Friday, January 27, 2017

Riders Release 4 & Allow Foster To Go To NFL

The Saskatchewan Roughriders released the following four players on Friday

  • Quarterback Mitchell Gale
  • Running Back Curtis Steele
  • Receiver Shawmaud Chambers
  • Defensive Lineman Dylan Ainsworth  

Just hours after that move, the team announced they were releasing linebacker Otha Foster III so he could seek NFL employment. Foster has signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens.


Anonymous said...

Steele, Chambers, Lemon, Capicotti..etc. etc. etc. Jones is a complete buffoon when it comes to free agency. This proves it! #fedup

Anonymous said...

Gale had an opportunity to be a starter here. Guess he didn't want that. SEE YA!

Anonymous said...

Did Steele see Daniel Thomas (ie: training camp cut) and decide to get out of Dodge?

Chris G