Friday, January 28, 2011

A-C Returning

It was good news all around for Montreal Alouettes fans on Friday.

Quarterback Anthony Calvillo announced that following his final round of treatment to fight thyroid cancer, he feels great and is confident he will be ready to take snaps in 2011.

Furthermore, Calvillo also announced the signing of a new two-year contract (one year plus an option) with the club.

"The most important information about this announcement today is that Anthony's prognosis looks great and he is feeling great," general manager Jim Popp said. "The secondary news is that Anthony has signed on to play at least another season. The Alouettes family is ecstatic about all the news."

Anthony underwent surgery last December to remove his thyroid gland and on Wednesday, he underwent his only necessary radiation treatment.

"After undergoing treatment, I feel great and my doctors are very satisfied with my progress thus far," said Calvillo. "After taking time to look after my personal health, I'm extremely excited to start preparing for another season of football with the Alouettes. I'll start my training regiments on Monday, which is the usual starting date for my off-season training."

Fresh off of a second-straight Grey Cup victory, the third of his illustrious career, Calvillo was due to become a unrestricted free agent on Feb. 16.

Last season, he completed 380 of 562 passes, registering 4,358 yards in the process. He threw 32 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions all season.

The 2011 season will be the 18th for the 38-year old and his 14th with the Alouettes.

"Anthony is the leader of the crew. He has the attention of all his teammates and they will follow his lead," added Popp. "He has gained unconditional respect through his play, his determination, and his fight. Anthony for years has offered his services for what is best for the team. He is not a selfish person and has sacrificed to help keep the Alouettes at the top."

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