Monday, February 23, 2015

Something to "Mitch" About

The defending Olympic gold medallists  are once again the queens of Canadian womens curling,

The Jennifer Jones rink from Winnipeg consisting of Kaitlyn Lawes, Jill Officer and Dawn McEwen are leaving Moose Jaw with a smile on their face and why wouldn't they after this....

Ok, that trophy might be a better reason as to why they are smiling.
 The Jones rink was favoured coming into the Scotties and they didn't disappoint as they came through in Sunday's final beating Val Sweeting 6-5.
Stefanie Lawton's Scotties came to an end in tough fashion early Sunday night when a potential game-tying draw came up well short giving Sweeting the win. One bad shot does not ruin what was a great week of curling for Stefanie and crew. They represented the home province well.
I hope there are many in Moose Jaw smiling because they should be. The city should be quite proud of itself for pulling off a first class event. I don't think there was any doubt they would, but if Moose Jaw wasn't on the sporting map before it is now as the Scotties ran extremely smoothly with everyone doing nothing but complimenting Mosaic Place for being one of the best facilities in Canada.  As promised on Friday, a special thank you goes out to co-chairs Danielle Sicinski and Glenn Hagel for being so good to me and the Sportscage not only before the event but during as they were always there if I needed someone. A special thank you also goes out to Robin Wilson of the Canadian Curling Association for coming through with any request made including the one to get Team Manitoba on the air which was a last second call. Garry McKay was one of the many volunteers who also made the week a success for yours truly while Mosaic Place GM Scott Clark was able to come through in a variety of ways to make sure it was smooth sailing. Its not easy doing a show centred around curling for four days and I know a  lot of you missed your football talk this week, but sometimes you have to concede that another sport should get its share when the spotlight is shining is on it and I think that is what was accomplished. Thank you to the many who popped by the booth to introduce yourselves and say you listen all the time. Much appreciated! 
OK Moose Jaw, what's next? I truly think if the right people get their heads together and create a solid business plan that there is no reason why the Memorial Cup can't come to Mosaic Place. The event may be a little pricier than it is in other locales, but it would be worth it and you know after this event that the Friendly City would be a tremendous host for the CHL championship. With the big event going in Red Deer in 2016 it means the earliest Moose Jaw could get it is 2019 or 2022. That's a long ways away, but don't let it fall off your radar Moose Jaw. Start asking questions now!
Wasn't it great on Saturday to see Stefanie Lawton representing Saskatchewan at the Scotties while Graham DeLaet was trying to get his first PGA win in the afternoon with Saskies like Patrick Marleau, Jarret Stoll and Todd McLellan then taking part in the latest NHL outdoor game. Saskatchewan is all over the place....add names like Mark McMorris, Ryan Getzlaf and Jon Ryan to the list amongst others and us Saskatchewanites just continue to shine on the national and international stage. Its great watching these athletes do their thing and show off this province isn't it?
Speaking of DeLaet, he has to be wondering when and if that first tournament will ever come. He came into the last round of the Northern Trust Open just two shots back, but an early double bogey had him chasing all day long and he could never recover. Its another top 10 finish which is great, but its not what Graham wants and its not what his many fans back in Saskatchewan want. We want him to fire a final round 67 and win one of these damn events sooner or later.
The SJHL is getting notoriety this week for all the wrong reasons. First, word is the Kindersley Klippers like the Weyburn Red Wings are seriously in debt and may not be able to continue and then a brawl between Melville and Flin Flon goes viral on the internet. Yes, fans love their brawls as was witnessed at the historic Whitney Forum, but its not a good message to be sending these days and its not a good message when you have two teams who have revealed their financial problems,. You can't tell me as I said before that they are making money in places like La Ronge and Nipawin. The higher-ups better get involved in a damn hurry and do something to save this league or else there won't be one. I had some ideas when I was there, but the league seemingly didn't want to build or pursue on them instead opting to go back to their old ways. I've probably said enough on this topic.
The Regina Pats and Saskatoon Blades play one another at 1130 this morning in Saskatoon. Its a promotion aimed right at the kids and its a promotion that is long overdue in Regina. The Edmonton Oil Kings started it off a few years ago and many teams have copied it and had kids in the stands for a late morning faceoff.  Why it hasn't been done in Regina is a mystery to me and I hope Anthony Marquart and company can get such a promotion going next year.  The positives far outweigh the negatives.
Sportscage Insider Arash Madani suggested Friday the Florida Panthers are kicking the tires of Leafs forward Phil Kessel. Panthers GM Dale Tallon has a nice thing going in Miami with some talented young forwards. Does he really want to perhaps spoil things by adding Kessel. Yes, Kessel could do his thing in anomynity in Miami and perhaps be the player he used to be, but is that the roll of the dice you want to take.
NBC's Hockey Day in America was on Sunday. It followed the annual Hockey Day in Canada celebrations that CBC started many years ago. The idea was floated out there on Twitter Sunday afternoon and I couldn't agree more. When will someone start organizing a "Football Day In Canada". There are many great stories out there that should be told. Could Mosaic Stadium or any place in the CFL start the day off with a high school game followed by a junior/university one followed by a CFL game. Lets not forget about minor football either. I think a "Football Day in Canada" would be a tremendous thing. What are your thoughts?
Can I also get your thoughts on this. What do you like better? The Sportsnet production of NHL Hockey or what NBC and the NBC Sports Network gives us. I gotta tell you, I lean towards what NBC is doing for a variety of reasons.
Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best to play the game and will likely end up in the Hall of Fame one day. Fitzgerald just signed a new contract in Arizona which will probably end up being his last. I just wonder why Fitzgerald would stay in Arizona when he could go somewhere that has a top notch quarterback. Fitzgerald has done his thing under a cornucopia of average to less than average quarterbacks with the exception of Kurt Warner and even then Warner was at the end of his Hall of Fame career. . He deserves to go out catching passes from someone like Brady, Rodgers, Manning or Brees. One can only imagine the #'s Fitzy would have if he had one of the NFL's best throwing to him.
Colby Rasmus will make eight million dollars this season striking out offensively and lollygagging defensively for the Houston Astros this season. Think about that!
That's all I got. Have yourselves a great week. Talk to you in the Cage at 4. Take a bow Moose Jaw, you deserve it.



