Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can You Blame Them?


What they say about Russians and their love of vodka appears to be true.

Reports out of Buffalo on Thursday morning said 30 passengers were kicked off a flight before it took off from the local airport because they were intoxicated.

The group that was booted off the flight were members of the Russian junior team that knocked off Canada 5-3 in the gold medal game of the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championship on Wednesday night at HSBC Arena. The stunning comeback in the third period, which involved the erasing of a 3-0 Canada lead, gave Russia its first gold at the world juniors since 2003.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, the Russian players were seen in a downtown Buffalo hotel, partying hard after their stirring victory.

The Russians had boarded a Delta flight to Atlanta, with Moscow the final destination. But they were removed from the airplane and after hanging around the lounge at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, were reportedly headed back to a hotel on the team bus.


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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be underage drinking?

Anonymous said...

they won who cares!!! no one ever seen Canadian kids underage drinking

Anonymous said...

Diplomatic immunity for the kids probably...police probably too busy watching for players and fans leaping into the Falls following the meltdown.