Friday, January 28, 2011

J-R Stirs The Pot

Right or wrong, Jeremy Roenick is not afraid to shoot off his mouth and say what he feels. Here's what he told Dan Patrick today.

"The era now, the players are so much better. The goaltenders are so much better. The equipment is so much more advanced, it would really be hard to compare the two eras, but Gretzky was by far the smartest player, but I think Sidney Crosby is definitely way more talented than Wayne."

Is anyone buying what J-R is selling? I'm not!


Anonymous said...

Roenick's an idiot. Saying Sid is better than Wayne is like saying Durant is better than Peyton Manning. CMON!!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard other current NHL'ers mention Crosby is not in the top talented players. What he has is incredible smarts combined with total focus, determination; He is the hardest worker in the weight room, in practise and in games.

Can't compare them - not fai to even try

Anonymous said...

Roenick makes a living by being controversial. When Crosby doubles the runner-up in the scoring race then we have a discussion.