Monday, January 23, 2017

Something To "Mitch" About

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--DARIAN DISHES DIRT  - As was the case last year in the CFL off-season, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are once again the main focus of discussion.  Last year, it was Chris Jones moving lock, stock and barrel from Edmonton to Saskatchewan, and Jones is front-and-center again after Darian Durant did not hold back when asked what went wrong in Riderville and why he will continue his CFL career in Montreal during an interview with Rod Pedersen on 620 CKRM's Sportscage Friday as well as an interview with Murray McCormick of the Regina Leader-Post.

  Durant was offended by comments Jones made to Rob Vanstone in a Leader-Post article. He didn't like Jones not taking any credit for the team's 5 win season instead deciding to pin the blame on his quarterback for what happened.  I think it is safe to say both would like a do-over, but the one thing it has done is put the CFL on the front-burner----no thanks to the league who should be doing that but instead choose to keep the "Gone on Holidays" sign on the office door.

  Was it right for Darian to blow off some steam? That is the million dollar question and there are many weighing in on both sides.  What is crystal clear is something I mentioned on this blog a short while ago which is the Alouettes have to be the team to visit New Mosaic Stadium first.  If the CFL is paying attention, they will do so.  This likely means Durant will visit in late October.

   I don't think it is any secret the Stampeders and REDBLACKS will meet in Week 1 of the season as the league has had a Grey Cup rematch for the past several years to kick off the season.  Why you wouldn't have a Montreal-Saskatchewan matchup at new Mosaic in that opening week would not only be good for the league, but good for both franchises.  Having Darian here for the season opener will have many eyes watching across the country and isn't that what the CFL wants? It also gets the visit out of the way early so people can stop talking about it and both teams can get on their way.

--NFL CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY -- One word could be described to use the two games we saw yesterday.  YAWWWNNNN!! While the result of the Pittsburgh-New England didn't surprise me as Tom Brady ensured the TB12FU tour would make one last stop in Houston at Super Bowl 51, the result of the Atlanta Falcons-Green Bay Packers game was a stunner. Not so much for the fact the Falcons won, but for the fact that Aaron Rodgers and company just didn't have it against a Falcons defence that is not that formidable.  The Atlanta D had answers for Rodgers, and Green Bay's didn't for Matt Ryan who now goes to his first Super Bowl. The Patriots should be favoured to win the game, but let's hope what happens in two weeks is far better than what happened yesterday.

-PROBLEMS WITH THE PATS? --  While at the Brandt Center Friday night, some concern was relayed to me about the recent play of the team. The Pats looked nothing like the number one team in Canada losing 8-5 to the Medicine Hat Tigers, but bouncing back to beat Swift Current Saturday and Sunday.  The Tyler Brown injury will be a big concern if it is a big one, but Jordan Hollett is back and may have to carry the load.  The team is starting to give up some goals, although they did shut Brandon down Sunday. I think this squad is trying to re-establish its identity after the trades made. There is still a lot of time to go in the season. I don't think there is a need to push the panic button, but one might consider it if Brown doesn't get back soon.

--GOALS GALORE  --  I don't know what is happening in the NHL, but we are seeing teams score a lot of goals. Columbus beat Ottawa 7-6 Sunday night, the Oilers throttled Calgary 7-3 and Washington had back to back seven goal games this week.  Let's hope that trend continues.  No one is talking about the goalies now!

That's all I got for today. Have a good week!

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