Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CFL Draftkings Week 3 Picks


Harris is the top-ranked quarterback on the board, but why not! All he has done in a game and a half is throw for almost 700 yards and 6 TD's. He takes on a Calgary defense at home that looked good against Winnipeg, but it was Winnipeg. Ride the hot hand and take Harris. If you want to go cheap, Jonathan Jennings of BC is OK at 7800 as he takes on a Toronto team that wasn't that special against the Riders. 


If going all out at quarterback, you have to save some money at the running back position. The Hamilton running back goes up against a Winnipeg defense that hasn't really impressed anyone in the first two weeks. Gable hasn't found the endzone for the 1-1 Ticats yet this year, but here's hoping he can get in there against the Bombers.  John White and Curtis Steele are also some possible options here. 


The Eskimos want to deliver one to the Riders. That isn't a secret. With the green guys starting two rookie corners in Justin Cox and Johnnie Dixon, I am guessing Mike Reilly will want to test those guys on some deep routes and I am guessing he will call upon Walker.  As mentioned in previous columns, stacking is good as you get credit for passing and receiving TD's so stacking Harris with Chris Williams or any Ottawa receiver works here. Considering Williams has hauled in 3 TD passes this year, you can't go wrong in taking him.  A cheap option is Calgary's Joe West who has caught 11 passes in two games but hasn't hit the endzone yet. He is only 4400. Riders receiver Shawmaud Chambers is also going at 3700 and you know he will want to put up a strong performance against his old team.


The Ti-Cats play a Winnipeg team that has struggled mightily on offense. The Ti-Cats have put in a Jekyll and Hyde performance the first two weeks looking good against Toronto, but not so good against BC. That being said, the defence did come up with some turnovers against the Lions and look for that to continue against Drew Willy. 



Anonymous said...

I am going Reilly, Bowman and Tiger-Cats. I see a couple of one sided wins by Edmonton and Hamilton this week.

Anonymous said...

I like these picks, but I think John White has a big night.

Anonymous said...

How can you not go with Harris right now!