Friday, February 20, 2015

This And That

Yes,. the usual Friday assortment of random thoughts is a little late, but forgive me as I've been a little busy this week.
This has been my home base for most of the week as Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw has been the host venue for the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Lets just say this, Saskatchewan knew about Mosaic Place and how great of a facilitiy it is and now Canada knows from either the many from out of town attending in person or watching it on TSN.
It has been a fantastic week of curling and there's still a weekend to go. At the start of the week, everyone said it would be Jennifer Jones, Rachel Homan, Val Sweeting and Saskatoon's own Stefanie Lawton fighting it out for the first four spots and that is what happened, but if you want to crown someone the winner now go ahead! There isn't a lot separating the teams who are left.  If I had to bet on someone, it would likely be the Olympic gold medal team from Winnipeg.
A special thank you to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. PR Man Ryan Pollock asked me Thursday if there was a chance of getting in amongst the curling talk, Ya know I wasn't saying no and it was great to see Brendan Taman, Jeremy O'Day and Kevin Glenn to come on live from Mosaic and get some people talking Rider football in the stands.  Glenn was even a hit with Team Saskatchewan,,,
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it, but before this pic was taken, Glenn and the Riders entourage that was here sought out a Saskatchewan fan and they found a family with a small child. They waved the family over and presented the family with hats and the child--a girl around 10 or so--with the first Kevin Glenn 5 jersey that had been made. Those are the moments that Rider fans need to see more of when they bitch, moan and complain about what is going on, Those are how fans are made. That family will not forget that moment and I'm guessing that little girl will want to wear that Glenn jersey at the first home game.
Speaking of Kevin Glenn, I think it is great having him back in Riderville. As I was told on Thursday, if you go back and look at what QB has the most wins in the CFL over the last 5 years it is him, Rider fans should be extremely happy with what GM Brendan Taman has done in the off-season,  Can one say the Riders won the free agency war? They have in my mind,
Some are wondering now why sign both Glenn and Tino Sunseri. I say why let it bother you, This gives Tino more time to develop. I don't know if Sunseri is the heir apparent to Darian Durant when number 4's days are done, but this gives him more time to learn the game and keep his feet out of the fire, '
The Glenn signing overshadowed the John Chick contract extension somewhat. At least it did in my mind. That move is huge as well as perhaps the best defensive end in the league will be staying here. I don't have to tell you what a monster number 97 is and its good to have him in green. Perhaps that's another reason why Glenn signed here instead of going elsewhere.
I will touch upon it more on Monday in "Something to Mitch About", but the last week hosting the Cage from Mosaic Place was a blast and part of the reason for that is the curling community. They are great and I find the women curlers are better than the men for whatever reason when it comes to yakking about the game and socializing in and out of the arena.  There are also many who have to be thanked, but I will wait for Monday for that,
I can't wait for Monday to put this pic up though. It was a true privilege to have the chance to talk to TSN's voice of curling live on Thursday's show. Vic Rauter was everything I knew he would be and more, I wish I had more time. Vic got the interview started off on the right foot when I said I've been waiting all week for this interview and he replied "You have no life right?" There is no more of a professional out there than Vic and I hold him in the same esteem as guys like Cuthbert, Buck and Michaels when it comes to broadcasting their respective sports, He is one of the best and without him, one can only imagine where curling would be,  Yes. TSN takes a lot of credit for it, but Vic is as much a household name in this country as Ron and Don.  The numbers prove it.
CTV's Lee Jones wins the award for story of the week. This story about Jennifer Jones and a young curling fan is a must-see and a warning----you might want to have a Kleenex handy. Go to the 2 and a half minute mark to start watching and don't say you weren't warned.
The question has been asked once and it will be asked again. Why doesn't Regina have a Bonanza anymore? It is a must-visit when going to the Friendly City, but Deja Vu is a great 2nd option. Talk about a huge meal!
The Steve Montador story is a sad one and one that we have lived here with the deaths of Rick Rypien and Derek Boogaard. Sports needs to find a way to stop these stories from happening. I don't know if they ever will.
I am the Colby Rasmus of Roll Up the Rim. I am 1 for 10. SIGHHHH!!! Not even a Tim's from Moose Jaw could provide me with a winner.
If you are going to be in Moose Jaw at the Scotties wear green tomorrow and cheer on Stefanie Lawton. Make Mosaic Place sound like Mosaic Stadium.
Have a great weekend!!




Anonymous said...

Lookin Great Mitch !

Anonymous said...

Nice job from Moose Jaw!

Anonymous said...

If Bonanza was on top of things, they would have Scruffy as their poster boy and have promotions like Tuesday All you Can Eat Scruffy Tuesdays, or some such.

Fine job hosting the Sports Cage this week in the toughest month of the year (unless you can afford to go to Mexico or Cuba).

S.A.D. said...

"The Colby Rasmus of Roll up the Rim". Love it. At least you haven't sunk to JP Arencibia levels.

Anonymous said...

Great story by Lee! He's better than half the TSN guys on the roster now!