Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And How Is Your Day Going So Far?????

We haven't even hit noon, I have to travel to Kindersley and the Battlefords as part of the SJHL Presidents Tour later today and I have had already had enough of this Tuesday. The normal routine is get up, get the kids up, take my seven year old daughter to school and then start the day. Getting up and getting the kids up was no problem. Its after that where the day went to crap.

The drive from Casa de Blair to my daughter's school is not a long one, but long enough where in the winter time, she gets a ride. The six and a half block trip is usually not stressful, but not so today.

As I went to turn off my street onto a rut-filled mess, I had to stop because of cars coming. As I went to go, my vehicle got stuck in one of the ruts and I mean stuck. A couple of people tried pushing me out but that wasn't going to work. A woman that lives on the other end of my street than offered to take myself and my daughter to school and that she would then bring me back to my car. Works for me so we do that. As I am leaving the school, a police car comes by. I flag the car down and talk to the lady officer saying my car is stuck in an intersection and is there anything that she can assist me with and to let her know that my car is in a spot where an accident could easily occur. She says "get in!!". I start to walk around and she says "You'll have to sit in the back". HA HA HA HA!! Those seats are a little unpadded and a little cold. There's no better feeling than getting in the back of a police car in front of your daughters school and getting out where the neigbours can see you. Fortunately, those that did see me on the block knew what was going on. A truck was called, but another person came by with a tow rope and two minutes later had me on my way.
One of my neighbours said a car got stuck at the same intersection last night and that he managed to get pushed out of the rut and one happened at another intersection down the street. Needless to say, calls have been made to the city. I wonder how quick they will be to grade this section of street to make it drivable again.
Yes, a simple 5 minute task to start the day took almost an hour. Glad I didn't have to make coffee and that it was ready to go when I got home. I may have needed an extra shot of Baileys or an extra cup or two. SIGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
How's your day goin???


Anonymous said...


Jordie Dwyer said...

Blair takes a ride in a cop car. lol
We talk to the daughter that saw it all and the embarrassment it caused. That's today in the first hour of the Sportscage, call it to voice your opinion...LOL

Mike from Vita, MB said...

I guess if we don't have bad luck, we'd have no luck at all!! Sorry Leaf fans!!

Anonymous said...

Only in Regina ...

- John Henry

Mitchell Blair said...

@ Jordie HA HA HA HA!!! How Nancy Grace-ish of you!!