Monday, February 27, 2017

Something To "Mitch" About

THE CANADIAN QB CONUNDRUM -  When will a Canadian quarterback do something of substance in the CFL and how do we get it to happen?  That is the topic being discussed again after University of Montreal coach Danny Maciocia said this week the CFL needs to adjust its ratio rules allowing for the development of Canadian QB's.  It's nothing we haven't heard of before. The question is how much longer until the CFL acts and does something. It would be nice to see the coaches and GM's lobby the league on this effort to get the ball moving, but that isn't happening.  There are good CIS quarterbacks out there, there are good CIS quarterbacks who have played, and there are good CIS quarterbacks coming up through the country.  Sadly, 99.5 percent of them have no shot at getting meaningful reps in the Canadian game. That isn't right.

I won't sit here and tell you quarterbacks like Regina's Noah Picton, McMaster's Asher Hastings, UBC's Michael O'Connor and Ottawa's Derek Wendel should be starters because they aren't at that level, but they are good enough to be on a CFL roster.  All credit goes to the Stampeders for keeping Andrew Buckley around.  With Drew Tate moving onto Ottawa, some wonder if Buckley has a chance to back up Bo Levi Mitchell. Why not? He knows the system and he knows the Canadian game. Calgary is developing Buckley the way other teams should around the league. These guys just need a chance.

Why waste an import (sorry, an international) on a 3rd string quarterback when you could give it to a Canadian QB?   I am all for a rule change on this matter because it is good for the CFL.  I'm not saying every Canadian university football program has a QB who can move on to the next level, but several are being ignored and that has to stop. The sooner the better.

That being said, I love the fact CFL Week next month will showcase Canada West QB's in a passing competition. I don't know why it is for first and second year players, and I don't know why all USports Canada schools are given an opportunity to send QB's here, but maybe it's a start.

HOMAN WINS THE SCOTTIES -  She might have been wearing Manitoba colours, but I think Saskatchewan curling fans for the most part were cheering for Michelle Englot as the week went on in St. Catharines.  Sunday's final was outstanding, and had Rachel Homan lost she would have no one to blame but herself as she made several very questionable calls including the one at the end, but in the end, she made the shots necessary to end what was an outstanding season by Michelle validating every move she made in the winter. I thought she was going to pull it out, and I think a lot of us in Saskatchewan did too.  DAMN! As the L-P's Murray McCormick put on Twitter, the award for best drama on Sunday night went to the Scotties final. It was tremendous!

By the way, judging by Michelle's Twitter account.  She was taking the loss well.....

This has to get her a sponsorship from Fireball doesn't it? 

THE PATS MOUNT RUSHMORE -  When the Regina Pats start play in the 2018 Memorial Cup, who will be here when it comes to alumni to be celebrated.  I would think with the 100th year of the team happening next season that there will be a strong link to the many greats who have worn the Pats crest on their chest over the years, but as is usually the case at the Memorial Cup, what players will be trotted out to center ice during the tournament for ceremonial puck-drops.  I would think Clark Gillies and Ed Staniowski are a given.  I would think Jordan Eberle would be here too unless he is still playing with the Oilers or whoever.  Who else?  There are oh-so-many to choose from. Would Adam Brooks make it? What about a Garth Butcher or a Barret Jackman? Jock Callander and Dale Derkatch never had NHL careers, but their performance in Pats uniforms were something Regina hockey fans cherished.  Get that debate going.  You've got basically 15 months to make the argument for and against.

HMMMMM - Satellite radio is the best.  Being able to listen to ESPN Radio, the Dan Patrick show, the Rich Eisen Show along with NHL, NFL and MLB Radio are outstanding.  It really is outstanding when there is talk about issues close to home as was the case Saturday afternoon.. NHL Radio was discussing the young Toronto Maple Leafs and what they will do come the trade deadline. There is a thought process out there the Leafs are going to trade William Nylander, but many are wondering why seeing he is considered as one of their young guns.  It was rationalized the reason why might be the play of Adam Brooks. There is apparently a thought process in T-O that Brooks could be a full time Leaf by this time next year as he will spend half a year with the Marlies and then get the call.  Nothing against Adam, but I will believe that when I see it as Mike Babcock usually takes his time with prospects in the minors. I do think we will see Brooks playing on Saturday nights in the near future and that he will be one of the pieces in the Leafs turn-around.  FWIW, the talking heads Saturday also mentioned it would be beneficial for the Avalanche and Tyson Jost to come to Regina next year to play in a Memorial Cup season. I agree!

