Monday, May 1, 2017

Justin Dunk: Riders Pursued Mike Vick

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3 Down Nation's Justin Dunk is reporting the Saskatchewan Roughriders first approached Michael Vick to see if he was interested in reviving his football career before turning to Vince Young.  The story can be seen right here 


Anonymous said...

How much more are we as a fanbase expected to take?

Anonymous said...

Colin Kapernick is looking for a job. Bring him in! We don't even play the US National Anthem here so he can stand!

Anonymous said...

The circus of errors continues, lucky for Jones the pats will bury this story somewhat, it's borderline pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The hell with a roof over New Mosaic. Just throw a big top over it because the circus continues.

WHen you went on that tour of the new stadium, did you see the area where the three rings and the elephants are?


Anonymous said...

When Jones realized that Michael Vick is 36 years old he decided to go with a youth movement and signed the much younger Vince Young, he's only 33.

Anonymous said...

No! What rings, what elephants? The circus left town nimcompoop when those clowns Hopson, Taman, Chamblin, Oday got fired from their positions.