Friday, February 10, 2017

This And That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--The schedule's out, the schedule's out!! Rider fans are now planning their summer as the schedule came out Tuesday afternoon,  The Riders first game will be against Darian Durant, but it will be in Montreal. Durant won't be here until late October.  ???  Yes, as some as mentioned it could mean the former Rider quarterback who has had problems playing a full season may not make it to that date. The game could be a meaningless affair for one or both teams when he shows up,  By the time that game comes, the Durant buzz will be gone.  Maybe the Riders wanted it that way.  I am guessing not many will categorize that season opener as Duron Carter's return to Montreal!

--The home opener comes in Week 2. I can't think of a better place to spend Canada's 150th birthday than at the new Mosaic Stadium watching the home opener. Will there be fireworks after the game? Will there be cake before the game? Will some of the events you normally find at Wascana Park move to Evraz Place for some pre-game festivities?  How about a pre-game concert of some kind in Conferedation Park?  While it's OK having the Bombers come in for that first game, I have to ask why it couldn't be Calgary.  I am guessing the CFL didn't want the Stamps to start the year with two straight road games seeing they will be in Ottawa Week 1 in what has come a Grey Cup rematch.  That just leads me to ask why you would have Ottawa and Calgary play at McMahon in Week 2. That will be it for those two teams in the regular season after two weeks.  ???

--What happened to teams getting a bye week in the first half of the season and the second half?  The Rider bye weeks are Week 4 and 9.  Ottawa gets their byes in Week 18 and 20. Who approved that in REDBLACKville?

--Who might be the happiest in Rider Nation with the sked? Those that bought or are going to buy Country Thunder tickets. There is no conflict this year as the Riders have their first bye.  Yes, you can party at Craven and not worry about missing a Rider game at home or on the road.

--The Riders can't be THAT desperate for a QB that they worked out Johnny Manziel can they? It would appear as if the report stating they worked him out is false, but even if it is true, why? I can't imagine the circus Riderville would be if Manziel came north of the border.  Lee Jones would likely be doing daily hits for ESPN and O'Hanlons would be waiting for a Johnny Football sighting. No thanks! Let's move on!

--How will we remember the Shawmaud Chambers era in Riderville? Will we even remember there was one in two to three years?

--Are the Oilers going to ditch their blue jerseys for the orange ones?  Teams won't be wearing third jerseys next year and the word in the Alberta capital is they are going to stick with the orange ones to wear at home. A poll was done in Edmonton with the results being almost 50-50. I say the blue ones have to stay.  That being said, the Oilers are really pushing orange-coloured merchandise. SIGHHHHH

--Did you steal Tom Brady's jersey? Has anyone checked Roger Goodell's bag?  Didn't Vladimir Putin steal a Super Bowl ring? Maybe he has it!

--Face it guys, you have to admire the young man who asked Genie Bouchard if she would go out with him if the Patriots came back and you have to admire the Canadian tennis star for saying yes after it happened. Make the most of your opportunity son!  Don't cheap out!

--How did we go through life without putting bacon on a Big Mac?

--Christie Brinkley is 63!  Remember that when you see her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos from this year.  The woman hasn't aged one bit.  #amazing

--Who in their right mind thinks its a good idea for baseball to put a runner on 2nd to start things off if the game goes into extra innings? There are plenty of ways to shorten up a game, but this isn't one of them.  How about stopping the endless trips to the mound? How about having a pitcher face one batter before replacing him? How about getting rid of the intentional walk with teams just saying what they plan to do instead of the time it takes to lob four balls wide of the plate. If baseball follows through with this move, it will be laughable.

--With the Pats not home tonight or tomorrow, go check out some Cougar basketball as they play Thompson Rivers with everything starting at 6 both nights. 


Anonymous said...

Why is there a need in the NHL to go to two jerseys? I would think the marketing aspect of the game would want clubs to have three jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa's sked might be the worst I've ever seen. Someone in Ottawa had to approve it, but who?


Anonymous said...

Cats ain't bringing in Manzeil, so what's the issue that a simple phone call can't resolve between Kent and Chris?

Anonymous said...

I know I am in the moral minority here, but I am against a Canada Day game at new Mosaic. Many towns have big days planned for July 1 and now those plans will likely go up in smoke because of the Riders. Do they just think about themselves and not anything else when making the sked?

Very disappointed! Guess I won't be at the first game since I am on a Canada Day committee in my town.

Anonymous said...

Limiting managerial visits to the mound, not allowing players to step out of the batters box to "fix" themselves and various other things could be done in baseball to speed up games instead of putting a runner on 2nd to start extra innings. They don't even do that in beer league slowpitch!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you go to Arizona with Rod?