BISHOP TO THE KINGS -  I haven't quite wrapped my head around this one yet. Yes, Tampa gets rid of a salary that likely means they can now keep Nikita Kucherov and Tyler Johnson, but L-A. They just got Jonathan Quick back, and Peter Budaj did a helluva job holding down the fort in his absence. During Saturday's game against Anaheim, they were saying Budaj might be the Kings MVP this year.  While Bishop provides insurance for Quick, I gotta wonder of LA GM Dean Lombardi made this move to keep Bishop out of Calgary.  The Flames are in a playoff spot despite shaky goaltending, and getting Bishop likely puts them in at the expense of the Kings.  Why do I get this feeling if LA gets in, they will be a very tough out again this year.

BACK IN FAMILIAR TERRITORY -  The University of Regina Cougars womens basketball team are going to another Canada West final four.

Dave Taylor has his team one step away (one big step) from another berth at the national championship.  While Saturday's decisive Game 2 win was a little more difficult than anticipated, once Katie Polischuk and crew turned it up a notch, Trinity Western was unable to handle it as Regina moves on to the conference championship in Saskatoon next weekend where they will play a very tough Winnipeg team with the winner likely taking on the defending national champion Huskies for the conference title. Both teams will go to the national championship despite the result in the final and the bronze medal team may get in as well.

This team isn't as strong as other Cougar teams in the past, but they are still very good and they are still a legitimate threat to not only win Canada West, but go to Victoria and bring the program its 2nd national title. A roadie to Saskatoon may be in the works for next weekend. If not, thank goodness for Canada West TV..

Cougar Athletics also trotted out a video board for this weekend's games.  It looked great with word being what was seen on the weekend will be back only on a much bigger scale.  It gives the games a better look in the gym.  Well done!

DUHHHH -  During Saturday night's HNIC doubleheader, Patrick Marleau's name came up with the talk being A) How much longer does he have before retiring and B) Is he a hall of famer.  I don't know about A as he is 37, but B is a no brainer with the answer being yes.  The only thing he is missing is a Stanley Cup and god knows, he was on enough San Jose teams capable of winning one only to falter come playoff time.  He has 500 career goals, he has 1000 career points, he has I believe a World Junior gold, he has Olympic gold. He fits the criteria in this guy's books.

Did Steve Harvey have something to do with the way the Oscars ended? 

That's all I got. Have a great week! 


Anonymous said...

Pats Mount Rushmore

Clark Gillies
Ed Staniowski
Dale Derkatch
Mike Sillinger
Jordan Eberle

Anonymous said...

Adam Brooks is talented, but he's not that good.

How bad did the Oilers get jobbed yesterday? Terrible, terrible call.

Are you hearing the Halak and something else to Edmonton for Eberle rumours?

Anonymous said...

Canadian QB's in the Canadian Football League would be big, but there are many other and more important things on the plate for the league.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Bet more people in Sask were disappointed Michelle lost than their were in Manitoba.

The old gal can still chuck it.

Anonymous said...

Should Dennis Sobchuk be on the Pats Mount Rushmore? Where is he these days anyhow? Kevin Shaw, do you read this blog?

Anonymous said...

Great pic!

Anonymous said...

Is the Pats Mount Rushmore just for their time in Regina or their pro career as well? If its the latter, I would put up the names Garth Butcher and Barret Jackman for consideration. They had better pro careers than Derkatch

Anonymous said...

Generally a Mount Rushmore list contains only 4 names Anon #1. As evidenced by the referenced real Mount Rushmore with sculptures of 4 US Presidents....

Donald J Trump