Friday, July 22, 2016

This And That

Its Friday, so here are the thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they are in no particular order.

--Is anyone giving the Riders a chance this weekend?  On paper, there is no way they should be able to beat the high-flying Ottawa REDBLACKS considering the fact Trevor Harris is the hottest thing in the CFL right now, Darian Durant is out and the Rider "D" is having some problems as they continue to adjust to one another.  Yes, there is a reason they don't play the games on paper.  A break here and a bounce there and you just never know in the good old CFL.  Mitchell Gale had some success against BC and he has had a full week to take starters reps and the defence is going to get better. Can they pull off a 180 in just six days?  Win or lose, I am expecting a good tilt and not a one-sided affair.

--Many Rider fans feel the season is over because of Darian's absence. I understand that sentiment seeing they haven't won much when he isn't in the lineup. This team has to show to themselves and everyone they can win games without their leader.  Yes, he has become a little injury-prone over the last three seasons, but when he is on the top of his game, he is one of the best and when he gets back which thankfully will be soon, they will be fine. To those who are suggesting Durant should hang it up because of this latest injury, just stop it! Your wishes will not be answered.

--Could this be Henry Burris' last visit to Mosaic Stadium? Even though he is the back-up, will he be serenaded as he has been so many times in the past by the Rider faithful around the Ottawa bench? By the way, Ottawa has proven they can win without the league's MOP last season! Yes, this problem can be traced back to the previous regime. #jennings #cato #sighhhhhh

--As we near closer to the opening of new Mosaic Stadium, I am wondering if those at the University of Regina have thought about hosting a Vanier Cup.  It wouldn't be something immediate as the football team is trying to regain its identity after a horrid 2015 campaign.  If the Rams weren't in the game, would it be a disaster.  14-thousand people turned up on a frigid day to watch the Huskies and Laval in the 2006 Vanier Cup at Griffiths Stadium. That would happen in Regina if the Rams were playing, but there is no guarantee of that.  It would be a great way to showcase the new Mosaic for something other than the Riders.

--Former Riders running back Kory Sheets was given a nice honour this week as he was named to Purdue's all-Century team (players playing since 2000) joining Drew Brees, Matt Light, Ryan Kerrigan and Cliff Avril. Nice!

--The CFL says ratings are up 12 percent this year. Can that be challenged or reviewed?

--TSN's Sara Orlesky is right up there if not above all the female sideline reporters used in the U-S. ESPN could throw her on a US college football sideline and she would be better than many currently used.  The same could be said for the pro game.

--Are the Toronto Blue Jays going to trade Jose Bautista? They are playing well without the outfielder in the lineup. If they could get a pitcher they have control of over for 3-4 years, I would do it. There is talk about trading him to the Dodgers for Yasiel Puig, but the Blue Jays do not need a bat. They need arm(s). It would be a highly unpopular move short term, but it would pay off long-term.

--It is starting to get near crunch-time in the majors as the race for playoff spots are about to heat up. No doubt Toronto is in that race, but there are several teams in the American League and National League who are very good right now. Texas, Cleveland, Toronto, Baltimore, Boston and Houston have to be talked about in the American League while the Cubs will be challenged by the Giants, Nationals, Mets and Dodgers coming down the stretch. It is going to be great and oh so agonizing over the final couple of months.

--Congrats to Cougar ladies hockey players Alexis Larson, Kylie Gavelin and Jaycee Magwood as they have been invited to a Hockey Canada development camp.  The three are trying to earn a spot for Canada's team at the World University Games in Kazahkstan next January.

--Canada's flag-bearer in Rio will be Rosie McLennan. She won Canada's only gold in London in 2012 in trampoline.  If I went through downtown Regina and asked people who Rosie McLennan is, who Christine Sinclair is, who Adam Van Koeverden is or who Brianne Theissen-Eaton is and you wouldn't get many people knowing who McLennan is. Good for her, but personally I think a more marquee Canadian could have been selected.

--How many things from Edmonton can this province steal? The Rush, Chris Jones and now the CFR Rodeo. At this rate, Connor MacDavid will be a Moose Jaw Warrior or Swift Current Bronco next year!

--Good luck to all athletes competing at the Saskatchewan Summer Games that start this weekend in Estevan.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend. GO RIDERS 


Anonymous said...

If it is Hank's last appearance, I hope Rider Nation shows him some respect. The whole Burris thing has become so over-rated. Do we boo Fantuz when he comes back? Do we boo other Riders when they come back after leaving of their own accord. If it hadn't been for McShank, Henry might have gotten us a Grey Cup.

Riders have the talent to win without Durant, but they need to play as a team and we haven't seen that this year. I don't see an upset tonight, but this team will be OK once they get on the same page. They are still better than Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you on Sara orlesky. She is the best "female" talent at TSN. She is excellent at both football and hockey. I am sure you could put her courtside at Raptors games or in the dugout at Jays games, and she would be just as good.


Anonymous said...

Great time of year if you're a baseball fan.


Anonymous said...

The Riders have proven they are a one man team. It is sad to see this team can't do anything without him in the lineup.

Completely agree with you on the fact this falls back on the previous regime by letting guys like Jennings and Cato go.

Seeing Gale last week should have everyone forgetting about Brett Smith. I still wish Keith Price would have stuck around.


Anonymous said...

The difference between Sara and those working in the US is Sara isn't a bubblehead like many incuding Erin Andrews

Anonymous said...

A Vanier Cup in Regina? Give your head a shake Scruffy. That will never happen!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the two most inept franchises in the CFL both have Brendan Taman's fingerprints all over them. I wish the Stampeders would hire him.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Connor play for the Blades? Is this your "presumed" Saskatoon hate coming out again? HA HA HA!

Hoping for a Riders upset, but bracing for a beating.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mike. Sara is one of many TSN personalities (Duthie, Ferraro, Natasha S) who should be doing their thing with ESPN or FS1. The fact there is one female personality who used to call Regina home now doing her thing with a major American sports network while Sara sits in WInnipeg is a crime.

Anonymous said...

REDBLACKS dropping off Henry in Regina for the rest of 2016 CFL season as he's no longer needed in the nations capital.

Anonymous said...

Woops... spoke too soon, Harris now hurt. Henry staying with the REDBLACKS.