Friday, February 3, 2017

This and That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

While out and about, people ask me a variety of questions. For the most point, they are valid ones so let's try and answer some of those questions that have been thrown at me

1, WHEN IS THE CFL SCHEDULE COMING OUT? -  I would think we are a couple of weeks away. The CFL schedule usually comes out in mid-February, and I have heard nothing to say it won't be coming out around that time.

2. WILL THE ALOUETTES BE THE FIRST TEAM TO PLAY THE RIDERS AT NEW MOSAIC? -  Yes and No.  Technically, they won't be the first team as the green-and-white will play an exhibition game against likely Calgary or Winnipeg seeing they played BC and Edmonton in last year's pre-season. However, I do think it behooves the CFL to have Darian Durant and the Alouettes come into Mosaic for the back half of a Saturday doubleheader in Week 1 which could very well be July 1. Why wouldn't you do this if you are the CFL.

3, WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH CFL WEEK? -  That's a great question and its one I wish I could answer. The CFL brought the announcement of CFL week with a big splash at the Harbour Landing Brewhouse, but that has been it. When the CFL made the announcemnt, I said if they market it right they had something on their hands, but if they didn't they could let a golden opportunity slip through its fingers.  It would appear as if the league has chosen the latter.  The potential is there for something big, but the league doesn't appear keen on marketing it. If they do, now might be a good time to start.

4. IS THE MEMORIAL CUP COMING TO REGINA IN 2018? -- I don't know how it can't. Why wouldn't the CHL want to bring the 100th anniversary of Canada's junior hockey championship to the Brandt Centre.  It would coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Pats, the team's history with the military can't be ignored, the team is more than capable of being a good host team (unlike the last time when the squad had to be ripped apart and pieced together again) that could go in as the defending CHL champs, and the event would be played at arguably one of the top sporting facilities in Canada in Evraz Place. While the hockey would be happening inside the Brandt Centre, the potential for other activities in the Eventplex, the Agribition building and the new International Trade Centre makes it a hard no for the Canadian Hockey League.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SUPER BOWL?  -  Seeing your team in the big game is special. I have had that opportunity three times, but fans of the Atlanta Falcons have only had one chance. One of my good friends is a Falcons fan and I am hoping he can stay sober enough to enjoy it on Sunday, but I don't think he will go to bed a happy man. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots want to stick it to Roger Goodell and the NFL over the deflategate. Brady has been waiting for this since his four game suspension was upheld. He is focussed and a focussed Tom Brady is bad news for Atlanta. The Falcons need everything to go right and then some. I see New England winning handily, I see Brady being the MVP and Roger Goodell high-tailing it off that podium as quickly as possible.

6. WHEN IS THE REVIEW ON COUGAR ATHLETICS COMING OUT? - Truthfully, I thought it would already be out. I am guessing they are waiting until the season comes to an end which will likely be when the womens basketball game plays their last game at nationals.  When that review comes out, I think it will be bad news for some programs----programs that aren't winning and haven't won for a long time. It also wouldn't surprise me if the Rams are asked to become the Cougars which is another debate for another time.  I also wonder if the report will lead to the hiring of a new director of athletics.

 Tanya Reynoldson has held the Cougar ship steady since Dick White retired, but there is seemingly no rush to hire his replacement. Here's an idea.  Hire former U of R womens basketball coach Christine Stapleton to the position. Stapleton currently heads up the athletics program at the University of Calgary. She knows her stuff and she is what the U of R needs. She took a basketball team and started it on the path to excellence that it is on now. I think she could do the same with Cougar athletics as a whole. I know she loves Regina, she loves the University, and I think she would relish the opportunity and take Cougar athletics to the next level.  She was in Regina last weekend when the Calgary basketball teams were here as the alumni got together. I would hope some conversations were had.

7. WHAT SHOULD THE OILERS DO AT THE TRADE DEADLINE?  -  Four words.  Get a backup goalie.  Barring a complete collapse, the Oilers playoff drought should come to an end, but while adding a defenceman like Kevin Shattenkirk might be paramount, I don't think Edmonton can go into the Stanley Cup chase without adding to their depth at goalie. Cam Talbot has been a workhorse, but if something happens to him, they're done!

Talbot needs to have more nights off down the stretch and someone is needed to provide that and possibly play if something should happen. Who you get though is the million dollar question. Ondrei Pavelec would have been a nice addition, but he has shown the Jets that perhaps he shouldn't have been with the Moose all year. Jaroslav Halak is too expensive to be a number 2 and many other playoff teams won't want to give up their backup as they are in a playoff chase. This one will be tough for Peter Chiarelli.

That's all I got. Well, not quite!  You may have seen the Bombers are pulling a page out of the Riders playbook as they have put up a billboard outside the new Mosaic telling Rider fans its just 6 hours to Winnipeg.  That prompted the sick, twisted individual known as Drew Dalby from the WOLF 104.9 to come up with this retort.

Well done!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the CFL just doesn't have a set date for the sked. Saying it will come down on the 2nd Wednesday of February or the 1st Monday of March would make so much sense. Oh wait, the CFL doesn't know the meaning of that word.


Anonymous said...

Christine Stapleton would be a tremendous choice to run Cougar Athletics. She has a genuine love for the program as a whole and the U of R.

Anonymous said...

OMG that fake Bomber billboard is funny!

Anonymous said...

CFL make sense? Ha ha, Clown Football League Orridge

Anonymous said...

Oilers need backup goalie. Lots will be available in next two weeks. Here's a name for you---Cam Ward!