Monday, March 6, 2017

MADANI: Corey Chamblin To Be Argos DC

Corey Chamblin, who as head coach of the Roughriders led Saskatchewan to a Grey Cup title on home turf in 2013, will be the next Argos defensive coordinator.

Sportsnet has learned that Chamblin is in the final process of contract negotiations with the Toronto franchise, and should be unveiled as the new defensive boss in the coming days.

While he has never worked with Marc Trestman before, the new Argos coach faced Chamblin when he was part of staffs in Calgary (defensive backs coach), Hamilton (defensive coordinator) and Saskatchewan (head coach).

Chamblin takes over for Rich Stubler, who sources say is unlikely to return to the Argos coaching staff -- but will still collect a paycheque from the organization.

Stubler was part of the football operations staff left to handle free agency when the Argos fired then-GM Jim Barker in late January. Stubler, former Ti-Cats offensive coordinator Tommy Condell and (for now) assistant GM Spencer Zimmerman carried the ball for Toronto until Jim Popp and Trestman were unveiled as general manager and head coach, respectively, last week.

Condell is a possibility to join Trestman's new coaching staff.

Chamblin broke into the CFL coaching fraternity in 2007, running Winnipeg's secondary. He has two Grey Cup rings on his resume -- with the Calgary staff that beat Trestman's Alouettes in 2008 and then the Riders in 2013.

Since being let go by the Riders in the summer of 2015, Chamblin's name has come up as a possible candidate for assistant and head coaching jobs. He also began his own private business called "Gameday Connections," a networking site for those in the football business.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping the egotistical SOB would be unemployed for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

This is the best Trestman could get?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we don't have to pay him anymore? Can Trestman hire Taman to get him coffee so we can get him off the payroll too!


Anonymous said...

Good! Chapter closed in his tenure in Riderville

Anonymous said...

Corry Chamblun was the lousiest head coach In skrrs history. Absoloutly unprofessional lousy clueless lame lazy. He breached his contract purposely and should be required to pay back all the money he collected doing nothing. Oh!!!! ... he was permitted to write his own contract terms by the buffoons who hired him. Tamun/Odae/Hoppie, never mind.

Anonymous said...

The minute he signed the long term contract he started working at getting fired.