Monday, March 27, 2017

The Raiders Are Vegas Bound

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The Vegas Golden Knights have company!

NFL team owners voted to approve the Raiders' proposal to relocate to Las Vegas during the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix on Monday, The final tally to approve the move was 31-1,

The Raiders won't immediately move to Las Vegas since construction of their planned $1.7 billion domed stadium isn't expected to be completed until 2020. They will play this season at the Oakland Coliseum and have a contract option to play there again in 2018. After that, they likely will have to find a temporary venue to play in until their new stadium just off the Las Vegas strip is built.

Once they move, it will mark the franchise's third relocation since its inception in 1960.

It marks the third NFL team relocation in less than 14 months. The Rams moved from St. Louis back to Los Angeles last year and the Chargers announced their decision to move from San Diego to L.A. in January.


Anonymous said...

Tell RP all future Sportscage trips can go to Vegas now!

75flyersbestteamever said...

It will be the only NFL team with Polished Brass goalposts and opportunities for fans to join their cheerleaders in the Champagne room

Anonymous said...

Destroys the NHL team before they even got off the ground

Anonymous said...

Quebec Golden Knights doesn't sound right but it's a reality. I feel for the poor sucker that just paid the NHL about $500 million to join their little club.