Thursday, January 13, 2011

This And That

I've been on the road doing some SJHL duties over the past couple of days. We are on what's called "The President's Tour". Its a chance for fans to take a look at the Credit Union Cup (the SJ championship trophy) and a chance for team personnel to have some one on one time with the president of the league amongst other things. Its a busy couple of days and I have a few weeks where it will be like this so the blogging might be spotty for the next month.

Just a couple of things to comment on though.

1) To me, Hamilton just looks bad with the whole announcement of Ivor Wynne Stadium getting renovated. We went through all of that to get to the end and find out the solution is just to renovate the existing facility. WRONG!!! This is just the inadequacy and stupidity of local government to work with the football team to get a facility that both could be proud of and one that could have generated a lot of $$$$ for the Hamilton area. I really hope there are smarter heads in play here when it comes to what to do to Taylor Field. Another renovation simply won't cut it in my mind. Enterprise Minister Ken Cheveldayoff says its still a goal to get a dome built. With all apologies to Mr. Cheveldayoff whom I like, its time to either do it or quit talking about it. In other words, shit or get off the pot. The longer this thing drags out, the less optimistic I get and the less optimistic I get, the more I wonder if this will end up in what would be a waste of money as Mosaic Stadium gets renovated.

2) I was not in the Brandt Centre last night, but I have often said that the best goalkeeping performance I've seen by a Pats goalie was by Josh Harding when he stopped 50 some shots in a win one night during his stellar career here. The only performance that was better inside the Brandt Centre was the one Russian goalie Igor Bobkov had against Finland in the 2010 World Juniors. It sounds though as if Pats rookie Matt Hewitt had one that people will talk about for a long time. He faced 62 shots in a 4-3 shootout win over the Saskatoon Blades. 62 saves!!! I'm guessing Hewitt is a little sore today, but I'm also guessing the 18 year old is smiling from ear-to-ear after that one. Is that a glimpse to the future of Pats goaltending. Hope so!

3) Sportsnet is getting into the Canadian sports radio business as they have re-branded their Toronto and Calgary "FAN" stations. The story can be found right here. Sportsnet wants more of a foothold in the Canadian sports market and they are hoping they can do it with this. TSN is also considering getting into the sports radio biz as it starts to become more and more popular. TSN has the personalities to do this, Sportsnet doesn't---at least not at this time. Imagine Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole doing a radio show together---that would be gold!

4) BAZINGA!!! CBS announced it is renewing "Big Bang Theory" for another three years. I only wish I had someone that looked like Penny (Kaley Cuoco) as my next door neighbour when I was growing up.

5. I have not forgotten about this Sunday's playoff game between my Seahawks and the Chicago Bears. I'm going in rooting for the Seahawks, but like last week, I am highly realistic that they are huge underdogs to win. They're a bigger underdog this week but that's OK. Can they beat the Bears? Absolutely! Will they? Let's just say Chicago's defence will be a little tougher than New Orleans, but then again Chicago's offence isn't as close to being talented as to what New Orleans had. It will be a good game.

6. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has said he would like Matt Hasselbeck back next season. Hassebeck drank a youth potion last week as he reverted back to his 2005 form, but if he is to come back (and I am a Hasselbeck fan), it has to be as a back-up. This is not an endorsement for Charlie Whitehurst to be the starter. The only way Hasselbeck can be a starter next year is if the team drafts a QB that is the future. (HELLO Ryan Mallett)

6. I don't know why Cougar womens basketball coach Dave Taylor doesn;t get more recognition. He just keeps trotting out winner after winner over and now he has gotten a California girl who played US division 1 college basketball at Purdue to join the Cougars. Watch for the name Michelle Clark boys and girls. If she was playing at Purdue, she has to be a gooder.

7. Dear Snow. Two words for you---here's a hint...the second one is off!

8. The Blue Jays are apparently on a Cross Canada caravan to generate excitement across the country for the team in 2011. They have been in Calgary and I think they were in Vancouver too. Where's the Saskatchewan stop?? Oh yeah!!!! (Roll eyes here!)


Anonymous said...

That Hewitt kid was the story last night. On an average night, Saskatoon would have pumped 7 or 8 behind the goalie. If this was a glimpse into the future, I like it!!

Anonymous said...

I have loved the Big Bang girl ever since she was on that show with John Ritter. The only reason I really watch BBT is because of her. I just don't find show as funny as some do.


Anonymous said...

Mitchy, Mitchy, Mitchy. TSN Sports Radio could come to Regina in the form of CKRM with Rod doing a morning show, you taking over the Sportscage and other programming to fill in the day. If there's a way to do it, you and Rod need to work together to make it happen.


Anonymous said...

As someone who wants a new stadium in Regina, I would be very disgusted if we did here what is going to happen in Hamilton. It is time to knock Mosaic down and replace it with something that Saskatchewan can enjoy for years. I get the feeling the Saskparty is just dancing around this and will throw something out there about renovating and perhaps enclosing Mosaic for half the cost of the current 430. I hope my spidey senses are tingling for the wrong reasons.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

I was at Pats game last night and I made the Hewitt-Harding comparison. I would give this kid more starts down the stretch because he looks to be the real deal.

Completely agree with you on number 7, but it looks another 10 will fall by weekend. I must owe my neighbour about 5 cases by now for blowing out the driveway.


Anonymous said...

Hewitt was so ridiculous last night he deserved to be the game's first, second and third star.

Anonymous said...

Onrait and O'Toole on the radio would be such romper room......

Josh Lewis said...

Mitch, totally agree on Kaley Cuoco. There are lots of things that make the show awesome but looking at her is at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Only off by two years on Hewitt's age!

Mitchell Blair said...

Call it a typo and thanks!