Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Update To Stadium Story

Here is the Leader-Post story following up on the Globe story (see post below) about possible money being freed up for a new stadium. Its encouraging or discouraging depending on what side of the fence you sit on.

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Terry said...

I am all for a new stadium to replace antiquated Taylor Field I would like it on one condition. The city of Regina fund the operational shortfalls not the citizens of Saskatchewan. The province is doing enough to get the funding in place they should be able to walk away with their head held high and not see it as expensive albatross around their neck in perpetuity. The citizens of Moose Jaw are painfully finding out what it is going to cost them to operate the new multiplex which is a much smaller more adaptable facility. That cost is $3600 every day of the ear to the tune of $1.32 million next year. Or 3 times what Credit Union Centre receives annually except the Credit Union Centre funding in Saskatoon is not operating funds but maintenance and upkeep of existing facility.

There are people throughout this province who will not set foot in that facility their entire life so it is time Pat Fiacco step up and say Regina will pay for operational shortfall before Ottawa starts some fancy shell game to get the money for this...