Thursday, February 9, 2017

DUNK: Riders Workout Manziel

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This isn't a joke!

3 Down Nation's Justin Dunk is reporting the Saskatchewan Roughriders have worked out quarterback Johnny Manziel even though they don't own his CFL rights.

Dunk's story can be found right here

TSN's Gary Lawless states the Riders are completely refuting the report and are that HC and GM Chris Jones is considering legal action against the website.

The Riders released a statement from Jones on Thursday afternoon stating

“The Saskatchewan Roughriders have not held or attended a workout involving Johnny Manziel,

With that, I will not be commenting further on the report.” 


Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Jones couldn't sink to a deeper level!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jones denies the story. Yes, because he is as trustworthy as you can get.

Anonymous said...

Jones breaks the rules, that's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Cmon Reynolds. Admit your mistake, save some face and get rid of this bozo. He is killing the brand!

Anonymous said...

If this loser ever set foot on Rider turf, I would for real cancel my 8 season tix forever. No BS

Anonymous said...

I've been a Roughrider fan for over half a century. Back when the only news you got was the John Robertson column in the Leader Post.
That was long before this era of instant news and fourteen sports reporters telling you of a signing three days before the club actually announces it.
There was a lot of grim years but I don't recall the fans being so down during the off-season, we always thought it was 'next year' country. We had fun at the games anyway because they were the 'lovable losers'.
Now I see all these comments and there are very few with any faith in the current régime. It was a lot more fun being a fan of the 'loveable losers' than it is now trying to stomach the 'losers'.


Anonymous said...

good riddance loser! No bull sh-*t! People waiting on line for tix.

Curtis said...

With the Riders, Manziel and Manziel's agent all stating that this report is false, I guess we all fell for the first 'fake' CFL news story of 2017.

I guess we will know better next time when we read an article posted by Justin Dunk.