Friday, January 13, 2017

Durant Traded To Montreal

Darian Durant's days as a Rider are over. He has been traded to Montreal for draft picks.

How's your Friday the 13th?


Anonymous said...

I rue the day Craig Reynolds hired Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...


Tomorrow's LP headline.

Anonymous said...

This should surprise us why?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It don't look good on Jones when he gets outsmarted by Kavis (13) Reed.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh people... The sky is falling the Sky is falling.! Please, the world will not end...
What we traded his PLAYING Rights. He has not signed yet. If he signs before Feb 1, 2017 then it is truly for the money and he was never going to sign here. We then would have gotten something for him rather than nothing.

To spend $400,000 plus on a 36 year old Qb with no backup (quality) is repeating history. For far to long we have only had 1 Qb... Yes Durant is a FAN Favorite. Guess what this is a business, it is very rare one player stays with the same club throughout his career.

Best of luck to Darian, lets wish him well. Cheer him when he comes back.

But the sky is NOT falling.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Cory.

Others (Jurasin, Joseph, Dressler, Chick) have come and gone and the team has survived.

I hate today's move, but that's the reality of pro sports.

If Darian had wanted 250-300 thousand, he would be here. He didn't and chose to move on.

End of story

Chris G

Anonymous said...

What a spineless cowardly act by Jones. Trying to pin a 5/13 season on Darian when Jones coached and coordinated the whole miserable season.

The sad part is there's more to come.

Anonymous said...

After some of those departures, the team barely survived. I remember the telethon and the uncertainty of whether the team could meet the next payday. Those things stem from a team with no identity. The Riders are certainly that right now. The Rider Pride and the Rider brand have been destroyed in the last year and that takes years to rebuild.

Anonymous said...

WAAH WAAH WAAH. Get over it. If it didn't happen this off-season, it would happen next.

Jones is smart enough to see Durant is past his due date and Montreal will find that out soon too.

Anyone remember the Jason Clermont situation? How did that work out for the Riders.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to the below average qb. Far overdue, time to move on. Thank you Chris Jones.