Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CFL Says Justin Cox Still Not Welcome To Play

CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge says Justin Cox is still not welcome in the league despite the fact he has been acquitted on a charge of assault causing bodily harm.

A judge in Regina determined there was not enough evidence to go to trial Monday and dismissed the charge against the former Riders defensive back.

Outside the courthouse, Cox said it was his desire to rejoin the Riders.

When charged, the Riders immediately released him with Orridge releasing a statement saying any contract signed by Cox with a team would not be validated…..he is standing by that statement today despite the acquittal saying it doesn’t change the position of the league.

When asked about Cox at Riders training camp today, head coach and general manager Chris Jones said he would not be returning to the team, and that the decision was made after talking with assistant general managers John Murphy and Jeremy O’Day.

“I’ve got two little girls at home and both of those guys have two little girls at home and it’s just a situation (where) it’s a matter of principle for us,” Jones said. “We’re going in a different direction.
When asked if the team would reconsider its stance if the CFL rescinded their position on the matter, Jones replied by saying “It doesn’t change my opinion whatsoever.”


Anonymous said...

If acquitted, how can league not rescind their stance?


Anonymous said...

I applaud Jones for doing this, but shouldn't he have known the "character" of Cox before signing him originally?

Anonymous said...

Arrested 3 times for the same thing in Canada and the U-S. In the words of the immortal JR Foley..............GET RID OF HIM!