here 


Anonymous said...

I can see him coming back as a DC, but not an HC. If he does, Jamel Richardson may have some more time yet. The same for Woody Turenne!

Anonymous said...

He burned a Ton of bridges with the likes of Richie Hall and George Cortez when he left. That will haunt him for his attempt to re-enter the CFL coaching ranks.

Anonymous said...

Corey is forgetting something. He made umpteen errors in his coaching career and never took ownership of any of them.

He got the long term contract out of Taman and then dared them to fire him.

Who'd hire him??