Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Draftkings CFL Week 7 Picks

It's always nice seeing this message come to your inbox.  Let's see if we can get another e-mail like this at the end of Week 7.


Taking Bo Levi Mitchell is such a temptation after his comeback win over the Lions and the Riders defence playing the way it is, but Jennings is just going along doing his thing. I'm not sold on Montreal's defence after that big win against the Riders. Jennings still has some maturing to do, but one can't deny the numbers he is putting up. I'm going with him.


I thought Harris would be the top running back on the board this week, but John White of the Eskimos gets that honour. Without Weston Dressler and Darvin Adams, Winnipeg will use a lot more of Harris both catching and running the football and that is good news for Draftkings players. If he can find a way to get the ball into the endzone a couple of times, this will be a great selection.


Taking a REDBLACK receiver is a risk, because you have to find the right one. Williams, Greg Ellingson and Brad Sinopoli have all had some huge games this year. I can see Henry Burris having some more success in the passing game against Edmonton than he had last week against the Argos. His main man will be the main guy this week.  (I HOPE!!) If you want some other solid and cheaper picks here. Think about Nik Lewis and think about Greg Wilson of the Stampeders. Bo Levi Mitchell loves this guy and told Calgary reporters this week that he would like to see Wilson get 7-8 catches a game.


I envision Matt Nichols having a tougher time with the Hamilton defence than he did with what has become a porous Edmonton defence. Simoni Lawrence, John Chick and company lead the league in sacks with 20 and are 2nd in points allowed.  Go with the Tabbies!!



Anonymous said...

Go with Calgary guys this week and win

Anonymous said...

@sskroughriders fined $15,000 for an in-game roster violation related to deployment of international players on July 16

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones wont shake hands at games & now in-game roster violation >not playing required Canadian players # $15,000 fine

Anonymous said...

The whackjobs have come to your blog from Pedersens. Perhaps it is time for you to say no comments too.

Chris Jones is Don Matthews 2.0.

Much like the Durant haters, these idiots will crawl back into their home at some point.

Thanks for playin!!


Anonymous said...

The big winner in tonight's TiCats-Bomber game is Mother Nature. What position was she playing this week?

Anonymous said...

That Ti-Cats pick for D wasn't exactly the right choice now was it?