Thursday, August 11, 2016

CFL Drops Hammer Down on Riders for Roster Violations

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has released the following statement:

The CFL today levied a $60,000 fine against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as well as a deduction in excess of $26,000 off the Roughriders’ 2016 salary cap.
This decision was made after Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge and the CFL completed a thorough investigation, spanning several weeks, of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ alleged roster violations. The investigation included CFL officials visiting team practices in Regina.
After a review of the findings, it has been determined that the Saskatchewan Roughriders were in violation of policies which prohibit practicing with ineligible players, players participating in practice who are on the 6-Game Injured List and having free agents practice with players who are under contact.
Each of these actions constitute a violation of CFL bylaws.
“As Commissioner, I am compelled to make decisions consistent with protecting the competitive balance within our League, the spirit of our rules and the integrity of our game. The recent conduct, behaviour and activities of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have compromised the reputation of the CFL.”

– CFL Commissioner, Jeffrey L. Orridge.

(CFL Communications) 


Anonymous said...

Compromised the reputation of the CFL. What exactly does that mean there Jeffy boy?

Anonymous said...

Any one who thinks that Bo is a Ass of a human being better take a hard look at Jones and Murphy !!!!!

Riders should make sure that Jones pays these fines out of his own pocket.

But in my opnion he should be fired !!!!!!!!!! right now !!!

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones = Bill Belichick.

Bill doesn't win every year, but he does more oft than not. He finds a way!


Anonymous said...

Remember when Kenny Linseman was called "The Rat"?

I wonder what BLM's new nickname will be.

Anonymous said...

So the Rider Store just needs to be busy this weekend and increase prices by about 5 bucks per item of clothing to recoup this loss. YAWNNNN!

Anonymous said...

Now the question is what disciplinary action will Rider Board and Reynolds take against Jones for belligerently bringing the Rider brand into the mud.

After all Jones has been muddying the Rider brand ever since he got to the riders.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone get the feeling Hervey and Hufnagel are working overtime tonight and "shuttling" some players elsewhere!

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

No No and No !!!! No ! Mr Jones, he the man !

Anonymous said...

Yawn ... Oh Jeffery L. you fool. You want your little bush league to be legit? Start with those players wearing a 0 on their jersey. Amateur Bush league.