Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HS Football Game Going To Court To Determine A Winner

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Did you ever think a football game would be determined by the United States court system? It’s going to happen near Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a high school football game on November 19th ended in controversy after a referee inaccurately enforced a intentional grounding penalty on a 4th down. Fenwick High School, out of Oak Park Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), thought they had the game won after throwing the ball away, but instead Plainfield North (Plainfield, Illinois. Another suburb of Chicago) was granted an untimed down from the Fenwick five yard line. They booted a chip-shot field goal to tie the game at 10.Apparently the untimed down should not have occurred. Plainfield would go on to win the game 18-17 in overtime.

That hasn’t stopped Fenwick High School from trying to get the decision reversed. They first took the issue to the Illinois High School Activities Association, and the IHSA determined that they could not overturn the referees decision. They did, however, confirm that Plainfield should not have been granted an untimed down based on National Federation of High School football rules. That wasn’t good enough for Fenwick, as they decided to take the decision to a higher level…by starting a lawsuit.

“In the lawsuit, Fenwick asks that the “IHSA be temporarily, preliminarily and premanently enjoined and estopped from denying Fenwick and its students  from participating in its first-ever State Football Championship.” – Chicago Tribune

The game is currently being evaluated and a court will decide the outcome of the game. The football contest may have been completed, but the real determining factor of who plays in the State Class 7A Championship Game will be determined by the law system of the United States.



Anonymous said...

This is insane!

The courts can't decide a sporting event. What precedent would that set!


Anonymous said...

Is this for real?

Anonymous said...

Was this an Al Bradbury or Andre Proulx game?