Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jay Cutler Will Soon Be Someone Else's Problem

The Denver Broncos are cutting the string. The NFL team announcing Tuesday night they will attempt to trade the quarterback because he no longer has the desire to play for the football team. I am not a Broncos fan. When it comes to Denver I am rather neutral but really I think you have to say good riddance to this headcase that isn't as good as he thinks he is. Cutler has had a soother in his mouth ever since finding out new coach Josh MacDaniels was thinking of trading him in an attempt to get Matt Cassel.
Of course, MacDaniels might not have been needed in Denver had the team decided to keep Mike Shanahan. They may have decided to keep Shanahan around had the team made the playoffs. They would have made the playoffs if they didn't piss away an 8-5 record by losing their last three games. Who was the quarterback of the Broncos in those last three games. Oh right, it was Jay Cutler.
Maybe if Cutler would have taken his head out of his ass in those games against Buffalo, Carolina and San Diego they would have made the playoffs. How bout that goal line pick against the Bills Jay. This guy had the gall to compare himself to John Elway--a guy that actually accomplished something wearing Bronco colours. He wasn't a quarterback that was under 500 like you. I hope Denver trades him to Detroit and he rots in what is football's equivalent of hell. If he thinks it was bad in Denver, head to Motown. Word is several teams are interested and I can see him ending up with the Jets or Buccaneers. Whoever gets him should get a case of Advil as well because this guy has proven he's nothing but a headache.

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