Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 50th Mr. Gretzky

Hard to believe that Wayne Gretzky is 50. Hard to think there are some out there that never saw his greatness either live or on television. He had so many great moments. How do you distinguish one over the other? I'm sure you will get the greatest Gretzky moments today from a lot of different places. Consider this as one of them

3, 1987 Canada Cup - With Canada needing a goal late in the 3rd, Wayne comes through with perhaps his greatest pass ever.

(Go to the 1 minute mark)

2. Wayne scores 50 in 39. In a feat that I don't think will ever be equalled, Gretzky scored 50 goals in 39 games. That 39th game was against the Philadelphia Flyers and no one expected him to do what he did on that night---not even Wayne. Gretzky had told his Mom and Dad there was no need for them to come to Edmonton to watch this game because he wouldn't come close to breaking the record. It was a good thought seeing Wayne went into the game having scored 45 times in 38 games. However, he had four going into the last minute of play and with the net pulled, he slid his 50th into an empty cage to leave the hockey world with their mouths wide open.

1. Best ever goal scored by an Oiler. The Calgary Flames were the best team in the 1987-88 season. They had a 2nd round matchup against Edmonton. Edmonton won the first game in the Saddledome and they went to overtime in Game 2. In that overtime, Gretz came down the left wing and fired a bullet over the shoulder of Mike Vernon. The only thing you heard was the ping of the crossbar. It was a thing of beauty. It led Edmonton to a 4 game sweep of the Flames. Oh that was sweet. I still get goosebumps when I see it today. However, I can't find it on Youtube.

Those are my 3 favourite Wayne moments. What are yours?


Mike from Vita, MB said...

And to think how long Gretzky would have played IF the instigator rule was in place? In the same league as Bobby Orr, but definitely not better.

Anonymous said...

Top 3 Wayne moments

1. Breaking Gordie Howe's points record. I was there
2. The trade. Imagine the NHL today if that doesn't happen.
3. Setting up Mario


Anonymous said...

Wayne gets three to eliminate the Leafs from the playoffs. Has Toronto ever gotten that close again??? NO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Wayne never goes to LA, do you think the league would be in places where it is today and not flourishing? (ie: Miami, Nasvhille, Phoenix)

Mitchell Blair said...

I can't speak for the places you mention, but I'm guessing Anaheim and San Jose wouldn't be part of the NHL and they are doing OK.

Reality Checker said...

"Wayne comes through with perhaps his greatest pass ever."

Great pass in terms of what it resulted in but probably one of the easiest passes he or any player can make. Youtube "Gretzky blind pass" and you'll see some beauties.


SAD said...