Anonymous said...

Why do they have a bronze medal game at the STOH and Brier? They are ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Mosaic Place was the star of the Scotties.

The rink looked great on TV and it was everything organizers wanted.

I forget who said it on your program last week, but they wished the event could go in Moose Jaw every year.

I wonder what those who were against MP in the first place think now. If they're still against it, they should be committed.


Anonymous said...

Put me down as someone who thinks MJ should put in a bid for a Mem Cup!

Anonymous said...

Graham Delaet has a long way to go before he can play with the big boys.

Anonymous said...

Come on Scruffdog! The line brawl is a refreshing change from the usual garbage that is the SJHL. Go to any other game and you can count the hits in a game on one hand.

I do agree with your assessment on the leadership. Bill Chow isn't a visionary or hockey guy. Status quo isn't going to cut it for the junior hockey any longer. There are too many options for your time and money these days. The SJHL is probably going to shed a few teams because of it.


Anonymous said...

Jones team far and away the best at the event.

Anonymous said...

Right on Jason!

Chow is and has been terrible since Day 1 and I know Scruffy agrees with that.

Anonymous said...

Moose Jaw would be a great Mem Cup host


Anonymous said...

Victoria is all in for the mem cup in 19. After Red Deer might be awhile for another small market city to get the cup. Of course if the Pats can get $25 dollar walk ups... anything is possible... Must include buffet!

Anonymous said...

Regina will be making a major push for the next WHL hosted Mem Cup with the new owners. Bet your last dollar on that. They'll get the nod over Moose Jaw as it has 2,000 more seats.