Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Northern 8---Good or Bad for CIS Football?

I'm sure you have read about this, but if not, Vancouver broadcaster Jim Mullin and Saskatoon businessman David Dube are trying to create a higher profile for Canadian university football.  They want to see the top teams in this country playing against one another and they want to see the product that is Canadian university football get more exposure across the country by having the games shown nationally on some network which isn't being done right now.

I love the concept and I think this is something that could fly, but it would seem there is a lot of resistance on the parts of some in the CIS to make it happen.

Watch this video and feel free to comment as on the surface, it would likely be a good thing for both of Saskatchewan's university programs.

David Dube will be with me in the Sportscage Friday afternoon at 505 to discuss this.


Anonymous said...

If teams are bankrolling 30 thousand for travel, would this mean the cost of attending a University game would go up. The CIS needs more exposure, but they don't need pricey tickets.


Anonymous said...

A lot of talk about this in Saskatoon. Will it benefit all teams or just a few select. If kids see the U of R is getting more national attention they are going to there instead of the U of S or vice versa. The same will happen in Ontario. While I agree CIS football needs more exposure, I dom't know if creating a national league will be a good thing or a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Does the Vanier Cup participants come from this league or do the competing teams still get in the way they do now?


Don Mitchell said...

Anything to get Canadian College Football more exposure in Canada is a great thing.
This is no different from Ohio State playing UCLA during the regular season. They are still competing in their own conference to get a berth in the Vanier Cup.

Is it just me or does it seem that the Ontario Universities are always throwing up roadblocks to chainge?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great interview with Dube today. I have to think there is something in this for him though and that the CIS people realize that.

I do completely agree with the fact those down east are too arrogant to accept someone else's idea without thinking it themselves.

You would think those people have Rawlco blood in them.