Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Ready For Last Rider Game at Mosaic Stadium

There are still 1600 tickets left for Saturday's Rider game against B-C. The last Rider game to be played at Mosaic Stadium.  The night will be a special one with the Riders telling fans to get to the park early and be prepared to stay a little later as the Rider Nation says farewell to its only home.

List of events:
2:00pm – GoodLife Fan Fest gates open
3:30pm – Mosaic Stadium gates open (get inside the stadium early as the party begins before kick-off!!)
5:00pm – Kick-off with the Saskatchewan Roughriders taking on the visiting B.C. Lions
Halftime – Capital Auto Mall Tailgates & Touchdowns Truck Giveaway and extended half time concert featuring Jess Moskaluke, light show, pyro and some “luminous” help from the fans
End of game – A once in a lifetime 25-minute closing celebration including video, pyro, and special guests! 


Anonymous said...

It's time the Rider's realize that the gig is up.
They've sucked all the dollars out of me they're going to get until I see a product.

Games like last week, where nobody even tried, cost the organization thousands of fans.

These so called professional athletes leave a lot to be desired as far as work ethic goes and they don't deserve my hard earned dollar.

I spent the rent money watching George Reed and Roger Aldag but these jocks nowadays, not so much.

Do they not have any pride?

joe bunyawk said...

it was one loss...the franchise's 654th all-time vs 644 wins and 26 ties...they played in miserable conditions...they played a team of veterans especially on defence who have just as much pride as any player who straps on the equipment...they came within a few yards of tying the game and potentially pulling out another one from the fire as they have in recent weeks when the roster has slowly started coming together despite much needed turnover and unfathomable injuries...

you are a have the right to be heard...I have the right to disagree...I wish I could be at this last game...but I made it there in July...and look forward to trips to the new stadium in the future...

Anonymous said...

Roughriders perennial losers of the CFL as indicated by only 4 title championships in a very long history.